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Add these Heather Hartt-Sussman books to your child’s stockings!! #31DaysOfGifts #Giveaway

Books are a hit as Christmas gifts with my kids.

Heather Hartt-Sussman is a children’s author who’s collection of illustrative books teach valuable lessons through stories that children will relate to and enjoy.  You may remember that we reviewed 2 of Heather’s books earlier this year.

She has come out with 2 new books: Noni is Nervous and Nana’s Summer Surprise.

Noni is Nervous

Noni is Nervous is a story of a lovely little girl who is worried about many things. Noni finds a way to control her nerves and work through her anxiety, making life much more bearable for everyone! Noni finds a friend, someone a little more outgoing than herself, and discovers that through friendship, she can belong and succeed in a world that once filled her with dread.  This book is perfect for those aged 2-5.

Nanas Summer Surprise

Nana’s Summer Surprise is the 3rd book in the Nana installmant following Nana’s Getting Married and Here Comes Hortense.  This book holds a valuable lesson for children who may be anxious about making new friends.  This book is suitable for children aged 4-6.


1 Mommy Moment reader will WIN a set of Heather Hartt-Sussman books: Noni is Nervous & Nana’s Summer Surprise.

To enter, leave a blog post comment tell me if you read stories to your children before bed.

**Open to Canadian & US Residents**

(All #31DaysOfGifts giveaways will run exactly 3 weeks.  Winners will have 72 hours to claim their prizes)

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  1. We read every night. Currently our bedtime basket includes: Once upon a potty, dinosaur potty and Matar’s Birthday surprise. We read them over and over again!

  2. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I would read one chapter and they would read one chapter

  3. Juliee Fitze says:

    yes I always read a story to him

  4. absolutely, but not in the bed

  5. Yes, always. A bedtime story is part of the bedtime routine.

  6. danielle t says:

    we change up our bedtime routine. we’ll do weeks of reading every night. then switch to tickle songs. then we’ll do just extra cuddles. we always have special time with the kids.

  7. yup every night

  8. Sometimes I read the girls a story and sometimes big sis reads to little sis.

  9. Maegan Morin says:

    I always read to my kids before nap time and before bed time I have since they were born.

  10. When she’s visiting I always read a bedtime story to my niece (she’s 2)

  11. Yes, we always read a bible story and “good night, I love you”, which my two year old can recite from memory.

  12. Jennifer L. says:

    Yes, we read before bed every night.

  13. Jennifer P. says:


  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I used to read to my children every night at bedtime. As they got older they were allowed to keep their light on to read to themselves for 1/2 hour. Now I read to my grandchildren if I’m putting them to bed.

  15. Yes, I read to them before bed.

  16. he’s a little old for me to read stories to him before bed but I always did when he was young.
    pam w h

  17. Yes, I read every night to my children.

  18. I read stories to my grandkids all the time

  19. I do read to him before bed

  20. Yes, its part of our bedtime routine, My son loves to read

  21. Yes I read to them every night before bed

  22. Every night! We read one English & one French book!

  23. Sunshine G says:

    It’s an integral part of our bedtime setup!

  24. my husband reads with them before bed

  25. Emily Linton says:

    We read about 6 books every night before bed and she’s always asking for “One last one”!

  26. Dayna Wilson says:

    That’s Daddy’s job! I’m in charge of tooth brushing and jammy donning. My husband is the story reader, but yes, he does so every night :)

  27. Caroline M. says:

    my husband reads to him at night, me in the day

  28. I read stories to my girls most nights.

  29. Tanis Sergeew says:

    Yes I do!!

  30. natasha severson says:

    they always get one story before bed

  31. We often read to them before bed.

  32. Never missed a night of reading to them.

  33. we read to both our children every night. I think I love it as much as they do.

  34. We read bible stories every night before bed

  35. Super important !

  36. Elva Roberts says:

    I’ve read stories to my children, my grandchildren and even to my great-grandchild!

  37. I always read stories to my children before bed. It is a wonderfully relaxing and bonding tradition.

  38. Angela Mitchell says:

    I don’t read every night but I do read quite often. She likes to read a lot by herself as well.

  39. Yes I always read a story at bedtime!

  40. Debbie Kennedy says:

    Sometimes we have story night

  41. sometimes

  42. We read to our kids most nights before bed. Each kid picks a story so we normally read 3 books before bed

  43. both boys every night!

  44. Yes We always read at bed time

  45. michelle b says:

    we read stories to the kids almost every night. As my oldest is an excellent reader sometimes he will read the stories which is bliss!

  46. I don’t have any of my own yet, but I work in a children’s hospital and these books would be perfect for some of those children!

  47. We do read before bed. Right now it’s “are you my mother?”

  48. Yes, we do. Just about nightly. We love snuggling and reading together

  49. Every night since they were six mths old. That was ten years ago.

  50. Carole Dube says:

    I always read to my children a bedtime story before bed. When they got a little older they red to me. Now my daughter reads to my granddaughter bedtime story!

  51. yes, every night and often before afternoon nap :)

  52. I always read stories to all 3, and now to my grand-daughter. Love story time!

  53. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    I read 1 page and he reads the other!

  54. kathy downey says:

    yes,we read every night and on sunday afternoons

  55. Yes. I read bedtime stories!

  56. Karen Thaeter says:

    Yes I always read a storie to my children at bedtime

  57. We read during the day and sing in the dark at night.

  58. angie andrews says:

    yes we read to the kids before bed

  59. Yes we read before bed.

  60. I would read to them every night.

  61. kristen visser says:

    not yet. i read to her during the day :)

  62. often but not always

  63. Amie Gaudet says:

    Always read stories to my sons at bedtime

  64. katy emanuel says:

    We have read stories to our daughter right from day one at bedtime. She is so used to this routine that on the occasional night where we get home very late and she has been sleeping in the car, if we do not read a book she has a complete meltdown.

  65. WE usually read stories in the daytime.

  66. We read every night before bed.

  67. Yes, everyday!

  68. We sometimes read before bed. We should be doing this more.

  69. candy kratzer wenzel says:

    With my grandchildren when they sleep over.

  70. I read to my nephew before bed ^.^

  71. Christy Martin says:

    Reading is more a day time event. Bedtime stories always help too!

  72. Yes we read whatever book they happen to pick up that night!!!

  73. Not my kids but family children yes.

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