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Take the Healthy Choice Pledge to Becoming a Healthier You! #Giveaway {$200 value} {CAN Only}

Making healthy choices during the year is tough, but making healthy choices during the hustle and bustle of the holidays and all the parties and gatherings it brings, is tougher.

But did you know that becoming a healthier you doesn’t need to happen overnight and can start with just 1 choice?  Healthy Choice is giving you support and tips for making healthy choices in your life and giving you the opportunity to help a national charity.

Healthy Choice Pledge

It’s quite simple.

Head over to the Healthy Choice Pledge page and sign up.  Simply take the pledge to lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle and add your name to the weekly prizes!

Once you’ve signed up, Healthy Choice wants to help you with daily healthy choices on their Facebook page.  Every day they will have fun and easy tips for you to implement into your daily lifestyle, making your life healthier 1 step at a time.

Every time you complete a Healthy Choice from the Healthy Choice Facebook page, you will earn 1 vote.  Use that vote to vote for one of the three national charities.  The charity with the most votes, will get the biggest chunk out of the total $75,000 that Healthy Choice is giving away to the charities.

The three national charities that Healthy Choice is giving the money to are the Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Kids Help Phone and The Heart and Stroke Foundation.


What is one choice you have made to make your lifestyle healthier?  Is it eliminating one pop or juice a day and drinking water instead?  Is it getting some “me” time and having a regular coffee or date night with a friend or spouse?  Or is it scheduling family time into your busy schedules so that you can sit down and play a board game?

For me, one way I make healthy choices is making small goals for myself.  Instead of thinking of what I can’t accomplish, I focus on setting 1 small goal at a time.

What Healthy Choice are YOU going to make to lead a healthier lifestyle?


Healthy Choice is giving 1 Mommy Moment reader a Healthy Choice Pledge Prize Package!

The Pledge Prize Package is worth $200 and includes:

  • Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers coupons to get that freezer stocked with some healthy choices
  • A Healthy Choice t-shirt and water bottle
  • A pedometer and athletic headband
  • A journal to keep track of your goals
  • A Vitamin E Skin Care Kit
  • A $40 Cineplex gift card to schedule a movie date with a family member or friend
  • A $25 iTunes gift card to download your favourite tunes and get dancing
  • A $20 Chapters gift card so you can spend some time relaxing with a good read

**Open to Canadian Residents ONLY (excluding Quebec)**

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  1. incorporating more fresh veggies in my diet

  2. i need to cut down on sugar.

  3. Trying to lose weight so it will be better for my health and drink more water to keep my body hydrated.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  4. Watch My Portion Size.

  5. Belinda McNabb says:

    I am going to start walking

  6. Pamela Fontaine says:

    I’m going to make healthier snack choices and walk every day.

  7. Always packing a lunch to work so I am not tempted to eat out.

  8. We are closely following the Canadian Food guide to provide my family with a healthier eating habits along with 30 mins of physical activity a day.

  9. Debbie Kennedy says:

    walking more often is my healthy choice

  10. Anne Taylor says:

    I’m going to start eating properly in Jan! I have fallen off the healthy food wagon :-(

  11. I need to stick to my no pop rule, which I am super weak on lately.

  12. Cheryl Grandy says:

    I’m going to do some stretching exercises 3 or 4 times a week.

  13. I need to start walking on my treadmill for at least 20 minutes a day while my children are napping.

  14. Cheryl Grandy says:

    From the choices in the Healthy Choice Pledge list, I chose #18, take five, long, deep breaths — done!

  15. walk more during the day

  16. I’m going to drink more water. I know I don’t drink enough.

  17. Try to incorporate daily exercise for myself and 9 month old son.

  18. Huguette E. says:

    Being active for 30 minutes and drinking my 8 glasses of water.

  19. I am going to make a huge effort to get rid of the junk in my diet. Eliminate sugar.

  20. eat more veggies!

  21. I am hoping to start exercising more even if that means just walking for 10 minutes/day.

  22. I am going to try and drink more water!

  23. I’m going to exercise more and drink more water.

  24. Stacey Dempsey says:

    less coffee and more sleep

  25. Debbie Bashford says:

    I quit smoking so now I want to work on my weight by eating healthier and moving more.

