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Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ Married Life #giveaway {3 Winners}

My husband and I have been married for 10 1/2 incredible years.

I often say that we could write a book with funny and interesting stories that have happened in our relationship.

Chicken Soup has come out with a new book called Married Life.  This book is filled with all those funny stories that happen in all our married relationships.

“Your spouse may not be perfect but he or she is perfect for you!  Marriage can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a sense of humor.  And during those times when some hard work is mixed in with that wedded bliss, you’ll be inspired by these stories from couples about how they keep their marriages fresh, how they weather the ups and downs of living with another person, and how they learn to accept each other’s flaws and value each other’s strengths.  Most importantly, these stories will get you laughing!

Whether you are a young newlywed or a great-grandparent, married to your high school sweetheart or newly remarried, these stories will remind you why you exchanged those vows and will surely make you smile.  You’ll love sharing them with each other and with your friends.”

Reading the stories in this book I was encouraged and laughed often.  Reading about other people’s quirks in marriages makes me realize that our marriage is fun and kind of normal.


3 Mommy Moment readers will WIN a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul ~ Married Life.

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  1. My spouse is forever cleaning, which is great for me frees up time I would spend cleaning.

  2. Lisa Neutel says:

    hmmm one “quirk” of my husband, where oh where can i begin LOL — my hubby likes to leave cupboard doors and drawers open all the time and it drives me nuts.. not sure if that was what you were looking for

  3. My husband has a very “sarcastic” sense of humor. I am on the other hand very shy, so going out with him is always interesting, I never know what he is going to say!

  4. Andrea B. says:

    My hubby has to sleep sitting up as he has awful coughing spells caused by his smoking. It gets to the point where I want to smother him with a pillow…*groan*

  5. My hubby loves to re arrange the furniture, always trying to give our space a different look.. 2 or 3 times in a week is sometimes a bit much.. I start giving my advise and it gets done that

  6. My hubby taps the steering wheel to ALL music – but, he doesn’t know he does it and would tell you so.

  7. Anytime my husband is out at the store or restaurant to pick me up something — he always brings home the wrong thing, every time – it never fails.

  8. apple blossom says:

    he doesn’t care to drink the last of anything in a jug no matter is the contents have been poured out into a glass the whole time.

  9. I think its funny that my hubby has to have all the money in his wallet facing the same way and organized by amount,while I just throw mine in the bottom of my purse somewhere.It drives him crazy!

  10. hubby rarely uses a garbage can – he has one by his bedside and one by his computer
    desk and the candy wrappers, etc. end up on the floor beside the garbage can. !!!


  11. drives me crazy when he takes something out of the cupboard and leaves it on the counter-grrrrrrrrrrrr

  12. sandra mitchell says:

    My husband never uses anything completely up. I always find bread bags with one slice left in the cupboard and jam jars with a teaspoon of jam left in the fridge and the same goes with peanut butter, toothpaste, shaving cream etc, etc, etc.

  13. Morgan Farris says:

    my girl pulls the blankets and gets them all jumbled up and weird, I have no idea how she does it

  14. My hubby’s quirk is that he runs his fingers along the tops of the car windows to make sure that they are closed every time he leaves the car. Even if none of us opens them!

  15. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    he takes a really long time getting ready for bed

  16. shelly Murphy says:

    Where to begin…12 1/2 years of married life, and 19 years of bliss!! LOL My hubby is home before me during the day, making dinner & feeding our four-legged creatures before the rest of us get home!! Quirky no but still worth mentioning!! Quirky would be the look we can give each other in any crowded room, knowing what each other is thinking…’let’s get home now, the kids are having sleepovers at their friends!!!’

  17. Elva Roberts says:

    October 30-After our original wedding picture appeared in the paper(courtesy of our children on our 50 anniversary, a woman came up to my brother and I and said: “You haven’t changed much, but your husband has.”
    And I had to respond with: “That’s because this is my brother, not my Husband!
    Elva Roberts

  18. I don’t have a spouse but I’d like to win this for my parents who’ve been together over 30 years. They literally finish each others sentences.

  19. He is notoriously late for everything…. but it’s just something to work with – tell him to be somewhere half and hour before the actual time and he might just make it.

  20. My husband’s quirk is that he is so much harder to get out of bed in the morning than the kids!

  21. My husband is like a cartoon character. He goes around behaving as if his life is a broadway musical or another comedic drama that includes singing, dancing and goofiness. He clients would never know! 😉

  22. My hubs is late for everything…..even when I wake him up 2 hours before we have to leave the house – king of procrastination and a bad judge of time! :)

  23. Jacquie Hess says:

    My husband is afraid of spiders – I have to get rid of them.

  24. One? Just one…where do I start? lol … Okay, one he doesn’t like taking his car, as he may dirty or scratch it…so we take mine…true story! I could write my own book! lol

  25. Lexi Girard says:

    he spends more time in the bathroom then i do getting ready lol :)

  26. Angie Andrews says:

    he leaves empty boxes and containers in the fridge, freezer and cupboards, drives me insane :)

  27. Megan Willis says:

    my girl leaves the cupboard doors open too….. drives me nuts.

  28. Susan Meyer says:

    We are a gamer household and we don’t rage on each other for playing. psst and I love him.

  29. My husband is in his mid-thirties and still doesn’t pick his clothes up from the floor. I’ve tried everything, and me (the neat freak) has settled on him leaving his clothes on the floor inside our closet. At least I can close the door….and use the door to push the clothes out of the way!

  30. My wife really enjoys the little things in life – her Christmas list consists of socks, stickers and wordsearches. That her list every year.

  31. My husband does all the laundry! Yeah!

  32. He gives our dog way too much of our food.

  33. My husband is just like a little kid and has a massive video game collection. Thank you

  34. I love my hubby but his driving is scary LOL thank goodness for double lane highways

  35. Veronica Hay says:

    He leaves the toilet seat up!!

  36. He does all the laundry, I just have to make sure it is sorted.

  37. Naomi Kornelson says:

    My hubby still gives me back rubs almost every night even though we have been married six years.

  38. Judy Hunting says:

    My biggest quirk about my husband is he leaves his dirty clothes in the bathroom behind the door.. We have an upstairs laundry room 2 feet away!!

  39. Susan Audrey says:

    Today is our 12 year anniversary! My hubby is a great guy. He works from home but he still offers to get the groceries and cook dinner quite frequently. He is one of my biggest blessings!

  40. My hubs is great around the kitchen and thats a big bonus, so we share meal duties. :) Hmm a quirk would be that hubs claims he does not like sweets, but if I bake something or bring something, each night he will ask whats for dessert until its all gone! 😛 Thanks for the chance to win.

  41. Love My Hubby of 10 1/2 yrs. soooooooo much

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