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A Mickey Mouse Party For Girls #DisneySide

I was so excited to plan a Mickey Mouse Party for Girls when I received some items from Disney Parks & MomSelect with the goal of having a party to show our #DisneySide.


This first thing I wanted to plan was the food. My family is on a journey to eat only healthy real food, so I knew I would have to be creative since I did not want to make all the sweets that normally go along with parties. I decided on fruit smoothies to drink and a Mickey Mouse Fruit Bouquet would be the perfect snack! The girls loved the red Mickey Watermelon heads and the yellow pineapple stars – how fun!


 When the girls first arrived we played a Disney Bingo Game that came in our celebration kit. Next it was time to make some Mickey Mouse inspired bracelets!


 The girls each got a selection of beads to make their very own bracelet – they were so much fun to make, and I loved seeing how the girls got creative while laughing and talking with their friends.



I also set up a little table with nail polish and notes. I painted the girls nails and the girls had a chance to write notes to one another while they were waiting for their turn.

The Mickey Mouse bracelets and Mickey Mouse nails all turned out magically!


I needed to be creative when planning this party. With a big age span of girls  and the option to only serve healthy food I thought it may be difficult, but when a party involves anything Disney, the magic just comes alive!

My girls wanted a touch of Minnie Mouse at the party too, so when I found these Minnie Mouse bath puffs on clearance I knew they would make the perfect party favor for the guest to take home.


The red balloons and Disney photos that I had displayed in the party room added a Mickey Mouse touch that almost made us feel like we were at Disney instead of in snow covered, cold, Manitoba, Canada.


Disney Memories came alive as we looked back at our photos from last May when we were at Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.


Have you ever been to one of the Disney Parks or had a Disney themed party?


You can find MORE Disney activities, recipes, and party ideas at Disney Side Celebrations and on my Dreaming of Disney Pinterest Board. You can also check out my friend Nancy’s Disney Side party here


I received items for this party in my home celebration kit. Other items (party favors, food, drinks, bracelet beads, nail polish etc) were purchased on my own. 


  1. I am soooo impressed Jody. Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle could have made this a hard party to spice up for some, but you ROCKED it. I love the fruit bouquet. The smiles on the girls faces said it all! Just out of the park on this one!!!!

  2. Awwww, those are sooo cute! I love the bracelets and nail polish. My daughter would totally go for that. :)

  3. I have boys but I love these ideas. I might take some cookie cutters and fresh fruit to make some cute boy themed party snack when my kids have their birthday party. I think we are going to have a ninja turtles them for my oldest sons 5th birthday but im not sure what theme we are going to have for my youngest sons 2nd birthday.

  4. I think my niece would love this! And Francine is right – my nephew and son will get a kick out of the fruit.

  5. LOVE the fruit idea, I will be doing this for future parties. And those bracelets are to die for, LOVE!!!

  6. You’ve given me lots of ideas for my daughter. She’s transitioning from a Dora fan to Minnie and Mickey. I love that you had the girls write notes.

  7. What a magical party! Great job! Where did you find the beads?

    • Thanks Beth! I bought my beads from a lady who makes bracelets. I did a google search for them and here is one option

  8. Darlene Schuller says:

    Such talent Jody!! What a great theme with mature enough contest for the girls ages! Love it!

  9. Susan Hanley says:

    I love the fruit kabobs.

  10. I am so in love with this bouquet and I am so happy to see that you made it a healthy and fun party. It’s been crazy busy round our way, sorry it took so long to get over here. 😛 But, I adore all the things you did to show your Disney Side. Especially the bead bracelets. They are so Mickey! Thanks for linking to my party, we had tons of fun!

    • Thanks so much Nancy, your party was pretty incredible – your daughters are blessed to have a mama like you! Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you liked what we did for our Disney Side party.

  11. Hi, cute ideas! Where did you get those cute and tiny Mickey and Star cookie cutters? I’ve looked everywhere!

  12. Love the fruit kabobs-healthy and if you can find the cookie cutters could be great with so many different themes!

  13. Alexa Nernberg says:

    A great theme for a party. You are very creative and you have demonstrated how you can take a fun event and showing how it can still be a healthy one. Thanks for sharing.

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