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Overcome with emotion

Overcome with emotion. It was 7 and a half years ago.

My water broke on a Friday evening while visiting friends….on Sunday we welcomed our little Kate to the world. Did you get that? My water broke on a Friday, I gave birth on a Sunday – I was so tired, and completely overcome with emotion.

overcome with emotion

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  1. Aww! how lovely congratulations :-)

    Have a fantabulosa time with your new daughter

  2. That must have been one LONG labour… Yikes!

  3. She’s so beautiful! I miss the days when my baby was so small.

  4. My first labor was like that. I thought I was going to die and was practically begging them to just give me a c-section! They kept telling me to look in that mirror and “enjoy” it but that mirror was the last place I wanted to look! I was so exhausted and the nurses, while I know it must have been frustrating for them, seemed like they were getting angry at me for not trying hard enough or something and them being there made it all seem so much worse.

  5. Wow that’s a long labor! You poor thing! Congrats on your beautiful daughter!

  6. Wow, I can’t imagine being in labor that long! My water broke and I was ticked that my doctor could have given me pitocen (sp?) hours sooner than he did. He wanted to go shopping for his upcoming vacation and didn’t order it until he got back 9 hours later.

  7. That picture captures true beauty, and true love!

  8. I bet you were so tired and out of it. Still she is and was beautiful!


  10. Oh My! My cousin had a similar labor 2 weeks ago. Enjoy and relax as you can.

  11. Yikes! That is a LONG labour!

  12. First off, Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. My Son is almost 8 weeks old, which is hard to believe how fast time is going! Second, Being in labor that long must have been horrible! I had a C-Section, so didn’t have to worry about my water breaking or a lengthy birthing……So glad it all worked out and the photo is fabulous!

  13. Wonderful shot. All the very best to you and your family.

  14. What a great moment to capture. There really is nothing like holding your newborn baby for the first time.

  15. Yes, it is exhausting. i was in labor with my daughter for a little over a day and a half.

  16. Yes! I heard that – and re-read it! Friday – Sunday – you poor thing but at least the reward was worth it in the end :)

  17. What a lovely ending though. I am so glad that the memories of labour fade over time.

  18. That was a long labor. Glad you two got through it well!

  19. ohhh but those cuddles made it all worth it!!!

    Thank you for hosting WW, mine is up as well, if you want to join in…

  20. Such a beautiful photo.

    Wow! That sounds like an exhausting labour. Amazing how all pregnancy and delivery experiences are so different. My little one came flying out and landed by my foot on the hospital bed, with no doctors in the room. She delivered herself. Scariest moment of my life.

    Thanks for sharing such a precious moment with us. Beautiful.

  21. Even though it was over seven years ago, you must still just be overcome by the memories of that moment. That’s awesome that you shared that photo. My labour, although not long like yours, was beyond anything I could have imagined – I never thought I would survive the pain. And then, I have a photo that looks similar to yours. Any time I see it, I’m just transported in an instant to the moment of peace and silence and pure love when baby Grace entered my life. Now she’s 9.

  22. What a sweet picture this is, and such a perfect way to remember that overwhelming moment! Thanks for sharing your story, hon!

  23. Great photo!! Those first few moments with your baby are amazing :)

  24. Oh man! That’s a LONG time! Sounds like my labours!!! (never again!!! lol)

  25. I was blessed with an easy pregnancy and a relatively short labour. I think someone or something was making sure I saved my strength for my “fussy” baby :)

  26. Awww sorry to hear it was such a long labor….but what a beautiful outcome and bundle of joy! :) Love the picture….so sweet!

  27. I had a really long labour with our first baby, so I can relate, but luckily the result makes it all worth while!

  28. This picture truly needs no words. Funny how a picture takes us back to that exact moment in time and all of the emotions that come with it! So beautiful!

  29. so sweet!

  30. I still remember each first moment I had with each boy.

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