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Advice for 1st Time Moms {Prenatal Prize Pack #Giveaway from P&G and Walmart}

Becoming a mom for the 1st time is a truly marvelous experience.  However, when I found out I was going to become a mom for the 1st time, I was nervous too.  I had questions and wanted advice.  So who did I turn to?  My mom and my friends.  Getting advice from other women who have already gone through the experiences that you will, helps take a huge weight off of your shoulders.

3 pieces of advice

Here are my top 3 pieces of advice for 1st time moms:

#1)  Spend lots of time bonding with your baby.  I know this means that the dishes might sit in the sink for a few days, or the laundry will pile up waiting to be folded.  But when they say “your baby is only this small once” they mean it!  Tomorrow your baby will be a day older and missing out on that special bonding time of holding your little one while they are awake or sleeping is time that you can never get back.

Holding baby

#2)  Let you mom or mother-in-law help out.  If you mom or mother-in-law ask if they can do the dishes — say YES!  If they come over to see the baby and ask if there is anything they can help out with, let them know about that big pile of laundry that needs to be folded, or that the living room needs dusting.  They are there to help you and would LOVE to do it.

#3)  Take a Mommy Moment.  Sit down, read a book or take a bath.  You will feel much more rejuvenated and relaxed and you will overall be a better mom to your baby if you have some quiet you time.  If you are lucky enough to have super well behaved baby, you might even get a pedicure or night out with your girls while hubby or mom watches the babe for you.

All in all, just remember this: we are all human, and we all do the best we can.  If you need help – ask.


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  1. Anne Taylor says:

    the best advice I received was not to turn down help and not to be afraid to ask for help; also to remember to breathe

  2. Sleep while the baby is sleeping

  3. Darlene Schuller says:

    The best advice I received as a new mom was from my mom. She said having a baby and taking on that role, changes everything, including ‘us’ emotionally. She explained it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, confused, scared and even ok if I didnt “fall inlove” with baby right away… I was grateful, she explained post partum before I even had her… it was really nice to know what to ‘possibly’ expect. When I did start feeling some of those things it made it so much easier to talk to her or someone about them, knowing I wasn’t abnormal or worst of all.. a bad mother.

  4. I’m not a mom but the advice I hear over and over again is to rest when the baby is resting.

  5. The best advice I received was to not be too hard on myself as everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

  6. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    Always take time for cuddles, enjoy them while they are little. They grow up fast.

  7. Erika Birrell says:

    Best advice is to sleep when baby sleeps and not to worry about house work!!

  8. Sleep when baby sleeps and except any help that is offered

  9. Sleep when your baby is sleeping.

  10. The best advice was to sleep when I could. Sleep was a precious commodity.

  11. Monique L. S. says:

    That it is okay to have a rough/bad day with the baby and wonder if you made the right decision in having the baby in the first place. It is okay to doubt yourself and your abilities. But at the end of the day, when baby has been fed and slept , is safe and is loved, that is all that matters.

  12. natasha severson says:

    its ok to be overwhelmed (and trust me you will feel it) go with the flow and dont be scared to ask for help!!

  13. The best advice I received as a new mom was when people offer to bring over meals accept them!!! :)

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    to sleep when the baby sleeps – this advice was worth it’s weight in gold!

  15. Jayne Cameron says:

    This is an amazing gift pack for new Mothers.

  16. Jayne Cameron says:

    The Best advice I received as a new Mom was to be relaxed and enjoy every moment with my new Baby.

  17. Haylie Langwald says:

    The best advice I received, accept help when it was offered and I really needed it.

  18. Don’t do soothers if you can avoid it, makes things to much easier later on. Plus you’re never scrambling to find a lost soother or out shopping and forgot to bring one :)

  19. You can’t spoil a baby by holding him/her too long when they are small. I loved doing this with my first. But, with my second, I didn’t have as much time to spend cuddling with her, since I did have another, and he needed time too.

