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Entertaining just got easier

We are a family that loves to entertain which means we always have to be ready for unexpected guests. VH sauces are a great thing to have on hand! With a couple of ingredients, you can have a great meal or appetizer ready in no time! Tonight was no exception when we had to quickly whip something up. Thanks to VH this was not an issue.

Tonight I needed something fast! I decided to use some VH I had on hand to whip up an appetizer that I called Easy Sesame Thai Sausages.

Easy Sesame Thai Sausage Appetizer

You will need:

  • Pam Grilling Spray
  • VH Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
  • Sausage
  • Sesame Seeds

I started by quickly frying some sesame seeds with Pam Grilling cooking spray. Once they were roasted I added a tablespoon of VH Sweet Thai Chili sauce to the pan and added pieces of sliced smoked pork sausages. Once they were cooked I flipped them, added another tablespoon of sauce to the tops of the sausages and voila. We placed the fried Thai sausages in a nice platter with some VH Sweet Thai Chili sauce as a dip and had an easy appetizer that was oh so delicious!

The star of this dish is the VH Sweet Thai Chili sauce. This is a sweet sauce that has great flavor and not too much heat. This makes for a great dipping sauce or can be heated to give it that extra zip if you so desire.

Always having VH Sauces in the home is a great way to ensure that entertaining is never a fearful ordeal, but a chance to show off your cooking skills and while hosting great company. VH sauces are quick, simple and easy to use. Even having the steamers on hand can make an otherwise dull lunch hour seem like an exotic trip for your taste-buds to experience a new world of spices and flavors.

Add VH to your pantry and get ready to entertain in ways you did not think possible. You will not be disappointed with the taste and flavor and best of all, how EASY it is to make something in a hurry!

Check out the VH Facebook page, where you can find more great tips for adding fun and easy new twists to your everyday menu.


I’m excited that Lori from Little Kitchen on the Prairie will be trying out VH Sauces in round 2 of the #VHexcitement tour. Pop by her blog next month to read about her VH sauces experience and you’ll have another chance to win VH prize pack!

Disclosure – I am participating in the VH Excite Your Dinner blog tour by enCompass Media on behalf of Con Agra Foods. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.


  1. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says:

    A tip for entertaining guests? Hmmm… I’d say to enjoy yourself with your guests & not worry so much about all the little things we tend to worry about as hostesses. Once you’re relaxed & having fun, your guests will hopefully follow!

  2. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says:

    Just letting you know the tweet was 1 character too long so I removed the “N” from “CAN”

  3. I love that sweet thai chili sauce, it’s my favourite!

  4. Love it; what a great idea for a quick appetizer! :)

  5. Entertaining guests : just remember to have fun :)

  6. make sure that there are plenty of drinks available e.g. juice, beer , wine

  7. My tip is to always serve a cheese and cracker platter.

  8. prep and get everything ready before company shows up, so you can spend more time with you guests

  9. A potluck is relatively easy.

  10. Have a plan, make to do lists. Do as much prep ahead as possible and don’t be afraid to delegate.

  11. keep it simple, and make as much as you can in advance.

  12. don’t try a recipe for the first time

  13. Plenty of food and drinks and fun entertainment!

  14. When entertaining, I always have appetizers prepared and ready to put out before my guests arrive. When they arrive all I need to do is enjoy the company!

  15. My tip is to prepare as much as possible in advance so you can enjoy your guests when they arrive.

  16. Have fun experimenting with new recipes

  17. Anne Taylor says:

    do most of your prep/cooking the day before you are entertaining! It gets lots of dishes and work out of the way

  18. Debbie Bashford says:

    I do up as much as possible the day before and only simple things the day of, I want to spend time with my guests not by myself working in the kitchen

  19. When entertaining guests, I try to include everyone in the activities in order to prevent clumping

  20. debbie starkey says:

    make a list and plan ahead

  21. Have a good time when entertaining and try to do some of the cooking ahead of time so you don’t feel that you are ignoring your guests.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  22. Stacey Dempsey says:

    I dont really do the whoel dinner guest thing as I cant cook lol I am very creative with other things decorating or thinking up things to do, so for me I would say have them bring pot luck lol that is if they want something good to eat, and all my friends know this to be true and would rather bring their own lol

  23. Rhonda W G. says:

    I like to have everything I can prepared before my quests arrive so I can relax and focus on them more!