  26. I’m trying to eat a more healthy diet

  27. I’m currently trying to incorporate more veggies & fruits into our daily diet.

  28. Megan Cromes says:

    exercise more.

  29. Carol Denny says:

    Les salt and more walking.

  30. I am going to cut out diet soft drinks.

  31. More fruits and veggies.

  32. drink more water… my hubby is after me ALL the time!!

  33. sheridan s says:

    we are going to be doing a nice after school walk and in the last few years we have really gotten into eating better ,, far less packaged foods adn takeout dn far more home cooked fast meals ..i started selling EPICURE and we use it all teh time now for all sorts of yummy healthiness

  34. More veggies and less cookies

  35. Im already pretty active but I need to concentrate more on reducing calories.

  36. drink more water and eat more veggies

  37. more breaks while at work

  38. exercise more frequently

  39. sharon boyle says:

    Trying to stay away from BBQ chips!

  40. Patricia Boyle says:

    Increase the number of times I walk up and down stairs all day

  41. Silvana Cox says:

    I’ve been doing really good the past several months, so my plan is to continue eating healthy, exercising 3 x a week and not blow it over the holidays.

  42. My healthy choice is to keep walking one hour a day even when the weather isn’t nice.

  43. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    do more walking on the treadmill

  44. Doris Calvert says:

    Don’t know as soon as the doctors can help me I will decide, doing all I can right now

  45. exercise more and eat better

  46. Judy C. Craig says:

    More vegetables and healthier snacks.

  47. I need to eat more healthier and drink more water

  48. I plan to start working out more regularly.

  49. Angie Andrews says:

    try to drink 8 glasses of water a day

  50. Karla Sceviour says:

    I am going to eat healthier and get more active.

  51. walking more often

  52. bina edwards says:

    I’m going to get more sleep, make sure I go to bed early enough or sleep in when I am able

  53. I have signed up for a strength training class (Twice a week for 12 weeks) I have lost 30lbs so far. The next few pounds left to lose will come off easily with training.

  54. Andrew Pham says:

    quit smoking and being more active

  55. more active and eat healthier

  56. I’m going to drink water instead of juice or pop.

  57. putting down the pastries

  58. I am going to kick my soda habit.

  59. more exercise!

  60. The healthier choice that I am going to make is to drink more water and eat slower.

  61. I will be cutting soda out of my diet along with anything that excess sugar in it… I won’t be depriving myself completely (I mean a soda – for me anyways – is always a better option than alcohol at a party), but cutting down on the excess consumption should go a long way towards a healthier life for me.

  62. I’m going to get more sleep and cut down on the amount of pop i drink.

  63. Drink more water, exercise more regularly and eating healthier!!!

  64. Harvinderks says:

    I hope to eat better and move more in 2013!

  65. Elva Roberts says:

    December 18-I will try harder to stick to my exercise and stretching schedule. I wil not bring any sweets into my hone,

  66. cut down on carbs

  67. Fanterra Fisher says:

    More walking less stress

  68. I have actually started using 8″ plates for dinner instead of the usual dinner plates. Cuts down the portion sizes considerably.

  69. Florence C says:

    More exercise and cutting back on how much I eat.

  70. Eating out less.

  71. I’m trying to walk more and cut down on salt and sugar.

  72. Work on drinking MORE water!! I know I need to drink more…and it really only takes a few seconds to do it!

  73. I really need to add some more fruits and veggies back into my diet and ease up on the bread. I are incredibly well up until my youngest stopped nursing last year (and ate a lot!) but since then I’ve fallen off the good and healthy food wagon. Busy or not, grabbing a banana, slicing an apple or cutting up some carrot sticks is just as easy as making yet another sandwich.

  74. Plan meals a week at a time… that would make us eat healthier, for sure.

  75. I am going to try to walk the dog further each day.

  76. Valerie Godin says:

    Cut down sugar and add veggies and fruits to our daily diet

  77. I am going to walk at least 5000 steps and try for 10,000 daily

  78. cut back on red meat

  79. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’d like to cut down my sugar intake.

