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Community and Roadway Essentials Set {Guidecraft Educator #Giveaway}

As a Guidecraft educator, there are many learning tools that I have had the privilege of reviewing over the years.  And what I love best is when different tools complement each other.  In the past we have had the privilege of reviewing the Guidecraft Roadway system and Traffic Signs and the Community buildings.  And today we have another set to add on to that series.

Guidecraft Community and Roadway Essentials Set

As a child I remember watching the famous childhood television show Sesame Street.  And there was this song about the people in your neighborhood:

Now that you have your community set up with buildings and roads, all you need are the people in your neighborhood.  The Guidecraft Community and Roadway Essentials are a great add on to learn about community.  Complete with people, signs and cars you can learn all about who is in your community and what makes up a community.

Guidecraft Community and Roadway Essentials Set

This learning tool can teach children about what their community is made up of and how to behave in traffic.  By learning about signs, children can practice what to do in their community and how to be safe.

Guidecraft Community and Roadway Essentials Set

Made of solid wood construction, these learning tools can take the wear and tear a child will put on them and still be just as valuable as the day you got them.  The set comes with 6 vehicles, 12 signs, 6 community people and 2 separate 4 piece families, all from different ethnic backgrounds.

Guidecraft Community and Roadway Essentials Set

Guidecraft Community and Roadway Essentials Set

This is a great addition to any classroom or home to learn about what is in a community and how a town works.  The bright colors and sturdy construction draws children in and makes them want to learn.

Guidecraft Community and Roadway Essentials Set

How do you teach your children about about community?


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1 Mommy Moment reader will WIN a Guidecraft Community & Roadway Essentials set valued at $44.95!

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling us how you teach your children about their community/town.

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  1. janice budgell pollard says:

    My kids have learned about their town by being involved in the boys and girls club.

    • Cathy DOherty says:

      I am an elementary school teacher. I took my students on a field trip driving through suburban and rural areas. They had to point out EVERY thing they saw, including telephone lines and lines in the roads. Then in the classroom they were the city planners. They had to work together, without fighting. They began with a large piece of bulletin board paper, straws, toilet paper rolls and various items we had saved. They each drew part of the community on the paper, connecting with straw telephone poles, roads, etc. One student made a park on top of an apt. building. Another student commented that parks aren’t on top of buildings. I explained that places like New York DO HAVE things like that on the top, since they don’t have much grass. The lofty park builder was so proud!

    • I teach my preschoolers about people in our community by inviting professionals in the community to our classroom, allow the students to dress up and play roles of doctors, teachers, postal carriers, firemen, policemen, etc.

      This community piece would be great to keep the children engaged in learning long after the unit week is over.

      • I also teach Pre-K and follow Dawn’s plan for teaching about the community. We also use literature resources to extend their learning, and have some wonderful puzzles they enjoy.

    • Laurie McFarland says:

      I am my children’s after school teacher at a child development center. I teach them about our community by planning field trips to local museums and stores, and by bringing in community partners like the fire department and a local baker. We have also planned a local outreach to a children’s hospital and collected toys that we donated. The children love learning about the community in which they live.

    • I have always counted on the parents in my class and those from past classes and family and friends to help me with this topic. I have them bring something from work and allow the children to explore and learn new vocabulary and help keep fears at bay. I have had a manager of a disposal company bring a garbage truck (clean of course) to let the children climb on it and watch it work, a photographer allow them to take and view their pictures, a deep sea diver/recovery agent bring his tanks and tools to see and touch, and even a wild life expert come with live animals and the children got to touch and learn about animals native to the area. I am always up for lots of different choices each year, and the children LOVE to see their “idols” visit and bring them “special things” stickers, badges, pictures, and more.

    • I teach in a NC Pre-K class. We teach about the community by involving the community! We have nurses, the fire department, police, and this year we are having the trash truck come visit us! We have a few community toys in our block center but we would love to have this set!

    • Kim Stewart says:

      I am a Pre K teacher. We are following the standards from Engage Ny, so community helpers theme is coming up. I have the children dress as someone they want to be when they grow up. It’s cute because they have to dress like the real deal. I take their picture and they tell the class who they are, and why they want to be the community worker they chose. We also have a restaurant with pretend bakers,(real food) waiters and waitresses, cashiers who accept buttons for money etc. Tents love it..

  2. Sabrina T says:

    I take my child to the places in town. An example of this would be, we toured our fire station. Our staycation allowed us to explore our town.

  3. Darlene Schuller says:

    I have taught them by attending community functions, volunteering as well as visiting merchants and businesses & participating in programs offered by our community.

  4. Volunteering as a family can be fun and educational.

  5. We read books about it.

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    Being grandparents we get to do alot of fun things with the grandkids. We’ve taken tours on Navy ships, we’ve done cemetery tours, we’ve done a china town tour and we often go to the BC Royal Museum…lots of history in all of these places.

  7. Jennifer L. says:

    We get out a lot and explore our city. I homeschool my son so we spend lots of time out of the house exploring and learning.

  8. We explore places in our town and read about places too.

  9. shauna wyspianski says:

    I like to get out and visit parks and museums with my kids. We also like to attend different events around the city.

  10. We take daily walks around the neighbourhood….getting to know the people and places!

  11. I take my kids places…they experience the town. Like going to the library.

  12. We taught ours by taking them to places around town that we wanted them to know. Kids learn best by doing.

  13. With a baby on the way, we’ll teach her about our community by getting out and exploring it – checking out museums and the many, many historical places to see!

  14. Louise Gilbert says:

    I have taught them by attending community functions, volunteering since both my husband and I are very active with the fire dept.

  15. I talk about the different people we see/meet on our outings and we explore what they do.

  16. We learn about our town by attending community events and going to places

  17. Deb Dorrington says:

    We are very involved in our church and our community center. Our kids were always in the girl guides and boy scouts so they did community activities all year around.