  20. Joce Lyne says:

    sleep when baby sleeps! forget about dishes and laundry :)

  21. Jena Garcia says:

    Sleep when baby does and not worry about chores

  22. Dayna Wilson says:

    Not to sweat everyone else’s experiences and advice. They may have good tips, but they don’t know your baby, and you’re doing just fine. What worked for someone else might not work for you, and vice versa- and that’s okay.

  23. Build your confidence as a mom. And don’t think you’re a failure if you don’t get something right the first, second, or even third time.

  24. Karla Sceviour says:

    Take it easy,relax,,dont over do it yourself.

  25. Say “yes” to help.

  26. Sleep when the baby sleeps. The laundry will still be there tomorrow

  27. rest whenever you can and trust your own instincts

  28. I will be a new mom in November, but from everything I’ve been told – sleep now before baby arrives, then sleep when baby sleeps! I’ll need it!!

  29. My wife was told to rest when she can

  30. Always get sleep whenever you can!

  31. Don’t try to be supermom – she doesn’t exist.

  32. Nobody knew it all, so be easy on yourself

  33. Don’t overthink things. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. No one knows everything but you will be surprised at how much you really do know.

  34. Take time out for yourself when you can.

  35. The best advice I received was to invest in a nice baby carrier. It’s a great way to calm a fussy baby and you can get so much stuff done while the baby slept.

  36. katherine d says:

    BREASTFEED as long as possible

  37. Sleep when the baby is sleeping!

  38. Carol Denny says:

    Sleep when baby is sleeping.

  39. Victoria Ess says:

    Rest even when you don’t feel like you need it.

  40. Belinda McNabb says:

    Don’t try to do it all alone, accept help when it is offered. Being a new parent is tiring

  41. danielle t says:

    that it’s okay to just sit and hold your baby and not worry about what the house looks like. I loved being able to tell my husband “so and so told me I didn’t have to”

  42. Sleep when they sleep. I had twins and boy was i ever short on patience if I didn’t get enough sleep. The dishes can wait!

  43. Tammy Dalley says:

    Get lots of sleep and enjoy every moment with your baby! They grow up too fast!

  44. Andrea Amy says:

    best advice: RELAX! Don’t worry so much.

  45. Lori Bazan says:

    Listen to others advice but always trust your own instincts!!

  46. Viv Sluys says:

    The best advice I received was to trust my instincts, that I knew my baby best and to be her advocate.

  47. It is the same comment but a good one: sleep/rest when baby does.

  48. Julie Bolduc says:

    Slerp whenever the bany sleeps

  49. lori butler says:

    ask for help if you need it

  50. The best advice I got was to forget about the dishes and the laundry and just focus on your baby. That and you can’t spoil a baby!

  51. Florence C says:

    Relax and enjoy your baby. They don’t be little for long. Don’t worry about little things.

  52. Silvana Cox says:

    Do take some time for yourself and don’t feel guilty because you’re not with your baby every single second. You need some pampering too.

  53. Get plenty of rest and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  54. Tammy Dalley says:

    Get lots of sleep and accept help from family an friends

  55. lisa bolduc says:

    I am pregnant with my first so I am getting lots of advice. I am hearing sleep when you get a chance

  56. dishes can wait, laundry can wait – get sleep even small naps when baby naps. you need your rest too

  57. Don’t sweat the small stuff rather embrace and enjoy every moment!

  58. Sleep when the baby sleeps and get help when you need it!

  59. I’m not a Mom but the best advice I’ve heard is to make sure to take care of yourself too, eat properly, rest and excersise!

  60. Sunshine G says:

    Stock up the freezer and batch cook before the baby comes!

  61. Kristi Renout says:

    Sleep when the baby sleeps.

  62. Take help when offered and get some sleep.

  63. Jennifer L. says:

    The best advice I received was to sleep when my baby slept.

