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Sleepy Owl is Natural Skin Care for Your Baby #31DaysOfGifts #Giveaway {CAN}

Sleepy Owl Pure Baby care is a Canadian line of locally made, fair-trade skincare products that use natural botanical remedies to cure common skin blunders for moms and newborns.  The collection uses Blue Chamomile, a rare essential oil with anti-inflammatory healing properties, to help with everything from restlessness to diaper rashes, colicky stomachs and early signs of eczema.

Sleepy Owl Log

Sleepy Owl Pure Baby Care use natural ingredients to make some great products.

Babys Blue Oil

Baby’s Blue Oil

Use this oil liberally to soothe skin irritations, reduce redness, reduce skin sensitivities and relieve sore cheeks due to teething.  The oil also helps to calm and relax your baby and can be massaged into the abdomen for colicky discomforts.


  • Persea gratissima (avocado oil)
  • vitamin E
  • matricaria chamomilla (blue chamomile)
  • lavendula angustafolia (lavender oil)

sleepy owl baby balm

Blue Chamomile Baby Bottom Balm

Soothe your baby’s bottom and reduce diaper rashes and redness by creating a barrier between the skin and the diaper with this calming balm.  Smooth onto baby’s bottom between changes for a happy baby.

Therapeutic ingredients:

  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Lavender & Blue Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Organic Cocoa Butter

Sleepy Owl Baby has a few other products as well as gift sets which would be perfect for a baby shower gift.


CANADIAN Mommy Moment reader will WIN a Baby’s Blue Oil & a Blue Chamomile Baby Bottom Balm from Sleepy Owl Baby!

To enter, leave a blog post comment telling us what you do for a calming effect during your baby’s bedtime routine.

(All #31DaysOfGifts giveaways will run exactly 3 weeks.  Winners will have 72 hours to claim their prizes)

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The #31DaysOfGifts is an event run in conjunction with our yearly Christmas Gift Guide.  These posts are features of products and do not depict our regular writing style.  Items received for Gift Guide features are donated to local charity.


  1. Warm water, a gentle touch, soothing music all lead to a calm bath in our house.

  2. We keep our bedtime routine calm with special sleepy-time balm, lullabies and snuggles and stories.

  3. Amie Gaudet says:

    We sing a song that is only sung at bedtime and we cuddle

  4. we do a bath and story.

  5. I dim the lights half an hour before bed. Then we start our nightly routine of having a bottle of milk, putting on pjs, brushing teeth and singing lullabies.

  6. Honestly is been 10 years since I put a baby to bed so I don’t remember the tricks. These products would be great for my new grandson though.

  7. Dayna Wilson says:

    I firmly believe that routine is a huge help in making bedtime easy. When my son was a little baby (he’s 18 months old now) we’d always do warm bath (only using soap every 3rd day or so), massage, song and story, bed. by keeping the same routine every night, I found he went down pretty easily most of the time. Fingers crossed that our daughter, due next month, is similarly easy!

  8. Bedtime bath then story.

  9. I rub my little grandsons face to relax and put him to sleep.

  10. Angela Mitchell says:

    We put on music every night for him and tuck him into his sleepsack.

  11. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    I used to have a baby light that showed pictures on the ceiling

  12. Anne Taylor says:

    I always rubbed my kids backs and sang to them

  13. danielle t says:

    I rub their backs, then still my hand then gently pull it away.

  14. Teresa Claire says:

    Well, my baby is all grown up! Sara loved bath time as toddler and when she was a baby I loved the bath routine.

  15. Emily Linton says:

    Rocking, reading books, and singing

  16. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    bath snuggle and a story

  17. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    it really was a different routine with most of my 7 children. Some were just happy after a bath and breast feeding and a short read, went down easily, others liked to hear a lullaby, some just didn’t want to go down at all. One of my daughters when a little older used to just “sing” herself to sleep – that was marvellous.

  18. natasha severson says:

    bath, story, cuddles

  19. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    soft music and a gentle rub of the bottom of the spine. That flat area. It envelopes your little one with natural sleepiness.

  20. For a calming baby bedtimes- routine is the key. Aiming to do similar things repeatedly, seems to make children relaxed and calm.

  21. I always gave her a bath before bed time, then she was tucked in and I read her a story.

  22. play with their hair

  23. Stephen K. says:

    We do a story and songs

  24. Our nighttime routine has story time and quiet music.

  25. I make a routine of reading a bedtime story.

  26. Diane Cooper says:

    We always have a warm bath with a couple of drops of lavender essential oil, then a bedtime story, and a couple of lullabys.

  27. Danielle Lytwyn says:

    Bath for as long as they want to play.

  28. I give her a massage, a bath, then a book!

  29. I make reading a story a bedtime routine.

  30. angie andrews says:

    I read him a story

  31. I sing to my baby and sing softer and softer with each verse (or song) as she drifts to sleep. I also brush or stroke her hair while putting her to bed

  32. I put lavender in his bath water.

  33. I like to sing for babes at bedtime.

  34. Warm bath and a cuddle in a dark room.

  35. cuddles and music. Also her stuffy blanket

  36. Miriam Wilton says:

    we always have a bath before bed, then before we lay down we have a bottle and a story and a little cuddle.