  18. Catharine says:

    Wow Love the village and roadway track. We live in a small town and can walk everywhere. Community involvement works

  19. Recently, we taught my grandsons about their community, specifically the people in our community who keep us safe by attending our local Safety Day event. That was a great way for my grandsons to meet our local firefighters, police officers, etc.

  20. Carole Dube says:

    We though our children by being involve with the community and my daughter does the same with her daughter.

  21. D SCHMIDT says:

    We just moved across country so we are trying to teach them by exploring the area and reading about the towns history.

  22. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    we get out and explore all areas of our community

  23. we do a lot of outies. to natural parks libraries fairs

  24. rod jackson says:

    By being active in the community and going to places like the library and bakery

  25. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    we always volunteered to do canvasing for heart and stroke, cnib, cancer, and march of dimes

  26. Joce Lyne says:

    we walk around the neighbourhood nd point things/people out

  27. We go for walks around town. I think it is great when children can be out and about and experience new things.

  28. I teach them by introducing them to our neighbours and other people we know so they learn that everyone is different but we’re part of one community.

  29. Cynthia Berthiaume says:

    I teach my children about our community when we go for walks–explaining the buildings along the way–and answering questions, of course!!

  30. Angela Mitchell says:

    We take our kids to a lot of community events like Canada Day celebrations, Rememberance Day services, fairs, parades, festivals, etc.

  31. By walking around and talking about places.

  32. Dayna Wilson says:

    My son is just 15 months old, so right now we’re starting with learning about people in uniform, and how they’re here to help. He knows to say hello and goodbye to people, and he’s learning about what different stores and services are for.

  33. Caroline M. says:

    since my son was born, I take him on walks to different neighbourhoods and explain the buildings, statues, activities we see. I also tell him about what people around us are doing. He is only 23 mths but he is very aware of our community and people in our neighbourhood

  34. we read books, discuss it, and they sometimes go with me when I volunteer!

  35. Jennifer Bowen says:

    I have found that the best way to teach my girls about the community that we live in is to show them how to and include them in being involved in making it even better. When walking down our block we greet neighbors, pick up stray pieces of litter, close a neighbors open gate or compliment someone on their seasonal decorations. We live in a small community in a large city so I also make it a point to bring them to the various museums, outdoor concerts, lakefront and parks in a variety of neighborhoods so that they can take part in the diversity that Chicago offers.

  36. We often go out on walks around our neighbourhood and talk about who lives in our neighbourhood and how we try to keep each other safe. We talk about people in uniforms and what they do and we always say hi to our neighbours when we see them.

  37. Adriana F says:

    We go for lots of walks around the neighbourhood

  38. we attend and volunteer within our community!

  39. Sunshine G says:

    I take her on walks and let her tell me where she wants to go.

  40. I just talk to them about everywhere we go and everything we are doing.

  41. I have taught my daughter to get involved by volunterring.

  42. i take my child exploring of all the different places to see

  43. We’re lucky enough to have many cultural groups and organizations near us, that we can visit regularly.

  44. Viv Sluys says:

    We teach our kids about our community by getting involved in it. We talk about the places we see and we make a point of going to open houses at the fire station and checking out all the police, fire rescue, and search and rescue vehicles and equipment at all the local events they come out to. We are part of community programs for families that our district puts on too

  45. Christina says:

    I teach my son about our town by going to events within my town. We also talk about the things we see and the people who helped make our town what it is today.

  46. We learn about community helpers by visiting the firehall, talking about sounds we hear (ambulance, police etc) and the people in those vehicles help us and different games and classroom activities.

  47. This is wonderful! Every preschooler loves to make tracks!!

  48. Sharon Limbaugh says:

    With my four year old preschool class we highlight a different community helper a day. We utilize a lot of dress up props and center our art activities around each helper. We make badges for our little police officers and they dress up and love to give their teachers tickets! As chefs, they make chef hats, put on their aprons and our art is edible – they each make their own pizza. When we can, we get real community helpers to come in and talk with the classes.

  49. Hi! I would love these for my preschool class! All the kiddos would Love it! Thanks!

  50. karla mccollough says:

    We learn about our community by having community members come to our room and talk with us – firemen, policemen, principals, etc. Many parents come in and tell us about their job in the community

  51. Breanne Simons says:

    I teach Kindergarten and this year we are doing a lot more with maps and we are having kids create their own maps to represent our community! I love doing dramatic play with community helpers as well.

  52. Mrs. Melene says:

    I just started teaching Preschool and we are having a policeman come visit our classroom to teach us about safety. I also made sure my kids knew about the local Fire station Open House during Fire Prevention Week. Thank you for the chance. This would be amazing to win!

  53. It is much easier to teach my 19 month old grandson about our community by visiting various places & events, than trying to teach my students who are severely handicapped! Due to financial restrictions, we are unable to explore the area with field trips, so books, videos, and play activities are the only way to teach them. The Guidecraft Community & Roadway Essentials set would be a great addition to our classroom!

  54. Debbie Cross says:

    My class is taking a trip to the fire station.

  55. Michelle Ayala says:

    We make sure to introduce all people in out community to our boys. Fireman, police, emts, grocers, drs, mail men and even the garbage men. We learn what they do through asking questions directly to them and taking out books from the library about them. Even observing my boys ask questions or notice things about their jobs.

  56. I’ve been teaching my 2.5 year old her address, showing her on a map where we live compared with where her grandparents live and where she was born,etc. We’ve read books on helpers in our community and point out school buses, the library, etc. when we see them while out and about. We also belong to our local mom’s club chapter which lets us do activities with others kids in our neighborhood.

  57. I teach my children about the community by taking them everywhere with me (library, bank, post office, grocery store, etc) as well as attending special community events.

  58. I have always loved Guidecraft toys; for home as well as the classroom. I’m especially interested in this set because my next set of blog posts are going to be on Community Helpers.

  59. We go on lots of walks around our neighborhood and community. We also have invited community helpers, such as the Firemen to our center to talk to us about what they do in our community and of course, we read lots of books.

