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“Make your Moments Golden” with a FERRERO ROCHER® #giveaway {Canada Only}

What could be better than a giveaway involving chocolate?!?

The original FERRERO ROCHER® is an elegant and delicious chocolate that has a perfectly roasted hazelnut inside surrounded by a luxurious filling.  In addition to the original, FERRERO ROCHER® has also added the Ferrero Rond Noir (which is dark chocolate and my husband’s FAVORITE) and Confetteria Raffaello (which boasts tender shredded coconut on the outside).

FERRERO ROCHER® makes the perfect teacher or friend gift for the holidays.

Not only is it the perfect gift, but now with every specially marked Ferrero Rocher® 200 gram chocolates, YOU have a chance to win over $500,000 in great prizes!

Each eligible box of Ferrero Rocher® chocolates will contain a PIN number.  Simply enter that PIN number on the Ferrero Rocher® Facebook page to check to see if you have won one of the great prizes!

You are probably asking, “So what can I win”?

There are TEN (10) Mercedes-Benz All-New 2013 B-Class Vehicles to be won and 1,000 FERRERO ROCHER® Holiday Hosting Gift Baskets.  Each Holiday Hosting Gift Basket includes:

  •  3 FERRERO ROCHER® 200 gram chocolates containing “Make Your Moments Golden” PINs for additional chances to win
  • 3 FERRERO COLLECTION® 156 gram assorted chocolates
  • FERRERO Raffaello® 120 gram confections
  • Bonnie Stern cookbook
  • Set of 4 napkin rings
  • Set of 4 place-card holders
  • Set of 4 golden charger plates
  • $25 gift card for 1-800-Flowers

Everything you need to make your Holiday Party a success!

So head on out and pick up your specially marked Ferrero Rocher® 200 gram chocolates and see if YOU are one of the lucky winners!


1 lucky CANADIAN Mommy Moment reader will WIN a 200 gram box of specially marked Ferrero Rocher® with a PIN inside.  Good Luck everyone!  If you win a prize, come back and let us know.

**Open to Canadian Residents ONLY**

Please be patient – Rafflecopter (the entry form) may take a moment to load

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  1. holly messana says:

    oh, for sure the dark!!

  2. I love the dark chocolate

  3. My favorite is definitely the dark chocolate! I love them all though.

  4. I like the Original Ferrero Rocher.

  5. I’ve only tried original, but I bet I’d love the other 2 just as much

  6. ORiginal was… But I haven’t tried cocconut! Lol

  7. Debbie Bashford says:

    Original is my favourite

  8. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    I like the original best, but I’m a chocolate fan, so I’d honestly eat any flavor!

  9. My favourite one is the coconut.

  10. I like the original Ferrero Rocher® chocolate.

  11. Huguette E. says:

    The original is my favorite

  12. Kim Barrett says:

    I’ve only tried the original and, so far, it’s my favourite!

  13. I like the original the best but Coconut is nice for a change.

  14. Nena Sinclair says:

    I love all of the Ferrero products, and my favorite is Raffaello!! Yummy!!

  15. I love the coconut one

  16. Melissa Simon says:

    The original….love the original. Very addictive and bad for my hips, but so yummy! :)

  17. I love the dark chocolate.

  18. Original is my favorite but I haven’t tried the coconut yet

  19. yummy coconut!

  20. Elizabeth says:

    The coconut is the best!

  21. Maegan Morin says:

    I LOVE the Coconut! Sooo yummy 😀

  22. I love the dark chocolate, my favourite

  23. Hard choice, but since I have been using coconut oil, I am loving all things coconut!

  24. The original all the way :)

  25. I like the dark!

  26. Carole Dube says:

    My favorite Ferrero Rocher® chocolate is coconut.

  27. Jennifer L. says:

    I love the original most.

  28. deanna_boocock says:

    Original is the best!

  29. my favorite is the Coconut


  30. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:


  31. I like the original the most.

  32. Donna Maroulis says:

    I love Ferrero Rocher !!! And they’re even wrapped like a present !