  37. nightly bath and then bottle

  38. A bedtime book is a must. Luckily, she loves her bed and is a great sleeper.

  39. Bedtime stories always helps!

  40. i rock them and cuddle them

  41. Julie Bolduc says:

    A bath then cuddles

  42. Juliee Fitze says:

    Soothing bath and then her music is turned on and within minutes she is sound asleep

  43. kristen visser says:

    night light, soft noise and i cuddle her till she falls asleep or is almost asleep

  44. Caroline M. says:

    we follow a regular routine so he knows what to expect and is happy with it

  45. We try and keep to the same routine each night, and put him to bed with music.

  46. We have a warm bath and story time with her Pat the bunny book.

  47. Warm bath and story

  48. nina bergeron says:

    bath, bedtime story

  49. Wanda Bergman says:

    singing softly

  50. We did infant massage – and reading, everynight from 6mths on.

  51. We have a routine of a bath and story time before bedtime.

  52. our youngest is a great sleeper, they both have the same routine tho. bath, pjs, story bed. the baby gets a boobie too haha 😉

  53. Singing works every time!

  54. Larissa V says:

    routine :) and nursing in a dark room

  55. warm bath

  56. bath, the cuddles

  57. Our bedtime routine involves bath, books, snuggles and then bed!

  58. Jennifer L. says:

    A bath and a story works well.

  59. Bedtime is all about the boob around here. I nurse my baby to sleep.

  60. a warm bath

  61. Maegan Morin says:

    Until my children were a year old I would just cuddle them to cakm them. I could do it for hours.

  62. Bathtime

  63. sing them a song!

  64. Bryony Babiy says:


  65. I’d give baby a bath with some lavender oil or sing a song.

  66. Message their temples

  67. After their bath, I always read a story to my girls. My youngest still likes to have her back rubbed!

  68. after a bath rockin the rockingchair and sing special bedtime songs

  69. Low lighting and music

  70. We always gave a kids a bath, sometimes a little massage and P.J’s and story time.

  71. We always have books at bedtime, and then cuddles before the final good-night kiss. I dim the lights for cuddle time.

  72. We do bath and then use johnsons lavender lotion so I am always open to using different stuff!

  73. Vicki Davidson says:

    After bedtime story we ‘explore’ our own imaginary world story!

  74. I use a drop of lavender in coconut oil and apply to my kids’ feet, really helps they relax!


  75. I always snuggled my boys and read them a story.

  76. Louise gilbert says:

    a bath, healthy snack before bed and a story

  77. lavendar is a natural sleep aid! and me and my kids love the smell

  78. Deb Dorrington says:

    When my children were babies and also younger we always quieted down the house a half hour before their bath time. After bath it was always fresh jammies and a story. It’s funny at times I miss that special time of the day!

  79. Wendy hutton says:

    bath then a bedtime sotry

  80. bath and snuggle

  81. We have quiet time and read books

  82. Sarha Monaghan says:

    bath, quiet time and nurse before bed

  83. Elva Roberts says:

    My bedtime with my baby was a gentle, calming time. Feeding, changing and maybe a little rock in the rocking chair. I tried to make it a calming time and in hot weather, I gave the baby another bath to freshen him/her so they would be more relaxed for sleep.

  84. Jenness M says:

    Turning off all the lights and putting the fan on helped

  85. cuddle

  86. Rocked them and sang songs.

  87. kathy downey says:

    warm bath,warm millk and a soft sang song by mom

  88. Bath and storytime

  89. michelle b says:

    cuddling would be my calming effect

  90. A Cranston says:

    Cuddles and stories!

  91. Singing!

  92. I find that bathing him is the most relaxing part of his bedtime routine. Other than that he doesnt relax much until he’s asleep.

  93. Christy Martin says:

    Bath time has the most calming effect and usually it includes some sort of lavendar body wash or after lotion.

  94. Victoria K says:

    Bath, warm pjs and cuddles

  95. After a nice warm bath, I lie down with my grand daughter and talk to her then read. I do not think she has ever been awake long enough to hear the end of the book.

  96. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    I give him a bath then sing to him while I am rocking him.

  97. Jennifer Allen says:

    I sing her a song :)

  98. Alannah Sheriland says:

    Bath, cuddles, story-time…

  99. Karen Thaeter says:

    soft music and a warm blanket

  100. valerie theberge says:

    We do a bath and a story. :)

  101. Debbie Petch says:

    I rub her down with body oil.

  102. we do a bath and story.

  103. my baby LOVES her some lavender!

  104. a light massage with lotion and small talk(cooing)

  105. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I keep everything quiet and the lights dimmed and rub her little back. I turn my ringer off in my phone and try to not have any other interruptions.

  106. A nice bath close to bedtime makes for a sleepy baby!

  107. Bryony Babiy says:

    A nice warm bath.

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