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Catkins! A craft for kids

There are so many wonderful and talented blogging mommies. Since we want Mommy Moment to be a blog that inspires and encourages moms I thought we should take the time to put the spotlight on one of these very special moms!

Valerie from Frugal Family Fun Blog is our first ever “Moment in the Spotlight” Mommy blogger!
If you are not familiar with her blog or her appearances on TV you are missing out! You just have to get on over there! She is the definition of AMAZING and INSPIRING!

Ok, ok, on to her post…

For a fun project, use Q-tips and twigs for a 3-D Spring craft — catkins (a.k.a. pussy willows) in a vase! These buds are one of the first signs of Spring.

Have your child mix black and white washable paint with a Q-tip to make grey.

Paint the tips of several Q-tips with the grey paint and allow to dry. Parents, cut the tips off, and discard the cardboard stick.

Kids can glue twigs to a piece of cardstock paper, or cardboard. Parents, cut paper in the shape of a vase for your child to add.

The kids can glue the “buds” to the twigs, allow to dry, and you are done!

Valerie is the author of Frugal Family Fun Blog, where she writes daily about her obsession with inexpensive craft and activity ideas. More frugal crafty goodness can be found on her blog at

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  1. Mayra Elisa and Pooh Bear says:

    Thanks for having stopped by. =)

    Just became a follower of your blog. It's full of ideas, crafts…yay!! everything I need in one place.

    When I get "me time" I'll look through old posts.

    Sorry you lost all the pictures…

  2. Kawartha Beads says:

    So glad you posted this! Always searching for fun crafts to do with the little man. Great feature:)

  3. Lady Ren says:

    Great project. We just did a spring craft yesterday- If you are interested here is the link:
    I love poping in to see all the great stuff you guys have here.

  4. Betty says:

    Interesting! thanks .I am now following this site, as well!:)

  5. Just Breathe says:

    Valerie always has the best crafts each and every day! Love this one.

    This site is awesome. I grabbed your button.

  6. This is awesome! I love it and hope to try it soon with my daughter.

  7. The Pursuit of Mommyness says:

    Great craft idea…super fun and cute!

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