  80. I am going to eat healthier stuff, less salt and sugar.

  81. Lori Bazan says:

    MediataTE FOR 20 MINUTES A DAY!

  82. I plan on increasing the number of days I run.

  83. Need to get more exercise and cut down on sugar

  84. i’m hoping to continue to walk/run several times a week and hopefully do a 5k race with my 8yr old son once the weather is warmer.

  85. i think i messed up and put the wrong link in rafflecopter for my dec 20th tweet. just wanted to post it here in case i made that mistake and so you’d know i actually did tweet :)

  86. The Healthy Choice I am going to make to lead a healthier lifestyle is to stop stressing over the things I can’t control ‘cos at the end of the day it will always work itself out.

  87. Cathy Canton says:

    Get more excercise #1 thing I need to do

  88. Jennifer Barata Allen says:

    Drink water instead of juices and sugar/carbonated drinks

  89. Drink more water, cut out pop all together

  90. drink more water and eat more veggies

  91. Drink more water! I never drink it, unless it’s in juice or coffee…

  92. Exercise daily and drink more water.

  93. @lizzysdarcy says:

    I’m going to cut out caffeine.

  94. Need to get more sleep and get back into a regular exercise routine.

  95. I am going to cut out white flour – pasta, bread, etc.

  96. I am going to have a better breakfast than just coffee.

  97. Our family eats well- but we could exercise more- so we have agreed to walk more

  98. eat less cookies

  99. I already cut out pop and chips. I’m working on cutting out ice cream and processed sweets.

  100. @torlonias says:

    I’m going to stop eating close to my bedtime.

  101. Erika Birrell says:

    After New Years, I am going to get back into my workout routine. It keeps me in great shape, but I’ve had so much going on right now, its been hard to stick to it.

  102. I will try to be more physically active.

  103. Tammy Dalley says:

    eat less fried foods,more fresh!

  104. Take the kids for a walk

  105. Tara Gauthier says:

    Remembering to drink more water and get out and exercise.

  106. Elaine Jasvins says:

    I am going to try and cut out sugar and salt. (at least reduce the amount of)

  107. i plan to workout more, and stop eating chips

  108. Sandra Conner says:

    More exerciese, less salt…..and more veggies!

  109. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says:

    Once baby is born in January I will re-commit to losing the excess weight by eating right & exercising! (Nursing will help with that too!)

  110. I need to lost a bunch of weight, and I think dropping bread and sweets will be a good start.

  111. Eat less proccessed foods, and stop eating out so much.

  112. Work on my portions and not snacking at night.

  113. Melissa Avey says:

    Cutting out GMOS

  114. more joy in simple things

  115. More exercise is at the top of my list.

  116. Cheryl Almas says:

    I’d like to exercise more and eat healthier.

  117. Jacquie Hess says:

    more veggies

  118. Jo Ann Moffatt says:

    I would like to get back into yoga. I used to wake up, plug in my DVD and do my Pilates for an hour. It is time to get back into the routine, especially since I have fibromyalgia and stretching is one of the best things for it.

  119. I need to drink more water to stay hydrated!

  120. A bit more exercise and a bit less unhealthy food.

  121. Cutting out soda, eating more fruits and veggies, and upping my cardio time and intensity.

  122. Michelle Bainbridge says:

    Increase my fruit and veggies!

  123. Michelle Chow says:

    Hello, Thank you for this great giveaway. Have a Happy New Year, everyone. I will try to see the glass as half-full (more positivity,) keep myself motivated (physically and mentally) and physically active more than last year. These are my goals.

  124. trying to eat more balanced meals and to get out and exercise more

  125. I’m getting more sleep!

  126. I need to remember to take my vitamins. I’m apparently deficient.

  127. Haylie Langwald says:

    I need to drink more water!

  128. Brenda Penton says:

    I plan on getting the whole family to take more walks together.

