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5 reasons to order Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine as a gift this holiday season! #SpecialOffer

There are many types of kids out there who love all sorts of activities.  If you have a sport loving child be sure to consider Sports Illustrated Kids as a gift idea for this coming holiday season.  The magazine for children where they learn all about sports, sportsmanship and players in the game.

Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids is a magazine that is just for kids where they can learn about all sorts of sports and sports personalities.  Full of great photo’s of their favorite star athletes kids can learn all about their interests and be motivated to try their best while looking up to these role models.

5 reasons to consider Sports Illustrated Kids as a gift

Reason #1: Its the perfect stocking suffer
Reason #2: It promotes reading for children who are reluctant readers.
Reason #3: each issue is full of exciting stories, photo’s and games that are a perfect distraction while traveling.
Reason #4: No gift wrapping – it’s delivered strait to your door
Reason #5: It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through

These tips are meant help you get the perfect gift for your child.  And the best part about this gift is you can get it straight you your mail box or you can read it on your tablet or smart phone at your leisure.

Sports Illustrated Kids is geared for kids and as a result, kids want to read more and more.  Why not promote this and get them a great gift at the same time.  Your little athlete will love seeing and learning about their favorite athletes.

Special Offer!

*** Receive an entire year of SI Kids in print AND on tablet for only $19.95! ***

Sports Illustrated Kids Click  HERE to get this awesome deal!

For more information visit SI Kids or Like them on Facebook!

I received a Christmas stocking and free one-year subscription in exchange for this post



  1. Oh my goodness what an amazing gift idea! You know what this is the first year that I’ve started shopping so early and I’ve already bought for the person this would be perfect for, my nephew but I’m considering taking what I got him back and getting this. Thanks for sharing Jody!

    • Kelly, glad you like it. I have bought this in the past as a gift and it has always been a hit! I thought this deal was too good not to share! (If you do decide to get it for your nephew, you’ll have to let me know what he thinks of it!)

  2. What a great idea for a stocking stuffer!

  3. This is an amazing deal. My 11 year-old boy will be happy to have it. Thanks for sharing

  4. That’s a great offer for a magazine! My kids wouldn’t be interested but I’ll mention it to others.

  5. That is a fabulous gift idea! Thanks for sharing this – I wouldn’t have thought of it!

  6. When the kids get older this would be a great gift! Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know they had a kids edition.


  7. I know my son would love a subscription. Looks like a great gift idea for young boys (and girls)

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