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Enjoy Meal Time with an $80 Prize Pack from Naosap Harvest #MommyMomentGifts #giveaway

Naosap Harvest harvests organic wild rice grown in the pristine, isolated lakes of northern Manitoba, Canada.

When organic wild rice is harvested, it has to go through a “curing” and “parching” process before final packaging.  The drying process removes the moisture from 40 to 60 percent down to 6 to 8 percent.  The wild rice is then cleaned and sorted which is what you receive as a finished product.  You purchase nature’s finest organic wild rice.

“Wild rice is one of nature’s health foods.  Canadian organic lake grown wild rice is a great source of fiber and iron for anyone. Vegans or vegetarians trying to eat more protein will appreciate our lake grown wild rice.  Enjoy Canadian organic wild rice’s great taste in a variety of dishes or give as a gift.  Make a gourmet dish tonight with our versatile wild rice.”

Naosap Wild Rice is longer and richer in color.  Additionally, Naosap wild rice products are GLUTEN-FREE – which is great for those with gluten allergies!

Not only does Naosap Harvest sell wild rice and wild rice flour, they also have Wild Rice Linguine.

naosap harvest

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1 lucky Mommy Moment reader will WIN a Naosap Harvest prize pack valued at $80!!

The prize pack includes:

  • 2lbs of wild rice x 2
  • 1 lb of flour x 2
  • 1 lb of wild rice linguine x 2
  • A Manitoba Cooks cookbook featuring Manitoba’s local food & its top chefs
  • Recipe cards
  • An assortment of organic goodies, ie. cranberries, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts
All done up in a beautiful gift basket.  This would make a great gift for that chef in your life or even for your own kitchen!
**Open to Canadian & US Residents**
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  1. No, I’ve never tried wild rice before. I’m sure it’s more nutritious than the white rice I usually eat!

  2. I love Wild Rice – I grew up in Manitoba!

  3. wold rice is awesome for salads and in stuffing too

  4. Rhonda W G. says:

    Wild Rice is a fav of mine!

  5. I have tried the uncle ben’s wild rice. That’s about it.

  6. sheridan s says:


  7. Yes, I eat wild rice often.

  8. Yes I love wild rice

  9. Yes I have tried Wild Rice.

  10. Kim Barrett says:

    Tried it, love it!

  11. Wild Rice is great. It has a much richer flavour than plain ol’ white rice!

  12. Anne Taylor says:

    yes, many years ago I tried wild rice

  13. Maegan Morin says:

    I have not tried Wild Rice before! I would love to though!

  14. I have tried wild rice-love it. Thanks

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever tried wild rice.

  16. Wild Rice is the only type of rice I enjoy eating – love it!

  17. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I’ve had wild rice mixed with regular rice a couple times. It was great!

  18. never tried wildrice but I’ve heard good things about it. health benefits

  19. No I’ve not.

  20. Yes – I LOVE wild rice!

  21. Yess my mom used to make lots of wild rice and chicken when we were little!

  22. I have tried wild rice, I use it in my broccoli casserole.

  23. I’ve only tried the packaged flavoured stuff, I’d LOVE to try this beautiful organic product!

  24. I dont eat eat often but I have tried it and I do like it!!

  25. Mmmm – wild rice. Don’t make it enough though.

  26. Love to win this prize! We are eating healthier in our home now and this would be perfect for our pantry!

  27. And yes I have tried and I love wild rice!

  28. rebeka deleon says:

    yes and i love wild rice

  29. I have not tried wild rice before

  30. I loooove wild rice!

  31. Dawn Kicks says:

    I have never tried it, but should.

  32. I have tried wild rice but not this brand.

  33. I’ve tried wild rice before…should have some again soon!

  34. Yes, I have tried wild rice, but not organic. I am very interested in this product.

  35. Great prize! Good Luck Everyone! :)

  36. Karla Sceviour says:

    no,I dont think I have tried wild rice before.

  37. Yes, my mother-in-law introduced me to it!

  38. Yes, love wild rice.

  39. Fanterra Fisher says:

    I love wildrice. Great nutty flavor and really healthy for you. mmmm nice change from regular rice.

  40. Tammy Dalley says:

    Yes I have wild rice often!

  41. lornar couponer says:

    I have had wild rice in the past but was mixed with other types as well

  42. I tried it in a mixture with other varieties and it was very good.

  43. Yes, I’ve tried it before. Love it!

  44. Victoria Ess says:

    I only eat wild rice!

  45. Yes, and it was Naosap too! Delicious!

  46. Lori Bazan says:

    I love wild rice but find it very tricky to cook right!

  47. Only in a restaurant, would like to try it at home

  48. I tried and I like!!

  49. Yes – we love wild rice!


    I have had wild rice a number of times and can recommend it….it is a real treat!

  51. natasha severson says:

    i love wild rice!!!!

  52. I have tried it mixed with regular rice

  53. Kathy Reitlo says:

    We love wil rice. Great prize.Thank you!

  54. Judy C. Craig says:

    I love wild rice mixed with regular rice.

