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Beat Cold & Flu Season with a Shoppers Drug Mart Defense Kit #Giveaway {CAN Only}

Well its that time of year again where we get sniffs and stuffiness to our heart’s content.  In fact anywhere from 10% to 25% of Canadians will come down with a cold or flu this year.  Yup, there is a chance we will get sick this year…and that sucks :(.  However, Shoppers Drug Mart has something to help us get ready for that painstaking time of year.

Shoppers Drug Mart is giving away a Cold and Flu Defense Kit to 1 Canadian Mommy Moment reader.

Cold and Flu Defense Kit

The Cold and Flu Defense Kit has everything you need for that day when you get sick…because you know you will.  The Kit comes with Life Brand Hand Sanitizer, a Digital Thermometer, Sugar-free cough drops, facial tissue, Vitamins D & C, a Humidifier, Simply Food Chicken Noodle Soup and a $50 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card.  All these things are here to help you deal with your cold and flu needs.

At select Shoppers Drug Mart stores, you can now get your annual flu shot to help combat your germicidal warfare.  For more information on a flu clinic near you, please contact your local Shoppers Drug Mart store.

Let’s also remember that there are preventative ways to ensure your risk level is reduced when it comes to getting the flu.  As stated before, getting the flu shot is a great way to start the seasonal battle.  Also, trying to stay healthy is a great start.  This can be done several ways including: exercising, taking your daily vitamins or by simply staying positive.  These are all great tips and your local Shoppers Drug Mart will be able to help you with all these items.

Getting ready for cold and flu season is something we can do to help ourselves.  The Cold and Flu Defense Kit is a way to get ready for this time of year we all dread.  The tools that Shoppers Drug Mart provide you, make cold and flu season more bearable!


1 lucky Canadian Mommy Moment reader will win the Cold and Flu Defense Kit from Shoppers Drug Mart valued at $150!!

**Open to Canadian Residents ONLY (excluding Quebec)**

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  1. I hate a sore throat, I combat it with halls

  2. Boy do we need this. We have had a steady stream of colds going through our house for the last two months! I think we have only all been healthy at the same time for a total of one week. Yikes! We do chicken soup for colds, lots of tea and honey and saline to clear stuffy noses.

  3. Could really use this in our house right now!!

  4. Everyone needs one of these wins if you live in Canada!

  5. i need all these items for a preschooler , can never have too much available during the night

  6. nicole cleaver says:

    runny noses in kids in the worst in winter

  7. Dianne Melnick says:

    we could use this,all of us have been having bad colds,we use buckleys at the moment,halls anything that will hopefully work :)

  8. The dreaded head cold – so hard to concentrate when you have one! We use good old honey & cinnamon mix to combat it at first sign

  9. Stuffy noses are the worst! No one can sleep with a stuffed up nose! We try and combat it with hand washing/sanitizing and breathe right strips :)

  10. I feel a cold coming on – would love to have this! lol

  11. With cold and flu season coming up, I’d love to win a basket like this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. in our house it’s croup. Nasty barking cough. The Humidifier to help, vicks and if all else fails we have to sit outside int he cold are till she stops coughing.

  13. Stacey Peters says:

    My worst fear is the dreaded chest cough/ cold. I have asthma so it affects me real bad in an attempt to keep it away I wash my hands regularly and try to eat a healthy well balanced diet and when I feel a cold come on I treat right away.

  14. what person doesnt need this?! definitely would come in handy with cold/flu season here! thank you for the opportunity to win this :)

  15. I guess my most dreaded is anything involving my lungs or nose. I have enough problems trying to breathe on a regular basis without the added difficulty thrown in.

    What do I do to combat it? I avoid sick people.

  16. lornar couponer says:

    we have lots of advil and tylenol cold products in the house because someone always is sick all winter long

  17. A dry cough is the worst. I drink lots of cough syrup and try to keep the house with lots of humidity.

  18. Christy Martin says:

    I could have used this last week! That being said, I am sure I will need in again once the weather really turns cold!

  19. I have to say the painful sore throat is the worse.. followed closely by the double nostril blockage!

  20. i dread the flu and avoid going anywhere when people are sick

  21. Tanya Baxter says:

    This would be a great addition to our family of 7 :)

  22. joanne tjerno says:

    I despise the never ending cough. When my babies get sick they seem to have a cough that lasts forever and ever. I do lots of vicks….vapour bath…..and lots of rest and soup :)

  23. cough and sore throat

  24. Oh do I so need that! I get a cold and it seems to last the winter.

  25. Donna Williams says:

    I was just cleaning out my bathroom cupboards and thought I needed some cold and flue stuff-
    Perfect timing!!!

