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Video Review of the Xlear Sinus Care Rinse by my little girl #Giveaway

Yes, you read that right. My 4 year old wanted me to take a video of her using the XLEAR -Sinus Care Rinse. The Xlear Sinus Care Rinse is a patented nasal irrigation system that is safe for both children and adults.

I had never used a Sinus Care Rinse before, so when our family was all hit with a sinus cold this past week, it was the perfect time to try this natural way of cleaning out our sinus’.

Take a look at this little video of my 4 year old using the Xlear Sinus Care Rinse…..Warning: it really works, so if you have a weak stomach, be prepared!

Xlear Sinus Care Rinse

  • Contains xylitol, a healthy and natural sweetener
  • Safe for use by children and adults, including women that are pregnant or nursing
  • Uniquely designed bottle for “positive pressure” rinsing of the nasal passages
  • Combines the traditional nasal sinus cleaners of sea salt and sodium bicarbonate with the amazing health benefits of xylitol
  • All-natural, drug-free
  • Contains one BPA-free Sinus Rinse Bottle (holds 10 fl. oz.), six packets of Xlear Sinus Care Solution (NetiXlear), one free Xlear Sinus Spray Sample
  • Retails for $14.95 and can be purchased at

Sinus Care Rinse

The Xlear Sinus Care Rinse (Xlear is pronounced “clear”) contains a uniquely designed squeeze bottle that can be used for positive pressure rinsing of the nasal passages. The Sinus Care Rinse Solution included in the package combines the traditional nasal sinus cleaners of sea salt and sodium bicarbonate with the amazing health benefits of xylitol. Using this solution with the “positive pressure” bottle is the most effective way to clean, soothe and moisturize your sinuses. Keeping your sinuses clear of airborne contaminants and other irritants helps improve air flow and maintain overall respiratory health. With just a squeeze of Xlear’s uniquely designed bottle, the Sinus Care Rinse Solution reaches deep into your sinuses for maximum relief of nasal irritation due to seasonal sinus issues, exposure to airborne contaminants, and nasal passageway or sinus irritation and dryness. Xlear’s Sinus Care Rinse is a part of their Sinus Care Line and is designed for maximum care. Clinical testing has shown that persons using a nasal wash with xylitol had less frequent discomfort and used antibiotics and nasal sprays less often.

I have been very impressed with the Sinus Care Rinse from Xlear. Both my daughters and I have been using it regularly while we have our sinus colds and I have been impressed with how it really clears out my sinuses and makes me breathe easier and feel much better.

Both of my daughters ages 4 and 7 love the Sinus Care Rinse system as well. 4 year old Jane tells all her friends that she has a “magic” nose. I am so happy that my girls love using this because I love using natural products when I can.

Have you ever used a Sinus Care Rinse? Have you tried it with your children?

Giveaway Moment:

One lucky US or CANADIAN reader will win the Xlear Sinus Care System. To enter to win leave a blog post comment telling me why you would like to win and enter using the rafflecopter code below.

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  1. I have a young boy and even my husband who have issues with their sinus’

  2. Bernadette Moreau says:

    I usually use the netipot but would like to try a differetn brand as the pouches of crystals can get expensive.

  3. Chelsea R says:

    I have a deviated septum and get frequent sinus infections. I usually buy spray solutions, but this looks like it would help.

  4. I’m always congested and my Doctor suggested a nasal rinse to help alleviate the problems. Ergo, I’m entering to win.

  5. My 6 year old gets horrible sinus congestion and earaches from it because she has dairy allergies and somehow always gets into cheese and such when I’m not around. It only takes a little bit and suddenly she has radioactive green snot. I’d love to try this!

  6. i wanna try it.

  7. I’ve tried NetiPot & Hydra-sense and am eager & excited to try something new rinse. After having septum surgery, I’ve learnt how important clear & clean sinuses are to my general nasal health. Thanks for offering this prize.

