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Tips For Traveling Smart With Your Cell Phone [Samsung GALAXY S3 Mini $450 value #Giveaway]

Traveling smart is so important. Last night I drove home from my parents in yet another snowstorm. I was so glad that my husband and I had our cell phones along because that drive was scary!


The Polar Vortex is not showing any signs of letting up – ugh! It does not surprise me that 1 in 4 Canadians plan to escape winter by vacationing down south even though we are already in March. Here in Manitoba many people are talking about the hot destinations that they will be going to during Spring Break in April.

Since many people are traveling, I thought it would be the perfect time to share the top 10 tips for traveling smart with your smartphone from  TELUS! Check it out here and learn more about TELUS’ enhanced travel passes to US, Mexico, the Caribbean and Cuba!

traveling smart

For more information on TELUS’ travel passes, Travel Tracker, device unlocking, device protection plans and other handy traveling smart tips, visit

 Giveaway Moment:

One lucky Mommy Moment reader will win their own Samsung Galaxy GS3 Mini,valued at $450. To enter to win, leave a blog comment telling me where you plan to go for your next trip/getaway.


(You can also pick up the Samsung Galaxy GS3 Mini from TELUS for zero dollars on a two-year term!)

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  1. Teresa Claire says:

    Unfortunately, not far away enough…Vancouver.

  2. stephen gordon says:

    Plan to go away to Prince Edward County to stay at Bed & Breakfast.

  3. Amy Heffernan says:

    We always go somewhere local. Not in our budget to go anywhere by plane. :)

  4. Jen Conlin says:

    Plan on staying local and Going to Banff and Lake Louise for some R&R.

  5. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    not sure where we would go. our car broke down so I guess the next one is to a garage to get it fixed. I may take a trip to see my sister for a weekend when its fixed

  6. We are going to Montreal for easter.

  7. Erika Birrell says:

    We will be driving from Alberta to Quebec, then to Ontario for our wedding in September!!!

  8. We’re planning on visiting Disney this year!

  9. We have a ‘babymoon’ planned next month in Niagara Falls!

  10. Going out to BC to our cabin thatbis at Mara Lake

  11. I plan to take the family up to sault ste marie this summer.

  12. Russell Porter says:

    Taking the kids to PEI this summer.

  13. Dawn Kicks says:

    My next trip will be to GWL in Niagara with the kids.

  14. Joanne Saunders says:

    Mexico is my next destination

  15. D-I-S-N-E-Y-L-A-N-D baby!!!!!!!

  16. Susan Hanley says:

    We’ll be traveling to the east coast, Nova Scotia

  17. Irene Eichler says:

    South Carolina

  18. We are hoping our next vacation will be to Hawaii.

  19. Gord Brown says:

    My wife and I would like to take the kids to Jamaica. We absolutely loved it there for our Honeymoon.

  20. Mary Beth says:

    Cruise the Caribbean

  21. We will be traveling to Jamaica! !

  22. I love Galaxy’s,would really love to win an s3 have s2. Now and love .

  23. Plan on visiting my sister, she moved to Maine and I would love to visit again

  24. To the mountains for a camp with kids!

  25. sabina edwards says:

    going camping in aug to cypress hills in sk, but have yet to break down and get a cell phone (and if I camped, I think the whole point of camping is to get away from hightech and get back with nature!!) in aug its a star party where everyone brings their telescopes :)

  26. Dee Davis says:

    Probably next trip will be to glorious Petitcodiac NB. Think I’m gonna wait til it warms up some though!

  27. Anne Taylor says:

    We are planning a trip up island to Parksville!

  28. I don’t have a next trip/getaway planned right now…but I sure need one! I’m hoping to plan a weekend getaway with a girlfriend to Jasper soon :)

  29. Waterloo, ON to visit my sister!

  30. Pat Drouillard says:


  31. Patrick Siu says:

    We plan to go to HongKong

  32. Melissa Benham says:

    We are hoping to win a trip that would take us to New Orleans for four days and to Orlando for 6! Also, hoping to travel home to visit my family this summer in Manitoba.

  33. Not sure yet!

  34. to the beach

  35. Wendi Maroon says:

    Qualicum Beach, BC…for my BFFs wedding,

  36. jasna malobabic says:

    Niagara Falls

  37. BlessedTA says:

    Not sure yet. Still in the planning stages

  38. Andrea Amy says:

    No plans for any trips. I’ve never been on a real vacation before in my life, and its actually been about 6 years since I’ve been outside of Calgary. Maybe one day :)

  39. Kristen Hazlett says:

    Next destination is Wiarton, ON…. unfortunately that’s still many months away!!!

  40. I don’t know when my next vacation will come, but I would love to visit Greece.

  41. Our next trip is hopefully gonna be to visit our new nephew! :)

  42. The next trip has to be somewhere warm and green. I am so tired of all that white STUFF

  43. Planning to explore our city this March break but dream of white sands and warm weather

  44. Christy M says:

    Calgary family trip :-)

  45. Newfoundland! I’m going whale watching!

  46. Crystal Englot says:

    Going on a cross country road trip from MB to BC with our camper.

