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Chooze Shoes are unique, just like kids are! #Giveaway

I wish Chooze Shoes were around when I was a kid!

Chooze Shoes

Being a child from the 80’s I know a thing or 2 about fashion 😉  While the acid wash pants and neon t-shirts might have been way out there for its time, I know I was styling.

Today there are many fashion trends that I am not sure about, however my daughters are always sure to keep my updated.  One such trend we are noticing is from our 7 year old daughter Kate. Kate insists that it is best NOT to have matching socks.  That is where Chooze Shoes comes -their website describes their shoes this way…

Our shoes are different. Always.

And they are.

Chooze Shoes are unique.

Chooze shoes do not “match”.  While they are the same style, they have different patterns and colors.  According to my daughter, this is cool.  Having shoes that are not matching is the new “thing” and Choose shoes is the cool way to be in style.

Chooze Shoes

Chooze Shoes may be cool to kids, but they do have a cool factor for me too….

  1. I love that chooze shoes invests it’s profits to  anti-poverty programs through training, support, education and loans that help lift up women to break the poverty cycle they are in.
  2. Chooze Shoes cares for the environment.  Their shoe boxes are also known as “art boxes”.  Using vegan and recycled material, they are re-usable with patterns that are begging to be colored and personalized.
  3. Chooze Shoes are machine washable – a plus for this mom!
  4. Chooze Shoes are comfortable for children. They are made from 100% cotton fabric and have anti-microbial memory foam insoles.
  5. Chooze Shoes are unique, just like kids!

Chooze Shoes

Chooze Shoes have all sorts of positives.  Besides being very comfortable and well made, these shoes help give children a sense of individuality. It gives them the sense of doing great things for others and the environment and it reinforces that it is okay to be unique!

It’s not everyday that “cool” shoes win over the kids and the parents…Chooze Shoes have done just that!

Giveaway Moment:

2 lucky CANADIAN Mommy Moment readers will each win a pair of Chooze Shoes. To enter to win leave me a comment telling me the name of the style you would like to win and why.

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Chooze Shoes



  1. I love the Chooze Youth Dance Wiggle — mostly because they’re all pink which is a fave of both of my daughters!

  2. the boys scout in shred

  3. janelle patterson (ehlert) says:

    I would definitely pick the Toddler Dance Spring Garden- they are so bright, cheery & cute! My almost 3 year old would LOVE the happy design! I want them for her!! Thanks for the chance to win a pair :)

  4. Chooze toddler dance posie because they would look sooo darn cute on my baby girl

  5. karen cloutier says:

    youth dance spring peace! :)

  6. I like the toddler dance spring garden! They are everything our daughter likes…pinks and yellows, butterfly’s & flowers, and they look so comfy for her!

  7. I would choose the Boys Scout. My son saw the picture of them and wanted them LOL

  8. I have been in love with these shoes for a while! ChoozeYouth Dance Spring Peace would suit my daughter perfectly!

  9. Trish Clapper says:

    the dance spring peace because they fit my granddaughters personality

  10. Chooze Toddler Dance Posie because they are so cute!

  11. i like Chooze Toddler Scout Protect

  12. I love the Choose Youth Spin Inspire! So pretty!

  13. I would choose the Chooze Youth Spin Inspire because they’re very unique and gorgeous.

  14. Chooze Toddler Dance Sparkle – My neice would love them!!!

  15. lisa bolduc says:

    i would pick the Chooze Toddler Scout Check, becuase there is only 2 pairs for boys

  16. Toddler dance posie because they would look so cute on my granddaughters

  17. Fall 2012 Line – Dig in Pure Fabrics …these boots are too cute. I would love to win for my little niece . :)

  18. Chooze Toddler Dance Wiggle

  19. Haylie Langwald says:

    I would choose the Scout in Shred shoes, because my son would like them.

  20. sandra mitchell says:

    The toddler scout protect because my grandson would love them

  21. I love the Chooze Toddler Dance Sparkle as they are cute and my girl’s favourite colour pink!

  22. Chooze Youth Spin Inspire because they would suit Haaven to a T

  23. I’d chooze The Dig in Behave

  24. Anne Taylor says:

    I would love the Dance in Behave Fabrics shoes because I would donate them to a child in need who would absolutely love them!