  8. Rhonda W G. says:

    What a sweet video of your daughter…Good job on her hehalf. I have had horrible sinusitis ALL winter and it’s not been pleasant to say the leaset. I’d love to try this. It looks easier than the nedi-pot.

  9. Valerie Lefrancois says:

    I have used SinusRinse and didn’t really like it, but I’d be glad to try another brand like Xlear.

  10. I would love to win the sinus care system because my 2 1\2 year old is constantly having ear infections and sinus issues. This could help clear his sinuses so he can breathe again!

  11. andalene says:

    My mom always uses this – I’d win for her.

  12. Suzie M says:

    I would like to try it because it comes from a natural source. we are drowning in chemicals

  13. I would like to win because it would be soooooo soothing to my dry and irritated sinuses which occur every winter.

  14. Dayna Wilson says:

    I’d like to try it because we’ve been hit by some nasty colds this year, and it’s hard watching my little guy suffer with blocked sinuses. I’d like to try this because it seems like a good alternative to resorting to cold medication.

  15. Julie G. says:

    I’ve been using a nettie pot, but this sinus rinse looks easier & less messy to use. I’d like to give it a try.

  16. Erika B says:

    I’d like to win because I was born with asthma. Ive grown out of it now, and am stuck with bad allergies and sinus attacks. Now my daughter now has bad allergies probably from me . This would really help her.

  17. I have chronic sinitus but don’t want to take meds every day

  18. Rhonda S. Tenderholt says:

    We love Xlear nasal spray. The whole family has allergies so I’d like to outfit us all w/a nasal rinse…

  19. Carol Denny says:

    I have allergies so I think this would help.

  20. Because for several years I have not been able to breathe through my nose. I’ve tried over ten different nose sprays but none of them work. I would love to try something new – maybe it will work! :)

  21. Heidi C. says:

    My girls are always rubbing their noses and congested. After seeing the video of your little one, my girls might be keen on trying this product!

  22. My husband has issues with his sinuses and I have been wanting him to try a product like this.

  23. great for the newborn,,really like this

  24. I would love to try this product because I am always having problems with my sinuses in the fall

  25. Victoria Ess says:

    I used Sinus Rinses regularly from another brand, and I love trying new things.

  26. Lenora D says:

    constant allergy discomfort.

  27. My poor kid has never ending sinus infections- I think this will help

  28. alena svetelska says:

    i have allergies and would love to try it

  29. Megan Cromes says:

    this sounds perfect for me because it wouldnt interfere with my meds.

  30. sandra mitchell says:

    I would like my grandaughter to try this for her perpetual runny nose

  31. I’d like to win this for my son, who has a lot of sinus problems.

  32. I have always had sinus issues and would love to try something new

  33. Nichol Tone says:

    I would love to try this for my sinuses. They have been so bad

  34. dymphna says:

    Xylitol is recommended by dentist, medical doctors, periodontists, pediatricians, and many health organizations and health professionals worldwide as a sweetener for anyone concerned with dental health, upper respiratory health, and sugar consumption, in general.

  35. I would like to see if it could help clear up allergy related sinus problem for my kiddo.

  36. I’d love to try a new system, I currently use a netipot

  37. Lori Bazan says:

    Using xylitol allows us to have a hyper-osmotic solution which helps pull moisture toward it. Wow, I tried the nettipot and it was messy…would love to try this!

  38. Brandi Price says:

    My whole family has sinus issues and this would be great!

  39. Jennifer Roberts says:

    I currently use a sinus rinse and this one looks way better!!!

  40. I would like to get for my hubby to try his sinuses are so bad

  41. I have my own sinus rinse, but I think my daughter would benefit greatly from it also.

  42. Debbie Petch says:

    I have chronic sinus problems so I would try anything that will happen.

  43. emily l says:

    My husband has had sinus issues forever, I would love to have him try this. Find something that could help him.

  44. i suffer from chronic sinus infections and have tried many things on the market but nothing seems to work effectively. i would love to get the chance to try this!