  26. The constant coughing and stuffed up congested cold that I seem to get every year and it lasts for at least 2-3 weeks.

  27. We definitely need something like this. Cold season is terrible for my son who has asthma. We run the humidifier around the clock…lots of vitamins and saline.

  28. Kattrina Lacasse says:

    I hate having a sniffy nose. No being able to breath when I am trying to sleep is the worst. I use a nasal spray to help, but they only do so much

  29. Hate runny noses… just use their sleeves and don’t wash enough. Ugg we use kleenex with lotion and antibacterial hand soap.

  30. I seem to be getting sick alot more now since I got my new job working with the public. This will come in handy!

  31. My most dreaded illness is my 18 month old getting sick. I bought that humidifier pictured a month ago and it already sounds like a jet engine. Of course I don’t have the receipt to return it. Not pleased.

  32. I hate the flu. The fever and the aches in particular. I try to prevent that with a flu shot and take neocitran when I need to fight it off.

  33. Natalie @Nat_Rea says:

    Would love to be well-armed for cold and flu season!!

  34. Joanne Elford says:

    The stomach flu. Whether it’s me or someone else, I cannot even handle the thought of it. If someone has it, I avoid them as much as possible. The most important rule in our house is to wash your hands whenever you get home and more if someone is sick.

  35. Natalie @Nat_Rea says:

    Most dreaded illness is anything that keeps the kids up at night! If I could keep them comfortable and pain-free waiting out the virus!

  36. Sure could use this as I cannot take a flu shot so anything that can get me through this season would be great

  37. I hate having a stuffed nose, so I use a vaporizer to help combat it.

  38. Lisa Marie Anctil says:

    Norwalk. If anyone has had it, they know. If you haven’t, say a silent prayer of gratitude.

  39. Would love to win this!! after all “tis the season for cold and flu “

  40. Vitamins! Since back to school our house has been non stop running noses and coughs and that includes our 8 month old. So we stock up on vitamins, orange juice and kleenex! We also LOVE the hydrasense nasal aspirator we got at Shopper’s, BEST EVER!

  41. diane king says:

    I’ve had a cold for a month now and could use this stuff.

  42. Jennifer Carter says:

    My dreaded illness is the common cold. That always knocks me on my behind and just makes you feel so bad.

  43. I dread the flu, and chest colds. I take Vitamin C and try to eat healthy. Knock on wood, I havent been sick yet, but lots of people I know have already gotten sick. Its going around!!

  44. the stomach flu…..or the man flu

  45. @lizzysdarcy says:

    Sore throat. I can deal with all other cold symptoms but a sore throat is my deal breaker.

  46. jason williams says:

    i get bad stuffed up nose,what i do is place some vix under,just on the inside of my nose

  47. Always have a runny nose in the winter! Need this always!!

  48. This would be great to win! With four kids the clod and flu sticks around for a long time!

  49. Leanne Renouf says:

    Chest congestion… we use Buckleys

  50. Strep throat. Twice. Worst. Ever.

  51. I hate having a running nose. I carry lots of tissues with me.

  52. Would be a great win!

  53. I hate getting the stomach flu, I take gravol and sleep it off!!!!

  54. I hate colds. I’d rather have the flu because I know it’s usually short-lived. Colds seem to go on and on and on. I take lots of Vitamin C, keep hydrated and wash my hands frequently during cold season to try and keep healthy.

  55. I dread myself getting sick, because I don’t get breaks or time to rest to recover. Hubby has cancer and we have 5 kids, so no down time for me, and so far my 5 year old has been sick pretty much non stop since school started in September.

  56. I would love to win this basket!!! With 3 kids in school, germs are everywhere!!! Colds, flus have a constant cycle in our house!!!

  57. Victoria Ess says:

    I fear getting the flu or bronchitis

  58. michelle james says:

    Thanks for offering this contest.!

  59. I need this today….yugh :(

  60. I dread “THE COLD”!!!

  61. omg getting the flu is the worst!!

  62. whooping cough has been around bad this year, really do not want any of us catching it!

  63. This will come in very handy in our house!! Thanks for the contests! :)

  64. Totally would enjoy this right now as I am sick.

  65. Deanna Carney says:

    Sore Thoart and stuffed up nose are the worse, especially to sleep through night.