  24. Deb Dorrington says:

    When I entertain for me it’s all about the prep..I do as much as possible before hand. Our guests are like family so I want to spend lots of time with them.

  25. Prepare as much as possible in advance. It makes the whole evening go a lot smoother!

  26. Make it simple

  27. Jocelyne Alldrick says:

    be comfortable and enjoy yourself :)

  28. Cheryl Grandy says:

    Cook something that can be done ahead of time so that you can spend your time with the guests instead of cooling.

  29. A tip for entertaining guests is always having enough food and drinks and snacks!

  30. Carole Dube says:

    I like to prepare everything before my guess arrive so I can enjoy them.

  31. do all your prep ahead of time

  32. have it simple and easy which gives more time to friendship/visiting

  33. Nena Sinclair says:

    I start preparing a day or more ahead. I make appetizers and freeze them. I cut up veggies for my veggie platters several hours prior and leave them in the fridge. I cut up pickles (but leave them in the brine until you’re ready to use them). Cut up cheese, put in on a platter with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Get any baking you may have to do the day before. It’ll make things much less hectic and stressful when it comes to entertaining friends and family.

  34. Doris Calvert says:

    I always try to have one item that they like to eat for every guest , even if it’s chips, steak, hot dogs, burgers etc

  35. Do as much as possible the day before. Unless the party is in the kitchen, where you get everyone involved.

  36. Just relax and if anything doesn’t go according to plan don’t sweat it!

  37. Always end with a big helping of a yummy dessert!

  38. brandy champion says:

    My tip for entertaining guests is take time to enjoy yourself.

  39. Have a variety of choices and do everything ahead! Rushing + last minute = stress!

  40. I like variety when I have guests. Almost like a big sampling buffet.

  41. Lisa Morrison says:

    My tip for entertaining guests is to get the guests involved. Have someone help pour or serve the drinks.

  42. Have everything ready to go so no one feels the need to help you and can just enjoy the party !

  43. I try to do as much of the cooking ahead of time as possible so that I can spend time with my guests.

  44. Very important to make sure no one drinks and drives. Have mocktails and other fun drinks for those who aren’t drinking.

  45. Get everything ready ahead of time.

  46. Elizabeth M. says:

    prepare as much as possible in advance so that you can enjoy time spent with your guests instead of being in the kitchen all the time.

  47. When entertaining make it a pot luck so everything isn’t on you to make.

  48. Karla Sceviour says:

    Im not very good at have a variety of drinks and a couple different fruit/veggie trays is always a good thing.

  49. Prep ahead as much as you can, and always make sure you have enough food and drinks on hand :)

  50. Prepare most of what you can beforehand. Have easy appetisers on hand and plenty of drinks.

  51. do 90% of the work before and enlist a friend or two to help out, you are less stressed and you are not trapped alone in the kitchen

  52. Kevin Dillman says:

    plan to serve something that your guest can be hands on with like tacos or such , that way you are spending time just preparing the food and more time with your guests while they are there

  53. always plan to serve some really yummy food! :) you can never go wrong with some yummy food!
    everyones gotta eat right!?

  54. have lots of food choices and snacks. mini portions are the best.

  55. do as much prep work as you can ahead of time.

  56. prepare as much as you can in advance

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  57. Make a list ahead of time that all you need to do and cross off from the list as you accomplish each task. Make a list of holiday dinner menues and ingrediants needed so you have it year to year to refer to. Enjoy!

  58. variety of items so everyone is happy

  59. Check for allergies/special diets in advance

  60. Jonnie (JB) says:

    My tip is to get the cooking out of the way before guests arrive so you can enjoy the company.

  61. Include several varieties of finger foods whenever possible.

  62. Have lots of different types of food and lots to drink!!!!

  63. Victoria Ess says:

    Plan a nice spread of finger foods!

