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Lovable Lunches packed in a Planet Box!

Have you heard of Planet box
I am always on the lookout for reusable products that are good for the environment and good for my children. When I saw the planet box first on Frugal Family Fun Blog I knew I wanted to try it out too!
It’s  estimated that one student can generate as much as 90 pounds of garbage per  year from their lunches alone! Can you believe it? Using the Planet Box is such a great way to eliminate waste!

The Planet Box is made out of high  quality stainless steel, its the safe,  non-toxic alternative to plastic.
There is plenty of room for fruits and veggies, as well as a little tasty treat. 
The “Big and Little Dipper” containers for messy, wet foods like yogurt and dips or juicy fruit!
Just put the lids on the dippers and when the planet box is closed, the seal is made! 
The planet box fits perfectly in the carry case! It is all in one container which allows my daughter just to open and begin eating – quick, easy and durable! 
and I absolutely love that it is EASY to close. Just look for yourself. The metal clip snaps on making the dippers seal inside!
In order to be  sustainable, a lunch box must be durable  enough to last for years, but flexible  enough to stay fresh and grow with  the child’s changing interests.  
The Planet Box solution came  in the form of magnets that can be  attached to the lid of the PlanetBox.  Children can pick their favorite styles – and in so doing personalize their own box. 
Of course my daughter thinks the magnets are super cool too! She picked the rainbow set!

I also love that the Planet Box is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
The outside of the carry bag has a spot for a water bottle and an extra area too. The inside of the Planet Box has a nice place to keep an ice pack so the lunch stays fresh!
The only thing to remember is that the dippers do not seal if they are not inside the planet box, so if you want to use the big dipper in the outside pocket be sure there is nothing that could leak inside of it :) Crackers or any dry food would be fine!

We love our Planet Box! I know it will last many years! I love that we can with the magnets we can make it look new or change it up.



  1. That is so very cool! What a great idea! I agree, I went to soft lunch boxes this year with plastic sandwich boxes for my kiddos. I love not having to buy so many brown bags and ziplocks!

  2. Jody, your daughters are very lucky to get to eat such cute lunches that you make for them (even the cute kiwi flowers!) Great product!

  3. Super awesome Jody!

    I love that lunch box. It's so neat and the fact that it keeps things away from each other is amazing.

    Glad you got to try it out 😀

  4. Mommy Moment says:

    Sara, It really is awesome! I love that I am showing the example to my girls about waste free lunches! I LOVE not having baggies!

    mommylok, Thank-you so much! My daughter appreciates her lunches very much – she even helps me make them sometimes! The planet box is great – i feel fortunate that I have a few different options when packing the lunches!

    Alex, I like that the food does not touch too! Sometimes (depending on the food) you need that!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you put Hot food in it?

  6. Mommy Moment says:

    To answer your Anonymous question I got this info for you directly from the Planet Box site…
    "PlanetBox is not designed to retain heat – it does not keep hot foods hot. You can place warm food (not boiling hot liquid) inside your PlanetBox in the morning, and it will be room temperature by lunch time."
    Hope this helps!

  7. I have heard of them, and I think it is a GREAT idea. I haven't been able to save enough pennies yet to get one for my public schooler, but maybe for Christmas!

  8. WOW those are cool. I haven't heard of them, but I'm sold. How awesome. Also how do you come up with the lunch ideas? So creative. My kids would love that.

  9. Those are awesome! I've been using stainless steel bento cases, but they're either one large compartment or divided in half. They are wonderful, too, but sometimes the compartments would be better. I need to check into getting one of these!

  10. Hate them. I have to say I was against them from the start. I’m the one who packs the kids lunch every day but my wife came home with these one day.
    1. For one thing they are $60 each … Just about had an anurism over that.
    2. Try to find food that fits those little pockets just perfect – yeah I have time for that. A regular sandwich does not fit – I have to trim the sandwich to the right size – seems like a waste to me.
    3. We already had all kinds of reusable containers (that don’t leak) that let me pack anything/everything the kids like. Try and put a banana in that thing.
    4. The wifes argument was that the kids would lose some of the containers we have – okay, they were like $2 each. This thing is $60.
    5. The seals in the removable containers fall out – yeah they won’t get lost.
    6. We don’t have room in the fridge for 3 planet boxes – so what do I do if I want to pack the kids lunches the night before? – oh I know – pack them in all the re-usable containers we already have – and them repack them in the planet boxs the next day – great.
    7. You have to wash these things every day so they are ready for school the next day. With my stock of other containers I had enough that we could just put them through the dishwasher when it’s convenient and grab a clean one from the cupboard.
    8. I can’t stand that they call these things planet boxes. Everthing’s green and good for the planet these days – “green” is the “low fat” of the 2010’s.

    A waste of money – I can’t wait until the kids lose them : )

    What’s worse, they are being marketed as a “green” item.

    • Hey Rob,
      Thanks for weighing in. It’s good to see your “dad” perspective on the planet box. Although I do not necessarily agree with your 8 points, I appreciate you taking the time to comment and voicing your opinion.
      P.S. I think it’s awesome that you actually make lunches for your kids. Way to go DAD!

      • Thanks for the kudo’s.
        We did find some room in the fridge for the planet boxes so we can make them the night before. One good thing so far is that my wife is now helping out with making the lunch. I think she’s afraid I won’t use the planet boxes if she doesn’t help (she’s right). She’s admitted it is more work to cut everything up the right size to fit. The kids managed to lose one of the rubber seals already for the little dipper thing. We’ll see what happens from here.

        Cheers : )

  11. We Love our Planet box! thanks for your post and some new ideas!
    we just headed back to school – here were our first day Planet box lunches-

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