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Don’t mess with my girls #WordlessWednesday {Linky}

Don’t mess with my girls.

Don’t let the cute kids in RCMP red serge fool ya!


  1. They look very imposing!! did you make their uniforms?

  2. Jane needs to learn a few intimidation tactics from Kate. 😉

  3. WHAT?! I need to know more..were they dressing up somewhere? did you order them somehow for Halloween? does your man work for RCMP? or did someone actually make them? That is SOOOOO cool!

  4. lol love it!

  5. I don’t know…. I don’t think I would mind be stopped by those two cuties! :)

  6. They are darling – I do like the little bit of attitude too.

  7. hahaha too cute!!! You won’t have to worry about the boys 😉

  8. great picture of them… they look to cute to be so serious! :)

  9. Looks a little like good cop bad cop going on here!

  10. LOL! Cute pictures! :)

  11. Very serious! Great uniforms.

  12. They are so cute! They look so happy too! Very cool, Kate and Jane!!!

  13. Awww they look great!

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