  60. stephanie says:

    we point out people we see when we are out and about – like firemen and policemen.

  61. John McDonnell says:

    I try to relate play communities to their real communities in any way possible.

  62. For my own children we visited most of the places in the community and talked about them. We also read books with people who are community members in them, like police, fire fighters, librarians, etc.

  63. Kendra Robinson-Bell says:

    this is a wonderful offer.

  64. Would love this set for my class

  65. I take a whole week to talk about community helpers in my classroom and we talk about a different worker every day . We color a page and make a book of community helpers. This has been a great week to talk about firefighters because it is Fire Safety week and Friday we get to go to a fire station!

  66. Each fall we take our preschool classes for a walk through our downtown and talk about all the different businesses and what they do.

  67. Kelly Beam Brown says:

    Every year we take our Kindergarten students on walks around the small town we live in….they love it and it is a great way to teach them about our community!

  68. Katie Bell says:

    I review what the students know about community helpers through maybe a slide show or a book. Then we discuss what we learned. We talk about the different types of community helpers. The students will then be instructed to choose one and make a costume out of construction paper to wear to represent their community helper (ex. Police officer may make a badge, fireman may make a red hat, etc.) Then I will call out an event or emergency, such as a flood, and if the student believes their community helper needs to be involved in the event, he/she will stand up and tell the class how they would help in the event! The students love this activity! Having a blast while not even realizing they are learning.

  69. Well, just today my 3 yr old and I were playing pretend with a fish. I asked him what Mr. Fish’s job was, and he really had no idea. He could use these toys to learn more about community jobs. :)

  70. I write a letter to my student’s families the week before starting community helper week. I invite them to schedule a time with me to come in and talk to the class about their jobs. I’m not sure who loves it more the parents or the students! This year I had 14 parents visit over a two week period! My students were able to meet a firefighter, go through an ambulance and meet paramedics, learn about hand washing from a nurse, read to by our librarian, learn about the tools used by our school maintenance supervisor, learn about recycling from the manager of a local recycling plant, play games with a parents as teachers representative……… It was fun!!!


  71. Joy Greenlee says:

    My site invites as many different types of community helpers as possible to visit and show and tell us about their jobs.

  72. Debbie Duckworth says:

    I teach two classes of half day Pre-K in Texas. Right now we’re learning about firefighters.

  73. I teach K and we discuss community helpers since it’s one of our core objectives. We have invited several community helpers to our school, (fire fighters, police, EMT, K9 units, dentists, etc) to talk with the children about their occupations. We give the children a project to do at home. They can choose from various ideas such as diarama, paper doll, collage, mobile, etc) and one community helper. They bring their projects to school and “present them” to the class and any special visitors. I record their presentations for them to see themselves afterward. It’s a lot of fun!

  74. We use big boxes and other props to recreate a small town in our classroom, with the centers serving as a store, police station, fire house etc.

  75. Martha Meyer says:

    We invite various community helpers to speak to the class-veterinarian, local author, local artist, firemen, police/police dog, dentist, to name some. We live in a small community, but there are always great people to speak to the children. (and they often bring in free things for the kids-gotta love it)

  76. Cheryl Brown says:

    I teach PreK. We always talk about the community and how it is mapped around our school’s community. This set would be a great addition to our Block area.

  77. Cathy Sandfort says:

    In the classroom, we discuss everything from families to the world we live in. We do many sensory based art projects, songs, fingerplays, and reading books to enhance their curiosity and knowledge about the world around them, which includes their communities and neighborhoods. We have people from the community come in to speak with them and give them experiences to remember. We also do much role playing in our classroom such as pretending we are a grocery store and give them the opportunity to act out the different people in the grocery store…:) FUN FUN FUN….Love working with children and giving them memories of a lifetime.

  78. Tommie Sue Schindler says:

    Visiting and seeing places in the community + meeting the people there helps the children learn about their community in a firsthand way. This is extended by being able to play that they are helpers in their community.

  79. Meredith Voelz says:

    As a first year Pre K teacher, this would make a great addition to my classroom centers and our study of community helpers.

  80. Melissa Cataldi says:

    Field trips! A trip to the firestation or the market is a great opener for community helpers unit!

  81. I teach my daughter about her community by taking daily walks, shopping in local stores, & playing in the neighborhood parks. :-)

  82. Community at home and throughout the world

  83. My PreK students would love this set to learn about community helpers.

  84. In my Pre-K we red books about community helpers, but more importantly, community helpers visit the classroom. This year we will have visits from the fire department, a police officer, and a mail carrier who will bring mail for the students (from their grandparents.)

  85. We have firefighters, dentists, doctors, and police officer parents come in the classroom to talk about their jobs. The kids love it – especially when it’s their parents!

  86. Mary Borgsmiller says:

    I take my class and my grandchild to the local community places like library, police, post office, etc or invite them to come see us. This is an awesome set that my kiddos would love

  87. when weather permit, we go for walks around the neighborhood bring nature to the classroom.

  88. I would like to have this set as my children like to play with blocks and build houses in the classroom.

  89. pat wenger says:

    In previous years we have visited our city hall, we were given a tour and allowed to sit and listen to one of the sessions.
    This year we have just finished reading Ms. Bindergarten Takes A Field Trip. We are discussing each of the places she visits, and hope to visit several of these during the school year.

  90. Andrea Amy says:

    we go for lots of walks (i don’t drive) and they ask tons of questions and I answer them :)

  91. I walk around town with my toddler and talk to him about safety, stoplights, signs etc.

  92. Sharon Bissell says:

    Neighborhood safety is so important! I love this set and how it can teach the kids about their community.

  93. I teach 3 year old preschool. We are covering community helpers this week. I would love to have this set for my block center. It looks very sturdy and fun!

  94. WE always walked to the library and checked out things on the way. Our library in our small town has lots of books about the area that made it easy.