  45. I am prone to sinus infections so this would be great to try.

  46. I can’t believe that she was so willing to try it out. I use the spray, but haven’t tried the rinse yet. Maybe I’ll put on my big girl panties and give it a whirl.

    • Libby, both of my little girls love using it and they say it really feels good! They convinced me to try it and I really LOVE it! You should give it a whirl and let me know what you think!!

  47. my brother have sinus issues, and we tried the nedi one but it was ok, so maybe this one would have better results.

  48. so many health care professionals recommend this product.

  49. jennifer capin says:

    I would love to give it try… looks like something my Son could be using right now

  50. Melissa Avey says:

    I have sinus issues -_-

  51. candess phillips says:

    because it carries no antihistimines or decongestants.. it’s all natural.

  52. Michelle B says:

    I’d like to see if my kids could use this – love that a 4 year old was demonstrating the product. Would be great if it would help with all the plugged noses this year!

  53. Great product

  54. I would love to have my 5 year old to try this. He is sooooo stuffed up most of the time!

  55. adina holwerda says:

    i want to win because i hate sinus headaches

  56. K.Vassell says:

    I am pregnant and get stuffed up often…..this would provide some much needed all natural and safe relief! Thanks!

  57. My mother could use this – I’d pass it along to her.

  58. Karry Knisley says:

    My boyfriend has sinus issues and I think this would be a great product for him to try

  59. Laurie B says:

    I would love to try this. My son is prone to sinusitis due to his lower immune system.

  60. meegan whitford says:

    I want to win this because I have chronic sinus issues and headaches .

  61. Victoria Carlson says:

    My husband has sinus issues constantly (had a sinus infection for 8 months, had surgery, and now again has a sinus infection). This could definitely help him feel better!

  62. My husband has a lot of sinus issues and this might be really good for him! :)

  63. sarah stickney says:

    i would like to win this for my mom

  64. natasha severson says:

    maybe it will help my youngest with her sinus’ she has always had a hard time with them

  65. Jennifer L. says:

    I like that it’s natural and would be great for my son’s sinus congestion.

  66. anna key says:

    I would love to win this for my brother who has alot of touble with his sinuses in the spring

  67. Congestion is my middle name

  68. Nora Edmiston-Harlos says:

    I use the Nedipot now and find the crystal packs get a little expensive when using it 2 times a day. Would love to try something new

  69. SueSueper says:

    I like that it has no antihistamines or decongestants to dry you out.

  70. laurie nykaza says:

    I’ve had surgery so this would be helpful keeping everything rinsed out

  71. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    I use a nasal rinse every day. I have not tried this brand and would love to give it a try.

  72. I get Sinus headaches quite a bit….I would love to give this a try!

  73. I was thinking it might work for me if Im not too old for this. I suffer from bad sinus headaches

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  74. Nina bergeron says:

    I would love to win this and try it with my kids. I like the idea of a natural way to help them when they have colds.

  75. Tara Knott says:

    Just had a sinus infection myself and would never wish one on anyone, let alone my kids. Would love to try this out to be aware of how to help them if they aren’t well. Thanx in advance

  76. Josephine D says:

    I like that the product is made from sustainable and eco friendly ingredients.

  77. Josephine D says:

    I really like that this product would be a non-medicated way to help with my sinus issues! I’d love some relief that doesn’t involve medication!

  78. my darn sinuses are the bane of my existence …

  79. jules m. says:

    ive had sinusitis for over 6 months now…i need some relief

  80. My families allergies are horrible!

  81. My husband and I have awful allergies and have tried everything!

  82. susan smoaks says:

    i would like to win this because i get a lot of sinus problems

  83. Definitely a product that works!

  84. I would like to win because I have chronic sinus infections.

  85. I would love to win this because I suffer from horrible Sinusitus and allergies

  86. Ginger Leah Gervais says:

    My 8 year old has enlarged adnoids and when she gets a sinus cold she has a real hard time breathing..especially when sleeping!

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