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Protect Your Home with SimpliSafe Home Security Systems #Giveaway {$479 value!} {US Only}

Home Security is on the top of everyone’s minds when it comes to the holidays or during times when they travel throughout the year.

I know that during the holidays when we are gone a lot, or when we are on our way back from a vacation, I’m always worried about walking through the front door and realizing that something has gone wrong at our house.

SimpliSafe is on a mission to protect your family with their Home Security Systems.

SimpliSafe has 3 great different security systems to fit your needs.

SimpliSafe Systems

The SimpliSafe security systems are unlike all those other overpriced, hard-to-use systems that can leave you frustrated.  Check out these great features:

  • The SimpliSafe System is Cellular which means there are no wires that can be cut and allows the alarm to communicate quicker with the monitoring center.
  • With the SimipliSafe System, there is NO contract.  If you choose to use the monitoring service, you just pay as you go.  You can easily cancel at anytime.  If you choose to cancel the SimpliSafe services, you can also use the system as a localized system.
  • You can easily install the system because of it’s simple DIY installation process.  It’s simply “plug & play”.  Everything is shipped to you ready to go, with no tools required for installation.  The home security system is easy to install and easy to take with you when you move.

The BEST part is that SimpliSafe has NO hidden fees!

And it is SUPER easy to use!

While you are leaving your home, simply press the “Away” button to fully activate all the sensors.  You can rest assured that your home is safe, knowing that the 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Center is ready to call you should anything happen.  Once you return home, press the “Home” mode which activates all your sensors except the motion sensors.  The panic buttons are active as well, so that if an intruder breaks in while you are home, the police can be notified.



1 US Mommy Moment reader will WIN a SimpliSafe Home Security System with 3 month 24/7 alarm monitoring.  This prize pack is valued at $479!!

(If you chose not to renew the 24/7 monitoring at the end of the 3 months, keep the system and use it as a localized alarm system.)

**Open to US Residents ONLY**

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  1. Make sure windows are closed & locked, doors locked with deadbolts, newspapers stopped and let neighbors know how long we will be away.

  2. The only thing I can do is lock the doors and windows! Usually we are not gone for long and my husband is usually home!

  3. I would have my daughter stay in my home but mainly to take care of Audrey Hepburn, our cat.

  4. We try to make it look like at least someone is home. And having a big dog w/a loud bark helps!!

  5. Lock the door..

  6. amanda roach says:

    lock all doors and leave a light on.

  7. house alarm and make certain neighbours check in regularly

  8. We lock up, have a length of wood in the track of the sliding glass door, and have a big dog that barks at everything.

  9. we lock all windows and doors. We leave some lights on. We also have a large dog:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  10. nikki krutz says:

    someone is almost always home, when we are not we just lock the doors. my neighbors would notice if something was going on while we were not home and report it

  11. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    all we do know is lock the door and leave lights on

  12. We have neighbors pick up mail and newspapers while we’re away.

  13. I have double deadbolts on all door entrances and window locks.

  14. We make sure it’s locked up tight and have the neighbors keep an eye on it.

  15. jeanette sheets says:

    ask neigbors and family to keep a watch on our home leave lights on doors locked and all windows locked

  16. I don’t have anything fancy to protect my house, but I’d really like to get an alarm system.

  17. I lock all the doors and windows and set the timers on interior lights.

  18. Mary Casper says:

    I have german shepherd

  19. Allyson Tice says:

    Lock doors and have neighbors keep eye on the house for us.

  20. We don’t go away often but when we do, we ask our neighbor to watch our house. We make sure all doors and windows are locked. we stop the mail.

  21. Michelle H. says:

    we make sure all windows and doors are locked but I know that’s just not enough. We try not to go away longer than a day.

  22. Monique Rizzo says:

    We have an alarm system and a BIG dog.
    Thanks for the chance.

  23. lights on timer and a neighbour checks in

  24. JO Ann Moffatt says:

    When I am away from my home I have Canada Post hold all of my mail until I get back I also have a friend or neighbor come over to mow the lawn and gather any flyers from the mail box. I leave the light above the kitchen stove on and also leave a radio on in the background.

  25. cathy henatyszen says:

    keep the house locked up.. and a good dog always helps

  26. The only thing we do and rarely if that is lock the doors

  27. Patrick Gwinn says:

    I lock my doors and windows, thats about it.

  28. Wanda McHenry says:

    We lock the doors, have a timer thing that turns the lights on and off and my mom comes and opens and closes the blinds.

  29. Sometimes have my father in law stay there or hope for the best

  30. I have a house sitter and a dog for when we are away

  31. Krista Grandstaff says:

    We lock all of the doors and windows… if we are gone at night we have televisions and lights on timers…I also have 2 yappy little dogs and one very very large dog that looks intimidating… we live kind of out of the way, but it worries me when I am home alone during the day… or when the kids are home alone..

  32. Our next door neighbor is very kind to watch our house, pick up the mails and etc while we’re away and we do the same for them. :)

  33. julie murphy says:

    we have 5 dogs

  34. nikki robak says:

    I put wood in all the windows

  35. Shaunda E. says:

    I make sure everything is locked up tight and I let the dog out.

  36. I set the alarm and have great neigbors who keep an eye out

  37. Dogs, neighbors watching house, sons coming over and staying for a while.

  38. Jeremiah House says:

    I have a dog and I would love the additional peace-of-mind that comes with a security system!

  39. diane Baum says:

    I stop all mail, newspapers, use a timer and have a neighbor watch my house

  40. Ben Sorrells says:

    Neighbors and family check in randomly and we lock door and leave certain lights on.

  41. Jill Myrick says:

    I have my mail put on hold while I am away.
    I also have two large dogs who are indoor outdoor and a wonderful neighbor who watches my home, turns on lights of a night, takes care of my fur babies and will call the police if there are any signs of trouble.


  42. Marissa M says:

    Lock everything up and have relatives watch the house!

  43. Elaine Jasvins says:

    Lock the doors and leave a light on. A neighbour comes over each day to feed our cat. Our cat is not very nice and I think is a better watch dog than our dog.

  44. Keep all doors & windows locked. Motion sensor lights on, & lights on timers.

  45. Shannon Barnes says:

    My jewelery and hubbys guns.

  46. Jannet Tseng says:

    windows locked

  47. Thomas Chappell says:

    I have a house sitter while we are away

  48. We lock our doors and have our pets at the ready. Thank you

  49. 2 big dogs that most people won’t mess with

  50. Lisa Garner says:

    I’m currently having the sheriff’s come by and check on my house every night because of a recent event that has happened.

  51. Dawn Reid says:

    My sister comes over daily

  52. Shannon Orton says:

    We just lock the doors. We also have two big dogs. (rescue dogs)

  53. Thomas Murphy says:

    I have neighbors pick up mail and keep an eye on it.

  54. I make sure that everything is locked.

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