  64. Don’t worry about what other people are doing, every baby is different so do what’s best for you, your baby and your family.

  65. The best advice I got was that breast feeding is worth it!

  66. Deb Dorrington says:

    The best advice I received it to not be too hard on myself, no Mom is perfect just be the best Mom you can be.

  67. nina bergeron says:

    take some time for yourself.

  68. Angela Mitchell says:

    The best advice I received was to not worry about all the little things like how neat my laundry was folded or how clean my house was in those first weeks/months after baby was home.

  69. Amy Brown says:

    The best advice I received was to go outside every day for fresh air, no matter what the weather just get out of the house!

  70. Caroline M. says:

    to swaddle my baby, even though the prenatal classes and books said not to.

  71. The best advice I received was to follow my instincts and not worry what others thought of my parenting choices.

  72. Louise Gilbert says:

    sleep when the baby sleeps. and I have also said its not forever. It will get better:)

  73. amanda toulouse-hubbard says:

    momma sleeps when baby sleeps!

  74. My baby is only 10 days old today and I am learning so much already. But, the one thing I am thankful for is the amazing husband I have who helps out beyond what I could ask for and in laws that are there 24/7.

  75. Sleep while baby is sleeping – you won’t get another chance.

  76. kathy downey says:

    The best advice I received was to always ask questions when i am not sure

  77. michelle hebert says:

    sleep when baby sleep and to take breaks and let someone help you

  78. Cassandra Jewell says:

    Be strong. When you think things aren’t going well – they probably are. Just breathe.

  79. The best advice I had was to do your best and to get to know your baby! Not one baby is the same so no advice is the same as well

  80. The best advice was if baby didn’t want to sleep go down the list :1) hungry, 2)diaper clean or dirty, 3) sore mouth the best adobe every I always went down the list after I was told what it was !!

  81. Best advice ever given: kids are all different and unique, not everything works for every child. Get to know you and your child to figure out what works best for you.

  82. jenny mallais says:

    Sleep when baby i sleeping :)

  83. Best advice I got was to not listen to people’s advice. That I would learn as I went and that I should trust my instincts, not the constant advice everyone seems to have to offer that contradicts everyone else’s advice.

  84. Take all the help you can get.

  85. Wanda Bergman says:

    I was told that if I could be a stay at home mom, it would be wonderful for baby and me.

  86. Sleep when baby sleeps!!

  87. Amber Campeau says:

    The best advice I received as a new mom was to sleep when the baby sleeps and don’t be afraid to ask for help or accept help when offered.

  88. Great advice for first time moms!! I love being able to be a stay at a home mom to my 3 soon to be 4 boys!

  89. Remember , if you’re having a bad day, this will pass. Baby WILL eventually sleep, not be colic, etc , forever. And to let people do things for you…ie: stop to get milk, bread, etc, take older children for a bit, run errands for you. :)

  90. Try and rest when baby sleeping

  91. The best advice I received was not to keep the house quiet while the baby was sleeping. They were never awakened by the doorbell or day to day noises in the home.

  92. Sleep when baby sleeps and cherish tour time with your kids cuz they grow really fast

  93. Josée Chartrand says:

    The best advice I have is to rest when the babie sleep

  94. kirstin d. says:

    Somebody told me not to get overwhelmed because your baby needs you and you can’t be depressed and emotional and break down because your baby feels your pain. I may have heard one thing from a family friend and another from my mother.

  95. best advice – sleep when the baby sleeps!

  96. The best advice I received as a first time Mom was don’t feel bad about taking/making time for yourself. Everyone needs to give themselves time to relax and rejuvinate. :)

  97. If people offer you help, take it. As someone who’s fairly independent, this one’s a toughie, but as my belly grows larger with baby in it, I’m heeding this advice more and more.

  98. SueSueper Sue says:

    The best advice I have received, is to sleep when baby sleeps!! Rest all you can!