  129. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    i am going to start jogging

  130. Keep an eye of what is going into my mouth (eg watch portion sizes, limit unhealthy snacking).

  131. i am now reading lables….completely new for me

  132. I am going to pack a lunch when I am working on the road so I am not tempted to eat fast food and I won’t be skipping a meal either.

  133. making sure i dont consume trans fats

  134. More exercise and less alcohol!

  135. Areta Wong says:

    Bike to work!

  136. I’m cutting out sugar and lowering my caffine intake

  137. I am going to eat when I am hungry and not by the clock.

  138. Mike Gismondi says:

    go for daily walks

  139. I plan to exercise at least three times a week.

  140. Kathy Reitlo says:

    I am trying to do a lot more walking.

  141. I am going to start going back to the gym

  142. going to go back to walking daily to help with my core energy

  143. Anthony Hope says:

    I’m trying to go to the gym more regularly.

  144. I hope to walk more out in the fresh air…

  145. I’m going to cut out wheat from my diet.

  146. I will give up junk food and eat a better diet.

  147. Alexa Nernberg says:

    I plan, and am now, eating healthier. I am now making better choices (salad vs. fries), (water vs juice or pop) and if I have something to eat at night (yogurt vs. junk food). Thanks for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  148. KELLY KROL says:

    More veggies and eating smaller meals

  149. drink more water and less alcohol :)

  150. Carole Dube says:

    I need to cut down on sugar.

  151. I am doing Weight Watchers 360

  152. Dayna Wilson says:

    Try to get a little more active from day to day… maybe take up some sort of activity, or go for walks!

  153. Sandra Schultz says:

    I’m going to practice mindfulness/meditation every morning when I get up. Here I go!

  154. I am going to workout at least three times a week.

  155. Victoria Ess says:

    Take breaks when needed to clear my mind

  156. be more active, get out of the house more.

  157. Adriana F says:

    I am going to try and exercise more

  158. I am going to drink more water.

  159. I really need to get back into exercising again.

  160. Jennifer Abbott says:

    Eating healthier, exercising and taking care of my overall body, mind and spirit.

  161. cathy henatyszen says:

    I will be riding bike more

  162. Andrew B. says:

    Exercise more and reduce caffiene

  163. I’m going to stop eating candy. It’s my biggest weakness!

  164. I’m going to try to eat slower, enjoy the food and take my time.

  165. I plan on exercising more and to cut out soda and drink more water

  166. Dawn Kicks says:

    portion control is a big one and also cut out the late night snacking

  167. Marissa M says:

    Going to the gym more often!

  168. Great prize package for the new year! I am planning to drink more water and less pop

  169. Make better food choices. And eat better portion (sizes).

  170. more veggies, more effort to exercise

  171. Walking the dog more – we both could be fitter!

  172. I am filling most of my plate with vegetables and drinking more water.

  173. Janice Ellis says:

    Planning to cut down on the salt in my diet.

  174. I’m going to exercise regularly

  175. Judy Williams says:

    Cutting way down on sugar and using less salt

  176. Judy Hunting says:

    I am going to try and lose 20 pounds this year. I have cut out all Pop, and cut back on chocolate (can’t totally cut out that :P)

  177. Wayne Lecoy says:

    Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway.
    It Would Be Great To Win The Healthy Choice Pledge Prize Package!
    In Response To Your Question Of
    What Healthy Choice are you going to make to lead a healthier lifestyle?
    I Am Going To Try Exercise More,Eat Healthier Foods And Try To Quit Smoking Again.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!

  178. I’m starting yoga again next week, and am hoping to cut back on the coffee…if the baby starts to sleep later than 5:30 am.
    – Dawn, Addicted to Recipes

  179. I’m going to try to exercise more!

  180. To not bring in any GMO foods into our home !!!

  181. Janice Ellis says:

    I’m going to eat more fruit

  182. Jessica C says:

    I intend to walk more and go to yoga classes.

  183. more vedgies in my childrens diet

  184. Im trying to limit the sugar in my diet!

  185. Caroline M says:

    I want to use scented candles and meditate regularly.

  186. Drink more water and eat more raw veggies

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