  95. Kristy. V says:

    We learn about our city by getting out there and having experiences with new people, places, & attractions. We also learn by the day to day interactions we have with some of our old favourite hangouts like the awesome parks, swimming pools, libraries & community centres. Thanks!

  96. sandra davis says:

    i teach them by taking them to family oriented functions the city puts on and just going out and exploring the city.

  97. We have taken tours of various places- firestations, police dept, etc. We also bake goodies for our public service workers to say thank you.

  98. Jessica Z says:

    I teach my children about their community/town by taking a picture walk from around the town and have community officials come in to share the great things about our community.

  99. We like to point out the different service buildings such as fire station, post office, grocery store etc.

  100. I invite community members in to talk to the kids. They can also dress up and pretend to be doctors, chefs, teachers, etc.

  101. angel conway says:

    By visiting thd community and bringing the community in! Our classrooms enjoy support by community members who are willing to donate their time to bring us a little peice of what they do! Our children also get to visit places they are interested in! When they come back to the classroom the children have open ended materials to explore or recreate those ecperience.

  102. I arrange visits to the local community businesses as well as emergency services.
    It allows the children to get to know who the people are in our community and what they do.

  103. I teach my son to greet our neighbors when he sees them. I have him make friends with the kids in our neighborhood, attend neighborhood events and make little maps of our “town” and put our frequented places on the map!

  104. Alice Swenson says:

    Our favorite place to learn and talk about community is when we are a part of the community during a walk. Always an opportunity to learn of share something about where we live .

  105. JULIA NOLD says:

    Invite parents & grandparents to come to our classroom to explain what they do—firefighters, school bus driver, postal worker, police officers, forest service workers, etc

  106. I have added photos of local business to blocks in the blocks area so that the children can use them when building a town. They recognize them and talk about the ones that they go to or see while driving, especially on their way to/from school. I am continually adding menus from local restaurants to the dramatic play area. We also have a specific curriculum pack that I use to teach about the community we are in and that the kids live in.

  107. I take my kids on field trips to the fire station!

  108. Noemi Gonzalez says:

    I teach my preschool students about their community by posting pictures in the room of the local businesses, school, library, etc. in our neighborhood. We also invite community workers over to our school to talk about what they do.

  109. Angie Gilbert says:

    I love to take my children and preschool kids to different places around our town. We have been to the grocery store, post office, library, fire station and police station. We usually have a scaventure hunt for the kids to find important things around each place. We also have a dramatic play area where the kids get to dress up in different community helpers. The kids favorite is playing doctor.
    I love this company! I hope I win :)

  110. This week and next, our daughter’s class is studying about community helpers and the different things that make a community. These would be awesome to have at home for furthering that study.

  111. We take long walks and talk about things we see a lot.

  112. Roxanna Alcantra says:

    I would love to have this for my son. We are going to be doing a community helpers unit soon and this would be great! He has learning cards, books, emergent books and some activities we will be doing, but this would be a great addition to our unit.

  113. We talk about what we see in the neighborhood and take the time to talk about what the community workers do.

  114. During Community Helpers week, children learn about who works in their town.

  115. I am a preschool teacher and I love to teach my kids about community in two ways. First is the block area — we make our city and add the stores and places the kids go with their parents and then talk about the people in those places (librarian, grocery store checkout clerk, etc.). We haven’t done it yet this year, but I have 11 very eager builders this year who I know will enjoy it! The other way we explore our community is through our dramatic play area. For example, we’ve had a lot of busy letter writers in the writing center, so we set up a post office in the dramatic play corner and talked about all the things our postal workers do (sort mail, deliver mail, sell stamps, etc.) We will rotate different themes through this area so by the end of the year the children will have been many different community helpers, including veterinarians, doctors, auto mechanics, fire fighters, grocery store workers, etc. We all have so much fun!

  116. S.K. McDonald says:

    I take my kids out into our community and we learn about it and the things all around us. :o)

  117. Bbeth Enk says:

    We read books about community helpers and we explore our town together. We viable visited a fire station, talked with police officers etc. I take him with places such as the post office, city hall, meat market and we talk about where we are and what they do there.

  118. I introduce my children in the classroom to everyone in the churh. We find ways to help the secretary whenever we can. We visit some of our community places like the fire station. The building set would be a great addition to our classroom.

  119. Mary Beth Steinel says:

    I am a home child care provider and my kids would love this set!

  120. Emily Anne Huddleston says:

    I took pictures of familiar buildings in our community and put them on pieces of 2X4. These Guidecraft blocks would be an excellent addition to those!

  121. I first started off by sharing making a big map out of poster board (posted on my blog a while ago) and we would set up cars and drive on the roads. When we take car trips, I always point out if we are in the city vs the country. We love the country and when we drive into the city, my four year old shouts, “Is this Baltimore City?” I love it!

    I don’t have any people or signs (maybe two the most) and this looks like it would be LOTS of fun. I would be so happy to both my childrens faces playing with this!

  122. These are awesome products! I would love to get some for my classroom. They are definitely going on my wish list :)

  123. We bring different people form the community in to visit us, We dress up and use their tools and then see them back at the place they work later. Its fun!

  124. Carolynne Schmidt says:

    This week we have been talking about fire safety and, of course, firefighters in my special education classroom.

  125. Carolynne Schmidt says:

    This week we have been reading books and doing activities about fire safety and more specifically, firefighters, in my special education classroom.

  126. During fire safety week, we invite our local fire chief to visit. We also read books and dress Barbie & GI Joe in various community worker uniforms. (Glad I kept all that stuff from my older kids!)

  127. I take my little one out in the community to meet the people who work in the neighbourhood then give the her the tools to dress-up and act out the roles.

  128. Pam Hensley says:

    We always spend a whole month on Community Helpers. We choose 1 – 2 helpers per week – like Fireman and Policeman together. Our class will usually take a field trip to reinforce the sense and meaning of community – Fire Station or K-9 Unit Training Center. We also have parents with Community Helper type jobs, come to share what they do with the class. I make up Community Helper Boxes that contain dress-up clothes pertaining to the helper’s job along with play props and writing tools. The children love pretending what they will be when they are grown ups! Then we have songs, finger plays, crafts and snacks to round out each unit.

