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A New Take on Fisher-Price Classics

Growing up, I looked forward to going to my Grandparent’s house.  One of the main reasons was because they had different toys than what we had at home.  The Fisher-Price Chatter Phone was a toy that we always wanted to be first to get our hands on.

Fisher Price New Classics

Fisher-Price has re-imagined the fun of the Chatter Phone by creating the Chatter Phone Talking Game!  With fun sounds and phrases, your child can learn about animals and numbers in a fun new matching game.  Since there are 4 different games to play, the Chatter Phone will grow with your child and be an instant hit.

Another Fisher-Price classic that my kids have enjoyed playing with at their Grandparent’s house is the See ‘n Say.  Listening to all the different animal sounds and repeating them lead to many afternoons of laughter.  The NEW Fisher-Price See ‘n Say Talking Game helps teach kids the names and sounds of different animals in a fun and interactive way.  This matching and memory game has 3 different game levels and includes 20 animal and animal scene cards.

Fisher-Price has another 2 new fun games for kids that are sure to be a hit in your household.  The Fisher-Price Lil’ Snoopy Tippin’ Treats Game allows your children to run their energy out!  Collect all the bones and chase the motorized Lil’ Snoopy around the room to get all the bones in his bowl before he tips over.  Fisher-Price knows that kids love to move and with this game your child will be developing hand-eye coordination.

The New I-Jig Interactive Electronic Puzzle System from Fisher-Price is a toy I wish was around when my kids were little.  They love puzzles and what is better than a puzzle?  How about an interactive puzzle that has sounds, activities and games that your little one can do.  There are 3 different game modes:

  • Mode #1 — your child puts together the puzzle while the I-Jig encourages your little one with helps and positive reinforcement.
  • Mode #2 — your child learns to identify objects in the puzzle while playing a game of Find & Seek.
  • Mode #3 — each puzzle has it’s own different game to play.

What classic Fisher-Price toys do your kids enjoy (or did you enjoy as a child) and which of the new ones would be a hit in your house?

Fishe rPrice Play Ambassador

Disclosure: I receive special perks as a part of my affiliation with the Fisher-Price Play Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada. The opinions in this blog are my own.


  1. It’s funny to see how these old toys that I remember from my childhood have been updated and revamped.

  2. Love that Fisher Price has revamped all their retro toys that we used to play with as kids!

  3. I had a Chatter Phone as a kid! The little dog toy looks adorable!

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I love Fisher Price and that they have modernised the old favourites that my children used to play with. This is a firm that really does produce quality merchandise that lasts and lasts.

  5. My cousins’ kids play with our old Fisher Price toys, they hold up as fn for the kids and withstood the years. The faves are still the record player , barn and garage.

  6. Nena Sinclair says:

    The Fisher Price toys that have been around are wonderful and it’s great that they’ve updated them!

  7. nikki robak says:

    what a great way to re-invent old toys

  8. I am so glad i will be able to share the same toys i had growing up with my daughter. all revamped and pretty!

  9. ah the memories! I had that Chatter Phone and See n Say as a kid.

  10. Cheryl Almas says:

    Fisher Price makes great toys.

  11. I like what they did with these. I loved the telephone.

  12. seham merzib says:

    love Fisher-Price!

  13. soany memories of great products when my kids were small Now that they are more updated as in retro they look so cool

  14. My kids had lots of the old fisher-price toys. Nice to see them in retro.

  15. Love that fisher-price is bringing back the retro toys that i grew up!

  16. Love seeing these old toys.

  17. Angela Mitchell says:

    I still have my Fisher Price Cash Register from the early 80’s and my daughter plays with it all the time!

  18. amy lovell says:

    I love the toy phone my gramma still has the original at her place that all the kids have played with!

  19. Teresa Claire says:

    I value the Fisher Price Brand Name…the telephone has been around for generations…Sara had one when she was little.

  20. I always wanted a See & Say.

  21. donna makayak says:

    i love these fisher price classics its what my kids played with when they were small they never go out of style i think.

  22. I loved the Fisher-Price Chatter Phone when I was young.

  23. We always purchase fisher price toys.

  24. Awesome! Fisher Price can do no wrong in our books!

  25. donna makayak says:

    i love these toys they never go out of style in my opinion when their good products and educational the toys will always be around.

  26. My niece (she’s 2) is obsessed with phones and remote controls. Anything with buttons. She LOVES her Fisher Price phone. Her mom picked it up at a yard sale for practically nothing.

  27. angie andrews says:

    the revamped toys look great

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