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Tips for improving food photos! #FinishPowerandFree


In the last few weeks I have been told numerous times that people are loving the photos of food that I post on Instagram.

Although I am in no way a food photographer, there are some tips I would love to share with you that helped me improve.

Tips for improving food photos!


  • Your camera makes a difference. When I post pictures to my blog, I love using my DSLR camera because the quality makes a huge difference. If you are taking photos for Instagram like I do, try to hold your smartphone as still as you can and make sure your shadow is out of the view.
  • Try to use natural light if possible. Photos I take at supper are never as nice as the ones I take during the day.
  • Plan your background. Food looks more appealing if it  does not have a big mess in the background. You can place your dishes on a place-mat or a pretty piece of paper to change things up. You can find all kinds of nice place-mats at second hand stores for a great deal.
  • Use a variety of dishes. If you can, try to change up the dish you are displaying your food in, variety keeps people interested. Again, you can pick up dishes for a good price at second hand stores.
  • Use CLEAN dishes. There is nothing worse than looking at a beautiful food photo and noticing stuck on dried food stuck to the dish.

For my readers who have been following the blog for a while, there are 2 things you likely know. You likely know that I am a huge FINISH lover because it works so well, another thing you will know that my husband and I have recently made the decision to live healthier this year. One of the ways we are living better is by eating real food.

When I heard about Finish Quantum coming up with Finish Power & Free (which uses Hydrogen Peroxide Action which combines water and active oxygen to give you the clean and shine with less harsh chemicals), I was excited. I am a busy mom and love using my dishwasher.

I have been using the new product for a few days and I can not tell a difference in they way this Finish Power & Free Quantum cleans vs the way the regular Finish Quantum cleans, so the fact that is has less harsh chemicals has me sold.

I hope more companies continue to make their products better – it’s a long road, but I’m happy to see that Finish hears peoples concerns and is now offering a sparkling clean with less harsh chemicals.

The Finish® Power & Free™ line-up of products includes Quantum®, Powerball®, and Jet-Dry®.  Check out the Finish Facebook Page for a FREE sample to try it out for yourself.



Disclosure – I am participating in the #FinishPowerandFree Campaign on behalf of Finish & Mom Central Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this post Jody! I have been loving all your food photos, especially since you started on your Healthy Journey! I think so many focus on the food and forget about the plates! Finish is fabulous and clean plates are a MUST!!!!

  2. Do you want to know something funny? I was looking at your instagram photos from today and thought: “Jody takes REALLY good looking food photos!” haha :) Now I know why!

    Thanks for the tips!

  3. Ooooo…I love your variety of plates – maybe it’s time to pull out some of the heirloom china I have hidden in my basement!

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