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Lovable Lunch for 1st Day of School

Kate starts grade 1 tomorrow. This may sound silly, but the one thing that I’m looking forward to is packing her Lovable Lunches once again. They are so fun for me to make and it’s just another little way of showing her that I love her. She loves to help me make them and I think it is a fun way for us to spend some time together each day.

Lovable Lunches

Kate gets 1 snack break & 1 lunch break in grade 1.

This 1st day of school Loveable Lunch consists of:

Oatmeal bar, star shaped carrots & kiwi & cucumber, celery with cheese whiz & raisins, ham wrap kabob with mini cheese flowers, organic yogurt, Nutri Grain bar & the word “LOVE” cut out of a fruit-to-go.

Her lunch is packed in a Planet Box. She takes along bottle of ice water and I always stick a little note into her lunch box as well.


  1. OMG! This is darling!

  2. way too cute :) Very creative!

  3. Brilliant! I have always resorted to creativity to get my boys to eat healthy food. You’ve perfected this! I love sending love notes with my son as well :)

    I have to get myself a Planet Box lunch box!!!

    • Thanks for the sweet comment. Although I do not think this is one of healthiest lunches I’ve packed, it does give some variety. {Confession: I did not have much for fresh fruits or veggies in the house as her 1st day of school is a Friday}.
      Come see more posts next week :)

  4. C-U-T-E!! She will LOVE it!!!! Here’s to a great 1st day of school for Kate! :-)

    • Thanks Valerie! You need to come do crafts with my girls and I need to pack lunches with your girls…{Our rockin’ husbands could do “how to be a great dad/husband” classes}…we’d make great neighbors LOL.

  5. So wonderful!! I gotta find some of these boxes so I can try this. My son won’t care, but my daughter is starting JrK and she would it! keep sharing your ideas!

    • Rory, These Planet boxes are only sold online. They are very expensive, but I figure if they use them throughout the lunch box years they have well paid for themselves. A new magnet set for under $4 a year makes it look brand new :)
      I plan to post these Lovable Lunches posts regularly if people comment and seem to like them.

  6. That’s amazing! I never have the patience to whip up a lunch like that – I can see all the other kids being way jealous of your daughter!

    • Tammy, It’s really easy! It’s quicker to cut a cucumber with a cookie cutter than peel & slice it :) And yes, the children in her kindergarten class loved her lunches last year! Thanks for commenting!

  7. She will be just as excited about lunch as we will be about bringing her to the bus in the morning. Can I get a lunch like that babe ;). I will promise to listen and behave…or not

    • Trev, Are you saying that you are excited to bring her to the bus?! {I’m not} And as for packing your lunches, I think you would end up selling them to get money for the vending machine…nice try babe 😉 {Love Ya}

  8. WOW!! That must have taken so much time – congrats on a super cute and way healthy lunch for her. I don’t eat that healthy of a lunch myself :)

    I adore this. I wish my mom had packed lunches like that when I was a kid. I basically got a soggy PB&J and an apple. I wish I was exaggerating.

    • Awe, thanks for the sweet comment Annie! I wish I ate lunches like this too HA! Funny how I can make the time to do this for her, yet not for myself.
      I think most kids our age got pb&j with an apple 😉

  9. almost looks too pretty to eat. What a sweet idea. I bet your daughter loves it. I so wish my children ate better. They wouldn’t touch one thing in there well maybe the carrots

    I’m so proud of you that your daughter eats so healthy I think it’s fabulous

  10. LOL, you are your hubs are too cute! And that lunch, OMG adorable! My son just started kindergarten and he would LOVE lunches like these. I will definitely stalk these posts if you keep writing them! Do you buy the cookie cutters at any store??? I am going to look into that lunch box. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    • Kim, I do plan to post these regularly. Even though I make these every day, I think posting them daily might be too much…we’ll see. Most likely a few a week for sure.

      I find the most luck buying my cookie cutters at The Bulk Barn or Micheal’s. I keep my eye out at second hand stores for them too!

