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Tips for cold and flu defense this season {Shopper’s Drug Mart Prize Pack arv $150}

This is one of my favorite times of year.  The leaves are turning, there is heavy frost in the morning and the world all around us is changing to open a new season.  However with that change comes threats…and I don’t mean toque hair…I mean cold and flu season is upon us.
I’m glad there are thing we can do to stay healthy during the sickness season as some call it.

Get plenty of sleep.  Being well rested is a good way of keeping your body in good working order and ready for any microscopic intruders.  Just like regular life irritations, if you are well rested, you can take these on; microscopic intruders are no different.

Get your vitamins.  Whether you have an extra orange or you are taking supplemental pills, vitamin C is a must for our Canadian climate.  This will boost your immune system and help you take control of the viruses around you.

Living in the prairies of Canada, this tip has come with years and years of scolding from my mother to “dress warm”.  Whether you put on a extra sweater, warmer boots or mukluks or get out the scarf toque combo you can be prepared for what mother nature throws at you.

Health Canada estimates 25% of us will get hit with the cold and/or flu this year.

cold and flu

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  1. Plenty of liquids, rest, and flu medication (if it gets to that).

  2. I get my flu shot every year – has made a big difference for me!

  3. Louise Gilbert says:

    I take cold fx and drink lots of liquids.

  4. Melinda L. says:

    Lots of liquid, dress in layers, get enough sleep and vitamin Cs

  5. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    liuids, cough meds inhaler

  6. I try to stay warm and dry and I use lots of hand sanitizer!

  7. I take a multi-vitamin/mineral daily and frequently wash my hands or use hand sanitizer.

  8. Neo-Citran if we really need it, otherwise, plenty of fluids, sleep and fruit!

  9. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    Lots of hand washing, increase vitamins, try to get lots of rest and eat as healthy as possible

  10. Drink lots of water and take vitamin C and if possible get plenty of rest

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  11. Frequent hand washing, proper rest and healthy eating.

  12. Jayne Cameron says:

    I drink lots of Hot Water with lemon and ginger all winter and I make sure to get at least 7 hours sleep every night.

  13. SueSueper Sue says:

    I try to keep away from people!!

    OK, that would not be possible.

    I would be washing my hands often, and try not to go to busy busy places where lots of people are close by.

  14. Karin Dollery says:

    I am actually suffering from a big olde cold right now. What I am doing for it is taking advil and drinking lots of tea . I guess I should head to Shoppers to get some cough syrup but I’m too yucky.

  15. I stock up on Kleenex and take extra vitamin C.

  16. I bump up the vitamin C and keep washing my hands.


  17. Christina Ferguson says:

    I increase my vitamin C and D intake. I also get very anal about everyone in the home washing their hands. At the first sign of a sniffle I medicate myself.

  18. get lots of sleep, and wash wash wash your hands!

  19. stacey dempsey says:

    well I just got my flu shot yesterday so that should help but if I do get sick I just try and rest and fluids and whatever medicine I need for my symptoms

  20. plenty of rest, washing hands, fluids. thanks

  21. We use the sleeve sneeze and a lot of hand sanitizer

  22. Doris Calvert says:

    flu shot, purell and hot toddys

  23. I take goldenseal and washing the hands.

  24. Brenda Penton says:

    Exercise, eat well, take supplements, drink plenty of water, and wash hands frequently.

  25. Dayna Wilson says:

    We wash our hands and make sure we get our RDA of vitamin C!

  26. Lots of rest, vitamin C, hand sanitizer and Chicken Noodle Soup.

  27. Teresa Claire says:

    I try to stay warm during a cold…this means lots of pyjamas and clean comfy sheets. I will take a Tylenol if there is a fever but I drink lots of liquids…tea and homemade soups seem to do the trick.

  28. Karla Sceviour says:

    Drink plenty of OJ,take multivitamins,and get plenty of rest!

  29. Lots of liquid, honey and lemon in hot water is great. Cuddling up on the couch and watching a good movie.

  30. Lots of rest, a healthy diet, and lots of fluids.

  31. Nena Sinclair says:

    I take Vitamin C & Echinacea daily, get my rest and wash my hands often!

