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5 Tooth Brushing Tips from Toddlers to Tweens #PGMom

Since our daughter Kate suffered from GERD for many years, tooth care was always on our mind. We did not want the acid from her being sick so much to affect the health of her teeth.

We decided that oral care was very important for us and I’m happy to say that our daughters Kate (7) and Jane (4) have not had any cavities.


tooth brushing tips

5 Tooth Brushing Tips


  1. Introduce healthy foods to your child from a young age. -Selecting healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and avoiding sugary foods are the best medicine for your child’s teeth. When your child does consume sugar (such as fruit juices or sweets), avoid doing so between meals when the mouth’s natural saliva production is low.
  2. Model good oral heath for your children. – Children learn from seeing what others do. It’s important for kids to see adults taking care of their teeth and not just being told to brush their teeth.
  3. Have a stool by the sink so the child can be at a comfortable height when learning to brush on their own. – Creating and inviting and comfortable environment for children to brush their teeth will help them learn the independence of oral health care from a young age.
  4. Get a toothbrush your child will love. At the age of 3 all the way to tween, the Oral-B Pro-Health For Me Vitality Electric Toothbrush is a fun option. It is an electric toothbrush with a 2 minute timer and rechargeable battery – and looks pretty cool too.
  5. Have your child go with you to the store to pick out their own toothpaste and floss. Giving them a choice helps them become independent and take responsibility for their oral care.

 tooth brushing tips

Help teach your kids about the importance of oral health early. Check out tips and articles on to help you learn about dental care from babies to kids, and adults too. Having trouble? Why not make a game of it and download the Yuck Mouth game for Android and Apple devices.

Oral-B Tween

Do your children have good oral health habits? Do you find it easy or difficult to model good oral health habits for your children?


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  1. Good for Kate and Jane! Oral care is SO important; my boys have both had issues with cavities and now that their mouths are healthy again, I’m determined to keep them that way! Thanks for the tips!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the tips – I’m not sure if we would have been so on the ball with the oral care the way we are now if it was not for my daughters health issues. I hope your boys will enjoy taking care of their teeth :)

  2. We all have excellent oral health habits right down to dental flossing daily!

  3. Haylie Langwald says:

    My daughter does fairly well, she just needs to be reminded to brush for the full 2 minutes. She’s starting to initiate flossing herself. My youngest is more of a battle though.

    • Haylie Langwald says:

      And yes, I do find it difficult to model good habits as I can get so busy in the mornings I forget about myself.

  4. fairly good habits but need reminders

  5. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    The brushing and mouth wash is good, but the flossing needs to improve!

  6. I don’t have children but I do think it is important to model good oral hygiene. If they see you brushing and flossing they will be more apt to follow suit.

  7. Anne Taylor says:

    My kids are grown now, but they pretty much copied me when it came to oral care! They now have their own kids and are going through the process with them.

  8. Maegan Morin says:

    Its actually really easy to get my kids to brush their teeth. They really like it.

  9. Debbie W says:

    I am religious about making sure everyone brushes their teeth after every meal and at bedtime, including flossing.

  10. Brenda Penton says:

    My kids are pretty good about oral hygiene . I brush and floss 2x daily so I think I am doing a good job of modeling good oral hygiene habits.

  11. ellen chevarie says:

    i think its fairly easy.making brushing fun is the key-let them become involved ,like piv=cking their toothbrushes and paste and even picking a stool.involving music ,whatever goes and starting early.regardless there are always times when a child might not wan to a happy dance to the bathroom.whatecer it takes.

  12. Karla Sceviour says:

    My son isnt too bad at brushing his teeth,sometimes he needs a reminder! I think I do a good job!

  13. We are still brushing my little guys teeth – they love it! My daughters know the importance of teeth hygiene but getting them to remember to brush and floss – another story!

  14. I’m a big oral hygiene freak, so modeling it to my kids isn’t a problem. My kids have good days and bad days. There are days when they LOVE to floss and brush and other days, it’s hard to stick a toothbrush in their mouth. Your tips are very helpful.

  15. Jennifer Abbott says:

    I’m am a good example of modelling good oral hygiene and they are good about brushing their teeth.

  16. Lori Bazan says:

    We visist the dentist as scheduled and brush our teeth day and night!

  17. Carol Denny says:

    They are really good at brushing their teeth.