  47. Vivian D. says:

    I will be going to Arizona in May.

  48. Eniko Gaspar says:

    Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

  49. Suzanne G says:

    Our next trip will be to Calgary in April to visit our daughter and grandkids.

  50. I’m not sure yet but it will be somewhere in North America. thanks

  51. Karen Wildman says:

    CAN’t afford vacation this year!!!!

  52. Ottawa but would love to go somewhere nice and warm out of Canada

  53. Karen Hill says:

    Somewhere, anywhere WARM

  54. cuba is where i want to go

  55. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to go anywhere right now, no extra money in the budget :(

  56. I’m on the lookout for a business travel opportunity to New Zealand. We went to Walt Disney World last month. Do you think it’s too soon to go back? Thanks for hosting this Jody.

  57. Hawaii

  58. hawaii

  59. Amy Brown says:

    This summer I plan to go to winnipeg beach to visit my mom

  60. Karla Hynes says:

    We are going to Newfoundland!

  61. Somewhere in Eastern Canada!

  62. My family is planning a small gateway to Victoria, BC for my daughter’s birthday

  63. kristen visser says:

    not far! just a 3 hr drive. im pregnant so no serious traveling for me just yet

  64. Jennifer G says:

    We want to go somewhere warm for our honeymoon or else take the kids to Disneyland.

  65. Linda B. says:

    Probably Niagara Falls with the kids!

  66. Michelle L says:

    Hoping to go to Hong Kong…

  67. PE on a stick! Haven’t been there since the bridge was built.

  68. I was thinking BC or Ireland. I would love to see all of the beautiful greenery by the coast.

  69. NEW YORK BABY! Less than a month until the ultimate Mommy Only Getaway!

  70. Mindy Reimer says:

    My husband promised me within 10 years of us getting married that we would go somewhere warm on a holiday, so his time is almost up so we are hoping to plan a trip to either Mexico or Dominican

  71. I want to go to Niagara Falls down Clifton Hill

  72. This year’s holidays will be close to home, camping in the area, but we are saving and planning for a big trip next year to Europe.

  73. Terri O'Donnell says:

    We are going on a family vacation to Ontario :)
    We plan on visiting relatives from both mine & my husband’s families while we are there

  74. Alicia W says:

    Hoping to make it to Vancouver sooner rather than later but with home reno’s currently underway I’m not sure when that’s going to happen.

  75. Danielle Clarke says:

    Would love to go to Newfoundland and visit my family :)

  76. charityk says:

    we plan to go to the cottage in the summer

  77. Looks like it will be Florida to visit my parents and take the kids to Disney.

  78. We are planning a trip to Portugal!

  79. Carol M (Lushka S) says:

    Vancouver Island

  80. maryse b says:

    in november we are taking a cruise in the Caribbean

  81. shelley Hickey says:

    anywhere warm!

  82. Holly Wright says:

    We are travelling to New Brunswick for my brother in laws wedding

  83. Jennifer L. says:

    I’ll be visiting some midwestern states in the US

  84. We’re heading to Whistler!

  85. Laurie B says:

    I would love to go to cuba with the family next.

  86. I plan on going to Atlantic City :)

  87. Jenness M says:

    I plan to go to Ireland in the fall.

  88. lisa bolduc says:

    with this winter we have had I would like to go somewhere sunny like aruba

  89. Julie Bolduc says:

    Hmmm not to far to Toronto I think

  90. stacey dempsey says:

    The only getaway I have planned at the moment is a music festival in Squamish in the summer

  91. Travelbuds says:

    Newly single mom so can’t afford to go on any trips.

  92. Darlene Schuller says:

    Just today we booked a 3 day 2 night stay at Sir Sam’s Water Resort.

  93. michelle tremblett says:

    Hoping to be in Florida for Christmas :)

  94. Juliee Fitze says:

    My next get away will be to go to Edmonton to meet my new grand daughter.

  95. I plan to go to Jamacia with my family.

  96. anna key says:

    I’m going to Alaska in the summer (because I’m crazy)

  97. Lesley Berry says:

    Going for a cruise from New York in the fall :) along with a bachelorette weekend in NYC :)

  98. Doris Calvert says:

    We are going to Banff, Jasper and amybe the Okanagan

  99. Ronald G says:

    We already have plans to go to Disneyland when my niece finishes grade 10

  100. Carole Dube says:

    Las Vegas 3 and a half weeks..I can’t wait.

  101. Karen Thaeter says:

    we would probably o to our sons cottage in Northernontario

  102. New York City.

  103. NICOLE DZ says:

    hope to go to fort worth texas to visit my sister and my brother.

  104. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    We may go to Wawa or Toronto. Perhaps both. I really need a new phone

  105. Orlando in May

  106. joanne major says:

    would love to go to hawaii

  107. Karin Dollery says:

    I hope to be going to Victoria B.C. this fall to visit my Best friend.