  32. More frequent hand washing and consume more vitamin C. Try to avoid sick people when able.

  33. Wash my hands a lot, carry hand sanitizer (and kleenex!), and have vitamin C and neo citron stocked up.

  34. Wash hands frequently with soap, extra Vitamin C, and take Oil of Oregano.

  35. Things I do to battle cold & flu season include getting my flu shot, keeping hands washed, stay at home when if I’m not feeling well as I don’t want to pass on a cold/flu to others, take vitamin c, try to get lots of rest, etc.

  36. lots and lots of handwashing and hand sanitizer

  37. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’m lucky I seldom catch a cold or a cough but I do see that I get my flu shot every year.

  38. Anne Taylor says:

    we wash our hands and wash our hands some more. i also carry hand sanitizer in my bag.

  39. Hand sanitizer and vitamins

  40. I get my flu shot every year and so does hubby. I dress very warm when I do go out and get lots of rest.

  41. I really try to eat healthy and take my vitamin c.

  42. Lots of sleep, warm bath, washing hands and Vitamins the second you feel sick

  43. lots of liquids and lots of hand washing

  44. I did get the flu shot

  45. Maegan Morin says:

    For me its the power of positive thinking. I tell myself that I dont have time to get sick and I dont! I havent been sick in over two years 😀 However the other members of my family could really use this :(

  46. Honey lemon tea, soup, bread,Vicks

  47. Beth Gallinger says:

    Vitamin C at the first sign of a cold, constant handwashing.

  48. I take a naturopathic immune system pill.

  49. Wash hands constantly and get the flu shot

  50. Carol Denny says:

    Flu shots and multiviatmins.

  51. I take vitamins and try to stay away from sick people.

  52. Amy Brown says:

    I take extra vitamin D and take extra time to wash my hands more often during the day.

  53. Julie Bolduc says:

    We wash our hands all the time

  54. lots of hand washing, i use lysol to wipe everything down, my couch, my small dog for cuddles and tissue

  55. Monique L. S. says:

    I try to get more sleep, and make sure to take lots of vitamin C.

  56. I bubble wrap everyone and we hide in our house. 😉

  57. I wash my hands excessively, take vitamins and avoid sick people.

  58. We are trying to prevent getting sick by washing hands and eating healthy.

  59. I always sneeze into my inside elbow (in my shirt), wash hands frequently, take timed-release high dose Vitamin C, regularly sanitize well-used objects (phone, remote control, door knobs)

  60. We keep healthy by staying warm, eating healthy and washing hands!

  61. Darlene Schuller says:

    Try to keep fever/cough meds on hand and stock up on Zinc & lozenges. We also take extra vitamin c.

  62. When you sneeze, use your sleeve.
    Hand wash regularly, get your flu shot, and get plenty of sleep.

  63. Angela Mitchell says:

    Lots of handwashing, fluids, vitamin C, healthy meals and chicken soup.

  64. Get our fly shots, drink lots of water and eat healthy, lots of hand washing

  65. paula huie says:

    I try to keep door knobs sanitized and always wash my hands.
    i also up my intake of vitamin C and D to try to combat colds/flu!

  66. Holly Messana says:

    Lots of hand washing and wiping down the door handles!

  67. Stock up on vitamins and get lots of rest.

  68. Daily vitamins, water, sleep and hand washing

  69. Healthy eating, a good night’s sleep and lots of handwashing.

  70. Julia Smith says:

    Humidifiers are great when your feeling stuffed up 😛

  71. Viv Sluys says:

    We are extra vigilant about hand washing and we eat foods high in Vitamin C and make sure we are getting lots of vegetables in

  72. I drink plenty of liquids, use hand sanitizer, take my vitamins and get my yearly flu shot

  73. jessica s says:

    vitamin d everyday has helped me a lot

  74. debbie starkey says:


  75. I use neo citran

  76. This year I got my flu shot.
    As well as I swear by the Nelli Med Saline Bottles.
    Collodial Silver too from the Health food Store. :)

  77. natasha severson says:

    lemon tea with honey, klenex

  78. Silvana Cox says:

    Flu shots and more dilignet hand washing

  79. Jeffrey Rossnagel says:

    Hot baths, lots of water, vitamin C, and rest.

  80. Dianne Melnick says:

    flu shot :)

  81. The bigest thing I do to prepare is eat healthy; that way, your immune system is at it’s best.

  82. Neil Anderson says:

    After 3 weeks of no rain and warm weather, fall and rain came today. time to prepare for cold and flu season. Lots of vitamin C & , chicken and garlic soup

  83. I stock up on oil of oregano and take it at the first sign of being sick. Works every time!

  84. jackie blair says:

    stock up on plenty of Kleenex, Buckley’s cough and cold, and NeoCitren. that is my cold and flu season regime.