  129. Books, walks, blocks with pictures, community helper themes are ways we learn about the community.

  130. Field trips, books, and toys like the Duplo community sets. I’d love to win this set for my classroom–I’ve never seen this set!

  131. We like to thank our community workers. A few times a year we draw pictures or make thank you cards . We also make treats such as cookies to deliver to them.

  132. My school is in New York City. My Pre-K students start learning about our school neighborhood by taking lots of neighborhood walks. We use wooden blocks to create our own versions of the buildings and places we see. We love to build and pretend! We extend our neighborhood study into other centers in the classroom from Dramatic Play where we set up stores and important places to drawing and painting.

  133. reading lots of books, dress up clothes (community worker clothes like firemen etc) and taking a walk each evening.

  134. Angie Carroll says:

    I would be so excited to win this! I am a preschool teacher and we just did a community helpers theme! We talked about and read books about community helpers! We also went to the fire station , which they just love! It looks like such a wonderful set for my classroom!

  135. karen frost says:

    We use children’s books, songs and extended activities to learn about the community.

  136. As. Speech Language Pathologist I work on lots of vocabulary and concepts. Learning about the community is one of the units I teach. This set would help my students tremendously!

  137. We go out and explore as often as possible.

  138. Kim Buenger says:

    I take pictures of the actual buildings in our community to connect to the stories we read. It becomes more clear when the post office they pass every day now has meaning.

  139. Emily Watt says:

    I actually inherited a similar set in my classroom. I think it is time to upgrade! This set is so cute!

  140. Hi!

    I like to teach my students about their community by having them meet different people doing different professions in their community. Often these are parents coming in to talk to the class, which they always seem to enjoy.

  141. Addie York says:

    My two boys would love this!

  142. I teach my preschooler about the community by going out around in the community and talking about what we see and experience.

  143. These look like so much fun! I would love to donate these to my daughter’s preschool!

  144. The last two weeks have all been about out town. We have made our houses using familiar shapes, the road the students like on with stickers and a cool copy of a road, I made a chalk road for our tricycles and scooters complete with stop sign and intersections, and we read lots of books about Dentists, Nurses, Firemen, Police, and Postal Workers. We also sang lots of little tunes that went with the daily occupation.

  145. I operate a licensed home daycare, from ages, 6 weeks to 12 years, my philosophy is “Children Learn Through Play”, so when I do community helpers, I need to keep all ages in mind. I contact the local bakeries, police, fire, hair stylist, painters, postal workers,etc and get as many real props that I can. Around the room I fill each “center” with those props, I also put out books (construction, car/trucks) for block area, (cookbooks, menus, hats,clothes, shoes ) for dramatic play, the children have free access to play dough, clay, along with shapes, cutters, for them to create. I put out real pictures I find too. Outdoor play we explore the environment and role play (firefighters, painters, gardeners, etc.), pretend to climb ladders on our slides, plant flowers, or just dig in the dirt, we paint the fence (with water). We also visit the local grocery stores to shop for our Chefs!! Visit the post office is fun, apple/pumpkin farms. The children help to prepare meals as well. A lot of hands on with my daycare, that is how they learn!! Would love this set for my children here at the daycare!!

  146. A great way to teach children about the community is to have them get involved and do something for others like a food collection. My son also collected self care items for shoe box donations for the homeless. A great lesson!

  147. We read about our town and attend community events.

  148. Robin High says:

    Hello! I stay-at-home with my youngest and then babysit and have a preschool out of my home as well. We do lots of things to learn about community/town. We read books about it, talk about what we see when we’re out for a walk or driving in the van, watch the trash truck (we got to see a tow truck come to our house the other day….very cool!!) or any other vehicles and talk about how they help us (like how we work together in the preschool to help one another, they help us too), and we get out the map and talk about where we live and how there are a lot of other communities too! Thanks!!

  149. We love out on the farm, so every trip to town is a learning opportunity! My kids are interested in the buildings and what happens in each, as well as the rules of the road. Lots of learning by doing!

  150. Rebecca Xavier says:

    We watch DVDs and read books.

  151. My daughter’s 2 and a half. So right now, most of the discussions we’ve had about traffic signals have been in the form of what the colors mean, playing “red light, green light”, and the importance of taking turns and following the traffic rules in order to stay safe. When we see and hear the emergency vehicles go by when we’re in the car, we talk about how we need to get out of the way so that they can take an injured person to the doctor at the hospital or put out a fire somewhere.
    This is a great set of toys that would grow with her and spark more conversations about what some of the other traffic signs mean and the various kinds of professions that adults can have.

  152. vivian richardson says:

    we take our children on walks around the neighborhood and we do field trips to the fire station and talk to the firemen about how they keep us safe.

  153. We rely on literature and DVDs, but we also observe as much as possible when in the car and discuss what we see. I love this set to help teach community!

  154. Talking to the community helpers we encounter is our favorite way to learn about the community.

  155. One of the schools I work with is located across the street from their town’s municipal buildings and has been able to schedule visits to the police, fire and library. The giveaway would be especially helpful, as they do not have many resources and are trying to build up their materials and curriculum.

  156. In the classroom we love to talk about our community! Our school is right in the middle of a huge one so we like to talk/visit the library, fire station, ponds, playgrounds and of course most of us are all neighbors, too. It’s part of our everyday world!

  157. I teach at a daycare where we invite different community leaders to come in and talk to our children about their jobs. We have the local fire department to come in during fire prevention week and other leaders in our town like the dentist, our eye doctor, our local doctor, the county nurse, the police chief, and others to talk to the children to make them feel at ease when they visit them in their office. We also do thank you cards for them to let them know how much we appreciate them for the work they do to help our community. We draw pictures and talk about the visits. We send Christmas cards and collect food and clothing for the local helping hands store that help the underprivledge in our community.

