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Neon Revolution by OPI ~ Bold Summer Fun!

OPI Announces Limited Edition Neon Revolution For Bold Summer Looks
Neon Revolution
When I heard about the new limited edition Neon Revolution colors from OPI I was excited to try them. When they arrived, my 4 and 7 year old daughters fell in love with the mini bottles and asked me to to have a spa evening with them…how is a mommy supposed to resist?
OPI launches the Neon Revolution mini pack, featuring four limited edition neon
nail lacquers, a neon white base coat, and OPI Top Coat. These bright and bold
shades include vivid hues of yellow, orange, pink and blue. To use, apply color-
intensifying white base, followed by two coats of neon lacquer. Finish with the included
Top Coat for a high-gloss finish.
My daughters are at the age that mismatched socks and shoes are the coolest fashion, so when they saw these colors they knew exactly what they wanted.
I started by painting all 20 little toes with the OPI white nail lacquer base.
And after that the fun began – I took each of the bright neon colors and painted 5 toes in each bright color.

  • Don’t Say It – Yellow It!
Make a statement in this spiked lemonade yellow.
  • The Time is Pow!
And the color is this fiery orange.
  • Pink Outside the Box
Wearing this hot pink is your best idea yet!
  • Blue it Out of Proportion
No I’m NOT overreacting…I can’t live without this cobalt blue!!
I love how the colors turned out, and so did the girls. They can’t wait to show off their new fashion toes to all their friends.
The girls are now asking to have the nails on their fingers painted too…
Now that the girls are asleep, mommy needs to take a turn with the NEON REVOLUTION!


CANADIAN Mommy Moment reader will win OPI’s New Avojuice lotions and Limited Edition Neon Revolution Minis collection!!

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling me which color you would most like to try.
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neon revolution


  1. I would paint my own first- LOVE the colors! 😀

  2. “Pink outside the box” for me:)

  3. I’d paint my twin granddaughters fingernails and toenails:)

  4. Dorothee77 says:

    Mine and my 3yo daughter’s!

  5. Susan Brooks says:

    Pink! My granddaughters favorite color!

  6. Kim Dougherty says:

    I would do my girls nails….and mine!!

  7. My 2 girls!

  8. Carly G. says:

    My nails and my 7 and 9 year old. I’m always everything about the ’80’s and they like to mimic my style down to my fingernails and toenails

  9. First I would do my own, and then my DD’s, she is almost 3 and loves to have her fingers and toes all shiny.. The colours are awesome.. The brighter the better…

  10. Leah Ryan says:

    My three daughters, 11, 8 and 2. They LOVE polish!! And me too;)

  11. Would be a welcome addition to my nail polishes!!!

  12. Id paint my daughters toes! (and mine of course;)

  13. I just love the blue!

  14. Anne Taylor says:

    I’d love to paint my grandkids nails bright with Neon!

  15. Karen C. Hill says:

    Mine :) I love doing my nails and these colors look fab!

  16. I’d paint my own :)

  17. angela m says:

    I would paint mine and my daughters

  18. Bailey-Eileen Dexter-Parr says:

    I alway paint my granddaughter & mine. We have our pampering time….

  19. Joce Lyne says:

    mine and my daughter’s…maybe my son’s toes, but shhh! lol

  20. Francine says:


  21. Carol Denny says:

    Foe me and my daughters.

  22. Wendy hutton says:

    my granddaughters

  23. mrdisco says:

    i would paint my Snuggle Bunny’s nails with this collection!

  24. Erika B says:

    I’d paint mine and my daughters nails

  25. Pink outside the box! My friends and I could have an awesome spa night! :) perfect colours. For summer.

  26. Carole Dube says:

    My own such vibrant colours!

  27. Andrea Williams says:

    I would definitely do mine!

  28. I would paint my own for sure but I think I’d invite my nieces over to do theirs too. That would be fun.

  29. Id paint MY nails with Pink Outside the Box first!

  30. Karin Dollery says:

    I would paint my granddaughters and mine making it a girls day :)

  31. Tina L. says:

    My nieces and the older one will paint my nails

  32. stacey dempsey says:

    my daughter would paint her nails and her friends nails and maybe mine too lol

  33. My daughter would paint her nails with this.

  34. Carolina says:

    I don’t have girls, it’s just poor little old me… So, I would like to try “Blue it out of proportion”

  35. lori butler says:

    my nails :)

  36. Teresa Claire says:

    I would paint my Mum’s toes the bright pink…she bought a t-shirt from the Gap today in that colour…I have the coolest Mum!

  37. Debbie W says:

    I would paint my own little piggies if I won.

