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Take Care of Baby with the Avent Natural Essentials Set #giveaway {CAN} #AVENTmomsCA

Philips Avent has been around for years making sure that bottle feeding moms have all the resources they need to keep their baby well fed.  With bottles that are clinically proven to help reduce colic by keeping air out of your baby’s tummy, sterilizers which help clean and santize bottles in 2 minutes and silicone Soothie pacifiers to calm your baby, Avent takes care of you and your newborn.

AVENT Natural Essentials Set

Of course you can count on Avent to provide you with BPA-free products as well as interchangeable nipples that work with other Natural Philips Avent bottles.

Avent Interchangeable nipples

We are excited to introduce you to Wendi, who has two children under the age of 4.  She gave the Philips AVENT Natural Essentials Set a try.  Here are her thoughts: The Avent starter kit includes everything you need. The sterilizer is wonderful. Just wash your bottles with the handy Avent brush, pop them in the container, add 200 ML of water and within a few minutes you have perfectly sterilized bottles!  No need to worry about boiling a big pot of water while keeping an eye on your children.

Avent Starter Kit Collage

My ten month old loves her pacifier. I will be honest we did try a few different brands which she would not latch on to when she was just a few days old.  So we purchased an Avent pacifier and at this very moment she is asleep in her crib with it.  Another great thing about the pacifier is that it comes in different sizes as your baby grows.

Avent reduces tummy trouble

As for this mommy — I love the bottles!  These bottles are easy to assemble and there are not many parts to clean.  The lid comes off nice and easy due to a little indent on the lid itself.  There is an anti-colic valve in the bottle where I can see the tiny air bubbles that rise to the back of the bottle as my baby sucks.  The special vent draws all the air out of the milk so she doesn’t get air in her tummy.  Less air in her tummy helps her to have a sound sleep.  Another great thing about these Avent bottles is that they do not leak.  Nothing worse then feeding your baby and having a drippy bottle in your hand. With two small children I will admit I have tried many bottles and many soothers and both my children have preferred the Avent brand.  As for this mommy, I prefer it as well. GIVEAWAY MOMENT: 1 Canadian Mommy Moment reader will WIN an Avent prize pack valued at $31! Avent Prize Pack To enter, leave a blog post comment letting us know if you put your baby on a schedule or if you let them create their own schedule for feeding and sleeping. a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. I never put my son a schedule. He did end up putting himself on one though :-)

  2. Darlene Schuller says:

    I always put my baby on a feeding schedule… sleeping just seemed to fall into place.

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    When my babies were tiny tiny, we let them make the schedule; the older they got, the more it became the family’s schedule!

  4. Julie Bolduc says:

    We let them create there own schedule

  5. Louise Gilbert says:

    yes my boys were on a schedule

  6. Jennifer I. says:

    On his own schedule!

  7. Doris Calvert says:

    I am entering for my god daughter who is expecting in a few months so no schedule’s yet

  8. I put them on a schedule.

  9. no schedule. thanks

  10. my kids eat/drink when they are hungry/thirsty. the youngest naps when he wants (oldest doesn’t nap anymore) but they both go to bed at 8pm.

  11. We went with the schedule my daughter created herself, and I’d do that again.

  12. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    I let him set his own

  13. Victoria W. says:

    we let him create his own for the most part we’ll do a schedule later

  14. natasha severson says:

    no schedule yet

  15. michelle tremblett says:

    My Babes worked themselves into their own schedule and it was great… thankfully :)

  16. ivy pluchinsky says:

    yes on a schedule

  17. tried to but with twins only eating 1/4 ounce at a time at different times they could not be until they were almost 1 year old is when they started eating enough to be on a schedule

  18. i let her make the schedule but she is pretty routine with when she wants to eat and sleep

  19. scheduling is pretty key – but it is developed based on patterns and what makes sense for both the kids and parents. there’s some give and take….

  20. lori butler says:

    scheduling would be awesome, however, sometimes circumstances in life doesn’t allow us to do that.,

  21. I let my daughter create her own schedule to a point ( I tweaked the night time portion tho!).

  22. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    never really had a set schedule my oldest eat one last bottle in evening then slept almost till 11 am my youngest ate every 2 hrs or so she had an amazing appetite

  23. I put my babies on a schedule.

  24. I let my babies lead in the beginning but take a cue from them and adjust to the rest of the household

  25. We let her create her own schedule. I just didn’t know how to have her on my schedule!

  26. We would love to put our baby on a schedule when she arrives… first baby is due in November! :)

  27. Karen C. Hill says:

    I put him on a schedule – I didn’t get a mat leave so I needed the schedule to function. By 4 weeks he was sleeping 9 hours through the night so it worked well for us

  28. Wendy hutton says:

    on a schedule

  29. Bailey-Eileen Dexter-parr says:

    I knew I had to go back to work, so I made sure they were on a feeding schedule!

  30. kathy downey says:

    They create there own schedule

  31. Danyl Murphy says:

    For a long time she wouldn’t go on a schedule but with persistence she ended up on a schedule!!

  32. My daughter couldn’t have been more easy going. I nursed on demand and it worked great for us. She naturally kept a great sleep/awake schedule, no need to change it :)

  33. nina bergeron says:

    For feeding I let them create their own schedual. For sleeping I try to keep more of a schedual

  34. Anu Chopra says:

    I usually kept them on a feeding and sleep schedule and it worked well for me!