  158. There are some wonderful children’s books that help introduce these ideas, but I also think just being in playschool and taking field trips and having guest from the community helps.

  159. In my home daycare we learn about people in our community by visiting different places police station, fire station, park, local grocery store, post office, dentist, vet’s office. We also read books and watch short videos to learn about what we will be visiting next.

  160. Melissa Thomas says:

    I LOVE these signs. And guidecraft has always had such great products!!! We already have the road – the kids would love this!!! (I’m a teacher)

  161. Maggie McC. says:

    We walk around our community, we have visitors at our preschool, and we do activities/worksheets about our community.

  162. Love the imaginary play that can take place with this hands on set.

  163. The kids at my school are about to begin Saftey Week/Community Helpers and this would be such an amazing addition to our Center Time!

  164. What a great hands on and fun way to teach children about the people in our community.

  165. Jennifer Jasso says:

    I’m an Orange County Head Start Preschool Teacher and I try my best to introduce the children to different areas of community on a weekly basis. Whether it be through a book story, magazine clippings, felt stories, community blocks, newspaper articles, dramatic play clothing, Lakeshore photos of community workers, or having parents from the classroom volunteer and talk about their area of work. We always have community blocks and dramatic play clothing available for the children on a daily basis. If we had an opportunity to go on field trips, I would definelty show the children around their local community, going through the markets, shopping centers, post offices, police departments, fire departments. Its a huge desire and importance to me that the children I teach get exposed to the world around them. As an auntie of a two year old, I try and introduce her to the community by talking and showing her pictures and puzzles of the community around.

  166. We explore our community and read.

  167. CHERYL PETERSEN says:

    I take them out for walks and show them how we need to keep our community clean.

  168. so far i haven’t really taught about community but this would be a great way to start and set up examples of what a community is and consists of!! 😀 love it!

  169. Heather H says:

    We’ve developed relationships with our neighbors, librarians, postal and retail workers. We’ve asked questions and become involved in activities around town.

  170. We learn about members of our community just by walking around it! The police officers and firefighters always seem willing to wave or stop and say hi!

  171. Every quarterly we get a booklet on what’s happening in our community and the kids and I go through it to see which things we want to participate in. We go to the library and our community center a lot. I even once took my eldest to a monthly meeting of our city councilors and he begged me never to do that again He couldn’t stand the arguing back and forth..hahaha.

  172. I take them everywhere with me and we talk and read books. I do a lot of play based learning also :)

  173. SueSueper Sue says:

    Now that the kids are older I find the best way to teach them is by volunteering in the community.

  174. I teach pre-school. We invite members of our community to join us in class to talk about their jobs. We make recycling boxes and encourage recycables to be brought in, sorted and then used for classroom projects. We enjoy cooking in class and this year plan on making chili and inviting our firefighter parent to come in and enjoy a firehouse chili snack with us. This set would be a great addition in the block area.

  175. Michelle H says:

    we take pictures throughout our town of buildings and community helpers and attach them to blocks/tubes to use in our dramatic play area

  176. Gloria Aguayo says:

    I teach my kids about community by reading them books on community helpers and also by asking my parent to volunteer at the school were I teach. I love when the kids ask many questions to the parent and remember about the topic a week later or even months later. But I don’t have any toys on the topic of community it would be nice to have some material so the can express them selves through play.

  177. Joan Breazeale says:

    For our community helpers unit, we read various books related to helpers in the community along with asking various professionals to come to speak with the class. I also use various toys related to the theme… house, fire station, police station, etc.

  178. Rebecca S says:

    We have taught our son about his community by taking him and and letting him explore. No better way to learn, than to be in the thick of it, exploring .

  179. I teach preschool in a very small town. We like to walk uptown in conjunction with our study on community. We visit the fire hall, the post office, the bank, and a country school house. The kids talk about this trip all year.

  180. I teach them about our community by having LOTS of conversations in the town about things they see while we drive around :)

  181. Pamela Spann says:

    I teach about communties and neighborhoods by discussing our favorite places in our communities.

  182. We always take a walk thru our community. stop at the fire station, the bank and our little stores close to our school.

  183. We have a community unit. We teach children about our community by inviting different people from our community to visit our school and tell us what they do. Our police chief, mayor, librarian, school principal, fire dept and mailman is scheduled to come this year. We also take a community walk to see these places. It’s a small town so It’s not a long walk.

  184. We love to read about community helpers and dress up as them in our dramatic play area!

  185. I am a preschool teacher and I always do a unit on community helpers (we’re in the middle of that unit right now). Besides reading a variety of books I like to call the police and/or fire department to see if they can come talk to my class and bring their vehicles. I’ve also had a dentist and an ambulance tech come in before. I also invite my parents to come talk to the class about their jobs if they wish. I also add dress up clothes to the dramatic play center, tools and hardhats to the block area, and do a variety of activities that use tools for various community helpers or explain various concepts to relating to various jobs. It’s always a fun unit to do and this would add so much to it! Fingers Crossed!

  186. love this set!!! last spring we (daycare) took a huge piece a white paper outside to map our community. when we arrived at our favorite landmarks i let the kids drawer a picture of (library, pizza store, garden,bank,park, etc). we counted the blocks as we walked around and i wrote it on the map for us to fill in once back at school. It became a very elaborate projects and the kids really loved it!!! I would love to add this to our community helper theme.

  187. I teach Pre-K. I usually ask guest speakers to come into the classroom and talk about where they work in the neighborhood. I also ask the families to make a poster of the places in the community they visit often.

  188. These have been on my wish list! :) We are big on community involvement and I’d love these!

  189. Carol Belanger says:

    As a pre-k teacher I teach about community helpers through out the year. It begins with our fire safety unit in Oct. and we invite fire fighters to come to the school and bring their vehicles. We do the same with our school SRO officer. In the past we have had dental hygienist, beauticians and a doctor come to visit. Parents are also a great source for community helpers. The children love when a mommy comes to talk, the hardest job of all! My children love maps and we find where we live in our community. This Guidecraft set would be a wonderful addition to our classroom.