  66. I usually fight all our colds with echinciia. If you catch the cold at the right time, and start taking these, it will cut it down by many days :)

  67. I hate when the fever hits hallucination stage, hit me up with some acetaminophen so the world seems less blurred! :)

  68. My family has been going through the flu the last two weeks. I am actually home from work today because my son has the flu. So far four out of the five in our family have had the flu so I would love to win this basket to prevent further outbreaks-we even all had the flu shot. Please help.

  69. We’ve already had everyone sick this year so this will come in handy for the next time.

  70. All 3 of the kids have a horrible nasty cough that has been around for just over a week now. I’m getting worn out. Coughs get annoying because none of us get enough sleep. Humidifiers, Vicks Vap-O-Rub, and a lot of prayer!

  71. Holly messana says:

    I fear anything that involves anyone in my family vomiting. we do a lot of hand washing!

  72. ellen chevarie says:

    a head far the worse.your nose and lets not forget eyes.running and red and kleenex stuffed up my nose.awww.not looking forward to it.i dont get a cold pfeten-at least once per cold season and i usually get it good

  73. Would like to receive one before winter cold

  74. ellen chevarie says:

    i drink lots of tea and honey for headcolds

  75. Nausea from the flu is my worst winter flu season illness and I combat it with gravol and lots of sleep.

  76. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    I get low on vitamin D so I got to take 5000 ui a day in the winter

  77. What a great prize package, it sucks to be sick!

  78. jocelyn bernardin says:

    usually i get really bad congestion, soar throat, headache, watery eyes… not too fun. I take Buckley’s for the cold symptoms and advil for the headache.

  79. My most dreaded illness is a cold and I like to have cough candies and tylenol on hand to combat it.

  80. Sore throat ! I am always looking for new products to help it !

  81. @torlonias says:

    I dread the hacking cough. To combat/prevent it, I try to eat and sleep well.

  82. Kristina Ziegler says:

    I hate the hacking coughs!

  83. I take more Vitamins C and D in the winter and drink more water.

  84. Kris Labotne says:

    Cold, cause I hate the sore throat

  85. Debbie Jackson says:

    runny nose is the worst in our house we use advil cold and sinus

  86. ruth mcmaster says:

    i have the flu hope i dont give it to my grandkids

  87. I dread the flu! I can deal with colds but when my kids start barfing and get the runs!! YIKES!!

  88. I take honey with boiled water and helps with my stuffy nose~

  89. Christina Ferguson says:

    The worst for me is the Stomach flu. Other than washing my hands constantly there is not much you can do to escape the dreaded stomach flu bug.

  90. I hate a cough -I always feel I am spreading germs – Shoppers Brand of cough and cold tablets help.

  91. Wandalee Newell says:

    I really hate that throwing virus that comes every year and last for 24hrs, Having 3 small kids in the house makes it really hard,nothing we can do to stop it,I just make sure we have plenty of bucket,gravel and juice :(

  92. Morgan Farris says:

    I hate getting a cold! I usually don’t touch my eyes and if i do it’s with covered hands and that has seem to be working really well!

  93. Hate the common cold. I just take vitamin C and hot water.

  94. that would be great

  95. I dread the winter because of Croup. My daughter gets it every year since she was a baby. She’s almost 8 now, so it’s technically not Croup anymore (but it sure sounds like it !) I wish she would hurry up and outgrow it !
    To combat this, I make sure we take a multi-vitamin, eat yogurt daily, drink enough fluids and try to get enough sleep !

  96. the flu!!!!tylenol

  97. Bernard Mitchell says:

    the non stop cough that keeps going on and on. Throat lozenges and Vitamin C.

  98. nicole fleming says:

    Colds! We take Cold FX or Shopper’s Drugmart Brand which is the same thing only better price and called Cold Assist at the very 1st sign of Colds coming on!

  99. This would be nice to have on hand for the flu season

  100. Rhonda W G. says:

    The flu is a dangerous threat for me with my respiratory illness…I get the flu shot every year! This is an awesome gift pack…I love Shoppers Drug Mart too.

  101. Diane welburn says:

    I hate the flu. Usually i try to drink a lot of orange juice to fight it off.

  102. Karin Dollery says:

    I hate the flu and I find the worst part of getting sick is when I cant sleep because Im so achy and sore.

