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Win PÜR Gum for a year

Product Moment:

aspartame free gum

PÜR Gum is the #1 selling aspartame-free better tasting, long-lasting gum. Now there’s a great tasting gum made especially for people who are looking for a healthy alternative to aspartame-free chewing gum.

Made in Switzerland, PÜR Gum gives YOU the highest standard of chewing gum on the market (because we care just that much!!) Wait, there’s more…Infused with antioxidants, PÜR is naturally coloured and flavoured, vegan friendly, free of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and gluten-free.

Mommy Moment:

aspartame free gum

I am allergic to aspartame.

I love chewing gum.

I have read every single gum label while standing in line at the grocery store and have never found a gum that I could have.  I have bought some gum from local health food stores, but I found that the flavor never lasted. I was so excited to try out PÜR gum. I got 3 different flavors to try: Peppermint, Pomegranate Mint and Spearmint. I’m happy to say that the flavor lasts a LONG time…way longer than any other aspartame free gum I’ve tried. My favorite flavor would have to be the Pomegranate Mint. It has the perfect amount of pomegranate taste when you pop in in your mouth, and the mint is very refreshing! PÜR Gum is also available in eXcitemint flavor…I hope to try that one soon too.

PÜR Gum is sweetened with Xylitol, a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in corn cobs and stalks which a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. I’ve heard that Xylitol is also great for oral heath, so that is a bonus for me. My girls, ages 3 and 5 love gum, but I always worried about giving them gum with Aspartame. I feel confident letting them chew PÜR Gum. They both just had visits to the dentist… all that regular brushing teamed with chewing PÜR Gum has been worth it ~ no cavities!

Giveaway Moment:

1 lucky Mommy Moment™ reader will win PÜR Gum for a year (ARV $60)
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PÜR Gum challenges YOU to KICK ASPARTAME!

aspartame-free gum

Disclaimer: I received a product for testing it out and giving my own personal opinions of it. As always, the views are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation to write this post. This post is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other network. This post is the property of Mommy Moment™ and/or its above sponsor.


  1. I’m an allergist, and I’m sorry you’re allergic to aspartame. I love gum too!

  2. This would be great to win! My kids love chewing gum and I would rather
    them chew healthy gum!

  3. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    I enjoy gum, but find I go through it way to fast, probably because the flavour dies fast. A year’s worth of gum would solve a lot of problems.

  4. I would love to win because i have tried pur gum before and i love it..I love the fact that it is healthier

  5. Karla Sceviour says:

    I would LOVE to win Pur Gum for a year,becasue my son is a this would surely come in handy,less expense plus a treat for me too! 😉

  6. I love to chew gum and would love to try something that is not sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

  7. I would love to win this gum for a year because we are constantly running out of gum. My husband is a gumaholic and depletes my supplies all the time.

  8. I would like to try PUR Gum because it has no Aspartame

  9. Debbie W says:

    I never to anywhere without gum. I am so happy to see a product out there without aspartame.

  10. tanyab79 says:

    I would love to win because it is aspartame free.

  11. Anne Taylor says:

    My husband referees basketball for the school districts here in Victoria and he’s always chewing gum. I’d much rather he chew this gum without aspartame!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  12. Louise Gilbert says:

    I would love to win this gum is because my love to chew gum and I know this gum is healthy

  13. Jennifer L. says:

    I would love to win this because I love gum (and so does my son) but I don’t like to buy it because of all the artifical ingredients. This would be perfect.

  14. andalene says:

    I would love to win because lately gum has become a luxury item (money’s a little tight as I’m sure it is for a lot of people), along with nutella and chocolate sauce.
    The flavours mentioned sound really good compared to some that I have seen in recent years – a little much for me.

  15. Huguette English says:

    We love to chew gum plus no aspartame would be the best!

  16. I would love to win because I go through a pack a day and no aspartame huge bonus, hate the taste & I refuse to drink diet pop because of it!

  17. I would like to win b/c I don’t eat sugar so I do chew sugarless gum often when I’m craving sweets but hate aspertame too!! So this is a great option

  18. I have been looking for a gum I can chew! While doing my meal replacement shakes, sometimes I find that I really want to chew on something, but aspartame gives me MAJOR headaches. So even chewing on little piece of gum isn’t worth the headache I can’t get rid of later. So glad to find out about gum that I CAN chew, and I’d love to win some! :) Thanks for the giveaway Jody!