  18. Deb Dorrington says:

    We all have very good oral hygiene habits, brushing and flossing after meals and of course bedtime. We go to our dentist every year for a check-up. I think it’s important to be a good role model for our kids especially the flossing!!

  19. My kids could be better with their oral hygiene.

  20. Sydney D says:

    I could be a bit better with Oral hygiene probably. I brush twice a day, but don’t floss very often.

  21. My children do have great oral habits but that is because they have both gone the braces route and need to upkeep their progress.

  22. Leanne M says:

    Could be better. I brush often but I’m not so good with flossing.

  23. natasha severson says:

    both my girls love to brush their teeth.. my oldest wants to do it herself.. which isnt a good thing just yet (misses some spots) but i think thats pretty natural tho :)

  24. Great tips! My daughter is 10 months old and getting teeth. I will use these tips for sure.

  25. Florence C says:

    My children had good oral habits and my grandchildren have them also

  26. Jennifer L. says:

    My son is okay but I wished he brushed more often.

  27. candess phillips says:

    I try to encourage good oral habits consistantly in our home. Its easier with my four year old who can’t wait for the chance ‘to spit’! My older son wavers in his hygine habits although he’s spoken about wanting white teeth, it is still a struggle. When he went to summer camp I don’t think he brushed all week, finding his toothbrush and paste still in a small pocket of his luggage untouched. I made him brush and floss and rinse for half an hour! Really boys can be so gross… It would be nice if a new package of product gave him that extra inspiration he needs.

  28. Anu Chopra says:

    My son gets lots of cavities so I make him brush morning and night. I brush my teeth in the mornings and floss my teeth at night.

  29. They had fairly good habits, but needed reminding once in a while.

  30. My son has good oral hygiene habits modelled after me and likes to take care of his teeth. I do need to remind him to brush at night or at least ask if he has brushed his teeth…seems i have been doing that for years though!!

  31. We definitely need to focus more on the flossing in this house. I am quilty of not doing it enough myself and I need to improve on that to be a better model.

  32. Sabrina T says:

    We introduced the toothbrush before she had teeth. She loves brushing them and I hope that never changes. We sing a tooth brushing song, and have fun with it, so hopefully the good habits she has now continues on into the future.

  33. I have no children myself but I do find when taking care of my little cousins that I have no problem on my end demonstrating good oral hygiene habits (usually turn brushing teeth into a game) Lead by example!

  34. SueSueper says:

    Mine will brush but need to get them flossing. Usually when we brush our teeth the kids aren’t around, which makes modelling not working too well.

  35. When taking care of little ones, I found it easier to display good dental hygiene habits than if I were, say, by myself. Children are sponges in the sense that they’ll mirror or take on your habits. So if you know there is someone who might be watching and influenced by you, you are more likely to watch your habits and make sure whatever habits they pick up are good ones.

  36. i have a difficult time modeling good oral hygiene. I have an aversion to dentists and it is hard to hide.

  37. They are good about brushing, but its hard to keep them on flossing. We get those picks that are easier for them than the string.

  38. My kids do have good oral hygiene habits but only because I force it on them. If left to their own devices, they would brush their teeth once a month or so!

  39. sarah stickney says:

    my son is 1 year old. i hope he will have good habits

  40. She has good habits so far :) she even flosses

  41. julie_bolduc says:

    my 11 year old has good dental habits but my 10 year old not so.much

  42. Joy Mills says:

    Not so good – flossing is practically non-existant – brushing is quickly done and needs to be reminded.

  43. My whole family currently have good habits. Let’s hope those beautiful smiles last forever.

  44. Great post… a constant battle for every parent…

  45. Yes my kids have good oral health habits , but I always have to remind them to do it.

  46. Elaine Jasvins says:

    It is hard to be an example when I am up before them and go to bed after them.

  47. My grandchildren are really good about brushing and flossing their teeth. When I looked after them I didn’t even have to remind them.

  48. Kristy. V says:

    We struggle with getting our little toddler to brush his teeth. We have found that he definitely likes the electric toothbrushes, I think it’s the taste of the training toothpastes that turns him off….it’s a daily battle.

  49. Angela Mitchell says:

    It is a constant battle to get my 6 year old daughter to brush her teeth. We model the proper habits but she is very stubborn.

  50. My daughter takes good care of her teeth – we started at an early age and modeled it for her so she understand and saw the importance of it.