  103. gibberish (Julie G.) says:

    I hate that strangling coughing jag that hits in the middle of the night – Buckleys is the only thing I’ve found to combat it.

  104. Head cold’s are the worst. I try to keep healthly by washing hands often and taking vitamin C.

  105. Debbie Bashford says:

    The stuffy nose and chest cold, I use Dristan cold, Vicks vaporub, Buckley’s and Neo Citran

  106. Brenda Penton says:

    I hate anything that has to do with vomiting. I have a huge phobia of myself or others throwing up. Bleh!

    • Brenda Penton says:

      Forgot to answer the rest. We all wash our hands regularly and take vitamins to help ward off any illnesses.

  107. Stacey Dempsey says:

    for me with my asthma it is anything repiratory, I get pnemonia really easy and is now fun at all

    • Stacey Dempsey says:

      I forgot to say how I combat it. I dont really have much if it gets in my chest I usually need antibiotics, but if I catch it early enough I drink ginger tea and take extra vitamin c and to avoid getting sick at all I am a huge believer in handwashing

  108. Lina Lalonde says:

    I dread the throwing up, sore throat, runny nose with head ackes and muscle pains.. The HORRIBLE FLU… I usually call my mommy to come and take care of me.. And she always does, with soup and cold and flu meds.. Nothing like having your mom come take care of you when you are sick :)

  109. Strep throat – THE worst! I usually take handfuls of vitamins, not sure that it actually helps though.

  110. I have 3 kids and cold/flu coming from 3 directions … preschool , elementary , jr high !

  111. Cheryl Grandy says:

    “Stomach flu” is the worst; stuffed up nose is the most annoying. I haven’t found much to help flu, but for stuffy nose I use a saline nose spray and lots of tissues. At night I use Breathe-More Strips.

  112. nicolthepickle says:

    I’m scared of scarlet fever right now. I hope my kids don’t get it. I didn’t even know people still got it. Apparently they do.

  113. I’m pregnant and I have had a cold twice and flu once this pregnancy. I really don’t want to get sick again. Staying home and washing hands 10000 times a day..

  114. I hate plugged sinuses. I take oil of oregano at the first sign of a cold. It really helps.

  115. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    The worst for me is the flu, esp. when you cannot stop getting sick. Yech. :( I stay in, keep warm, drinks lots of liquids , takes medication and whine a lot. :(

  116. my worst fear of getting this year is whatever i got last year omg it was so awful! i was so sick and it lasted for over a week and i normally dont get a flu shot but this year im gunna be gettin one cause i remember how bad it was last year and im scared poopless!

  117. Any sort of flu! But I’ve had this nagging cough for a week now and it’s very annoying now. I’m ready for it to go away!

  118. Oy yi yi….I dread the most the coughing that keeps you up all night, the cough that just won’t go away, the cough that makes you cross your legs (LOL). Buckley’s tablets (non liquid form) is what we have tried in the past and have had great results. Lozenges is always helpful as well – such as Fisherman’s Friends…. Oh, hope not to get sick at all !

  119. wendy hutton says:

    i hate colds where u get so stuffed up you can\t sleep

  120. Anything Gastro-Intestinal is the most dreaded.

  121. I love Shopper’s Drug Mart! We’ve been having a rash of colds around here and this package would be just what we can use.

  122. rebeka deleon says:

    i hate getting the colds and feeling like you have to cough all the time, like something is in your throat. ugh

  123. Silvana Cox says:

    I do what I can to prevent getting a cold and/or flu. Washing my hands, taking extra vitamin C and resting if I’m feeling like a cold may be coming on

  124. Oh you guys did a fantastic job with this package! 3 kids, 2 different schools, coworkers = germs germs germs. Can’t wait for flu season ( detect sarcasm) I need to start shopping. You pretty much put together a must have shopping list in your selections! Thank you so much!

  125. I dread getting the flu the most in the winter season. I get a flu shot, take Vitamin C and wash my hands often. I look after my elderly parents and am so afraid that they will catch the flu from me.

  126. the endless sneezing leaving your nose all raw going through boxes of tissue.

    i eat plenty of bacon and down some good scotch to combat this.