  33. Anne Taylor says:

    We love the Original! Yumm


  34. Original Ferroro Rocher is my fave!

  35. I love the original!

  36. can i say i like all 3? i guess i do eat the original the most!

  37. My favourite is the coconut with the dark chocolate a close second.

  38. My favorite is the dark!

  39. Love the coconut

  40. Once you’ve tried the original – why mess with perfection !

  41. The Original! Yum!!

  42. Victoria Ess says:

    Totally the original!

  43. Karla Sceviour says:

    Definately the original..yummm yum!!

  44. Andrea Williams says:

    My favorite is the original.

  45. original

  46. Original.

  47. Dark!

  48. stephen k says:

    the coconut is my favourite

  49. chocolate

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  50. Carol Denny says:

    I love all the flavors!

  51. Coconut!

  52. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says:

    I’ve only ever tried the Original but Coconut sounds yummy! I wouldn’t like the dark chocolate. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  53. dark chocolate!

  54. Christina D says:

    The coconut flavour – Mmmm

  55. Elaine Jasvins says:

    Original all the way, Yummy!

  56. I love the original, but really who would refuse any of the tasty tidbits!!

  57. Love them so much!!! Absolute favorite, top of my chocolate list! So depressed this is Canada only…lol. Not that I ever win anyway.

  58. coconut

  59. Patricia C. says:

    The original!

  60. sharon boyle says:

    Coconut is my favourite but its always a tough choice

  61. I vote for the classic original!

  62. my favourite chocolate by far!

  63. Bring on the dark chocolate!!

  64. Original is my favourite

  65. dark chocolate

  66. I love the original but coconut sounds yummy too!

  67. my fave by far is dark chocolate

  68. Garnet Leib says:


  69. Brenda Penton says:

    I love the coconut one the most. I like them all, but that one is just perfection!

  70. Original is delectable of my choice

  71. Stacey Dempsey says:

    I like the original the best

  72. Love them all!

  73. What great chocolate & what a great contest! I would be so happy to win any of the prizes!

  74. mmmmmmmmmmmm Dark Chocolate

  75. ORIGINAL all the way baby!

  76. debbie starkey says:

    dark chocolate!

  77. Cheryl Grandy says:

    My favourite is the coconut.

  78. I like the original

  79. My favorite Ferrero Rocher® chocolate is the dark chocolate! mmm…

  80. Definitely original!

  81. Elva Roberts says:

    October 25-I like the original Dark Chocolate.-Elva Roberts

  82. FERRERO ROCHER® is my fav Holiday treat; yum!

  83. I love the original Ferrero Rocher! Delish

  84. Arash Naghdi says:

    love to dark ones!

  85. Rhonda W G. says:

    I like them all but lean towards dark chocolate!

  86. Patricia Boyle says:

    Better than chocolate? A trip to Ireland.

  87. Easy question – the dark chocolate ones!

  88. Colleen C. says:

    original is the best

  89. The original. Dark chocolate close second.

  90. My fave is the original – yum!

  91. Im a classic kinda gal…i like the original!

  92. Love the original ones around my house 😀

  93. Love these chocolates…YUMMY !!!!

  94. I love the coconut ones!

  95. Christine Boulanger says:

    That’s a cool and yummy contest ! :)

  96. The original is my favourite candy in general. Period.

  97. Dark Chocolate yum

  98. my fave is definitely the original

  99. Sandra D. says:

    The original , but I won’t say no to the rest !

  100. Silvana Cox says:

    Love the origninal!

  101. Florence C says:

    Toss up between the Original and the dark.

  102. original – although, i’ve never tried coconut

  103. Adriana Fitzgerald says:

    Original mmmmmmm

  104. Belinda McNabb says:

    my favorite is the original

  105. the original for sure

  106. dark chocolate is my favourite. thanks.