  25. Maegan Morin says:

    I really like the Chooze Toddler Dance Posie

  26. Kim Barrett says:

    I’d choose Chooze Toddler Scout Check, because they would be perfect for some outdoorsy kids I know. (Stylin’, but likely to get a little muddy…)

  27. sueboobadoo says:

    ack I just can”t pick between the Chooze Youth Dance Wiggle or the Dance in Pure Fabrics :)

  28. I like the Youth Dance Wiggle…my daughter would agree.

  29. Fall 2012 Line – Dance in Pure Fabrics
    i choose this because it goes with every dress

  30. cathy henatyszen says:

    I like these shoes

  31. I like them all ! but i think i’d pick the Chooze Youth Dance Behave pair.

  32. Carol Denny says:

    I would pick Chooze Youth Spin Inspire

  33. My little guy would look so cute in the Chooze Toddler Scout Protect ….plus they are sliip on so pretty easy this Spring!

  34. I would take the fall 2012 in purple trim, dance in pure fabrics

  35. I would choose the ChoozeToddler Dance Spr Garden because they are so cute

  36. I would choose the Dance in spring peace

  37. Elva Roberts says:

    February 14-I would choose ‘Toddler Dance Wiggle’ because my youngest ggrand daughter never stops for long when She is awake. She is amall and mighty.-I call her our “Pocket Venus.’-These shoes should suit her personality/

  38. love the orange in ChoozeToddler Dance Spr Peace

  39. I would pick Chooze Youth Spin Inspire. I like them because they are an older child look…not just bright pink and flowery. (My kids love bright pink and flowery but sometimes it’s nice for them to wear something a little les so)

  40. i like the Scout in Shred Fabrics – Youth

  41. I would choose toddler dance posie since pink & purple are my daughters favourite colours right now

  42. Toddler Dance Behave would be great for my niece, she loves red

  43. I would choose the Chooze Youth Spin Flourish & the Chooze Youth Spin Radiate

  44. I would choose the Youth Spin Glory or Youth Spin Radiate because I like the floral / shape combo. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. Chooze Youth Spin Inspire would be my pick…I love the subtle differences :)

  46. holly messana says:

    Chooze Youth Dance Wiggle -we like the poka dots

  47. Adrienne DeRamus says:

    Twirl in Harmony Pink! I got a pair for my daughter and myself and I wear mine everyday!!!!

  48. My son and I would love to try a pair!
    Scout in Transport and Laugh in Wish

  49. Dance in Pure…This design makes me think of drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, which is something my daughter and I LOVE to do in the spring and summer.

  50. Quite frankly? All of them. Chooze and Zozo the (clothes the girls are wearing in the promoshots) are what my daughters love and their answer to which ones they love is usually “I LOVE ALL OF THEM!”

  51. Cathy Canton says:

    Toddler Scout Protect Camo Chooze

  52. I would choose the Chooze Toddler Dance Spr Garden. I love the colour and my DD3 would too (yellow is both our favourite colour).

  53. Chooze Youth Dance Behave

  54. youth spin radiate – cause they are pink and my niece loves pink!

  55. I would choose the Dance in Sparkle 2….so cute and my daughter would love them!

  56. the Choose Youth Spin Radiate Pair – for my daughter
    My daughter would love these – she always envies how her mother just takes any two socks and puts them on, so she never has matching socks [she says it’s a real stress-reliever, not having to match them out of the wash/dryer, and doesn’t have to worry when she loses one or gets a hole in one – she literally just throws them in a drawer and pulls out whatever – she’s done this since she left home at fifteen years old]. My daughter will love to show off her miss-matched shoes and pink is what she likes.

  57. I Chooze Youth Dance Wiggle because look fit a princess.

  58. I’d chose the dance spring peace – they’re in my niece’s favourite colours

  59. I love the Dance in Wiggle Fabrics shoes…so cute! I also love the Dig in Pure Fabrics boots – I LOVE that they each have a different fabric and they look so comfortable too.

  60. Katharine W says:

    Chooze Toddler Dance Posie because it has both pink and purple, the colours my girls love.

  61. Dance in Wiggle Fabrics – I like my daughter in pink so they don’t confuse her for a boy!! :)

  62. I love Dance in Behave Fabrics.

  63. domestic diva says:

    I like the toddler scout check shoes. Cute!


  65. the scout youth sized in shred. my son would love ’em

  66. I like the Chooze Youth Spin Radiate, they look great and my kids would love them…. All the shoes look great and cozy…

  67. Angela Mitchell says:

    My daughter loves these shoes and she had a pair of pink ones so she would love a pair of red ones. She likes Youth Spin Glory.