  38. mine :) (I only have boys and I don’t think they would like this lol)

  39. Nicole B says:

    I’d paint mine…maybe the dogs if I was bored!

  40. InezbyDesign says:

    Love these colours! They would be so much fun to share with my DIL and Daughter….and of course wear them myself!

  41. Sabrina T says:

    My nieces would love it if my shaky hands tried to paint their toenails… no wait I would love it, them … not so much… I’m game! Let’s do this LOL

  42. Susan T. says:

    I would paint my toenails with Blue it Out of Proportion and my niece’s fingernails with the pink!

  43. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    id paint mine and my daughters

  44. The Time is Pow!

  45. Anu Chopra says:

    I would paint my mom’s!

  46. Christina Ferguson says:

    I would paint my own as I think these Neon colors are the perfect shades for summer toes.

  47. Mine and my daughter’s.

  48. Dayna Wilson says:

    My own, and my little niece’s.. she loves nailpolish!

  49. Viv Sluys says:

    These colours are so perfect for summer! I would paint my nails, my kids’ nails and my sisters’ nails with these awesome vibrant polishes.

  50. Florence C says:

    I would do my granddaughter’s nails.

  51. 409cope says:

    I would paint my own and my niece’s

  52. Angela Mitchell says:

    I would paint my daughter’s and my own.

  53. Heidi C. says:

    My twin daughters and I would have a mani-pedi day together!

  54. Crystal Cryderman says:

    My daughters would love this!

  55. Leanne M says:

    My daughter and I would paint our nails

  56. My own and my daughters

  57. Victoria Ess says:

    I would paint my own!

  58. blessedta says:


  59. Mine and my daughters!

  60. Darlene Schuller says:

    My 4 daughters and I would give each other manicures and do each others nails with this awesome array of colours!

  61. Wayne Lecoy says:

    Please enter me in your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the OPI’s New Avojuice lotions
    and Limited Edition Neon Revolution Minis collection for my sister and niece.
    In response to your questions of Who’s nails would you paint with this OPI Neon Collection?
    And Which color would you most like to try?
    I wouldn’t paint anyones nails they can do that themselves and i don’t want to try any of these polishes
    but i do like the color “Blue it Out of Proportion”.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Shirley says:

    My nails…

  63. my kids and mine

  64. My own – toes I think 😉

  65. Sydney D says:


  66. jackie reid says:

    I would paint my own with them :)

  67. Celena Clause says:

    Mine and my mom’s!

  68. LunaStella says:

    I would pain my nails with the orange!

  69. I would paint my own, I love to play with colors

  70. Deb Dorrington says:

    My daughter’s and my 2 nieces’ nails, they are so girly and would love these colors!!

  71. Ester G says:

    I would paint my own nails with the Pink Outside the Box

  72. I’d try to do something nice on my mom’s nails for her Bday :)

  73. Mine and my daughters… Love the blue it out of proportion

  74. I would paint my own Toe Nails. Love the neon colours

  75. I would have to try the Pink outside the box first. would look great by the pool

  76. julie_bolduc says:

    like pink outside the box n I would do mine

  77. Laurie Cockburn says:

    Mine and my 4 daughters

  78. debbie s says:

    love to try the time is pow!

  79. eleanor says:

    My own nails. I love the colours!

  80. Karla Sceviour says:

    I would paint my own toenails 😉

  81. MINE!

  82. Belinda McNabb says:

    I would paint my own

  83. Suzanne Smith says:

    My own!!

  84. Sherry F says:

    Mine & my niece’s

  85. Happy Karma says:

    I love to do my nails. Cannot wait for OPI to bring out new colours. I love the blue and yellow. My fav thing to do would be to pick the colour that inspries me, then do my nails and then read the name of the colour. 😉

  86. Lori Bazan says:

    Pink outside the box is my top pick and I would share with my best friend!

  87. I REALLY like the Pink Outside the Box

  88. My niece’s! She’s loving nail polish right now

  89. natasha severson says:

    my daughters would absolutely love it!!!

  90. My Mom’s and my own!

  91. I would paint my nails!! (I’m in a house full of boys!) LOL

  92. Beautiful colours! I would paint mine and my little lady’s nails.

  93. Needless to say, my own :)

  94. mine and my two daughters. OPI is our fav Beautiful Colours this season forsure

  95. Jaclyn B. says:

    I would paint my own toenails!

  96. SueSueper says:

    My daughters nails would get all these awesome colors for the summer.

