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Helpful Tax Tips from H&R Block for the Canadian Family #Giveaway {Can Only} {5 Winners}

Soccer practice, dance classes, piano lessons, art class – the list of activities available to our kids today is endless.  The cost of these extracurricular activities along with all of the other costs involved with children, means raising a family is getting increasingly expensive.  Cleo Hamel, senior tax analyst at H&R Block Canada, offers the following tax tips for families who wish to reduce their 2012 tax bill.

Get a SIN: Apply for a social insurance number upon a birth of the child.  You will need this in order to open an RESP.  It will also be required when your child starts to earn income, even for minor jobs such as babysitting or paper routes.  Money earned from this type of employment qualifies for the calculation of an RRSP deduction limit.

Child Tax Benefit: As soon as a child is born, parents should complete Form RC66, Canada Child Tax Benefit Application and send it to the CRA.  This form will register their child for the GST/HST Credit and Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) as well as the Child Tax Benefit.

Signed up for kinder gym?  The Children’s Fitness Amount is a non-refundable credit that is worth up to $500 for children under the age of 16 enrolled in an eligible program of physical activity.  Not every program meets the eligibility guidelines so you need to ensure you know the requirements.  Make sure you keep your receipts.  Children with disabilities will qualify for an advanced credit if they are under 18.

Universal Child Care Benefit:  This is available to any family with children under the age of six regardless of the household income.  Each child under six is eligible for the $100 per month benefit.  UCCB is taxable in the hands of the lower-income spouse.

Claim childcare:  Keep all your receipts for childcare expenses.  From daycare to nannies, childcare expenses can be claimed by the lower-income spouse.  Unfortunately, any unused amount cannot be claimed by the higher-income earner unless there was a period of separation of 90 days or more or the other spouse was in school, prison or the hospital.

Most often, the credits won’t outweigh the return, but every little bit can help make a difference and there are a number of other credits available to families.  Make sure you don’t miss out on any of them by using tax preparation software, like H&R Block At Home do-it-yourself software (, which guides Canadians through step-by-step tips to identify every possible deduction or credit, calculates your return as you go, and ensures you get your maximum refund.  Not comfortable doing your own taxes?  Bring it into an H&R Block office and a tax professional will review your return for free.

HRBlock software

– Information provided by H&R Block


5 lucky CANADIAN Mommy Moment readers will win a code to receive the H&R Block Do-It-Yourself Tax Software!  That means you can do your taxes from home and get all the help to make it easy.

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling me if you generally do your own taxes (at home) or have an accountant take care of them for you.

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  1. I usually do our own taxes. I would love to win this! Thanks for the tax tips. :)

  2. Anne Peters says:

    I do my own taxes.

  3. I have been doing my own taxes for years now.

  4. Tawnya Barnes says:

    I have never done my own taxes but have wanted to for years. I think I’m too afraid of making a mistake! This would be great!

  5. For years I did my own taxes with the forms you pick up from the Post Office. Since math is not my strong suit, I had my taxes reassessed several years. So my sister took over and used a tax software to do my taxes. Then, I kind of didn’t file for a few years… So last year I took my stuff to an accountant and he completed them for me. This year, I’ll be calling the accountant again. Unless I win this software!

  6. at home

  7. Brenda Penton says:

    I do my taxes at home

  8. I have always done our taxes at home – with pen and paper in the past but recently with software. It gets more and more complex every year, with additional children, home ownership etc and good software is imperative for me! Thanks for the great post!

  9. I do them at home and usually end up doing for the extended family as well!

  10. I have an accountant do mine.

  11. Catherine Brown says:

    I do my own and hate it.

  12. I generally do our taxes on my own :( it is stressful and takes a long time for me to do…this software would make it so much easier for me! Thanks for the chance!

  13. Erika Birrell says:

    Actually we drop them off at H&R Block!

  14. Lindsay Cyr says:

    I usually do our own taxes myself.

  15. I am never clear on deductions so I usually get someone else to do them!

  16. I do them at home.

  17. great way to do taxes

  18. My husband does our taxes every year at home. I’m sure this software would make it much easier for him.

  19. Maegan Morin says:

    My mother in law is an accountant and she usually does our taxes for us but I would love to try this software because then I wouldnt have to wait and mail it in lol.

  20. my husband does them for us.

  21. I do the taxes for both my husband and myself.

  22. I have an accountant do my taxes. It is very complicated for me lol.

  23. Kimberley Schmidt says:

    I do my taxes at home.

