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The Journey Between Breast and Bottle #MomTrust

Written by Angela

Both of my  kids started out as breastfed babies.  My husband and I decided that that was the way we wanted to raise our children.  We  never decided how long they would be breastfed, but we knew we wanted to start there.

Breast and Bottle Playtex

While I had some small trials at the beginning with my first born daughter, things started to progress and she and I took to breastfeeding well and quickly.  When my daughter was 4 months old, my husband and I attended a wedding.  Leaving bags of pumped breastmilk and a bottle with my daughter at my parent’s place, we prepped ourselves for an evening out.  We were gone for about 5 hours and during that time, my daughter refused to eat for my parents.  We thought it was because she didn’t want the bottle. When I came back, I was more than ready to have her nurse.  Imagine my surprise when she refused!  After fighting with her for about 10 minutes, I took the bottle that my mom had tried to feed my daughter with and presented it to her.  She latched on to it and downed the whole thing!  From that day on, she refused to nurse and insisted on the bottle.

Playtex Bottle Feeding

My son was a different story.  He figured out the breastfeeding thing right out of the gate.  No latching issues and was a quick eater.  The problem started around his 2 week old mark.  This little bundle of joy wanted to eat every 1 1/2 hours — around the clock.  That meant I would feed him, change him, get him back to sleep, and fall into bed, only have to do it all over again in an hour. Add that to recovering from a c-section where I lost a lot of blood and taking care of a 2 year old, this mama was exhausted!  At my sons 6 week appointment, we talked to his doctor who suggested that he may just not be getting enough nutrients from the breastmilk.  There were other options, but my husband and I decided that bottle feeding was the way to go.  From that first bottle, my son started going 3-4 hours in between feedings.

In both cases, we were thankful that Playtex had great products available for us to continue giving our children what was the best for them.  Playtex wants you to succeed in being able to give your baby what is right for you and them, so they are always changing their bottles and nipples to provide the best that new technology has to offer.

Playtex Bottles


How was your journey between breast and bottle?  Did you breastfeed or bottle feed exclusively?  Or did you supplement with both?

Disclosure: I receive special perks as a part of my affiliation with the Playtex Mom Trust program.

The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. My experiences have covered both sides thoroughly, I bottle fed one exclusively and breastfed one exclusively! :) Finding the right bottle is definitely important whether you’re using it a little or a lot. I still have some of my favorite Playtex products in the closet, you know, just in case :)

    • Angela @ Mommy Moment says:

      Thanks for your comment Crissy.
      You are right – having the right bottle no matter how much you use it, is very important!

  2. I got Playtex bottles as a gift at my baby shower and really enjoyed them.
    Although my son was exclusively breastfed, we used the bottles for my pumped milk when he was at a morning program or when I worked part-time.
    He never got confused about boob or bottle as long as it was breast milk inside. The first time I tried to mix my breast milk with with rice milk he refused.
    We also have an array of food allergies to cope with. Soy and almond milk were not options for us.

    • Angela @ Mommy Moment says:

      Joyce, the fact that your son didn’t get confused between the breast and the bottle is amazing!
      I’m sure that made it a lot easier for you (and those babysitting)

  3. Having the right equipment is the most important thing for anything you do.

  4. It’s always nice when you finally find a bottle that works. My son would take any bottle you gave him but my daughter refused any and all bottles offered.

  5. Sandy Cain says:

    PLaytex is always good. My baby was exclusively breast-fed – no formula at all, and not even any breast milk in bottles. But I used Playtex for her water and juice.

  6. It is amazing how each baby has so much personality and can be so different. Both of my babies were exclusively breast fed, but had a bottle of breast milk from daddy once a day to allow some bonding time and letting me build up a freezer stash.

  7. ty for sharing, all my children didnt like the same bottles like the others. i was unable to breast feed

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