  97. I would do my own nails. I love bright polish!

  98. I’d paint my own nails and if our granddaughter was here I’d paint hers also

  99. My 14 year old daughters nail. And of coarse she would do mine 😉

  100. Brenda Penton says:

    I’d paint my own nails

  101. My own… I have 2 boys!

  102. Debbie Kennedy says:

    My daughters and I would have a girly day painting our nails

  103. Jaimee M says:

    I would paint my nails with this! :)

  104. Suzanne G says:

    I would paint my nails with this polish

  105. Nancy T says:

    My 2 girls and I would have a spa at home party – DD3 would choose yellow, DD7 would choose pink and I’d go for either the yellow or orange (the first time). :)

  106. Chantale says:

    I would paint my own nails 😀

  107. Mine with blue, my fave colour

  108. Megan Barnecutt says:

    I would paint my mum’s toes. Though she wouldn’t pick neon for herself, she’d be a convert once she saw how fab her nails look in neon!

  109. Nathania H says:

    My own and my daughters!

  110. I would totally paint my own nails. I’d share with family and friends.

  111. I would paint dd4’s first :)

  112. elaine bolduc says:

    I would paint my grandchildrens, and my daughters…I would be creative

  113. Elva Roberts says:

    June 28-I would give it to one of my stepgrandchildren and let her have fun with it.

  114. Amber Y says:

    i’d paint my own

  115. kristy edgington says:

    my daughters

  116. Courtney says:

    My own! I love to have painted nails!

  117. Tannis W says:

    Of course I’d paint my own nails. The yellow looks fun for summer!

  118. Christy Martin says:

    I would do all my nieces and mine to match! I love the fun colours!

  119. Carley L. says:

    I would definitely paint my own nails with this collection. I love the Blue it Out of Proportion shade.

  120. Bcteagirl says:

    I am torn between ‘pink outside the box’ and the blue. They both look like fun!!

  121. Lisa White says:

    I would paint both of my daughter’s nails. They both love bright colours and painting each nail a different colour.

  122. shelley Hickey says:

    mine, of course! :)

  123. charityk says:

    me and my kids

  124. Mine!!

  125. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    Oh, I will be donating this to our local hospital. I will make up a beautiful basket for them. They have a golf tournament every summer.

  126. Darci Paice-Bailey says:

    My toes, I would make them pink like smarties!

  127. I would paint my own.

  128. patti lovecky says:

    my daughters

  129. Beth Gallinger says:

    I would paint my own nails.

  130. I would paint my own!

  131. Wendy Lange says:

    I would paint my own toes ~ no other females in the household.

  132. Kim Mellick says:

    I would do mine since I don’t think my 4 boys would let me do theirs

  133. My Sister in Law & i would totally have a ‘spa’ day! We do each others nails every summer in bright colours, this year my little girlie will probably be joining us in our yearly festivities 😉 PS LOVE the neon blue colour!

  134. Jules A. says:

    I’d paint my own nails

  135. Debbie Petch says:

    My mom! She is so conservative!

  136. jane kramer says:

    mine and my daughters. I love the colours

  137. Cathy C says:

    My neices! Both of them!

  138. Just my own…I deserve it!!!

  139. Amy Brown says:

    I would paint my own, and I’m sure my daughter would insist I paint her toes too!

  140. Tammy Dalley says:

    I would paint my own of course!!!!

  141. Ist, mine…then my niece’s…before my daughters take them over. LOL.

  142. Jayne Cameron says:

    My Teenage Daughter and I do our nails together once a week.

  143. Jaime Brown says:

    My oldest daughter loves painting her nails and her little sis hates anything girly:) so it will go to my oldest, and if I am lucky she will paint my nails too, thank you:)

  144. Rebecca Moeller says:

    My daughters!

  145. elaing8 says:

    my own

  146. Nena Sinclair says:

    I would paint my granddaughter’s nails :)

  147. Barb Gallivan says:

    I would paint my daughters nails …then she could paint mine :)

  148. Marjorie says:

    My granddaughter in Edmonton.

  149. Lori JB says:

    I would do my daughter’s then mine!

  150. Mine :)

  151. natalie yeoman says:


  152. Lisa A. says:

    I’d paint my daughter’s nails.

  153. Michelle armstrong says:

    Pink Outside the Box
    Would live to try them all! Only nail polish I use is OPI. :).

  154. Mine and my daughters

  155. Lisa Gillespie says:

    I would paint my own nails!

  156. Alison K says:

    I would paint my own nails with this OPI Neon Collection

  157. R. Chestnut says:

    I would paint my own nails.

  158. I would paint mine and my daughters.

  159. I would paint mine and my daughters.

  160. I would paint mine and my daughters.

  161. Linda Peters says:

    my own of course, I love nail polish

  162. michelle b says:

    I would paint my daughter and my nieces nails

  163. Tara Gauthier says:

    My daughter and I would definitely use this!

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