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Insta-Learn Boards! A new favorite!

This is one of our new favorite Montessori type materials. The children can not get enough of them!
As many of my readers know, I have been looking for used boards for quite some time. Well one of my lovely readers (who does not have a blog – or I would link her) actually sent me an e-mail saying she had some for me!
I got 3 used boards for just the cost of shipping! How wonderful is that! She really did bless me!
We now have a number board, a perception board and a language board with 3 sets of strips. Snow White has been able to do all 3 sets of strips (red, orange and light blue – phonics and beginning sounds). I hope to purchase more strips very soon – and replace a few of the very used tiles!
INSTA-LEARN Features include:

A. SELF-CHECKING – Each program has built-in self-checking features.
B. MULTISENSORY MODE – With INSTA-LEARN, students learn through auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic modes.
C. SUCCESS ORIENTED – Immediate response to right or wrong answer.
D. SELF-PACING – INSTA-LEARN is designed to be used by individuals or small groups.
E. IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK – Reinforces and facilitates the learning process.
F. QUALITY – INSTA-LEARN materials are constructed of extremely durable plastic.

(information from
To check them out visit Insta-Learn

If anyone has strips they are wanting to sell, I would LOVE to add to what I have! Thank-you!


  1. More Than A Mom says:

    Visiting from SITS. Happy Friday!

  2. I love your posts! My daughter will be really benefited from me reading them 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. OCMomActivities - Katie says:

    Cool idea for the board!

    (stopping in from SITS) :)

  4. Kat @ says:

    Just loved this post… coming from SITS. Random, but are you going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore?

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