  127. The flu. We get our flu shots, always wash and sanitize our hands

  128. Absolutely hate getting a cold, sore throat and I try to take whatever cold and flu drug that will work.

  129. I have to admit I don’t tend to get sick, but the whining a husband can do….. :)

  130. Eva Mitton says:

    Winter has officially arrived in our fair city. Countless days of snow, the plow has been out spreading salt/sand. Fortunate that I don’t have the flu very often. But tonight I am battling a sinus infection – just like clockwork when the little flakes of white start falling…….*yikes*. Regiment of Vitamin C, Advil and endless cups of WATER !

    eva mitton

  131. Coughing where you can’t stop until you make yourself sick. I use Buckleys when I get like that.

  132. I dread the hacking cough. I try to get as much rest as I could and drink as much fluid as I can.

  133. Fanterra Fisher says:

    Oh i hate when i get bad sinus colds. I cant talk right and my head pounds from the pressure and my nose runs and i hate it.. and and and my boyfriend NEVER gets sick. EVER. gggrrrrr

  134. I tend to get sick quite a bit in the winter, and sinus problems are the worst because I’m unable to take a lot of medications due to complications/interactions with my other medications. We still have them in the house though, because when I get sick, hubby usually isn’t far behind me, and he needs them 😉

  135. Maegan Morin says:

    When I cough it affects my whole body. Its like a full body cough and it gets really really painful when I’m sick. It gets so bad that by the end of my ribs hurt so much that i cry just thinking about coughing :( So basically i just find anything I possibly can to soothe my throat and knock me out.

  136. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    So far this year (knock on wood) we have only had the common cold here and another virus that caused sore throats, strep and laryngitis. Hopefully it will not be a rough winter but children do bring home all sorts of nasty bugs from school. I would love to win this great package and be prepared. 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says:

    I’m coming down with a cold as I write this, unfortunately! Since I’m 7 months pregnant (and nursing my 1 year old), I don’t like taking anything but I try to get at least 9 hours of sleep every night and drink loads of water. When I do get sick, lemon tea with ginger & honey is my friend!

  138. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    totally had the stomach flu and I was my hands constantly at work

  139. Huguette E. says:

    I dread getting a cold this time of year. Until the leaves are covered with snow I suffer from allergies where I cough whenever I speak. If I get a cold along with this, it’s unbearable.

  140. It’s always best to have cold remedies on hand to get a quick start on any cold you get.

  141. Sharon Cosby says:

    just the simple cold is the most dreaded as it is the most common. We are taking Ginseng to fend it off, plus lots of handwashing and sanitizing!

  142. I dread the cold/cough/sinus draining; I gargle with salt water; I suck on sugar free lozenges

  143. This would be a handy gift to win!

  144. Stuffy noses, running noses for over than 3 weeks. We just drink a lot of water and sleep.

  145. fever is the worst at my house, we try to have hot soup and lots of rest.

  146. I’m afraid of bronchitis so I try to avoid sick people

  147. Marjorie L. says:

    To avoid the dreaded flu, I got a flu shot.

  148. Frequent handwashing to avoid catching the flu.

  149. Carol Denny says:

    I used to get the flu so bad every year. Now i get the flu shot so if I get it, its not as bad

  150. I dread another winter like last years, it was one cold after another!

  151. most dreaded illness is the stomach flu, don t care for it , at all. I take vitamins and try to stay healthy

  152. Ugh I hate the flu and I hate vomit! We take extra vitamin D and C to boost our immune system :)

  153. I dread the flu….the vomiting flu…that has to be the worst. The last couple of years we have been getting the flu shot in the hopes that it helps somewhat.

  154. We hate the flu. We just all got flu shots!

  155. Jennifer R says:

    I really don’t like it when my kids get sick (any kind of sick!).

  156. Andrea Williams says:

    I hate the aches and pains from flu. I usually take some form of Tylenol to combat the pain.

  157. The never ending running nose! With 5 bodies in the house, seems like someone is forver reaching for kleenex. I buy the lotion infused ones :)

  158. Crystal Hunter says:

    being a family of 4 this would be fantastic to have

  159. Belinda McNabb says:

    the flu is horrible and head colds are a close second. When we get sick we try to get plenty of rest, fluids and a little tlc never hurts

  160. These items should fight off the flu

  161. The dry cough and sore throat are hard on the kids. We’re going through it right now.

  162. Adriana Fitzgerald says:

    Stomach flu…we try to avoid going places with lots of other germy kids

  163. Karla Sceviour says:

    The dreaded cold with snotty noses and coughing,sneezing,etc.. we just try to stay healthy and drink plenty of water/juice and get enough sleep.

