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Halloween Bento Lunch

halloween bento box

This was a fun Halloween bento lovable lunch to make for my daughters.

It is actually a make your own pizza lunch.

  • Stack of pumpkin shaped tortillas & one bat shaped one
  • Salsa
  • Shredded Mozzarella cheese
  • Mini pepperoni slices
  • —————————————-
  • Carrot slices
  • Snap Peas
  • Ranch dip
  • Babybel Cheese Jack-o-lantern
  • Mini marshmallows

Halloween Bento

Children love being independent, so this make-your-own pizza lunch adds fun to the everyday lunch. I also packed an applesauce and an orange for extra snacks if they were still hungry.

This lovable lunch is packed in a planet box and the rectangle container inside (the one with the homemade salsa) is a container from EcoLunchBox.

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  1. What a cute lunch for Halloween! Neat idea and I love the Babybel Cheese Jack-o-lantern too!

  2. Christy M says:

    I love our planetbox too. It makes making lunches so much more enjoyable/easy. Love the babybel, I’ll have to steal that idea :-)

  3. Love this idea! So cute!

  4. Super cute! I would love a lunch like this, even as an adult!

  5. That is the coolest lunch I have ever seen!! Wish I had the time to do this for my sons lunch, it’s so neat!!

  6. Nena Sinclair says:

    Great Halloween lunch! I especially love the cheese jack o’ lantern! :)

  7. Victoria Ess says:

    This is so cute!! I love this lunch box!

  8. very creative! Would love to do this for my son

  9. How adorable? I love seeing Bento boxes – my mom never did fun stuff like this for me. She gave me 50 cents and sent me on my way…lol

  10. Valerie Godin says:

    What a neat idea! I love it and I’m sure the littles one would too!

  11. I love the *idea* of this, but I just don’t think that I’d actually put the energy into it for my kids!! Maybe I don’t love them enough? :)

  12. paula huie says:

    what a great idea! My son has not started school yet, but he is totally a bento boy!! I can’t wait.. i already bought a bento box for him and he does not start for 1.5 years! lol

  13. Anne Taylor says:

    You are so creative! I can’t imagine getting a lunch like this! Your girls are indeed lucky! Thanks for sharing!

  14. very cute

  15. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    Love this! Love the Jack-O-Lantern! Your girls are very lucky to get lunches like these!!!

  16. what a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing

  17. What an awesome idea for lunches! My girls would love these.

  18. Great idea for school! Love the ghost wraps and the baby belle pumpkin!

  19. Teresa Claire says:

    I have to say Jodi, that you make lunches a funfest! Sara loved having little pizzas to make for her lunch but I will admit that they weren’t as colourful as the ones that you make for your girls.

  20. Tracey Flattes says:

    Love this idea – always looking for original lunches for the kids. So cool!

  21. Brandi Y. says:

    This is TOO cute!! Love it! And it’s little things that kids appreciate and remember when they’re older :) I’ll have to try this with their lunches next week!

  22. Anna Johnson says:

    Cute, creative and fun ideas!

  23. JENNIFER HART says:

    This looks like a wonderful and healthy holiday lunch. I am definitly going to copy the baby bell pumpkin-thanks!

  24. OMG, so cute! Love the “pumpkin”. Thanks for the great ideas :)!

  25. I always love reading about your lunch creations!

  26. I think kids would eat a lot healthier if their lunches looked like this one shown. It’s colorful and creative and makes you want to eat the cute shaped foods. Great presentation.

  27. I’m so not this mom lol! Though our balanced day at school does make it difficult to do bento style lunches. I love that you do this for your daughters!

  28. Great idea, I would like one of these lunches for myself!

  29. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    those really are the coolest lunch holders I have ever seen, I want one just to have one. :)

  30. I didn’t even think of creating a Halloween themed lunch for my kids. I’ve just been so focused on trying to figure out how to turn dinner into Halloween themed. I love the sandwich pumpkin idea. Easy and I think the kids would love it.

  31. Can you make me lunch? This is so cute! I love it. You put a lot of thought and effort into it. :-)

    I shared this on Pinterest too

  32. That’s a wonderful idea!!!! I have to definitely give that a try for the kiddos… Very creative.

  33. Very creative. I would never have thought of a Halloween themed lunch. I love this idea :) It is very inspiring.

  34. Melinda L. says:

    That is such an awesome Halloween bento!!

  35. nina bergeron says:

    very creative, I bet my kids would love it if I made their lunches like this!

  36. I love the idea of this, I struggle making my own lunches, never mind anyone else’s.

  37. What child wouldn’t love a lunch like this. Getting them to help put it together would be even better.

  38. I have no idea how you are always able to be so creative with their lunches. My sons lunches are so boring.

  39. Just a little lol.

  40. Holly Messana says:

    Great ideas! My daughter loves her bento box, I am going to surprise her this week with some Halloween treats.

  41. Really love the lunch boxes. So convenient, you can fit a variety of l food/fruits.

  42. Melanie B says:

    Great idea! I am going to do this with my daughter =)

  43. Cheryl Grandy says:

    Cute, and healthy too. Much more interesting than sandwiches – a great way to encourage reluctant eaters.

  44. I love the bento box ideas! This inspires me to create some Halloween inspired school lunches!

  45. that is so creative ,I should do this for the 8 year old…thanks

  46. Oh my gosh! I love making bento lunches too! I just posted a bento blog post today! Love your creativity!

  47. scott macmillan says:

    I love Bento lunch’s.They are like tiny delicious works of art.Such a joy seeing a new one each time.

  48. That is the cutest idea! :)

  49. Tammy Dalley says:

    Cute lunch idea! my son would love this

  50. Jennifer L. says:

    I love this idea! My son would think these were the coolest lunches ever.

  51. I have to admit — I like the pumpkin tortilla cut-outs but the bat-shaped one made me smile. :)

  52. Melissa McNamee says:

    Great idea!

  53. What a great idea! And the mini cheese jack-o-lantern is awesome!

  54. This is a neat and fun idea!

  55. rebeka deleon says:

    i would love to make my kids cute lunches like this! my son starts school next year. i will have to look up new ideas for these bento boxes to jazz his lunch up! :)

  56. jenny brooke erin says:

    Wow, that’s such a cute idea! The kids would LOVE this! A lot of variety and it’s fun too!

  57. This is super adorable! If only my parents had time to make this for me while I was in elementary school!

  58. thomas rusinak says:

    I’m a gonna get me a planet box

  59. What a fantastic idea! Kids would have SO much fun out of this one…

  60. Love the lunch boxes that you used…. so cute and everything is organized and displayed to make them want to dig in and eat it! Love Love LOve this post! Thanks so much for another amazing post to read. :)

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