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Simple Blog essentials

I often get really simple requests, ones that can be answered in a couple sentences. Here are the top three.

1) How do I stop people from stealing images from my blog?

A: There is a way to right click protect all the images on your blog- which prevents most people from stealing your images. However having your images on the net there is no way to protect them 100% from piracy. Here how you Disable Right-Clicking:

1. Copy the code in the box on Dynamic Drive.
2. Go to your page elements page (dashboard/design/page elements)
3. Click on ‘add a gadget’.
4. Pick ‘HTML/Javascript’.
5. Paste the code that you copied in step 1 into the box. You can change the words ‘Function Disabled!‘ to whatever message you’d like to display when someone right clicks on your blog. Make sure to leave the quotation marks!
6. Save.

2) I would like to know how to backup my blog- how do I do this?

A: it’s pretty easy- go to your Settings/Export Blog/Download Blog/Save
this only saves your written posts, not scheduled posts or your blog template for design elements.
If you ever want to import your blog go to Settings/Import Blog/Find the document you exported/Import Blog. Depending on how many posts you have this can take some time so be patient.

3) How to I backup my blog template?

A: this is something that is done very easily- I recommend backing up your template whenever you are making changes to your template. To back up your blog design go to dashboard/design/edit html. At the top of the page click backup full template to upload the backed up template choose the browse/upload option at the top of the edit html page.

To back up the items in your sidebar:
Go to your blog’s page elements page. Click on edit for each gadget. Copy and paste the codes/text into a Word or Notepad document. If it is a picture/image, make sure you have one saved on your computer.

To backup your header:
View your blog. Right click on your header. Click on “Save Image As”. Save.

 Have any blog questions that you’d like answered? Please be sure to ask them in the comments and I will be sure to address them in a future post.

Looking for a new look for your blog? My winter/Christmas templates are out! Click on the image to check them out!


  1. Lena, thanks for right click tutorial. I applied your tutorial on my blog :_)

  2. Mrs. Little says:

    I love the winter frost design! It will be added to my blog shortly!


  3. Mrs. Little says:

    I love the winter frost design! It will be added to my blog shortly!


  4. Thank you for this, Mommy Moment! I have a watermark on all of my pictures, but now that my blog is public, I've been a little bit leery about putting my photos out where anyone can take them. This gives me more peace of mind. :)

    Felicity @ Simple Elegance

  5. Olives and Pickles says:

    Thank you for the tutorials!! I really appreaciate it.
    Have a great day

  6. Lillianna Grace says:

    Fantastic post, thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for the photo information! I'm going to try it right now! Have you figured out how to reply directly to comments on your blog? I've seen tutorials but don't really get it! Thank your for sharing your ideas and for your wonderful blog!

  8. Antep Gelini says:

    Hi Lena. Thanks for your tutorials. I applied right click copy, it's working.But there is a one thing.When I click on the image for doing bigger and after that I do right click, it could be copied. So how can we remove this problem? I'll wit for your answer.Thanks a lot…

  9. Antep- heres how to do diable enlarge picture click- it has to be done when you edit the post. here is a how to:

  10. Ginkgo kewl says:

    wow~! i've try this… thank you~!!!

  11. Search Engine Company says:

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  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this information for us! As I was going down your list, doing all the things, I thought it’d be a good idea to “Save page as”, too, so I could have a copy of exactly what my blog page looked like: where the elements were, what text I had where, etc. Thought you may like that tip.

    Thanks ever so much again.

  13. Thank you very much for this tutorial. I applied it on my blog right away, and then translated your instructions into Polish, for my Polish bloggy friends… 😉

    Thanks again,

    Monika from Mtl

  14. lot of tips here. I will be reading them all

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