  190. Beth Wroten says:

    Every year I invite our “resident school firefighter” to visit all three of my classrooms . He usually visits around Halloween and we make our fire safety talk about how firefighters wear costumes so that the students are not afraid if they have a fire at their house. He brings his entire firefighter uniform and gets completely dressed for the kids. They absolutely love it and it is the highlight od our fire safety week.

  191. I like the sturdiness of the wooden community helpers and the accessories which accompany the set. It’s colors are rich and it offers
    a variety of choices for a child and they seem easy to grip. It would be a great addition to any classroom !

  192. I teach 4-5 year olds and we are starting our community helper theme after Halloween! I love wooden material and this set looks beautiful. Great colors and durable material – what’s not to like! 😀

  193. I teach preschoolers, we are always talking about community helpers in the classroom, through books, dress-up, and playing with blocks and cars. They love pretending to be in each of the roles, and talking about how as the helper, they are important in the community.

  194. I teach at a bilingual daycare and preschool. We learn about community through dramatic play/dress up and literacy. We also have a community helpers magnetic puzzle that the kids enjoy. This set would be a great addition to our preschool!

  195. We invite community members to our room to talk about their jobs.

  196. I teach preschool in a Catholic school. The children enjoy meeting our parish priest, who helps us learn about God. We also bring in parents in so many different professions to share how they help in the community.

  197. We have a unit coming up soon about community helpers! Would love, love, love to have this!

  198. We spend a lot of time standing on the sidewalk, watching people at work: tree service, road workers, roofers, electricians, trash collectors, mail carriers, fire fighters, etc. And we ask them lots and lots of questions.

  199. Sarah Stickney says:

    i take him out for walks and let him ask questions

  200. My preschool follow the Mother Goose Time curriculum and the entire month of November is dedicated to community helpers. My blocks center is stocked with “store” blocks from Lakeshore and we recently made a cardboard barn since we live in a farming community.

  201. natasha severson says:

    they help us around the community ie cleaning up the town, at the local libruary.. and fund raising to keep out local school!!

  202. Mary Widick says:

    We are fortunate to be located just 2 blocks from our local fire station, so we will be taking a walking field trip to visit! We also have a parent who is a police officer who is coming to talk to us. I try to utilize the parents of current and recent students as much as possible.

  203. We went to the fire station and will have fire fighters visit this week…just a start to the community we will meet!

  204. I try to get themout to community events. When we go to the farmers markets I stop and talk to the vendors and encourage my boys to interact with them also

  205. Our favorite way to learn about our community is to have real helpers visit us and then we visit them in their places of work!

  206. Amy Larsen says:

    These are darling little toys. In my preschool class I invite members of the community to come share with us their job and how it helps make our community better. I also schedule field trips at community locations throughout the year so the kiddos can see a fireman at work, the way a bakery runs and how little chicks feel in the spring at Cal Ranch.

  207. We go on community historic tours during the summer months.

  208. I love the classic creativity in this!

  209. Eileen Richter says:

    My children are teens but my daughter lives here with her almost 2 year old. She takes her daughter to the firefighters outings around the city…she loves firetrucks, goes to the park and library, just went to visit a farm with the daycare kids she watches in our home. She always gets to the school sporting and music events a LOT because her auntie and uncle teens play a lot! This little one is VERY social.

  210. This set looks awesome! My son loves playing with his wooden train tracks and all the “extras” in this set really brings the scene to life!

  211. my son and i walk the area and try to visit different park in each part of town every week

  212. We take a walk to our town and have the kids take pictures of their favorite places. We also mail letters to each at the post office, and we can walk to the park and library.

  213. We include them in community events and we constantly quiz them on facts of the town etc. – usually in the car, as a game.

  214. Julie Bolduc says:

    I like to get out and visit parks and museums with my kids

  215. I teach my children about the community through visits and tours to our local fire halls, police stations, etc. We would love to win this prize.

  216. I teach my son about the community by getting out into the community. We walk a lot. Talk to people. Talk about their jobs and what they are doing. And I often am singing Mr Rogers Neighbourhood song to him! :-)

  217. Barb Langille says:

    I run a day home out of my house and we do a preschool run 3 days a week and we often attend the community parks. I am always pointing out the the kids the proper ways to cross the streets (pause, point , peek and proceed). We always talk about the community helpers in our neighbor hood and the people that help run our community.

  218. Christine M says:

    We walk to different places in our neighborhood. We talk about distances and different ways to get to places.

  219. What a great resource to use!!! Looks like kids would really enjoy playing and learning with this.

  220. Ginger Leah Gervais says:

    We get out into the community and see whats happening!! Involved with the school with fundraising.

  221. Lindsay Cyr says:

    We teach our children about our community on a daily basis while we are going for walks to the local playground. We talk about the different buildings/stores/schools/community buildings that we walk by.

  222. I teach PreK we always start our community helper study with a book ” My community” We start with a tour of the school and then take several hikes in the area of the school. We can walk to the fire station, library, police station, a bank and pass several churches. During fire safety week we take a tour of the station and they let the children sit in the trucks. We learn how to stay safe and practice. We make a model of the building out of cereal boxes and paper sacks but I have not found such nice wooden pieces as what is in this set. Hope I win one!

  223. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I am teaching my children about our community and were we live by going out and exploring our town.

  224. I take my grandkids on walking ‘adventures’ in our town. They’ve had a photo shoot while perched on a lion statue and visited the cenotaph among other things. It’s a fun way for them to learn.

  225. Sara Wilson says:

    Our Pre-K tours our “local” neighborhood by taking a walk through elementary. We visit our neighbors across the street (hall), the Kinders, down the street (hall), 1st Graders, and around the block (hallway), the 2nd – 5th Graders.

