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Shopping with you is like…


Each weekend I get to feature a Carl’s Life Cartoon. This weekend’s cartoon is shopping.

For all you women out there, how would your significant other finish this sentence? Shopping with you is like __________.

My hubby said he could relate to this “Shopping with you” weekend cartoon.


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Cory Graham is married to his university sweetheart and father of two young children. Drawing Carl’s Life cartoons helps him to express that, what comes naturally to most, does not come naturally to all. All of life’s short comings are funny given enough distance and the right angle. Cory’s main philosophy is, “Live life and laugh at it”.


  1. Haha, I can definitely relate to this one.

  2. Michelle armstrong says:

    I do most shopping with my kids. Boyfriend waits in the car. Little nerve racking. Lol

  3. LOL I can absolutely relate to this one! hahaha

  4. leave the hubby and baby at home! lol

  5. haha he’d probably say it’s like waiting for the scared to death cat to come down the tree it’s climbed up when there is 3 dogs barking at the bottom of the tree! It could take a long, long time!

  6. Kristy Short says:

    Lol I can so relate haha

  7. I usually leave the kids at home with daddy :)

  8. Thankfully my hubby likes to shop just as much as me!

  9. Holly Messana says:

    I won’t even bring my hubby shopping, he won’t let me buy anything or he picks out a bunch of things that we don’t need.

  10. heh, cute

  11. Anne Taylor says:

    My husband is the best shopper of all of us, so shopping like him is like shopping with my clone!

  12. Teresa Claire says:

    This is a funny one…I always lose people when I go shopping with them. I am in my own little world.

  13. Nena Sinclair says:

    Lol, now this is funny! I don’t know too many guys who like to shop!

  14. My father is the best shopper of all of us.

  15. haha this just cracked me up ..mine would never come so I take my son and he hates it just as much

  16. When hubby was younger I hated going shopping with him as he was so impatient but now he is older and wiser and is quite a savvy shopper!

  17. Not easy to shop with someone else.

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