  55. I have never tried wild rice before but i would love too!

  56. Our family loves wild rice. Great prize, thanks!

  57. Megan Willis says:

    Yes i have. I enjoy it alot.

  58. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    I have – in soup

  59. yes i really like it

  60. yes, cafe on West Coast

  61. I use it all the time!

  62. deanna_boocock says:

    I love wild rice. It’s nutty and chewy and adds an interesting texture to the meal

  63. I tried wild rice once a few years ago but haven’t tried it since.

  64. I have tried wild rice before, and I much prefer it over the other stuff. Much better flavour and textures.

  65. Yes – our kids love RICE.

  66. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I have but it was added to normal rice so it was difficult to tell what it tastes like

  67. Yes I have it’s yummy!

  68. love wild rice

  69. I’ve enjoyed wild rice for years and hope to for many more! Have never tried or even heard of wild rice pasta, but I’d like to try it.

  70. Yes, I have…and we enjoyed it!

  71. Yes! Love it! thanks.

  72. Angie Andrews says:

    no I haven’t

  73. Yes, I’ve tried wild rice – my grandparents used to bring us some when they visited.

  74. I have tried wild rice.

  75. I have never tried it that I remember

  76. sandra mitchell says:

    I love wild rice

  77. I have tried wild rice.

  78. Yes, I have tried wild rice.

  79. Michelle B says:

    my parents use to feed us wild rice, but I dont believe I have had it since I moved out 13 years ago.

  80. yes, a favourite with poultry

  81. My Grandpa used to make a wild rice casserole that I loved. Now I make chicken & wild rice soup.

  82. Mike Gismondi says:

    I have tried wild rice!

  83. Marlene V. says:

    I have tried wild rice before and loved it!!

  84. I ate is a lot as a child.

  85. I have tried wild rice and love it, especially with soy sauce and sesame seeds!

  86. I love wild rice.

  87. Liveyourlife101 says:

    Never tried wild rice before but would love to try.

  88. I love wild rice!

  89. nicolthepickle says:

    I’ve tried Wild Rice, but I’ve never cooked it myself.

  90. I dont know…I dont think so

  91. Yes, I loved wild rice. Thanks.

  92. I tried it mixed with white rice, never by itself

  93. Leah Hutchison says:

    Love wild rice!

  94. Yes, we’ve tried it. Must make some!

  95. I love wild rice!

  96. We have tried wild rice a couple times. We just don’t use it much due to the amount of time it takes to cook compared with some other rices.

  97. Angela Mitchell says:

    I love wild rice, and any kind of rice in general.

  98. No I haven’t tried it

  99. Great giveaway! I love Naosap Harvest wild rice 😉 xo

  100. I have and like it!

  101. No I have never tried it.

  102. I don’t think ive tried wild rice before.

  103. I have tried wild rice before it has a nutty tone we like it 😉

  104. Jennifer L. says:

    Yes, I’ve had it many times. I love it.

  105. I am not sure if I have tried real wild rice. I think I have but it may not have been.

  106. I have tried wild rice. It’s what my mom buys.

  107. nope. i usually eat the flavored rices by knor

  108. Kristy Richardson says:

    I’ve had Wild Rice, but never this kind. Interesting…

  109. Christina Ferguson says:

    Yes I have. I have had it with Cornish game hens. Yummy.

  110. Yep – wild rice is amazingly yummy!

  111. I have tried it but never made it, would be interested to see how I can jazz it up :)

  112. yes, i have tried wild rice..prefer to cook it in chicken broth.

  113. Leanne Silverthorne says:

    yes and it was delicious

  114. Unita Esau says:

    I love wild rice and eat it often

  115. we love wild rice!

  116. I live in MN. Wild Rice is a winter staple around here!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  117. I have never tried wild rice before. :-)

  118. I lived in MN for many years…you should like wild rice if you have lived in MN…lol. Love chicken wild rice soup and love wild rice mixed with brown or white rice with herbs. I would love to win and try the pasta! Sounds great!

  119. Yes I have eaten wild rice for years.

  120. oooyeee this heah’ be cajun country gotta have the wild rice wit’ da gumbo!

  121. Yes, I have used wild rice. It has a lovely nutty flavour and is great in soups. My grand-nieces are allergic to gluten so I would love to win this.

  122. My family loves wild rice!

  123. Debbie Petch says:

    Yes, Once.

  124. Carol Denny says:

    I have tried wild rice and it really good.

  125. Love wild rice!

  126. Katherine Williams says:

    Yes, my family has tried wild rice – and we LOVE it! MUCH tastier than white rice! 😀

  127. Allyson Tice says:

    I had wild rice at a restaraunt a while ago! it was yummy!

  128. love wild rice

  129. i have tried it and i like it

  130. jeanette sheets says:

    no i have never tried it but would like to

  131. Wayne Lecoy says:

    Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The Naosap Harvest Prize Pack.
    In Response To Your Question Of Have you ever tried wild rice before?
    I Have Eaten Wild Rice Many Times And I Love It.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!

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