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Insta-Learn Language Board

I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase the Insta-Learn Language Board. It fits well into the Montessori environment and I have heard WONDERFUL reviews from people, but spending over $600 is holding me back! I wish I could find a used one, but I think that will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!


  1. I have one of these that I converted to cursive. I certainly did NOT pay $600 for it!! I think I got it at one of the pre-school catalogues like Louise Kool. I only have the alphabet one with lots of cards to go with it, probably about 6 sets , which I did not buy all at once. I see that you can buy the boards individually, for only 20$. Just get one, with some strips to start, and go from there! My kids love this and it is used everyday. I have to buy another one for my other classroom, so thank you for the link! I don't see the value in a Montessori classroom for any of the other boards.

  2. pattyannie says:

    I have seen these in 3-6 Montessori classrooms. I don't know if they are worth spending $600. I would use the money to build up the language area. Once your child begins to read, they will quickly move away from the insta learn board.

  3. Paul and Ines says:

    You can get them for language or math..I have one in my class in the language section. I only have a couple of different sets…I hope that makes it cheaper. I love it…the children do because they can self correct.

  4. mymontessorihomeblog says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments, I think I will invest in it. Now just to decide on which strips to get!
    Any tips?

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