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Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag from Snuggle Bugz #MommyMomentGifts #giveaway {CAN Only}

As a mom it is inevitable that we will need to carry supplies while toting our kids out and about.  Diapers, bottles, toys, snacks and change of clothes are staples when it comes to going out with our kids.  The Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag from Snuggle Bugz is the perfect bag to take out wearing your “mom-uniform” of yoga pants or jeans and also works great with that little black dress for dressier occasions.

stylish diaper bags

The Skip Hop Studio Bag has 2 insulated pockets to house your baby’s bottles, food and sippy cups.  There are also 12 other pockets too keep your phone, wallet, keys and other items dry, secure and easily within arms reach.  The Skip Hop Studio Bag also has adjustable stroller straps which makes it easy to attach to the handlebars of your stroller.

The Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag comes in 4 great colors: Pewter Dot, Black, Champagne and Plum Sunburst, and sells for $119.99 from

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1 lucky Mommy Moment reader will win a Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag (in black) valued at $119.99.

**Open to Canadian Residents ONLY**

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  1. I would carry my son’s diapers, wipes, vaseline, extra clothes, snacks, milk bottle and water bottle.

  2. Lori L. - @Miss_Elles says:

    What WOULDN’T I carry in this beautiful Skip Hop bag with a 12 month old & another on the way in January?! Add in the fact that I’ll have 2 in cloth diapers, which means I need a big bag as they do pack quite a bit of bulk! Thanks so much for the giveaway, will try to remember to enter each day! :)

  3. Everything that is in my purse, because this seconds as a purse, it’s so stylish!

  4. Victoria Ess says:

    Everything and more! I love how there are compartments for everything and INSULATED pockets! It’s perfect

  5. Diane Pearce says:

    Beautiful and practical….can’t go wrong with that!

  6. wendy nicholls says:

    absolutely everything now that Ive got a 17 month old and a 2 week old lol

  7. id carry diapers!

  8. Dawn Kicks says:

    A little of everything needed for a day with my 7 month old daughter (diapers, wipes, change of clothes, bottles….) also wallet, keys and cell because I dont bother carrying a purse.

  9. i’d use it as a purse

  10. My friend would carry diapers and other baby supplies.

  11. Oh, I’d carry diapers, wipes, cream,toys extra receiving blanket and money.

  12. Everything but the kitchen sink. LOL!

  13. all the kids goodies and mine too!!!

  14. i would keep in change of clothes for my 3month old and snacks for the toddler and snacks for me…

  15. Amanda Stauffer says:

    diapers, snacks, toys, my wallet, everything I can fit in it!

  16. I am expecting my first LO so I am not 100% sure but… cloth diapers, wipes (may have my eye on a skip hop carrying case :) change of clothes, breast pads, bum lotion, wet bag, water bottle for me, burp cloths a snack…. cell phone… heck it might turn into my new purse!

  17. Belinda McNabb says:

    Diapers, wipes and everything in between

  18. diapers, wipes, and extra clothes

  19. Oh boy…everything my baby and toddler needs ranging from diapers, wipes, snacks, bibs, wallet, phone.

  20. Everything but the kitchen sink – at least that’s what it feels like some days!

  21. I’d give it to my expectant daughter to decide what to put in it!

  22. Cheryl Almas says:

    I would pack everything from clothes, diapers, bottles and wipes

  23. Everything! Diapers, prefolds and covers, cloth wipes, extra clothes, crackers, etc.

  24. I would carry my wallet, snacks, toys, my phone and other stuff.

  25. snacks and wipes

  26. I would carry extra clothes, food and water for my little one!

  27. Um, everything! I love how stylish this bag is and it really is big enough to bring whatever I may need.

  28. Maegan Morin says:

    I would use it as a baby bag!! It would be so great for that!

  29. I would carry our cloth diapers!

  30. I’d carry what is in any purse I own because I’d use this as a purse for me: kleenex, wallet, keys,
    sun glasses, coupons etc.

  31. Diapers, wipes, bib, toys, diaper cream, change of clothes, cell phone, wallet, and lip balm!

  32. deanna_boocock says:

    I would carry my yoga outfit to class.

  33. Melissa Boyle says:

    Wallet, Phone, diapers, innobaby, toys could go on and on

  34. I’m always prepared for anything and love the size of these bags… everything from diapers to change of clothes to the supplies for pumping/bottles and my things such as wallet, phone (what would I not take with me with this great bag?)

  35. It would replace my diaper bag (which replaced my purse :/ ) so it would have diapers, wipes, books, toys, wallet, chap stick, pen and notepad, and a sleeper in it

  36. Amy Bailey says:

    Baby stuff! I am expecting a new baby in FEB. Thats what Id use it for.

  37. Lori Bazan says:

    I would use it as a purse, its that cute! I would carry everything, wallet, lipstick, and credit cards!

  38. Tammy Dalley says:

    I would carry, pullups,wipes,juice and snacks for my boys!

  39. As a first time mom, it will be hard to give up my beloved, stylish purse that I spent hours shopping for and transition into a diaper bag..This will be perfect as it doesn’t really look like a diaper bag and it’s big and spacious. So I would carry my personal essentials like wallet, make-up stuff, keys and baby’s essentials, snacks, milk bottle etc.

  40. the mounds of changes – clothes, diapers, wipes and snacks!

  41. sheridan s says:


  42. Teresa M' says:

    Great idea for yoga or workout bag! TYVM I start a 12 week exercise program on the 18th…very useful.

  43. The usual… Everything! Diapers, wipes, bum cream, change of clothes (for the kids ;)), snacks, water, wallet, keys, lip balm, cell phone, everything my current bag that won’t fit in our diaper bag!

