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Keep Cool with HeadCoolies #giveaway

What if there was a product that could help with relief of headaches/migraines, reducing fevers, lowering body temperature and cooling relief for hot summer days?  Would you use it?  We would!  This product is called HeadCoolie.

Remember when you were sick with a fever or headache and your mom would put a cold, wet cloth on your forehead?  HeadCoolies are the hands-free version of the cold, wet cloth.


The HeadCoolie wraps comfortably around your head with a velcro closure so you don’t need to worry about it slipping off your head.  It has an inside pocket which holds an insert filled with gel.  The insert can be refrozen and reused many times.


The HeadCoolie is insulated so it stays cold longer than the traditional cold cloth.  It can be worn on your forehead, around your neck or other parts of your body that need to be cooled down.

When my daughter gets a fever, we need to be diligent and immediate in trying to get it down.  If her fevers don’t come down ASAP, we are headed to the ER because it will spike to over 104.  One way to cool her down is with a cool, wet cloth.  However, with fevers as high as 104/105 that cloth does NOT stay cool for long.  Since HeadCoolies are universal for adults and kids, these would be the perfect solution to having to change a cloth every few seconds.


The HeadCoolie is not only great for fever relief, but can also be used for keeping cool at the beach and during sports, or at the end of the day to relax and unwind.  They are easy to clean since they are machine washable.


With 6 different colors, there is a HeadCoolie for everyone in your family.



1 Mommy Moment reader will WIN 2 HeadCoolies and a replacement strip.

**Open to Canadian & US Residents**

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  1. I’d use it for when I run

  2. I’d use it when I have a migraine.

  3. My husband would use this for his headaches

  4. I’d use it for headaches and I have 1 right now so too bad I don’t have one on hand
    I’d use it for hot flashes

  5. I’d use it for migraines.

  6. Fanterra Fisher says:

    I would use it for headaches and for gardening outside if my boyfriend doesn’t steal and use them for work

  7. Maegan Morin says:

    I would use it when I’m working outside in the yard

  8. I would use it for when I have a fever/headache.

  9. rebeka deleon says:

    i would use it when the kids get sick and are burning up.

  10. I`d use it for fever relief for my lil one

  11. These are fabulous would work so good when one of us get a headache or run a fever

  12. I would use it for when anyone in the house had a headache.

  13. hot flashes

  14. Marjorie L. says:

    to cool off in summer

  15. for jogging

  16. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’d try it for my headaches.

  17. I would use it for migranes

  18. holly messana says:

    these would be great for fevers

  19. Jennifer L. says:

    I’d use it for my family when we have a fever.

  20. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    I get headaches all the time so i’d try it for myself

  21. when I exercise

  22. I would use this for my mystery fevers and migraines that I have almost daily these days.

  23. I think this would wind up being great for when there are fevers in our household, or a migraine on my part.

  24. I’ll use it for when I have a headache or when I’m outside and it’s really hot out.

  25. I get migraines and would love to try them.

  26. sandra mitchell says:

    I would wear them when I am hiking

  27. This will be for my husband when he’s playing sports or relaxing after playing sports.

  28. I’d wear them to help with headaches and also when out for my daily walk. thanks.

  29. Jacquie Hess says:

    My migraines

  30. When we go to the Y.

  31. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    I think it would be great if my son had a fever or didn’t feel well, and also for me when I get migraines. I generally find some relief with a very cold cloth on my forehead so this would be ideal for me.

  32. hubby gets migraines

  33. I would use it for headaches.

  34. Lori Bazan says:

    I would use it for headaches and for the occassional morning after!

  35. this would be perfect for my migraines. Also awesome after a long hot run.

  36. headaches!

  37. I’d use it mainly for Migraine/epidural headaches, but it would be great for all it’s uses.

  38. feverish kids!

  39. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I would use it when I get headaches – mostly from work

  40. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I would give this to my brother who unfortunately suffers from severe headaches that sometimes last for days – hopefully this would bring him some relief.

  41. I would try out the HeadCoolie when I have a headache.

  42. Headaches/migraines.

  43. Angie Andrews says:

    This would be great for the kids when they have a fever

  44. For my hubby’s migraines!

  45. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    I think I’d use them for headaches.

  46. I would use this for my migraines.

  47. yard work

  48. Nena Sinclair says:

    I would use this when I get sinus headaches (which is often) and also when I get low blood sugar, I get really hot, especially my head (I’m diabetic)

  49. Bumps and bruises that happen when you have a toddler.

  50. I would use it for when my kids have a fever

  51. Michelle B says:

    I’d use them for my headaches and when the kids or I have fever

  52. My wife would use this for her headaches

  53. I would use it for fevers and headaches. Also to cool off in the heat.

  54. Migraines for me and hubby

  55. My Husband and kids could really use these.

  56. amanda raoch says:

    for headaches.

  57. Migranes! And at night…

  58. SOn sometimes gets headaches Use it for him

  59. Ashley Jordan says:

    Would use it for the summer when it’s really hot, to cool a fever if I get sick in the winter, and would probably be a great tool to help relieve pain in my knee when it swells. But, if I won, I would probably give it to my boyfriend to bring to work. It gets very hot working out in the sun during the summer.

  60. I would use it for my headaches
    Thank You So Much for the chance

  61. I would use it when I get headaches. I usually fill a sock with ice and use that, but this would probably be simpler.

  62. Stephanie Pilgrim says:

    I would use it for fever relief on the littles :)

  63. Susan Meyer says:

    Send it to my daughter in law for when the grandchildren are ill with fevers.

  64. For when the kids have a fever.

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