  24. My husband does our taxes.

  25. I usually do my own….painfully

  26. Generally my hubby does our taxes. When we met he had a part-time job preparing taxes at H&R! However, last year due to a move across the country for my hubby’s work, we had a more complicated tax return and we returned to good old H&R Block.

  27. I have been doing my own, ever since my Mother passed away. She use to do them for me, but now I have taken over that job for my Husband and I. This software would really help make it so much easier!

  28. My husband does our taxes

  29. We do ours at home.

  30. I do them myself and would love to try this program.

  31. Marlene V. says:

    I do mine at home but also do several other family members as well:)

  32. Theresa M. says:

    I do my own tax at home.

  33. SueSueper says:

    We usually do our own, have since I started my first job way back when. :-)

  34. I do our taxes and my mom’s

  35. never did my own before but am open to try

  36. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    we do our own

  37. Patrick Miller says:

    I do all the family’s taxes, so this would be great!

  38. I have never done my own taxes, but would love to try!

  39. I usually do my own taxes and if I can’t I get my sister to do them.

  40. lisa bolduc says:

    i am an accountant, so i do my own.

  41. Karry Knisley says:

    I do my own

  42. I do my own

  43. I do my own at home

  44. My wife tackles ours – and if there’s mistakes, they fix them, and there’s no charge for that.

  45. I do our taxes at home.

  46. Lori Bazan says:

    I do my family’s taxes as well as a few friends…at no cost to anyone :-)

  47. Dayna Wilson says:

    I usually do my own.

  48. The last couple of years we have got our accountant to do them

  49. I usually do my own taxes…I love your new blog and logo…so perfect!

  50. We have always paid an accountant, but if we win this we can do it ourselves!

  51. Jacqui Hill says:

    I do my own and a few other peoples

  52. Marlene Unruh says:

    We do them at home, can’t use telefile this year, so need H&R Block do it yourself tax program :)

  53. Jo Ann Moffatt says:

    I usually have an accountany do my taxes but last year I did it myself through H and R Block with a program they were offering.

  54. I usually do my own taxes. Since my husband and I both work full-time for other companies, it’s pretty simple.

  55. My dad is a retired accountant and usually does our taxes, but I would like to attempt them on my own (I also have a bit of accounting background myself)

  56. I usually do my own taxes. Winning this software would make it a whole lot easier for me!!!!

  57. I have done our income tax at home for years. I even help my parents do their income tax too.

  58. Cathy Canton says:

    do my own using a software program

  59. old school! would like to switch to efile

  60. Heather Robinson says:

    usually at home…

  61. I do my own taxes.

  62. Mike Gismondi says:

    I do my own taxes

  63. i do them at home

  64. Our’s our typically pretty simple so I end up using the software and completing them at home. Thanks!

  65. Katharine W says:

    I do my own.

  66. Tara Gauthier says:

    I do them at home

  67. My wife does our taxes

  68. Kristi Renout says:

    We do our own!

  69. i hire someone to do it

  70. JENNIFER HART says:


  71. I have done my own taxes in the past, but I have a family member who usually does them for me now.

  72. I used to do my own taxes using a computer program, but since getting married, my husband and I go to H and R Block normally.

  73. holly messana says:

    i do my own

  74. i want my money…

  75. nikki robak says:

    I try to do my own

  76. mike sologuk says:

    I try to do my own tax return

  77. 8 is enough says:

    need this

  78. have always done by hand

  79. I have had an accountant do them since my divorce

  80. we usually get our taxes at h&r block so we can get our money right away.

  81. I do ours – I do make mistakes regularly, but they fix it and send it back to me all completed, no charge. So in the end, I save $178 for the two of us, which is the charge here in our small town, that’s the only place to go in the area, so yay, they know that.

  82. Sometimes we do our own, we just weren’t sure how to go about it last year because we became parents so we had ours done for us.

  83. I always do our taxes, so this would be great!

  84. Sarah Stickney says:

    i’ve always had h&r block do it, but would like to try myself


    H & R Block, been around forever, most known name in Income Tax preperation.

  86. do it myself

  87. stacey dempsey says:

    I usually do them at home, but I always worry I am missing some credit that I dont know about

  88. Katherine Williams says:

    I have always done our own. Not sure that I’ve always claimed all the tax breaks I could have, though! :)

  89. We always do our own taxes!

  90. Lindell Smith says:

    I really hate doing the taxes…need HELP…PLEASE!!

  91. Sandra Venneri Schultz says:

    Usually an accountant but I’m ready to try on my own.

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