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21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids ~ A great read & great advice! #giveaway {2 Winners}

“Connect with your kids” is on every parent’s To-Do List.  We want our kids to interact with us, stay connected to us and not pull away as they enter their teen/adult years.  My husband always says that that kind of relationship starts when they are young.

21 Ways to Connect With Your Kids written by Kathi Lipp is a book that shares ideas and concepts on how to start and keep that life-long connection with your kids.

You spend a good chunk of time making sure your kids are getting good grades, doing their chores and keeping their rooms just clean enough that the house won’t be condemned.  Bu how well are you really connecting with your kids in ways that enhance your love, understanding and appreciation of them?

This handy guide gives you a straight-forward plan to create new ways of bonding with your kids, based on their unique personalities by doing one simple thing each day for 21 days.

21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids

I am always worried that I will be the kind of mom that smothers my kids and it will push away.  So when I received the 21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids book, I dove right in hoping for some amazing insight to help me with my journey as a mother.  I have to admit I was impressed and slightly ecstatic about what I read!

As I read the first 2 chapters, I connected with Kathi and she described her problem(s) with writing this book and how she told every parent reading her book that “You’re a better parent then you think you are.”

Every parent knows, no matter how many kids you have, that each child is different and will have a different personality.  Chapter 4 gives you a personality quiz to take on your child.  This will give you insight in how to connect with them through your 21 day assignments.

There are many great assignments in this book, and I was thrilled to see that we were on the right track because we were already doing most of these on a daily basis.  Some of the 21 day assignments are:

  • Family Fun Night
  • Having Dinner Together
  • Serving Together
  • A Treat Just for Them
  • Cook Together
  • Love Notes

As mentioned previously, each chapter gives you an assignment and how to implement each day according to your child’s personality.  Each chapter also gives you ideas on how to go through these 21 day assignment with teens, step-families and single parent families.

21 ways to connect with your kids

These ideas and the many more that are in the book will help you connect with your kids and help your kids connect with you.

Kathi Lipp also gives us a BONUS section at the end of the book that gives you 50 Ways to Connect with Girls, 50 Ways to connect with Boys and a Frequently Asked section for everything missed.

Kathi Lipp is also the author of The Husband Project, The Marriage Project, The Me Project, The Get Yourself Organized Project and The “What’s For Dinner?” Solution.


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  1. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    I sneak into her room after she’s gone to sleep and give her a hug and a kiss.

  2. Anu Chopra says:

    In the morning, I give my kids a big hug. I also help them with their homework and listen to them when they tell me about their day at school.

  3. apple blossom says:

    make a point to at least one set down meal together.

  4. family dinners every night where we talk about at least one good thing that happened to us that day.

  5. Cynthia Berthiaume says:

    I ask them about their day and encourage them to talk about it.

  6. Would have to see what is suggested for parents who only have their kids on the weekends.

  7. We have dinner every night together as a family and talk about anything and everything (they’re 3 & 6). Each night we read a book (one each) together before lights out.

  8. Great giveaway we are always looking for better ways to learn, teach and grow as parents!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Angela Mitchell says:

    We have a special movie night once a week that invloves lots of snacks and cuddles.

  10. Jennifer Richardson says:

    We have dinner at the table as a family and talk about the day.

  11. We always ask them how their day went when they get home from school. Then we chat at supper time. :-)

  12. I still read to my son even though he can read well on his own. We sit on the couch and enjoy a good book.

  13. Jennifer L. says:

    I like the idea of having a family fun night.

  14. I am teaching my son how to cook – just he and I and it keeps us connected.

  15. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    well i don’t have kids myself but I have 5 nieces and nephews that go from 6 to 15 so It would be great to connect with them and be someone they can turn to when they need advice .

  16. I always take the time to read to my daughter. My mother never did this when we were kids so I thought ti would be a good way to connect and build the same love of reading in her that I developed as a teenager in her at a younger age

  17. If all else fails during the day, no matter what, we always do a story and a little song before bedtime :) Best time of the day to get cuddles out of my little one!

  18. Through play

  19. We eat together, do chores, shopping, cuddling, reading, talking

  20. sandra mitchell says:

    dinner at the table for all

  21. every friday is movie night
    when i pick DS4 up from school i ask how his day was….he has in turn asked me how my day was
    we have lots of general conversation all the time to keep us connected

  22. We build a lot of Lego things. We research a tower or bridge and then build it.

  23. I ask him to tell me how some things make him feel. I don’t know if its really working though.

  24. We read at bedtime every night and it’s a nice quiet time to talk, snuggle and just relax.

  25. deanna_boocock says:

    I am embarrassed to say it but we watch Storage Wars together/

  26. We always try to eat dinner as a family and talk about our days. We also read stories together at night and talk about good things that happened to us today.

  27. sheridan s says:

    i always ask how thier day was adn give undevided attention when tey come through the door after school

  28. Reading stories!

  29. Megan Willis says:

    Me and my daughter like to cook together.

  30. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    my children are all grown now but I found that insisting that we all sat down together for our evening meal was good, it gave us time to talk and laugh together.

  31. I try to connect with my kids by spending time following their interests with them.

  32. We have regular meals together and we also have very frequent movie/game nights with both of them.

  33. Angie Andrews says:

    We recently decided to make friday nights family game nights

  34. Ruth Anderson says:

    My children are all grown ,I would like to win this for daughter who has sons 3 and 7 .

  35. Nena Sinclair says:

    We always make sure we have dinner together, we sit and talk about whatever is on our minds.

  36. Victoria Marin says:

    I have Mommy and Me dates where I spend quality time with each of my children without the others present. Each pick the activity and we spend a few hours enjoying each other’s company.

  37. Joanne Elford says:

    I try to give my son at least one hug a day. Not easy when you’re dealing with a 14 year old boy.

  38. Christine Baird says:

    My baby girl is turning a year old at the end of the month and I connect with her by being with her 24/7! I would like to win this still for the future, especially when my little one has siblings!

  39. Each kid gets a few one on one minutes with me before bed

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