  19. Whenever I look in my purse for GUM, especially when I need it I have NONE. I would love to win PUR gum for a year so I never go empty handed (or should I say empty pursed?…lol)

  20. I would love to win this gum for a year as hubby is a real gum lover and this would come in very handy.

  21. I’d like to win because I love eating gum and not having to pay for it for a whole year ;).

  22. stacey dempsey says:

    my kids love gum but i dont like gums with asparatme so this is great, this would keep them happily chewing all year lol
    staceyx at telus dot net

  23. I would love to win this gum because for the past 10 years I have had to give up many of lifes pleasures, including chewing gum (because of the aspartame) due to an illness I was diagnosed with and continue to deal with on a daily basis. I am considered extremely young to have this illness, I was 20 when symtoms first showed up, and am now 30. The disease I have usually strikes those that are 50+. Within the first 2 years of my illness I had to cut from my diet aspartame, advil, alcohol, caffeine and most sodium. All are triggers for my illness. Until I discovered PUR I had not chewed any gum for the last 8 years and while chewing gum might not even seem a pleasure to some, just a regular daily activity, it is a huge deal for me. I love being able to pull out a package of gum from my purse and feeling and tasting the gum in my mouth. It makes me feel just a little more like my old self (I loved chewing gum before the illness). Thanks for the chance to share my story.

  24. stacey h says:

    i am obsessed with gum . it’s always in my mouth.
    i have never tried PUR gum, or even seen it in stores – i would love to try something aspartame free

  25. I would like to try this gum because gums with aspartame give me stomach pain.

  26. i want to win because i never have gum in my purse when i have a craving for it (or when i have a funky food mouth, lol)

  27. Debbie Kennedy says:

    I go through tons of gum. I chew gum when I am stressed. Unfortunately, I have a very stressful job and with 2 kids at home the stress is no less. I sure could use this!

  28. I don’t like the taste of aspartame and if a product has a little bit of it in it, I can taste it. It would be great to win this. Thanks!

  29. I’m not allergic, but I really hate aspartame, so I’d love to win this giveaway!

  30. I would love to try a new kind of chewing gum!

  31. Because it would probably taste better with Xylitol than aspertame.

  32. Rebecca R says:

    I would love to win this because i have an intolerance for aspartame. My stomach bloats and I feel very ill for hours after having even just a simple piece of gum! Pur sounds great for me!

  33. My 13 y.o. son loves gum – more than any other candy. I absolutely hate that nearly all gum contains artificial sweeteners, I’d rather he chewed gum that was all-natural. This would be an amazing prize to win for him!

  34. I’d love to win a years supply of pur gum so I could share with all of my friends….and still have some leftover :)

  35. Kimberly B. says:

    I would like to win this gum because I do not use products that have aspartame, but t is hard to find gum without it.

  36. I would love to win this as I want to get away from Aspartame; I also bought a brand name from a Health Food store and the flavor was gone in minutes. The flavors of Pur sound yummy


  37. gum for a year…how exciting would that be!!!!

  38. I love, love sugarless gum but hate the aspartame. This would be awesome to avoid aspartame and get my fix!

  39. jessica edwards says:

    Would like to try something new

  40. I would love to try it and I’ve heard such good things about it. I don’t like to let my kids chew gum often, but this sounds like it would be a much healthier alternative.

  41. I would love to win as I regularly chew gum BUT have been trying to cut out artificial sweetners from my diet – this would be perfect to help me achieve that goal!

  42. Pauline M says:

    As a frequent airline traveler, gum has become an essential in my bag. My ears have a difficult time with the landing and takeoff and chewing gum during these times have become my mantra.

  43. janice pollard says:

    I want to win PUR gum for a year because it is safe for the kids to chew.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  44. victoria lester says:

    I’d like to win the giveaway because I’d like to try the peppermint PUR gum.
    momsholidaycooking at gmail dot com

  45. I would love to win pur gum for a year because me and my family all love gum and this would definately save us some money.

  46. Debbie jackson says:

    love the idea of healthygum Debbie Jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  47. I have a family full of gum chewers that this could make very happy :)

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