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Goodbye sensitive teeth #ColgateSensitive


You see those cuties? Well, until that one in the pink shirt was born I never had issues with my teeth and never had sensitive teeth. I was shocked when I went to the dentist after I gave birth to her to find out that I had cavities – yes, cavities – more than one!!

For the past 8 years I have struggled with sensitive teeth. At it’s worst I could not drink ice water without using a straw and I tried to stay away from cold foods and drinks all together.


This year I have spent too much time in this dental office. The staff are all amazing, but I could think of many other places I’d like to be. I have had 2 sensitive teeth for the past 2 months so when I had the opportunity to try out the Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief toothpaste I thought I would try it…..


It is exactly what my dentist recommends after-all. I thought it was neat that they have coupons for their patients.

Instead of actually brushing my teeth with the toothpaste I decided to try putting the toothpaste directly on one of my two sensitive teeth regularly for a week. I was going to wait a few more days to write this blog post, but when I went outside on Saturday in the freezing cold Manitoba temps and took a deep breath, I stood still…not because I froze in my footsteps, but because I did not have shooting pain in my tooth like I had every other time I breathed in the frigid cold air. I actually purposely took another breath and could not believe that I was not putting my hand to my cheek to try and comfort the pain.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief (CSPR) toothpaste is formulated to shield and repair sensitive teeth for long-lasting protection (with regular use). Most other sensitivity toothpastes contain potassium nitrate, which primarily numbs the tooth nerve, masking the pain of tooth sensitivity, and will take 2 weeks of use before relief is delivered. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste works by plugging the channels that lead to the sensitive tooth nerves, to block the pain. With regular use, it builds a long-lasting protective barrier that acts like a seal against sensitivity.take-the-challenge

How would YOU like to try the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Challenge?

  • Sign up for a free sample of CSPR toothpaste by going to only 1 sample per house hold).
  • TRY the product (First, Rub the toothpaste directly on the sensitive tooth with your fingertip and gently massage for 1 minute. Second, Eat or drink something that triggers your tooth sensitivity, and discover the instant relief and freshness of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief).
  • REVIEW the toothpaste online for a chance to win one (1) NESPRESSO® U Pure Orange coffee machine and one (1) gift basket containing a 1 year supply of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief products.

 When YOU sign up to take the challenge, you will receive:

  • 1 trial size tube (22 mL) of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste.
  • 1 coupon for $1 off a Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste.

 So tell me, have you ever had sensitive teeth?


“Disclosure: I am part of the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


  1. I love that picture! So cute! I developed a couple cavities after my second child too… I think in the overtiredness and stress of parenting two, I started eating more chocolate… :) I still eat chocolate, but now I floss more too. Sensitive toothpaste is also a huge help.

  2. I don’t often suffer from sensitive teeth but I have a number of close family members who do. It’s great to know Colgate have a product that will help as I grew up using their brand and have trusted it for years.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    my son suffers from extremely sensitive teeth, it’s good that there’s something out there to help people like him these days, there never used to be.

  4. I love colgate sensitive Pro-relief toothpaste for my sensitive teeth.

  5. I have brutally sensitive teeth – and a mouthful of fillings – no fun!

  6. Judy C (Cowan) says:

    I just received my sample of this and I am going to start trying it out. I have 2 teeth right now that are very sensitive and I am really hoping that it will help. I am very optimistic now that I have read your post and how it helped you.

  7. Your girls are adorable!

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