  164. Jennifer L. says:

    I hate the stomach flu most of all. I take vitamin C and vitamin D all winter long to stay healthy.

  165. the constant coughing is the worse.
    i don’t really have a good remedy

  166. A stuffy nose is what I hate most about getting sick — it makes me completely miserable! I have Buckley’s and Tylenol Nighttime to help me combat stuffy noses.

  167. Lori Bazan says:

    Non stop coughing or stuffy nose….any flu or cold that makes you awake all night is what I dread!

  168. Elva Roberts says:

    November 16–I do not want to catch the ‘flu so I get a flu shot, eat healthy and exervise. I also am careful to wash my hands as often as necessary.

  169. Strep throat is the illness I dread the most!! I try to eat well and keep healthy, and avoid crowds that could make me sick!

  170. I hate EVERYTHING about a cold: the sore throat (can’t talk!), the stuffed nose (can’t breath!), the runny nose (can’t function! you’re blowing your nose every 2 seconds!), the dry cough (can’t sleep). We use Vicks and a humidifier and anti-histamine, etc…

  171. I dread colds that hang on forever. I take extra vitamin C.

  172. i dread puking kids with high fevers!

  173. A “stuffy” nose is the worst!

  174. I dread the flu. I drink alot of oj

  175. Can never have too much of this in Canada..great products

  176. I rarely get sick by drinking plenty of fluids, eating properly and getting lots of rest. If I get the flu (rarely…knock on wood), all I can do is suffer through it.

  177. nancy stokell says:

    Plenty of rest, lots of fluid.

  178. Jennifer Richardson says:

    I hate bad coughs – I can’t stomach the taste of cough medicine so I just tough it out

  179. I dread laryngitis. Love to sing and the seasonal music is so wonderful I would hate to miss it. I make sure I ‘steam’ my throat daily, get pletny of rest, and ensure I am well-hydrated. Thanks

  180. flu with headache

  181. runny sore nose

  182. I dread getting the cold or the flu, we combat it by using a neti pot, and washing our hands

  183. The runny nose. :(

  184. I hate having a sore throat and I hate when my children are sick regardless of what ails them

  185. I dred stuff noses

  186. sandra mitchell says:

    the razor blades in the throat feeling

  187. Jacquie Hess says:

    Sore throat is the worst.

  188. the flu

  189. Lisa Neutel says:

    i dread the stomach flu..we get flu shots

  190. The common cold and I use Vicks on the bottom of the kids feet as well as Boogie Wipes to help with the runny nose.

  191. i eat some garlic pills to fend off colds!

  192. We have already had it all-cold, flu and croup. That humidifier is a pain in the rump to clean BUT I threw some marbles in and swished hot water and vinegar in around and it got 90% of the buildup off. Just a tip as the openning is too small to get a cloth or brush in. And the the marbles went in the dishwasher.

  193. Having kids in Canada I think everyone could make use of this awesome package! I use Vicks Rub, lots of Chicken Noodle Soup,a healthy diet High in Vitamin C, lots of Orange Juice,Plenty of rest, & I keep lots of tissues on hand.

  194. My most dreaded illness this season, Ive already combated! The Flu. I used Gravols all natural ginger pills to combat it (after two days of fighting it off using nothing but water)
    Then my son and husband got it after the first day!

  195. Definitely a head cold! Made even worse by the dry air from having to heat the house. Even with a humidifier on the furnace it’s still pretty dry in the house.

  196. the man flu!

  197. My most dreaded illness is the flu because of my disease. My family fears it killing me so it’s like preparing for war in my house lol. We all get our flu shot to tame the bug.

  198. a sore throat, i work outside every night untill 6 a.m. so the cold brings on those sore throats. i wear a scarf around my neck when i’m in the cold. and when i get home i like to get under those warm blankets

  199. Michelle Roy says:

    I just went through a parathyroidectomy so my immune system seems null. I’m scared of getting the flu that’s going around – especially since I know my son will bring it home from nursery school. we’re getting the flu shot which will hopefully help!

  200. Great giveaway! We could definitely use this in our house!

  201. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I make sure I get my flu inoculation every year, that helps. This would be very helpful for the rest of the family too young to get the flu shot.

  202. Anu Chopra says:

    Chicken noodle soup, lots of fluids, rest and medicine.

  203. The kids get the flu shot and I try to eat healthy flu fighting foods

  204. We always get the flu shot! And ensure we wash our hands frequently.

  205. i sanitize EVERYTHING and wash my hands like crazy!