  68. Nina bergeron says:

    i would choose toddler dance spring garden they are too cute

  69. Cheryl Almas says:

    I would choose Scout in Shred Fabrics – Toddler for my grandson.

  70. Dance in pure fabrics or pp fabrics for my daughter. She would love them!

  71. My favorite is the toddler dance spring garden because it is filled with out favorite things :)

  72. My girls love purple and pink so I would choose the Chooze Youth Spin Flourish.

  73. I would chooze the Chooze
    Chooze Toddler Dance Wiggle

  74. adina holwerda says:

    I like, they are cute

  75. Chooze Toddler Scout Protect just because i like them best.

  76. I always wear different socks, rarely matching, unless by coincedence, so my daughter would love these.

  77. Forgot to say what shoes I’s choose – the “BEHAVE” pair.

  78. Kelly Krol says:

    Dance in Sparkle 2

  79. Scout-Rockout2! Because my son deserves something unique and special like him!

  80. Kelly Krol says:

    Toddler Dance Sparkle

  81. nicki paniccia says:

    Dance Wiggle because they’re bright and unique just like my daughter

  82. Dayna Wilson says:

    I lik e the Scout shoes for toddler boys! They’re adorable, and my son likes sharks.

  83. nicolthepickle says:

    I love the Chooze Youth Dance Wiggle shoes. They look so sturdy, good for little feet.

  84. Candice Martey says:

    I would choose Chooze Toddler Dance Wiggle.
    My little wiggly girl would love these

  85. Dance in Behave Fabrics. It’s the only pair that doesn’t have pink on it.

  86. I love them all!! So difficult to choose!

  87. I would choose dance spring peace because they are so fun!

  88. I would Chooze (lol) the Dance Posie patterns because I think they’re adorable….though they’re all really cute!

  89. Jennifer Abbott says:

    I like the Dance in Spring Garden Fabrics they have cute little flowers and butterflies

  90. Sarah Stickney says:

    Chooze Toddler Scout Protect

  91. I love the spin flourish, my DD6 would love love love these!

  92. They are truly unique but cute! I like the Twirl in Charm Red.

  93. Chooze Toddler Dance Sparkle…adorable!

  94. Michelle B says:

    Dance Posie would be my daughters pick. Because on is purple and one is pink her two favourite colours!

  95. Kristy Baranoski says:

    The scout in shred are so cute!!

  96. Chooze Youth Spin Flourish

  97. We would pic “Toddler Dance Wiggle” because our daughter LOVES pink! And she says pink make her happy!

  98. Nicole Precourt says:

    I like the Scout in check patterns shoes.

  99. Scout in shred. Great for the little guy

  100. the dance spring garden shoes for my daughter they look so bright and sunny!

  101. Maggie Kannon says:

    I would pick the Scout in Shred toddler shoes.

  102. I would pick the Chooze Toddler Dance Wiggle because they would go well with most of my daughters clothes :)

  103. Sandra O says:

    Chooze toddler scout check for boys would be nice for my son.

  104. Nikki Lynn Hanna says:

    I love the Chooze Toddler Dance Sparkle….too cute

  105. Christy Martin says:

    I love Chooze Youth Dance Behave! Love the colour and that the patterns are mis-matched. I almost wish they had these for adults!

  106. sueplay says:

    Chooze Youth Dance Behave is so cute – I love those.

  107. Judy Williams says:

    Toddler Dance Spring Garden is beautiful!

  108. I choose Chooze Toddler Dance Sparkle. My daughter would love these

  109. effie mclinden says:

    Scout in Shred Fabrics – Toddler i would love these for my son as he goes thru shoes faster then i can buy them

  110. Dawn Porter says:

    I have never heard of these before, they definitely would be a hit though with my daughter !!! we are open to any style, thank you :)

  111. rhea laylo from philippines says:

    hope my daughter and i can a pair…we still dont have one. We wanna experience Chooze shoes ♥♥♥ fromPhilippines

  112. rhea laylo from philippines says:

    hope my daughter and i can have a pair…we still dont have one. We wanna experience Chooze shoes ♥♥♥ fromPhilippines

  113. I’d love the Chooze Youth Spin Inspire for my daughter :)

  114. Chooze Youth Spin Inspire
    LOVE that the color is darker and so unique

  115. I think my son who love to wear odd socks would get a kick out of a pair of Scout in Shred

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