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Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids makes taking Piano Lessons Easy #MommyMomentGifts #Giveaway {3 WINNERS}

Hoffman academy is effective and fun online piano lessons.  You will be able to get every single lesson for FREE without any commitment or obligation!

The instructor, Joseph Hoffman, offers these free lessons because of  his love for teaching music.

Free Piano Lessons

Each video lesson is free completely free of charge.  If you love the lessons and want additional materials to supplement the lessons, you can purchase these printable materials to go along with your lessons.  These printable materials include sheet music, activity pages, and practice tips.

However, if you don’t feel like purchasing the extra materials, you are still able to watch the videos for FREE – 100%! Hoffman Academy is perfect for ANYONE who wants to learn the piano.  Kids, Parents and even piano teachers who want to learn new tools for teaching beginner piano.

Hoffman Academy is a complete musical training program, just like you would get if you went to a professional piano teacher, without the monthly bill.  You will learn great things like:

  • Correct playing technique, posture and hand position
  • How to read and write notes on the grand staff (treble clef and bass clef)
  • How to read, write, and perform rhythms
  • How to listen to music and to dictate melodies
  • How to improvise and compose your own songs
  • The basics of music theory, including chords, key signatures, and more!

Why not sit down at your piano and try one of the LESSONS today!


3 Mommy Moment reader will WIN the Materials for Lessons 1-41, with the Listening Album (this is a $23.99 value)

**Open to Canadian & US Residents**

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Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids


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  1. HawkeeMommy says:

    Love all these giveaways, especially the link to! I’m going to start using that for myself, in addition to the kids. :)

  2. I played the piano as a child but I don’t anymore. My oldest though wants to learn.

  3. I took one semester of lessons in College, but I really don’t play. I should have learned younger, I guess.

  4. Angie Andrews says:

    i played the keyboard as a child and just fool around on it now

  5. I play piano. I started when I was ~6 and went until I moved away from home at 20. I want to share that with my boys.

  6. Tara Gauthier says:

    I played the piano as a kid then had to stop after grade 2. My son has a keyboard and both kids love to use it!

  7. I took lessons as a kid but was never any good at it. We just got a piano and I really want to start my son on lessons soon! My husband is a very good musician and he says he’s going to teach him. We’ll see how that goes!

  8. No i dont play any music instruments at all. I learned piano in high school with a keyboard but honestly dont remember how to play at all anymore

  9. Angela Mitchell says:

    I play a little piano. I took lessons when I was a kid for about 7 years.

  10. no i sure don’t ….my daughter played the clarinet in grade school

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