  11. Oh, I love this! She will do great (but I will be crying right along with you)!

  12. That’s really cute. I love the creativity of some lunches! I do cut up his sandwiches with sandwich cutters. LOL. That’s as far as I go with creativity, though.

  13. I love doing stuff like this to but hate the price of the bento boxes. I get nervous spending $30-$40 on one and praying they bring them back home. Have you made cream cheese sushi? My boys LOVE that!

    • I know what you mean about the lunch container. My thought is that it is all in one container, so less things to lose {finders crossed}.
      I have never made cream cheese sushi, do you have a link to share?

  14. That looks like it took a long time to make. Now all her friends at school are going to go home and want their mom to do the same thing LOL Looks great!!

  15. OMG…those are so cute! I have neither the time nor the inclination to take that much time with my son’s lunches (that, and he’s on a restricted diet so can’t eat most of that stuff), but hats off to you! You are making such incredible memories for your daughter.

  16. That is an amazing lunch – sure beats the bologna on white and Kool-Aid my mom used to make me. HaHa
    I used to try and give my kids sandwiches cut with cookie cutters, that was the extent of my creativity, plus a little note in their lunchbag.
    You are an awesome mom! =)

  17. That is awesome! You inspire me to be more creative with my sons lunches. He is also starting 1st grade this year and I will admit that packing lunches are stressing me out. I want to send healthy things that he will enjoy. But there is only so much I can think of to send. He has a boy with a severe nut allergy in his class too so that is another thing I am learning about. Please keep posting your creations. Even before my mommy brain from having my four kids kicked in, I don’t think I could be that creative. :) Great job.

  18. This is adorable! I wish I could do stuff like this. I really don’t have the time and my kids probably wouldn’t eat half of the stuff but I try with them.

    • You’d be surprised how much quicker it is to cut kiwi, cucumbers etc with a cookie cutter. Faster than peeling and slicing! Kudos to you for at least giving it a try, let me know how it goes!

  19. so cute Jody!

  20. Can I have a loveable lunch? That is so nice for a child to open that for lunch and they will always remember that kudoos to you!!

  21. That is so adorable! I hate that I’ll never be creative enough to do something like that, but it’s absolutely delicious looking!

  22. I think I need to get myself a Planet Box!
    Another Super cute lunch! SO much fun!

  23. HI,

    Ended up on ur blog while searchin for blogger templates, and read this post…very sweet:) n i like the idea of putting a note in the lunch …will probably try it out whn my son who is 14 months old starts going to school :) Sweet blog! Btw, dint find the link to ur blogger templates?

  24. Elva Roberts says:

    August -Kate is a very lucky little girl to have a Mommy who takes extra time to pack a wonderful, healthy lunch and with such loving care. Kudos to both of you!

  25. Anna Johnson says:

    So fun! I would like a lunch like this! I dread making lunches but would love to get the planet box for my boys :)

  26. been a long time since I had to make lunch for a little one….getting ready to dive right in lol

  27. Love it..always looking for new ways to spruce up my sons lunchbox! Thanks

  28. Nicole Rempel says:

    What a fantastic Idea

  29. Alexa Nernberg says:

    Re: Lovable Lunch. What a nice idea. Wish I would have seen this when my two sons were in elementary school. I think they would have really thought they were special, opening their lunch kit to see this. Sandwiches get boring pretty quickly. For a special lunch, I would pack a “picnic” lunch (sausage, cheese, crackers and pickles).

  30. Wow!!! What a fantastic looking lunch. You are truly amazing :)

  31. kathy downey says:

    Wow,I want that

  32. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I can see you’ve put a lot of effort into this and it looks beautiful. The other children must have been jealous when they saw what was in Kate’s lunch box :-)

  33. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I wish I had little kiddies to make lunches like that. I dont think my 21 yr old would like her friends at lunch to see that. sigh they grow too fast

  34. Vanessa says:

    great idea thank you… will do this when I have kids

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