  206. I always make sure we all get lots of Vitamin C.

  207. I make sure we all wash our hands and drink plenty of orange juice.

  208. with cold meds and lots of 100% orange juice.

  209. lots of handwashing!!!!!

  210. Colleen C. says:

    I’m always washing my hands so I very rarely get sick, however, I do know someone that could sure use this prize

  211. Lots of water and vitamin c!!

  212. Good hand hygiene is first and foremost!

  213. I try to eat well and take my vitamins to keep my immunity high. If I do get sick I take to my bed with meds and get tons of rest!

  214. Vitamin C helps.

  215. Lots and lots of hand washing!

  216. I drink a lot of orange juice and I wash my hands often.

  217. I drink lots of orange juice, spoonfuls of honey, and advil

  218. Sarah perry says:

    For myself, I don’t really do anything, just suffer through it and lots of vitamin C and rest. For my husband, cold pills and cough syrup. For my little one all we could really do for her is give her infants tylenol for her fever and lots of rest and cuddles :)

  219. I have a mulled wine every night. My Danish grandfather swore this was his secret remedy. We ski 5 days a week even when we feel sick but seem to recover quickly.

  220. I wash my hands regularly and avoid touching my face.

  221. always get me flu shot and attack a cold at the first sign

  222. I try to get lots of rest, I find I stay healthy if I get enough sleep.

  223. To combat flu and cold season I get my kids to wash their hands a lot. We use a lot of vicks and use a humidifier

  224. Florence C says:

    Wish i had this handy a couple of weeks ago. Picked up a bug on a recent visit to Alberta and is still battling an ear infection after two visits to clincs there. I take vitamins and omega 3 daily.

  225. We take lots of vitamins and try to get enough rest.

  226. Tanja Paquette says:

    lots of vitamin C and I always stock up on the new no sugar added halls vitamin C cough drops

  227. I take a long time washing my hands and I rest when I have a cold.

  228. we conquer flu season, one glass of water at a time!
    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

  229. Lots of hand washing.

  230. Hand washing is very important to me.

  231. Lots of rest, if possible, and Cold-FX

  232. Judy Williams says:

    I brew a cup of hot lemon juice with honey for my evening drink to sip. I live on homemade chicken soup with tons of garlic and lemongrass or hot and sour soup with lots of chili oil. Really clears your head!

  233. this would be good for the winter

  234. Lots of zinc and we all take gummy (yum!) vitamins!

  235. I combat cold and flu season with garlic. It’s not easy to get everyone to take it though.

  236. Michelle B says:

    Take Vitamins daily.

  237. Kaila Burke says:

    Keeping hand clean


  239. Carey Hurst says:

    oil of oregano , and hot honey and lemon are the best defenses against cold and flu :)

  240. For coughs we rely on Buckleys! Tastes bas but it works!

  241. I use traditional medicine as soon as someone says they feel sick in my house

  242. I get the flu shot.

  243. Amy Heffernan says:

    Thanks 😀 Love your site!

  244. Danielle Murphy says:

    This would be a great gift package to win to stock your medicine cupboard with.

  245. Trisha Turner says:

    We wash our hands frequently and try to keep away from too many people at once.

  246. Jennifer Wickens says:

    What an awesome prize!

  247. I am diabetic and the sugar free lozenges taste great and work.

  248. We combat the season with good food and lots of water and rest! Unfortunately we never totally avoid it!

  249. Patrick Armstrong says:

    Garlic at the first hint of a cold!

  250. Lots of chicken soup, hot tea, ginger ale, cold medicine, and snuggling in bed.

  251. Vitamins

  252. Making sure to wash my hands and take vitamins.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  253. I have not had a cold or the flu in years…yet my family seemes to get it..this would be great for them

  254. Teresa McKerracher says:

    Lots of kleenex! I buy the Life Brand Tissue when it is on special plus they have really nice fall patterns now!

  255. deanna_boocock says:

    wash my hands constantly and try not to touch my face

  256. Natalie Chizen says:

    Wash my hands after touching anything outside, washing my kids hands when they come home, and eating healthy, proteins and veggies. Also wearing socks and a hat when it’s cold!

  257. Melissa Boyle says:

    Use Delish Naturals Rapeez rub for my kids. Helps them breath better at night, of course with the help of the humidifier

  258. We combat cold & flu season by washing our hands often.

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