  85. We really don’t change our regular practices and we try to make ourselves comfortable (sleep, liquids, warm house and lots of love) if we do get sick.

  86. Amazing!

  87. We just got our flu shots at Shoppers Drug .

  88. Wash hands OFTEN!!

  89. Sharon Painter says:

    Neon citrin as soon as I feel it starting and menthol crystal in boiling water to smell if congestion is in the nasal passage! Oh and tons and tons of hot sweet tea for the lungs ! Works wonders!

  90. Patrick Miller says:

    Eat healthy, exercise, take Vitamin C

  91. I get my flu shot early in the season.

  92. Victoria Ess says:

    I take in a lot of vitamin C

  93. I get a flu shot

  94. marjorie l. says:

    frequent handwashing

  95. vitamin C

  96. We get our flu shots and use hand sanitizers

  97. Kelly Bouma says:

    rub Vicks on the bottom of my feet, put warm socks on and go to bed

  98. Washing our hands constantly, using sanitizing wipes everywhere and getting our annual flu shots.

  99. blessedta says:

    I get flu shot

  100. Jennifer L. says:

    I take extra Vitamin C and D.

  101. I get a flu shot and take extra vitamin C.

  102. laurie tilkin says:

    My husband takes neo citron when he feels it coming on

  103. Andrea Amy says:

    try to eat right, flu shots, enough sleep, keep warm but with little kids and kids in school its hard, they bring home everything

  104. Megan Smith says:

    I constantly wash my hands and get a flu shot.

  105. I wash my hands a lot and do my best to eat healthy.

  106. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    take cold fx , drink lots of liquids and get my flu shot

  107. Jeff Skidmore says:

    wash my hands as often as possible!

  108. Kendra Gastmeier says:

    Rest, water and vitamin C

  109. phyllis cadwell says:

    Wash my hands often and take vitamin C in flu season

  110. I try to maintain proper sleep and I sanitize. Gotta keep the germs away.

  111. Lots of rest and chicken soup.

  112. 2 colds down, my medicine cabinet needs refilling as it’s not even winter yet, I would love to win this prize to share with my family, tks sdm

  113. load up on orange juice…it seems to work well for me

  114. Stock up on lysol and hand sanitizer

  115. I take a multi vitamin daily, wash hands religiously! and take vitamin C. On the fence about the flu shot

  116. lots of liquids, lots of vitamins

  117. I get the flu shot

  118. I get my flu shot every year and wash my hands often.

  119. Tamara Davidson says:

    More frequent handwashing, Vitamin C and lots of rest!

  120. Drink lots of water and wash our hands often

  121. I wash my hands a lot, keep hand sanitizer close by and tell sick people to stay the heck away from me!

  122. Janet Butler says:

    Flu shots!

  123. ivy pluchinsky says:

    Tea, water, orange juice, plenty of rest

  124. wash my hands often. Take Vitamin C once a day

  125. kimberly velkovski says:

    flu shot, washing hands a lot

  126. roger simmons says:

    Rest and Soup..lots of it

  127. I battle it by getting a flu shot and taking lots of vitamins.

  128. I hydrate and eat lots of garlic and ginger to keep my immune system healthy!

  129. lots of sleep and warm baths

  130. Katharine W says:

    Rest and keep active. Lots of fluids and vitamin C.

  131. I wash my hands a lot and keep them away from my face

  132. Belinda McNabb says:

    Liquids and plenty of rest

  133. Caroline M. says:

    I “try” to always get enough rest and if that doesn’t do it, I take ginseng capsules

  134. I wash my hands a LOT and increase my intake of Vitamin D daily

  135. Catherine Cole says:

    I take cold fx and take vitamins daily

  136. Cool mist humidifier, chicken noodle soup, and eucalyptus bath :)

  137. eat healthy and wash hands a lot

  138. danielle t says:

    dress appropriate for weather and take extra vit’s

  139. Claudine Gervais says:

    I get the flu shot – and lots of rest. It’s easier to catch a bug when you’re run down.

  140. cheryl hodgkins says:

    Stay in bed, drink orange juice, make sure Ive had my flu shot, get hubby to make me homemade chicken soup

  141. The minute I feel anything coming on, I take a neo citran before bed.

  142. Sarah Stickney says:

    lots of handwashing and sanitizing

  143. wash wash wash our hands!