  107. My favourite is the original. It’s also the only one I have ever tasted.

  108. sandra mitchell says:


  109. dark chocolate

  110. The original of course!!

  111. Original – but I haven’t tried the coconut yet so that is subject to change

  112. The orginal one

  113. Love love love the crunchy original with the soft center, but I am up for trying anything new too!!

  114. Cynthia Price says:

    original for sure

  115. The dark chocolate is my fave :)

  116. Morgan Farris says:

    the original is the best!

  117. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    I love them all I’m a chocolate nut!

  118. the original

  119. Crystal Dion says:

    The original is my fave.

  120. I love the Original!

  121. I love dark chocolate!

  122. Original for me!

  123. Wendy Dickinson says:

    The original are my fav and Hubs prefers the dark ones.

    msdickinson28 at hotmail dot com

  124. my fav is original so yummy ty

  125. Original would be delicious :)

  126. The Original is my all time fav!

  127. Michelle B says:

    I love the coconut

  128. the original!

  129. Leanne Silverthorne says:

    I LOVE the original

  130. coconut is yummy

  131. jocelyn bernardin says:

    original… all the way!!

  132. marjorie l. says:

    the original

  133. I prefer the dark ones

  134. I’d have to say the original since I haven’t tried the others – although I’m sure the Coconut would be my favourite after I try it! I love anything with Coconut! :)

  135. I love the coconut!

  136. Susan Meyer says:

    I like the original

  137. Chris MacDonald says:

    I love the original Ferrero Rocher!

  138. Jacquie Hess says:

    I love the coconut flavor

  139. Original!

  140. Original, but I haven’t tried the dark ones yet.

  141. Original…where it all began! :)

  142. sueboobadoo says:

    Love the Original :)

  143. i like the original but i have not tried the coconut yet and would like to

  144. I like the original.

  145. Krystal Wylie says:

    I love all of them, i can’t eat too much of one kind so i usually mix it up :)

  146. I love the coconut

  147. Coconut!!

  148. julie bolduc says:


  149. Laurie Cockburn says:

    I love the coconut

  150. Teresa Mc. says:

    TYVM for contest. I love chocolate unfortunately if it is in the house, I will eat it all until it is all gone. Doesn’t help having Grocery Store across the street…me so loves the bulk section. Original for me but I would eat them all no matter what!

  151. I like the original.

  152. the original chocolate is my favorite!

  153. coconut!! my mouth is watering. mmm.

  154. Kimberly B says:

    I like the original but the coconut is great as well.

  155. love the original my mom use to buy me a box ever christmas

  156. Heather Robinson says:

    Love getting the original at Christmas every year!

  157. The original is my favorite.

  158. SueSueper says:

    Original would be the best for me! :-) I don’t care for Dark Chocolate

  159. dark chocolate

  160. Angie Andrews says:

    I really like the coconut one

  161. My fav is the original!

  162. I like the original one the most.

  163. Simply cannot beat the original!

  164. jen stevens says:

    i love the original ferrero rocher. they are and always have been m y fav. my mom always fills my stocking with them!!

  165. Judy Williams says:

    I like the coconut with Dark chocolate a close second – need a dark coconut!!

  166. Fanterra Fisher says:

    My fav is the original then the coconut almond. Ferrero’s are tradition in our family! We love them.

  167. My fave is definitely the original!

  168. Ferrero Rocher is my absolute favorite ‘guilty pleasure’ 😉 and the original is definitely my favorite!

  169. Katherine Williams says:

    The DARK chocolate for sure!! :)

  170. jennifer capin says:


  171. I love, love, LOVE the original. Mmm… Could eat a whole box!

  172. Emma Walpole says:

    the original is my fav

  173. Julie Lorraine Thomas says:

    Oooh the originals just cannot be beaten, they are so special!

  174. Dawn Kicks says:

    I LOVE them all but my first choice would be the original :)

  175. Anu Chopra says:

    I like the original the best!

  176. Joanne Elford says:

    Original all the way!

  177. coconut

  178. My favourite is the original chocolate!

  179. Ginger Leah Gervais says:



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