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Shaidee #31DaysOfGifts #Giveaway

Have you ever tried washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, or grocery shopping without your hands?  That can be pretty tough.  Moms on-the-go know how much easier it is to get things done when their hands aren’t holding that bundle of joy.  So many moms use the benefits of a carrier.  Of course when we are out and about outside, it is hard to keep our little ones’ heads from the elements.  Using a blanket is great until it rains or becomes windy.

Shaidee is the perfect gift for new moms; active moms; traveling moms and everyone in between.

Shaidee carrier

Shaidee is a newly launched brand that offers sun smart cool gear solutions to help families enrich their lives while enjoying life on-the-go.  This revolutionary patent-pending sling and carrier addition is designed to protect babies from exposure to sun and heat.

Shaidee 5 Things

  • Cool, comfortable and soft for baby and you – and it’s machine washable!

  • Light weight! Only 4.5 oz/127.5g – it weighs less than your smart phone!

  • One size fits all – Shaidee™ fits everyone with an adjustable backing!

  • Compatible with most carriers and slings! Shaidee also fits on car seats and most strollers – a multi-use item!

  • Wind resistant – it stays secure in the strongest of breezes!

PLUS: It comes with its own convenient and stylish storage bag included with every purchase!

Shaidee protected


1 Mommy Moment reader will WIN a Shaidee valued at $39.99!

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling me during which activity you would use the Shaidee.

(All #31DaysOfGifts giveaways will run exactly 3 weeks.  Winners will have 72 hours to claim their prizes)

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The #31DaysOfGifts is an event run in conjunction with our yearly Christmas Gift Guide.  These posts are features of products and do not depict our regular writing style.  Items received for Gift Guide features are donated to local charity.


  1. natasha severson says:

    i would use it for everything!

  2. It would be great for summer walks! Especially at the farmers market where there is never shade!

  3. Great for spring/ summer walks when it’s sunny.

  4. Elva Roberts says:

    I would give it to one of my granddaughters if I were lucky enough to win.

  5. Juliee Fitze says:

    Would be great walking around the farm

  6. We would use the Shaidee the most when out for excursions with the older two children!

  7. Darlene Schuller says:


  8. I would be giving this to my friend and I am sure she would use it walking with her daughter and new baby.

  9. nicole krutz says:

    We would use it for our daily walks!

  10. Vacuuming, tidying, walking, anything I can…that’s for sure!

  11. Best time to use is while shopping!

  12. This would be great for walks outside.

  13. I would use it for walks during a sunny summer day.

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I would be giving this to my daughter if I was lucky enough to win. She lives in Australia and is expecting in the Spring and the sun there is very dangerous so this would be ideal for her. I was there when her first born was young and she used to drape a cloth over his head when we went outside, which he objected to of course. This would be utterly fantastic for her.

  15. Miriam Wilton says:

    our trip to disneyland!

  16. We would use this while we were Geocaching!

  17. Going for walks to local parks would be nice!

  18. Bailey Eileen Parr says:

    Would love to get for my daughter, she’d love it for walking or even just around the house

  19. I would use this for walks during the summer

  20. Dayna Wilson says:

    I’d use it to shade my daughter while taking my older child to the park.

  21. roger simmons says:

    I would love to get this for a friend having a baby soon. I am sure she could use it for walks.

  22. I would use Shaidee while watching my oldest son at his track meets

  23. Wanda Bergman says:

    during neighbourhood walks

  24. I would actually give this to my next door neighbour.

  25. angie andrews says:

    i would use it whenever I was outside

  26. Stephanie N says:

    out for summer walks

  27. This would be great for walking around parks during the summer months

  28. This would be great for strolling the mall!

  29. Julie Bolduc says:

    To the mall

  30. laurie nykaza says:

    when were at the ballpark or out walking the dog

  31. elaine bolduc says:

    I would give this to my daughter who is pregnant and I would hope she would use this while we go on our nature walks

  32. Angela Mitchell says:

    It would be great for when I take my older child to the beach and park.

  33. I would use this for walks, shopping and around the house doing light chores.

  34. I would give this to my daughter in law to use with my grandson. She likes to do lots of things outdoors.

  35. nina bergeron says:

    when i’m out for a walk

  36. for walks or at the grocery store

  37. For walks to the park and the mall.

  38. Walks around the neighborhood.

  39. Jennifer L. says:

    Going for visits to the park.

  40. My friend would use it for everything.

  41. I would use it for outdoor hikes.

  42. I would use this walks to the park or mall

  43. Outdoor and mall walking!

  44. Michelle Elizondo says:

    Walking around the park.

  45. Dishes and shopping

  46. Walking with friends.

  47. On a walk to the park.

  48. Everywhere, as a Mom with a 3 month old and a 4 year old it would be so much easier than packing up a stroller. Walks to the park, walking around the mall, the zoo, pretty much anywhere you go you could use one of these. All the while having a free hand to hold on to your other little one.

  49. Melanie B says:

    Walks outside

  50. kathy downey says:

    be excellent for spring & summer walks when it’s nice weather

  51. walking on the beach

  52. Debbie Kennedy says:

    I would give this to my friend who has a little one…..could definitely use it in this winter weather!

  53. for when I take my new great nephew that was just recently born for walks BUT would let his mom have it to keep

  54. It would be great for summer walks.

  55. Walking the dog once this new babe arrives.

  56. katy emanuel says:

    I would use this for hiking

  57. Christina Swenson says:

    I would use it for going to the Farmer’s Market.

  58. It would probably get used most on shopping trips. We don’t drive so there’s a lot of walking going on

  59. michelle b says:

    any walk it would be great for, the sun is so bright in the summer and winter

  60. Teresa Thompson says:

    When we go for walks or to the park.

  61. Beth Gallinger says:

    This would be great for taking walks.

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