  64. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    Don’t be afraid to accept help. If someone offers to bring something be grateful and accept the offer.

  65. A good assortment of food and drinks..I like to make people feel very welcome in our home so I try to prepare as much as possible before hand.

  66. Be prepared, have as much done before hand. And always offer people something to drink. You hear that Canadians?! It’s good manners to offer a drink. :)

  67. Try to get everything prepped and ready before guests arrive

  68. Plan things out and then when the guest arrive, relax and enjoy yourself.

  69. Prep, prep, prep! Completing as many of the preparations before the guests arrive ensures you have time to mingle and enjoy instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

  70. janice budgell pollard says:

    When entertaining we like to offer food with lots of variety.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  71. be sure to ask about any food allergies or dislikes well in advance – really not good when you put a lot of effort into food that guests can’t/won’t eat!

  72. Try to make as much of the food/drinks etc ahead of time so that you have more time to spend with your guests and less time stuck in the kitchen. Also always make extras. Nothing worse than running out of food. :)

  73. When I am entertaining, I like to prep as much as I can in advance. That way I can enjoy my guests, instead of peeling potatoes, baking rolls, assembling the crudites.

  74. Angela Mitchell says:

    I like to always have at least one item of food that is really unique that most people haven’t tried out before. This is usually a conversation starter as well.

  75. I like to do something that can feeds lots but is easy to do such as BBQ or something that can be prepared before hand so I can visit with my guest too. Also if I have lots of people I set up a beverage area so people can self serve rather than wait for me.

  76. Chris MacDonald says:

    I love VH Sauces! They are great for creating a last minute meal.

  77. Belinda McNabb says:

    My tip when entertaining is to do a buffet instead of a sit down meal. It is casual and people can take what they want

  78. Jacquie Hess says:

    Make it simple. don’t make complicated appetizers. Sometimes the simplist choices are apprecuated ie. cheese, pickles.

  79. Susan Meyer says:

    Have fun. You don’t need to impress people just enjoy peoples company.

  80. Violet Smith says:

    I wasn’t aware of all of the things you can do with the sauces. I will definitely be trying some new thing now.

  81. Provide variety to suit everyone’s tastes and needs…

  82. Angie Andrews says:

    have guests bring different parts of the meal making it easier for you to prepare the main meal

  83. Elaine Jasvins says:

    I like to prepare my food the day before or even the morning before. Also, I use my crockpot, it’s like it does it all by itself and I just attend the dinner.

  84. Courtney Fudger says:

    I always ask people to bring an appetizer or dessert and I prepare the main course. Helps with the work load

  85. Lisa Marie Anctil says:

    The best advice is to make something simple yet delicious so you can enjoy your company and not be all alone in the kitchen slaving over the stove!

  86. I LOVE VH Sauces. They add a little spice to my life!

  87. Natalie Marion says:

    Have wine on hand! Thats my tip! 😛

  88. Elva Roberts says:

    October 2-When entertaining, try to have all the prep work done as far as is possible so that you may spend some time with your guests with out the meal suffering from your absence.-

  89. Stephanie says:

    clean after they leave

  90. prepare as many dishes as you can the day before

  91. Have a great appetizer to sit around and chat with

  92. Just relax, and have help. It’s no fun if you’re running around all stressed out and worn from planning and preparing.

  93. Help your wife prepare and sample all foods :)

  94. Teresa M. says:

    My slow cooker is my secret weapon :)

  95. My tip is to have lots of drinks and snacks.

  96. Wayne Lecoy says:

    Please Enter Me In Your Entertaining Just Got Easier With VH Sauces Giveaway
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    In Response To Your Requirement To Tell You One Tip I Have When
    It Comes To Entertaining Guests!
    I Use Paper Plates When Entertaining So There Will Be Less Dishes To Wash.
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  97. Judy Williams says:

    Keep ready to eat snacks in the pantry and freezer so there are always quick treats ready at a moments notice

  98. Dessert is ALWAYS a must 😉

  99. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    this sounds great thanks for posting

  100. This does look easy and tasty.

  101. Susan Burney says:

    Sounds awesome! I’ll use these at my birthday party in May!

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