  144. Wayne Lecoy says:

    I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win the Shoppers Drug Mart Cold and Flu Defense Kit .
    In response to your question of What do you do to battle cold & flu season?
    I wash my hands often,i keep hand sanitizer close by and drink orange juice.
    Thank you for having this great giveaway!!!!!!!

  145. I try to stay away from germs though I usually fail

  146. I think a lot of rest is always good

  147. I would LOVE to win this. We’ve been battling strep throat since the end of July. Between our 2 kids we’ve had 7 cases :'( This basket would come in handy and the gift card would be used for advil/tylenol or the antibiotics.

    I’m always telling my kids to dress for the weather. It isn’t summer anymore, it’s freezing out so winter is here. Dress for it.

  148. Washing hands, washing hands and washing hands – I send the sanitizer to school with the kids as well.

  149. Elva Roberts says:

    November 4-First I get an annual flu shot. I wash my hands many times a day and am careful to look after my health and that of my husband.

  150. Elva Roberts says:

    November 4-First I get an annual flu shot. I wash my hands many times a day and am careful to look after my health and that of my husband.

    Stay out of crowds if possible and use good hygiene practises.

  151. flu shot…mega doses of vitamin c

  152. I wash my hands frequently.

  153. I drink hot water with honey, lemon, and ginger.

  154. Frequent hand washing and I bump up my Vitamin C intake

  155. What a timely giveaway!

  156. angie smith says:

    tons of raw garlic!!

  157. I try to avoid touching common germ hotspots, such as telephones and door handles!

  158. Lots of liquids, and lots of sleep and lots and lots of hand washing!

  159. Lots of hand-washing, making sure I vacuum often and have plenty of warm drinks around

  160. natural remedies like honey and vitamin c

  161. lots of sleep

  162. Drink lots of water

  163. I always get my flu shot, wash hands,plenty of liquids, and rest.When I feel a cold coming on,I take honey twice a day(1tsp.)

  164. angie andrews says:

    drink lots of water, eat healthy and get plenty of sleep

  165. Debbie Petch says:

    I get a flu shot and wash my hands.

  166. Get our flu shots.

  167. Kristy Short says:

    lots of fruits and veggies

  168. Lori Bazan says:

    Wash our hands often and take a multi vitamin

  169. Fly shot and lots and lots of echinachea

  170. Lots of hand washing, eating well and drinking lots of water.

  171. I wash my hands a lot!

  172. Hand washing and staying away from those who are sick.

  173. Try to stay away from sick people and drink lots of hot water with lemon

  174. We get flu shots and wash our hands frequently

  175. Krystal Moran says:

    Lots of sleep :)

  176. wash ur hands lots and lots of vitamin c

  177. Michelle K says:

    Lots of liquids and plenty of hand washing

  178. Tania Woodrow says:

    This year I got the flu shot at shoppers drug mart

  179. Lots of juice/water, dress in layers and lots of rest

  180. I take emergen-c, and try to get enough rest!

  181. put a dab of vasoline on my nose so everytime I wipe its lubed and doesnt chafe

  182. Charlene Lucas says:

    I use vitamin C tablets in water take zinc lozenges and plenty of fluids.

  183. Plenty of rest and fluids! Great giveaway!

  184. In order to fight cold/flu, need plenty of fluids and rest!

  185. Jenness M says:

    Wash my hands, lots of sleep and take my vitamins.

  186. We focus on hand washing and emphasize covering our mouths when we sneeze cough! We also carry hand sanitizer everywhere!!

  187. I wear gloves and wash my hands and try to stay away from people who are ill.

  188. susanne mccarthy says:

    Flu shot…vitamins….wash hands a lot–and use hand sanitizer when in public!

  189. Sudafed and Puffs with lotion!

  190. to battle cold & flu season, I make sure I don’t touch my face & always wash my hands.

  191. wash your hands often, get lots os sleep

  192. lots of hand washing to prevent

  193. Wanda Bergman says:

    I wash my hands A LOT during cold and flu season. I rarely get sick.

  194. Florence C says:

    I take multi vitamins and omega 3 daily. Wash my hands often.

  195. Plenty of rest, fluids, vitaminC

  196. Jeanette Jackson says:

    I get the flu shot and I wash my hands a lot.

  197. Rhonda W G. says:

    We get the flu shot . I also like oil of oregano.