    Also cover up private parts when changing a diaper or you can be in for a wet surprise! :-)

  99. Teresa Claire says:

    Enjoy being with baby…housework can wait.

  100. Accept all offers of help and don’t ever hesitate to ask for it either!

  101. The best advise I received was to relax and not to stress too much and to sleep while the baby sleeps.

  102. take all the help that is offered because the offers dry up after a while

  103. Let the baby get used to noise.

  104. Sherri Way says:

    Listen and take in all of the advice that is given to you……then go with your gut and heart.

  105. I’m not a mom, but I’ve been told to get as much sleep as you can

  106. To accept and ask for help when needed, and to take time to relax and recover

  107. Sleep whenever you can!

  108. Get parents to help with babysitting at least one day every week so that can have some personal time to relax and get well rested.

  109. Accept help when it is offered!

  110. nap when they nap

  111. Dont be afraid to ask for help.

  112. tasha may says:

    Best advice was let your baby cry, it doesn’t hurt to cry! Worked for me!

  113. marie cat says:

    leave the housework, eat, sleep as much to get your energy

  114. accept all the help that is offered to you

  115. Beth Gallinger says:

    I’m not yet a Mom, but the best advice that I’ve overheard is to get sleep whenever possible.

  116. Lindsay Cyr says:

    The best advice that I’ve received as a new mom was to rest when my baby was resting. The first few weeks are exhausting and it’s important to rest whenever you get the chance to.

  117. Lisa Smith says:

    prepare meals ahead!

  118. trust your instincts – you know your baby better than anyone else. thanks

  119. To let the housework slide and don’t worry about it!

  120. The best advice i received was to listen to what my gut told me was best for me and my child!

  121. Brenda Penton says:

    The best advice I received as a new mom was to not rush everything and not to worry if my baby isn’t reaching milestones as fast as my friend’s children did.

  122. Savanah Ozman says:

    bring in a lot of patience in yourself as a mom things won’t be same as before and enjoy this time they won’t be babies forever!!

  123. Make a plan but don’t plan the results.
    Often days as a new Mom begin with good intentions but I quickly learned that you’re one poop diaper blowout- or as often is the case- repeated ones away from achieving your day’s original plan. Give yourself a buffer and learn to roll with it when things don’t go according to plan. You’ll be a much happier Mommy.

  124. Heather Holmberg says:

    best advice was .. its ok for them to cry !

  125. The best advice I received – if someone offers to do your laundry, bring a meal etc, take them up on it. You don’t have to be superwoman & do everything yourself!

  126. missbobloblaw says:

    Best advice? Say YES! to help!

  127. janet cressman says:

    the best advice i got is dont be afrid to ask for help!

  128. Don’t take your feverish baby to the doctor unless it’s been three days or they will just send you home.

  129. Don’t compare yourself to other Moms!

  130. Anna Johnson says:

    You will be exhausted and overwhelmed, don’t feel guilty taking time for yourself and as a couple.

  131. Nap when the baby sleeps

  132. Marjorie L. says:

    accept help from others

  133. Let your relatives and friends help out.

  134. Sleep when baby sleeps!!! You’ll be a MUCH better mother if you are well rested! (Of course I didn’t always follow this advice and it’s only really possible with your first baby, but it’s GOOD advice and I should have done it more!!!) :)

  135. elaine bolduc says:

    I would suggest to a new mom to burp your baby when he is crying. that gas can be painful.

  136. When the baby sleeps YOU SLEEP!

  137. Sleep when the baby sleeps

  138. Christy Martin says:

    Nap when the baby naps!

  139. Holly Messana says:

    Sleep when you baby sleeps, and accept as much help as offered

  140. seriously – to nap when the baby naps. Your spouse can help with the laundry and friends can help bring meals. Just sleep.

  141. Rest while the baby rests.

  142. take lots of great photos every day because baby grows up pretty quickly before you know it.

  143. best advice, they grow up fast


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