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Sneak Peak at IKEA WINNIPEG ~ Moms, you’re going to LOVE it!

How many times have you wished you could get a Duktig, or are you just dying for a Krokig?  I bet you are really looking for a Snoig!
Where can you get these mystery items? Well….IKEA Winnipeg of course!  I just got home from a press event at the brand new IKEA Winnipeg store and WOW pretty much sums it up.
I view my experience as one that would make any mother pretty excited. Let me take a moment to tell you why (other than the cool products and prices) this IKEA is awesome.  
When we arrived we were escorted upstairs to the cafeteria where I immediately saw 2 “big top” tents where children will be able to play and eat in a circus like enclosure.  What a fantastic way for the kids to enjoy their great tasting ($1.99) meal and have fun at the same time, not to mention how great it is for us moms to keep an eye on our kids!

In fact this IKEA location is the first one in Canada to have these “big tops”.  Pretty cool IKEA Winnipeg!

Ikea Winnipeg

When traveling along the well identified trails in the grand shopping area, there are hot area’s where mothers may be more inclined to spend more time.  Area’s like the kitchen design or window coverings and fabric areas have been designed with children’s activity centers where children can draw or play with digital interactive programs.  Great idea when you NEED time to plan, design or simply enjoy.

And of course as a child (or parent) one of the best parts about IKEA is the children’s area.  Parents have the opportunity to  shop without their children for 1 hour while they stay in the play area and have the time of their lives…although I’m pretty sure the moms will be having just as much fun themselves.

 Ikea Winnipeg

Yes the Winnipeg IKEA is a great place to shop and play.  Mom’s will love this place for the great experience and of course the shopping.  We all know that IKEA has a great product and shopping is fun.  So all you Manitoba mom’s get our their and enjoy what IKEA has to offer.

IKEA Winnipeg


  • IKEA Winnipeg’s ballroom will hold 15,000 balls
  • IKEA Winnipeg expects to sell 120,000 meatballs in the first week


  •  IKEA Winnipeg will showcase 55 inspirational room settings
  •  Total customer journey: 1.3km


  • 40% more efficient than the last wave of stores built in the early 2000s
  •  Building insulation that has been optimized for the Winnipeg Climate

Find out more at IKEA.CA

Don’t leave without a bag of GODIS CHOKLADKROKANT (milk chocolate with butterscotch pieces), you can thank me later 😉

So tell me, do YOU plan to visit IKEA Winnipeg?

Thanks to IKEA for inviting me to attend the IKEA Winnipeg Media event. The Fun Fact’s, Did you know, and commitment to sustainability stats in this post are all from the IKEA Winnipeg Media information I received.


  1. Can I just say how much I LOVE Ikea!

  2. I love Ikea! When I have a few hours, my husband and I go and shop their various departments. We always come home with great stuff!


  3. beautiful ideas at Ikea lovely post

  4. If I was in Winnipeg the day it opened I would be going!!!

  5. This looks like so much fun! When we lived in Calgary we used to go to Ikea a lot. I wonder if SK will ever get one!

  6. belinda mcnabb says:

    I have been excited about IKEA arriving since I found out they were going to opening up in winnipeg! I have plans to wait for two weeks after they open then venture on down to do some christmas shopping and siteseeing

  7. Wow! I always feel overwhelmed in IKEA! The displays are so perfectly set up and the decor…wow! We have a big one recently built near the west end here in Ottawa :)

  8. I love Ikea! It’s a good thing that I have a fair distance to travel to my “local” one, otherwise I would be broke. Haha!

  9. I love Ikea!! Both girls rooms are completely furnished with Ikea furniture!

  10. My mom still lives in winnipeg (I grew up there) we were all so excited to hear the Ikea is finally opening in winnipeg!

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