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Highlight Your Family’s Special Moments with Milestone Prints! #CelebrateMom #Giveaway $75 Value

The special moments and days in your family’s life are precious.  Turn these special times into a piece of beautiful, custom artwork.

Weddings, births, family celebrations and other important dates, Milestone Prints provides you with a way to customize your milestones and gives you a way to display them for all to see.

Milestone Prints offers you 3 great ways to mount and display your prints.


Milestone prints floating

The Float Mount allows you to to display your custom designed Family details mounted on a 1/8″ Masonite that seems to “float” off of the wall.  Colours, styles & various sizes are available as product options.

Custom frame with a UV laminate

milestone prints UV Laminate

The Custom frame with a UV laminate ~ this custom designed Family Milestone Print has a UV inhibitive laminate applied.  The print is then backed and custom framed with a solid wood frame in white or espresso.  Colours, styles & various sizes are available as product options.

Custom frame with a 2″ V Groove mat and Glass

Milestone Prints V Groove mat and Glass

The Custom frame with a 2″ V Groove mat and Glass is designed to display and hold your most precious information.  Framed with a 2″ mat with custom VGroove cut, it is also protected with glass.  The solid wood frames are available in either white or espresso.  Colours, styles & various sizes are available as product options.

Milestone Prints make great wedding, anniversary, birthday and Mother’s Day gifts — so why not get one for someone special.  Not sure which special moment they would like to showcase?  Milestone Prints has recently added the option to purchase gift certificates off of their website.


1 lucky Mommy Moment reader will WIN a $75 Milestone Prints gift certificate.

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling me which milestone you would like to have displayed in your home.

** All #CelebrateMom giveaways will run exactly 3 weeks. **

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  1. My kids birthdays

  2. angela m says:

    A wedding milestone

  3. Ashley S says:

    My sons birth :)

  4. Michele P says:

    the wedding milestone print for hubby and I would be great!

  5. Sarah VM says:

    I’d like to display my children’s birth dates and stats.

  6. my grandchildren

  7. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    I would like both my wedding and children’s births if both are possible on one plaque.

  8. Heidi C. says:

    I would celebrate my two sets of twins’ births!

  9. Id use it as a gift!

  10. My kids birthdays and our wedding day

  11. I would get a family milestone made for our house!

  12. I would have to get one made for each of my boys to celebrate when they were born

  13. I would like to give the grandchildren milestone as a gift to my selfless parents. They are such amazing parents and grandparents!

  14. Tabitha P says:

    I would go with the UV Laminate and display my kids birth stats, I’ve been wanting one of these type things for a long time :)

  15. my daughter’s birth!

  16. natasha severson says:

    i would love it for my girls bdays!!! and my anniversary :)

  17. Julie G. says:

    I’d like one for our anniversary.

  18. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d want a Wedding Milestone print.

  19. the wedding milestone print!

  20. sarah stickney says:

    my son’s birth and my wedding

  21. The wedding milestone print.

  22. would like to display our 25th anniversary next year.

  23. Teresa M. says:

    I would have Sara’s birthdate displayed in my bedroom but the one with all 6 grandchildren would be perfect for my Mum.

  24. Carol Denny says:

    I lke the grandchildren display

  25. Laurie B says:

    I would do a milestone for each of my kids births.

  26. Mom’s 50th anniv this year .. the grandkids names .. what a great idea!

  27. julie_bolduc says:

    my wedding!!!

  28. Wedding, my husband just asked what year the other day! Yeesh! True story! lol

  29. Deb Dorrington says:

    My children’s names and birthdays!

  30. I’d definitely do our wedding.

  31. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d do my wedding probably.

  32. Beth Gallinger says:

    My sister and brother-in-law’s wedding

  33. Elaine Bolduc says:

    i really like the one with the grandchildrens birth dates. very nice

  34. Family Milestones

  35. Definitely my wedding milestone

  36. I would like to get these done up for my daughters’ births!

  37. Children’s birth dates and stats.

  38. Alex Marischuk says:

    My wedding or my son’s birth date!

  39. I would create a print with both of my children’s birth dates and weight, height, time of birth info. Thanks!

  40. candess phillips says:

    I would want it to be of my childrens birthdates

  41. Maybe wedding anniv. – it’s our Ten Yr. Anniv. this year. Maybe kids’ birthdates.

  42. amy rouse says:

    I’d LOVE the grandchildren print!!! So cute!

  43. nADYA kotik says:

    i would like my niece’s birthday framed!

  44. Holly Messana says:

    i love the milestone prints, i would love to get a family tree one

  45. Lori Bazan says:

    I would love to get a family tree milestone!

  46. kim lyle says:

    mom of 5 here….id LOVE to have a milestone portrait of my 3rd son JACOB and the family as we celebrate our families first college graduate this may!!! hes such a good kid–we wish him the grace and love he needs to succeed in life!!

  47. Tania Marion says:

    I would love it for my daughter. The custom frame 2″ V groove mat and glass is my favourite! This is an awesome giveaway, I hope to win! Keeping my fingers crossed!! <3

  48. valerie godin says:

    I would get the Birth Milestone Print with Float Mounting

  49. I would like to have my kids’ births displayed if not in my home, in my parents’ home.

  50. donna boyle says:

    i would definetly have my kids names and birth dates displayed in my home very proudly

  51. Christy Martin says:

    I would give one of all the grandchildren to my parents.

  52. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’d like a Birth Milestone Print for both of my children.

  53. I would like my marriage

  54. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    our birthdates and wedding date

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