  44. yummy snacks

  45. Baby Stuff and also my reader

  46. I would carry pretty much anything & everything lol. Namely diapers, wipes change of clothes for kids, snacks and a few of things as well.

  47. diapers, wipes, snacks, sippy cup, lotion, lip balm…..

  48. lisa bolduc says:

    what wouldnt i carry in there.. diapers, clothes, hand sanitizer.

  49. Everything! Since I can’t have a “normal” purse I have to carry everything in a diaper bag.

  50. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    this is a super prize, I love it. I’d have everything but the kitchen sink in it – I always seem to be the one who has extra tissues, a Band-Aid, nail file etc etc. All the pockets are great, makes it easier to find everything and it does look chic too.

  51. I would carry everything I need for the kids when we go out – wipes, band-aids, kleenex, etc…

  52. Needed stuff for car rides/shopping – you know, kids’ stuff.

  53. I would carry everything I could think of in my diaper bag – it’s always filled to capacity, you never know what you’ll need :)

  54. Wipes, snacks, an extra change of bottoms for my 2 year old. Plus the essentials like wallet, keys, phone.

  55. Purse stuff and baby stuff! =)

  56. everything for emergency’s. diapers, wipes, extra outfit. blanket, cream, meds …wow the list goes on

  57. I would carry diapers, wipes, a change pad, snacks and lots of toys!

  58. Angie Andrews says:

    Everything for baby, wipes, diapers, spare onsies and sleeper, colouring book and crayons for the older kids, my wallet and phone

  59. It looks stylish and large enough to fit everything that I usually put in my purse.

  60. I SO need a new diaper bag- I would love this one! So cute!

  61. sandra mitchell says:

    my yoga attire

  62. Diapers, burp cloth, and wallet.

  63. everything

  64. Michelle B says:

    sippy cups, snacks, a change of clothing for my 2 toddlers, extra mitts for all 3 kids. my keys, first aid kit, wallet and the list goes on

  65. I would carry diapers, wipes, change of clothes, sippy cups, bottles, snacks, gripe water, bandaids, spare socks, sweaters, keys, cell phone, pretty much everything a mama, a 3 month old and a 2 year old will :)

  66. Carol Denny says:

    The kids toys and snacks

  67. valerie godin says:

    diapers, toys, snacks and drinks

  68. I would of course carry all my baby essentials (diapers, wipes, bottles, change of clothes, etc), along with some of my own essentials (wallet, keys, glasses, lip glass, etc.) in the diaper bag. On longer trips I would pack snacks and toys for my son as well….this bag is great!!

  69. I’d put wipes, sanitizer, my wallet, keys, and just about everything you can think of. I think I would eliminate my purse LOL

  70. we cloth diaper, so it would have cloth diapers, a wetbag, cloth wipes, and since I have children I no longer carry a so it would have my wallet and lipgloss :=P

  71. I have always wanted one of these bags!

  72. Angela Mitchell says:

    I have a new baby so for sure diapers, wipes, change pad, and change of clothes.

  73. Elva Roberts says:

    December 12-This would be a gift for my nephew and I guess his partner would carry supplies for a visit with her baby.

  74. is it wrtong to say I would use it as a purse and carry some baby toys

  75. I tend to be one who carrys a lot – wallet, change of clothing, snacks, tissues

  76. Typical things..wallet, keys, snacks, books.

  77. Baby wipes :)

  78. Jennifer L. says:

    My wallet, kleenex, snacks, a book, chapstick.

  79. Everything! lol – change of clothes, diapers, change kit, etc.

  80. Marlene Unruh says:

    What a beautiful diaper bag to give my DIL who is expecting her first baby in May, she would love me :) right?

  81. Diapers, kids change of clothes and snacks.

  82. Diapers, wipes, keys, iPhone.

  83. I would carry my daughters diapers, snacks, change of clothes

  84. Jennifer Barata Allen says:

    keys, wallet, diapers, wipes, spare baby clothes, milk, snacks

  85. everything but the kitchen sink

  86. Phyllis Denny says:

    Very nice would love to win this for my daughters.

  87. diapers, wipes, nursing pads, 2 outfits (1 for each kid in case they need a change) keys, coupons…

  88. Crystal Denny says:

    Diapers wipes blankie bottles & phone lol

  89. Kristy Richardson says:

    My diaper bag is breaking, so this can’t come at a better time! Diapers, wipes, cheerios, a toy or two, an extra set of baby clothes, keys, wallet, advil for me, a tide stick, a paci on a string, I’m prepared!

  90. Leanne Silverthorne says:

    Everything needed when travelling with my baby (diapers, wipes, bottles, toys etc)

  91. In February I am going to have 2 babies under 1.5 yrs old. I would love the pockets on the skip hop bag so that I can carry diapers for both the new baby and the 1 year old. I would also need to carry extra clothes for both babies and blankets and bottles. Even my wallet and my phone (because I wont have enough hands to carry a purse too).

  92. Lots of diapers and extra clothes

  93. I would carry diapers, food, bottles, clothes, wipes, my wallet, phone and keys.

  94. Kristi Renout says:

    diapers, wipes, toys, snacks.

  95. Unita Esau says:

    Everything-diapers, wipes, cream, bottles,clothes, keys, wallet-almost everything but the kitchen sink

  96. I’m planning on cloth diapering, so I want a bag that’s both stylish and big enough to fit the cloth diapers, wipes, and everything else I’d need along with them

  97. I would love this as a regular purse but it would come in handy when I babysit the granddaughter. :)

  98. Leanne Renouf says:

    I would love to win … I love a big purse.

  99. Kimberly B says:

    I would carry absolutely everything lol – except the kitchen sink!

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