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Giveaways Ending Soon!


Thank goodness for Friday!  Nothing beats cold weather like a weekend full of friends, food and family! During this cold snap, we only  have one giveaway ending on our Giveaways Ending Soon list to tell you about.

In January, in Manitoba, we are generally experiencing a cold snap — and right now it is no different.  With a HIGH of -26 (that’s -26 Celcius, folks) expected for Monday, only one word can describe the weather — BRRRRR!

Here is your chance to get some last minute entries (or your first!) in.

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse GIVEAWAYS

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse – Ends Jan 20 – CAN


Remember to keep checking back for more giveaways tailored to our readers!  The side bar will always list our on-going giveaways.


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