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GazziliPuzzles is a jigsaw puzzle app that includes an animated scene after each puzzle is finished.  This colorful app includes six puzzles that range in difficulty – from 6 pieces to 20 pieces.  In the upper levels it also involves rotating the pieces so that they are the right way.

Children will enjoy the different pictures like a cowboy, a train, a skateboarder, a child sledding, at a sea park and water skiing.

I like the fact that there is different difficulties in the puzzles and that everyone from preschooler to kindergartner can enjoy the app.  It would be great though, if more puzzles could be added once these 6 are mastered.

VeggieTales: Larry’s Missing Music

Everything is better with music and everything music is better with VeggieTales!

Join Larry and his friends as they create silly instruments that make very silly sounds and even better stories.

With Step-by-Story, a child as young as 2 can create their own short story through a series of simple choices.  The app automatically turns their choices into an animation that can be shared with Mom and Dad.  Each title includes over 500 possible story combinations.

This game has provided my kids with HOURS of fun and has kept their little hands busy creating and using their imagination.

This app is perfect for ages 2-6.

Let your imagination run wild creating unique cartoon faces from over 400 billion possible combinations. Use your wild, whacky, beautiful creations in the memory challenging Card Match, the fast paced Match 3, or test your powers of observation in the Patterns games.

Up to four people can use the game on each device, and there are 178 individual pieces to choose from in the Face Creator, so you’ll always have a different character set from your friends and family. There are 3 variations of each game to play, 4 different animated backgrounds you can choose from, and a gentle soundtrack the whole family will enjoy.

My kids really enjoy playing this game and seeing what kind of silly faces and combinations they can make!

It’s a dream come true for My Little Pony lovers of all ages. Join Twilight Sparkle, Spike the Dragon, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and other Ponyville friends in a magical journey to learn about the history of Equestria, the Kingdom of Princess Celestia. Story-driven activities guide Twilight Sparkle and Spike through the story of Equestria to the finale of the Grand Galloping Gala.

This great app from Ruckus Media provides Touch-driven animations within the story add additional interactivity, as well as help with basic word recognition.
Your child can chose to read the story themselves, have the story read to them by Twilight Sparkle, or record a loved ones voice to read the story to them!

Toddler’s Seek & Find: My Little Town

The same as in "Toddler's Seek & Find: My Animals", three lovingly hand-drawn and coloured scenes
feature real and imaginative scenarios in the town. And there's so much to be discovered every
morning, afternoon and evening! Little explorers can activate the various animations and hear the
corresponding sounds simply by touching the screen. A piano soundtrack in the background rounds
off the experience.

My son could play this game for hours!  A great quiet time app that allows children to explore.

Storychimes Songbook

Storychimes Songbook is a whole new way for kids and parents alike to experience their favorite songs! Each song has its own beautifully illustrated story, animations, interactivity and sounds.

StoryChimes SongBook exclusively features the songs of John Lennon & Paul McCartney! Take a trip to the jewelry store with “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”, soar high in the sky with “Let It Be” and play with the happy sun in “All You Need Is Love” to name just a few of the titles in the StoryChimes SongBook!

My daughter loves this app. She spends hours just sitting on her bed, listening to the songs and singing along. She even sings the songs while we are walking to school in the morning.  Her favorite song is “All You Need Is Love”.

Chuck and Friends – Friends for the long haul!

Chuck and Friends – Friends for the long haul is based on the T.V show Chuck & Friends.

My boy LOVES this show and was so excited when I showed him the app.  There is a read along story, as well as puzzles and activities in between.  Once the activities & puzzles have been completed a short video of Chuck and his friends plays.

This is a fun app for the little boy in your life!

Wee Pray – Pray With Me

Wee Pray – Pray with Me allows you record prayers or voice messages for your child to play when you can’t be there. You can express your love and warmest wishes in your own voice, in a recorded audio message or prayer. It helps fill the void for those that are separated by distance or situation, mom or dad away from home while on business, grandparents not close by, men and woman on active duty away from their families.

There are different prayers for Morning, Meal Time, Bedtime, & Love.

Alpha Tots

Alpha Tots Pocket is a great app that helps children learn their letters and the sounds associated with them.

With every letter there is also a little activity that goes along with it.
B – build the robot

My children ages 3 & 5 love playing this app!!

Definitely something that will keep help them learn AND keep them occupied.

iLearn with Poko: SEASONS

iLearnWith Poko: Seasons! is an educational app for children ages 3 to 7 years to learn about the seasons and weather all while having fun!


This app is from Tribal Nova a company that cares about the development of children. Their apps feature child psychologist approved educational content, friendly characters from TV shows, rich graphics and audio and fun!


I love that this app is made in Canada and my daughter has played this app for at least half an hour straight today while I worked. She enjoys learning about the different seasons and is always excited to see what is next!


Wonder Memory

Wonder Memory is a great memory app for kids.  The features I especially love are that you can choose 5 different difficulty levels and that up to 4 players can play!


Mathomatix: Measurement

Kindergarteners can get introduced to basic concepts of measurement such as weight, volume and length.

The app comes with five activities that each teach a measurement concept.

Both our girls LOVE this app (ages 2 & 5) and I love that it is educational and fun!

Check out all their apps!

It is a fun little app that can ease the fears of children who are scared of monsters. It scans a child’s room to let them know it is safe and free of monsters. Parents/Adults can adjust the settings to show monsters if it is appropriate (such as Halloween, etc).


By showing your kids proof that there are no monsters in the room, our hope is that they will feel reassured and be able to get a good night sleep.

Alpha Writer

Alpha Writer builds off of the famous Montessori Moveable Alphabet, with a little help from some illustrations by Zeptonn
Make a cowboy, an astronaut or even a “cow-stronaut” in this fun matching game, designed to help little learners improve their motor coordination and reasoning skills.
Apps from Scrollmotion

Ruckus Media is now offering iTunes for new LITE (that means, free!) versions of some of their classic storybook apps.

Interactive Seek and Find
This Interactive Seek & Find Picture Book – My Animals app from Wonderkind for the iPod, iPad & iPhone is a great way for children to explore.
Go Go Mongo!
Go Go Mongo! is a fun and educational game for children ages 2-4. Mongo has to catch food falling from the sky and children have to use their motor skills to feed Mongo.


For Adults:


  1. Mom2three says:

    I've not explored these yet. I like Baa Baa Black sheep and Matching Zoo for the little ones. I love Grocery Gadget for myself.

  2. says:

    Oo, DD loves her Thomas set, and if I can drag her away from Dora and Diego on the iPhone then maybe we can try the app :)

    BTW, viewing this on my iPhone, I'm not seeing any text just the pics.

  3. We have the Swapsies app. My son doesn't really match up outfits, his favourite part is sending them back by hitting the clear button.

    His overall favourite app is SoundTouch.

  4. stephanie says:

    ‘i learn with’ has a new additions app out.

  5. Love the SongBook from StoryChimes. Even our 2-year-old grandson figured out right away how to interact with the screen. Beatles songs are true sing-alongs, so kids and parents can enjoy. And StoryChimes has lots of storybook apps that are FREE or just $.99.

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