  198. Carole Dube says:

    I take a multi-vitamin/mineral daily and frequently wash my hands.

  199. Probiotics and no sugar (especially when sick – it only brings your immunity down more :))

  200. Lots of rest and lots of fluids.

  201. I wash my hands, avoid people who are sick, and eat/drink healthy foods.

  202. Juicing, smoothies, and oil of oregano

  203. Take my multivitamin, plenty of sleep and exercise and of course, eat healthy to maintain strong immune system.

  204. Cheryl Grandy says:

    Besides trying to eat healthy and get enough sleep, I wash my hands often to get rid of germs.

  205. Leah Lucas says:

    We take vitamin c supplements, and I carry hand sanitizer in my purse and use it whenever needed.

  206. lots of hand washing
    good luck to all

  207. Jo Ann Moffatt says:

    I always go and get my flu shot.

  208. I drink lots of water, take vitamin C and do lots of hand washing

  209. lots of naps, as soon as I am feeling not so great, I go home take a neo and have a nap. ( hottub is working wonders as well)

  210. I don’t think we do anything specific other than try not to spread germs.

  211. Theda Stoppel says:

    Stay hydrated – always tricky in the winter because it’s so cold but your body needs as many fluids as in the summer – a lot of “soul food” like hot soups and stay dry and warm. Rather have a layer to much than to little!

  212. Plenty of rest, liquids and tissues :)

  213. Every takes vitamin D supplements.

  214. I ensure I get my vitamins each day, drink lots of fluid and wash my hands frequently especially before eating

  215. Vikki Billings says:

    I make sure to drink plenty of fluids, get lots of rest and wash my hands often.

  216. Get lots of sleep, drink lots of hot tea and lemonade, wash hands frequently and avoid people with colds & flu whenever possible.

  217. katy emanuel says:

    We use echinacea and elecampane and probiotics

  218. Rest and plenty of fluids

  219. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    I get the flu shot and limit my exposure time in malls and places with a lot of people

  220. Christy Martin says:

    Not much but the flu shot. I am trying to get into the anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, but it’s not my favorite thing!

  221. We try to eat healthy, use essential oils, and we start playing outside more and avoid the play centres for a bit!!

  222. I could really use this right now! Our house is full of sickies!

  223. We’re a fan of hot lemon drinks here :-)
    Thank you!

  224. To battle cold & flu season I stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, get my flu vaccine, and hand wash.

  225. victoria w. says:

    eat healthy, vit c, and stay away from gatherings were evryone is sick (sadly common in our area)

  226. Always get my flu shot

  227. Bailey Eileen Parr says:

    Plenty of vitamins, fluids and rest.

  228. Soup and lots of rest

  229. Terri O'Donnell says:

    Eating healthier, washing hands more frequently and getting our flu shots. If we take sick, we stay home so we don’t spread the germs

  230. photomanbc says:

    I get my Flu Shot every year – it has made a big difference for me!

  231. Jennifer P. says:

    Flu shot, diligent handwashing, eat well, get plenty of rest.

  232. Elaine Jasvins says:

    I get a flue shot and wash my hand a lot. If I do get a cold I take vitamins and get lots of rest.

  233. Constantly wash your hands drink lots of water

  234. brian wall says:

    I ALWAYS get the flu shot at the beginning of fall to combat the odds of catching a cold

  235. Rose Hately says:

    I wash my hands frequently, stay out of crowds if there’s lot of flu activity in the area, get plenty of rest , eat properly and drink plenty of fluids!

  236. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    Stock up on tissues and lots of hand washing. If someone does get sick then it is honey tea & chicken soup.

  237. Judy Williams says:

    I always wash my hands after coming home from a shopping trip and many times throughout the day, and when outside keep my hands away from my face. Always have a flu shot, drink lots of orange juice and fruits with vitamin C and always get plenty of rest! Homemade chicken coup with lots of garlic is my go to feel good cure

  238. Grandma’s soup!

  239. Lots of Vitamin C. Plenty of water and hand washing

  240. jennifer capin says:

    lots of hand washing & hand sanitizer

  241. Lots of handwashing!

  242. I emphasize hand washing with my kids…. but they bring sicky bugs home anyways :p

  243. We get our flu shots, wash our hands a lot and carry hand sanitizer with us. I also try to wash hand towels more frequently to cut down on germs :)

  244. I try to get more vitamins and more sleep.

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