  51. Clifford says:

    My kids now take good care of their teeth, they have both had a cavity each and do not want to have anymore. So now it’s brushing after each meal and flossing twice a day. I have tried to be a good role model by brushing and flossing often each day and taking them to our dentist for our yearly check up.

  52. It is a constant battle. They do enjoy their electric toothbrushes. I’ve noticed that when our youngest sees my husband or I brushing our teeth he will then get his toothbrush and brush his teeth.

  53. It is hard to get them to let me do a good job. They want to do it themselves so I give them some time to try their best and then it is mommy’s turn to get in there!

  54. Tara Knott says:

    We really try to stress the importance of good oral hygiene. Hopefully, this continues as they grow.

  55. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    Miss R has good habits, me not so much.

  56. I pretty much have to beg my little one. My oldest is actually pretty good

  57. Laurie B says:

    I get my kids to brush their teeth daily. I could be a better model.. I don’t enforce flossing as much as I should/could.

  58. Victoria Ess says:

    Pretty easy — I always had good brushing practices, and my kids don’t really think of brushing as a big deal.

  59. Its OK-have her brush 2x everyday and floss each night. Have to monitor her or she wont do a good job

  60. Aubree Faunce says:

    they have good habits but as preemies my twins first teeth came in bad

  61. yup, brush and floss two times a day

  62. yes, they certainly do!

  63. They are good but not independly, it takes much harrassing for them too do a good job 2x a day and floss

  64. Elaine Bolduc says:

    i have a very hard time bushing my grandson’s teeth, he has down syndrome and sometimes refuses to let me brush them. his teeth are not the best because of his health so it is very very important to brush them on a regular basis. this is not an easy task with him.

  65. We have been blessed to have Dental coverage since before our kids were born. Both our children have never had a cavaty but my daughter’s teeth are very transparent so it adds a darkened shadow that bothers me personally, hope to get this fixed in the future. but so far, I can’t complain – they are very compliant when i t comes to teeth.

  66. Teresa M. says:

    I am good role model for my children and my Mum was too for me and my two sisters. Visits every 2 months. Sara and I both had braces. Sara needed quite a bit of dental work but she has a pretty great smile today.

  67. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Of my 7 children, there was really only one who was dreadful at brushing his teeth (4 yrs old at the time) – wouldn’t open his mouth for the dentist etc etc. He ended up having to go to hospital and under full anaesthetic having his teeth entpulped. Most kids don’t want to “waste” playing time to brush their teeth so you have to make it into a game and always praise them for doing a good job. I found that telling them they were big boys and girls being able to brush their teeth on their own was a big help – of course there was the competition of their siblings to spur them on too. Most important is also to watch what they eat and drink keeping the sugar & acid contents as low as possible.

  68. Christy Martin says:

    As someone that was born with minimal enamel & soft teeth, there is nothing more important that dental/gum health! So many product improvements have been made, fun packaging etc. I love the electric toothbrush! I find kids will use almost anything, if it makes them feel grown up, even with princess toothpaste.

  69. we started when they were very, very young. so far there aren’t any problems – it’s just part of the routine – for all of us. thanks

  70. Holly Messana says:

    my children see very good oral hygiene from me. they don’t really put in the effort that i would like, but it is coming

  71. lori butler says:

    my youngest seems to be a constant battle, i hear the excuse I didn’t have time.. I even wake him up earlier so he has the 5 mins for good oral care.

  72. Sharlene says:

    Its a battle but starting to get better as the kids get older..

  73. nikki robak says:

    my kids have ok habits but still have to push

  74. Josephine D says:

    It seems like it is a constant battle around my house. I can’t count how many times I have asked “did you brush your teeth?” before bed only to get an answer of “I forgot”. Drives me nuts.

  75. Joce Lyne says:

    my kids do pretty good..brush twice per day and floss about once a week…

  76. They are trained well as seen in their good brushing habits!

  77. Colleen D says:

    My children have decent oral cleaning habits. I try to be a good role model for them and encourage them to brush their teeth.

  78. Carrie Butler says:

    my kids need better oral dental habit. Mostly because I don’t oversee them as well as I should. I try to tell them two and two!

  79. Our toddler loves to brush his teeth, our older son is pretty good with it. Occasional meltdowns, but that is to be expected! I think that I model good oral health practices, and try to ensure that our kids see me brushing, etc. Thank you!
    – Dawn

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