  35. With twins both times, I definitely tried to keep a schedule!

  36. i love creating a schedule helps regulate my life but at times you can’t control the baby so you just go with it

  37. Lori Bazan says:

    On a schedule after two months…the first months he scheduled me

  38. Carol Denny says:

    no schedule

  39. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    when my 1st was born I was informed that a very tight feeding schedule of every 4 hours was needed, plus weighing before & after feeding. Any missing grams was to be bottle fed! This didn’t work well with my 1st so along the way I adjusted to feeding on demand and by the time my 7th came along the rules had altered to feed on demand too and no bottle fill ups afterwards.

  40. Stefanie McMullen says:

    I put my little guy on a schedule right away. It helped so much with so many different things during the day. However, if he was hungry, I didn’t say no.

  41. Our beautiful little darling girl only slept ten min at a time that only equaled to four hours in a 24hr period. She had extreme colic and when people say that their child was colic because they cried four or five hours a day, I cringe a little inside, because, no one’s seen colic until you met her, 18-20hours of screaming, all day, every day for over nine months. Not one person that I knew had ever seen a baby cry like she did. And yes, she went to Dr’s to be checked but colic was each and every one’s diagnosis. There was no way to keep a schedule. I lived and slept in the living room just to not bother my husband who had to work, because I was up and down and up and up and up and up and down and…if he and I can make it through that, we can make it through anything. And we just celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. Our bundle of joy is nine now – and much more congenial.

  42. I tend to do a little of both. We come to a compromise that suits me and the baby.

  43. Debbie Petch says:

    I adapt to them. I don’t believe in forcing babies to do anything.

  44. no schedule ,they just eat when they fuss

  45. michelle hebert says:

    let them create their own schedule for feeding and sleeping. im pretty lucky my 3 month old sleeps thru the night with a few naps during the day but his eating is ever 1-2 hours during the day an night it every 3-4 hours

  46. on schedule

  47. For my daughter feeding was at least every 2-3 hours for a while, then i just allowed her to tell me when she was hungry (but could tell signs of hunger in advance too) We are expecting again and Avent products are what my daughter used most of so I will follow the same with the next. Thanks for the chanc!

  48. A bit of both some wiggle room with flexibility depending on the needs of the family.

  49. She worked her way into a schedule all on her own, so we just went with it :)

  50. Julie Goetz says:

    I nursed my daughter on demand.

  51. On a schedule to make it easier for me!

  52. Marlene Unruh says:

    grandaughter was on a strict schedule being a preemie, now at almost 6 months, she decides , :)

  53. Schedule is easier when it’s your first

  54. I always let them take the lead & create their own schedule, then tweeked it a little to make it work for all of us.

  55. Melanie B says:

    With our dughter we let her create her own schedule.. but with our new son we put him on a schedule and its working for him

  56. Schedule after the first month or so.

  57. Joce Lyne says:

    schedule works best for us :)

  58. Jayne Cameron says:

    Definitely on a feeding schedule.

  59. Angela Mitchell says:

    My baby is definitely on his own schedule!

  60. We didn’t use a rigid schedule.

  61. Lindsey D. says:

    We let our kids set the schedule

  62. elizabeth ward says:

    I’m a planner and would want my child on a schedule….but I realize now with my brothers kids’s babys time not yours. So i’d be at my baby’s beg and call.

  63. Beth Rosell says:

    I let her create her own schedule

  64. I let him create his own schedule!

  65. Carole Dube says:

    My daughter let her daughter create her own schedule. I’m sure as she gets holder it will change somehow.

  66. We let the baby decide.

  67. I let my kids create their own schedule when they were babies. I guess I did some helping around night time, but in general their own schedule was fine.

  68. I let my kids demand feed.

  69. I let my baby set the schedule

  70. She’s on a schedule, and we’ve all been the better for it!

  71. I am a new mom with a baby due anytime – so I’m not yet sure, in response to your question. I know that I myself do well on a loose schedule. Some flexibility but definitely a routine. So that’s my guess for what baby will end up with. :)

  72. Ginger Leah Gervais says:

    Def let them create their own schedules!

  73. lisa bolduc says:

    I don’t know yet, I am due with my first in feb

  74. I am pretty relaxed about the schedule, although have found if I give my son a feed at set times he will nap then too

  75. Maegan Morin says:

    With my first child I let them choose the schedule but with my second, she kind of had to fall into our schedule. I was really lucky though because both ways worked out good for me :D

  76. I tried and she still is kind of on her own schedule

  77. I tried putting my baby on a feeding schedule but I think he took over and created him own.

  78. we kinda have a schedule, but also go with the flow…

  79. My baby is breast feed and gets feed on demand. No schedule for this mama :)

  80. I do a bit of both! I try to adjust his schedule, with my first my whole world revolved around him but now with two, i have to try to make it so both get a good day :)

  81. They made their own schedule!!

  82. Melinda Ives says:

    Baby on the way!

  83. Rosa Cross says:

    Never had a schedule.

  84. Tara Knott says:

    I put my baby on a schedule :). Thanx for the chance

  85. My kids more or less created their own feeding schedule for the first 6 months. Afterwards, I did.


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