  226. Explains things to them while we are driving around the neighbourhood.

  227. missbobloblaw says:

    We go on outings around our community and talk about the people, houses and businesses in the area. We also have a lot of friends in the police and fire departments so they are always around for a Q&A!

  228. We love to read about it in books and love taking walks to get to know our community.

  229. Our PreK invites the librarian, police constable, and firefighters to visit our class. They read stories, show us their ‘tools’ and make that important connection between the child and their community.

  230. christine jessamine says:

    I teach my kids everytime we go do something in our community

  231. This would be fantastic in my preschool classroom! Our next theme which starts in two weeks is all about our community and being a title 1 school I don’t have much in the form of manipulatives that are real-like. I’d love to be able to give my students the opportunity to play and learn with these guidecraft community tools!

  232. Jessica B. says:

    I teach Pre-K in a Regional Day School Program for the Deaf in TX. We just studied about community helpers this past week. This play set would have been a wonderful addition!! My favorite part of our community helper unit was inviting a local firefighter to the class to visit with the students about his job and show them his equipment. They especially loved trying on his helmet!

  233. I teach my preschoolers about community by taking a community walk. We talk about all of the things we see along the way from local businesses and fire hydrants to vehicles on the road and the people we see (mail carrier). We then make a community collage for our classroom that shows all that we saw ( wanted to see) on our walk.

  234. We spend a lot of time out and about in the community so that they get practical first hand experiance

  235. debbie starkey says:

    we volunterr and talk to them about our community

  236. Betty Sandoval says:

    I am a director at a private preschool. We have a community helper dress-up sets in our dramatic play areas. We encourage the children to role play community helpers and we discuss the duties community helpers perform with open ended questions. In the past, we’ve had the fire department, a plant specialist, and a dentist visit our preschool. We read literature regarding community helpers, transportation and diversity. Our community is diverse with culture, so we celebrate diversity by learning a second language and trying foods outside our culture. Our classroom is a community, so we teach the children how to negotiate, form ideas and solve problems with one another. We have also collected canned food items to give to the needy and we have fundraised money for the Ronald McDonald House.

  237. Wow! This is a great asset to the theme for community helpers! This would be great hands on learning to help connect the children to their community and provide friendly sized vehicles to fuel their imaginations.

  238. We talked about how different people had different jobs, and the school did a walking trip around the neighbourhood to see different jobs and people in the neighbourhood

  239. We talked about how different people had different jobs, and the school did a walking trip around the neighbourhood

  240. Anna Johnson says:

    We discuss it as questions arise. This would be an excellent tool for that!

  241. We go for walks and we use local recreation and library

  242. We like to learn about the community by visiting local businesses and farms. When we do pretend play activities, like pretending to be a librarian or mail man, we will often visit the library or post office so the kids can see it up close before we let our ideas carry us away. We also visit local farms and farmer’s markets, which are our favourites! Reading books is also a big part of it. :)

  243. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    my grandchildren go for lots of walks around the community, play soccer, take dancing classes, go to the library, swimming, to the bottle depot, garbage tip etc all in the local community. They have learnt quickly about our community.

  244. My daughter is really young, but I like taking her out for walks around the neighborhood and showing her new things

  245. elaine bolduc says:

    i live in a neighbourhood with a lot of seniors. I have four young grandchildren ranging in ages 9 to 12. one of my grandchildren has down syndrome. we go through the neighbourhood cleaning up litter and helping anyone that looks like they might need a hand

  246. I teach my children by playing games with them when we are driving somewhere. I will ask them to point out certain things – firestation, grocery store, schools. We like to go to our local museums and they learn about our community there as well.

  247. I’m a brand new preschool teacher. We will be starting our unit on community helpers next month! It would be such a great tool to use in my classroom as I teach my 3 year-olds!

  248. I take my little one to museums, community centres and other places where he can learn about the community.

  249. nina bergeron says:

    I teach them by getting involved and out in the community. Open houses, special events, etc.

  250. We teach out sons about the community just by being out in it and participating in local events.

  251. By making them aware of things as they present themselves

  252. we go for walks around the street, go swimming, take her to camp to explore the wilderness, walk around the city park

  253. We spend time whenever we’re out reading off signs – right now we’re being sure of STOP signs and green-red lights :) He’ll be three years old soon.

  254. JJ Caraway says:

    My grandchildren come to stay and we bring them all over town with us to show them the library, police station, grocery stores, post office, fire station, park , the elementary, middle and high school, fast food restaurants etc. We ride around and visit different places so they will become familiar with these places, it is a great way to teach them where they are and what goes on at the locations.

  255. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    My son is only 2 and we live in a very rural area, but we do try to get to story hour at the library as often as possible just so he can be around other people that live in the area.

  256. We talk about the buildings and what the people do inside them, when we go inside they watch and ask questions.

  257. Melinda Stephens says:

    I teach my son by going on walks and talking about what we see.

  258. Christy Martin says:

    Through participation of many or most commumity events, such as parades. In the fall there are several nature and historical walks. In the summer festivals, bike rides through different areas of town even if that means having to load up the bikes on the back of the car.

  259. Laura Ellington says:

    I teach him by going to various landmarks in our town.

  260. Michelle Tucker says:

    I don’t have any children, but when my nieces and nephews visit, we go about the town to various places so they can see what’s out there. We also do some geocaching which gets them out into the area.

  261. We go for a walk. We already know a few people in the community

  262. As a child, I watched Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. As a preschool teacher, I take my kids out in the community and read an array of stories.

  263. We take regular walks through town and discuss what we see along the way. Sometimes we do a scavenger hunt bingo.

  264. Paol Trenny says:

    I am teaching and have taught my kids about community by showing and volunteering at centers and shelters around our town. It is one to teach about something but they remember better through action – empathizing with others and their lives

  265. We live in a small town, and my mother-in-law taught at the high school for all of her working life, so my kids are able to learn about the community just by participating in it – after school clubs, library activities, walking around downtown or by the lake, etc.


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