  108. I’m hoping to go to South Carolina to visit a friend.

  109. Francine says:

    We’re going to The Bahamas

  110. Maegan Morin says:

    I think that our next getaway will be to southern alberta. We really want to take the kids to Drumheller to see the dinosaurs!

  111. I hope to go with the family to the beach.

  112. Dorothy Boucher says:

    we had planned to go see family up in Maine but unless our truck gets fixed it don’t look like we going any where :(
    thanks @tisonlyme143

  113. natasha severson says:

    my mom is coming to me! we never go very far!

  114. Florence C says:

    Hoping to go Edmonton to visit my son and his family. Also to met my daughter in Montreal in July

  115. SweetPanda says:

    Probably we will be going to Washington D.C.

  116. Jack Davis says:

    We plan to go to “Atlantis” in the Bahamas

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  117. Geraldine Durant says:

    Niagara Falls

  118. Nova Scotia this coming summer to Visit family

  119. dunno yet! someplace super relaxing

  120. Dawn Rader says:

    We take a lot of trips to Ohio and Kentucky even Tennesee

  121. I plan to go to PEI.

  122. I am planning to take a trip across Canada VIA Rail with my husband o see the Rocky Mountains and back to the East Coast.

  123. Good old Galena, IL

  124. Glenda Wong says:

    I wish I could go farther but my next trip will be to Regina.

  125. nikki robak says:


  126. Sharon Arsenault says:

    This would be awesome to win…ty for the chance

  127. Joce Lyne says:

    we r planning on going to glen falls

  128. Ontario travel…checking out local events.

  129. I want to go to the beach so VA Beach.

  130. Elaine Laforge says:

    White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia, it is a beautiful oceanfront resort with cottages.

  131. ghassan alsaleh says:

    I plan to go for your next trip/getaway to Dubai

  132. Jaime Brown says:

    My family and I want to go travel in an RV, were just not sure where yet hehe. Thank you:)

  133. We plan on going to Nova Scotia for an autism race car event

  134. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    disney world california

  135. We have no plans to go anywhere. Warm weather is perfect to stay home.

  136. England :)

  137. Staycation!

  138. Florida – to visit my sister! (and Minnie Mouse) :)

  139. Nena Sinclair says:

    I’ll be going to Grand Forks, ND next month. Not much different than here in Manitoba, temperature wise. I wish I could go somewhere warm and tropical, but I just can’t afford to.

  140. Katharine W says:

    Currently don’t have any plans. Hopefully something will come up.

  141. england

  142. I plan to go to B.C. for my next vacation.

  143. Off to BC this summer for some fun in the sun and on the water :)

  144. Heading to Northern California to visit some family

  145. Diana Powell says:

    Orlando , Florida

  146. Brenda Penton says:

    Going to the other side of the province on my next trip, St. John’s.

  147. Louise gilbert says:

    this Easter to visit my parents in the Okanogan

  148. Marlene Unruh says:

    San Juan Islands in Washington State

  149. I want to go to Costa Rica next!

  150. A short trip to B.C.

  151. Marilyn Legault says:

    Transatlantic cruise next month. :)

  152. Steve Bobula says:

    Going to the Caribbean

  153. Hopefully Las Vegas!

  154. Manuel Vizcaya says:


  155. Patrick Miller says:

    I will probably head to Vancouver!

  156. Can’t plan anything until I pass the CPA exam.

  157. Diane Morgan says:

    Toronto girls weekend away

  158. Patrick Armstrong says:

    To the states to do some shopping!

  159. We are planning a getaway to Niagara Falls!

  160. My husband and I are still deciding on a location but we’ve agreed that it will be somewhere sunny!
    Hawaii and Disneyland seem to be the top contenders.

  161. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    I was lucky enough to win a trip to Jordan, yes Jordan in the Middle East…should be exciting.

  162. Dayna Wilson says:

    We have no immediate plans, as my husband just used up his vacation time to be home with our newborn daughter. Hopefully this summer we can manage a weekend trip to the Okanagan or something.

  163. Just in our province bc and camping in Alberta in the summer

  164. Ginger Leah Gervais says:

    For our next trip, we are saving up to go to Ontario for a family visit! Might take awhile but we ll get there 😉

  165. Las Vegas

  166. Cynthia Matheson says:

    I would love to take my kids to PEI

  167. We are looking to go to Niagara Falls.

  168. I hope to get to Spain!

  169. hopefully up north

  170. Emily Chui says:

    A summer trip to new york!

  171. We don’t currently have any plans. It will probably either be some sort of weekend getaway somewhere nearby, a camping trip, or a flight to Alaska to visit family.

  172. I am planning to go to Nova Scotia from Ontario!

  173. Jenn Erin says:

    Hoping to visit my friend in Montreal this summer or winter before she graduates from university there and returns home! I’ve never been to Montreal… needless to say, I’m super excited.

  174. Nowhere exciting for unfortunately, I am in debt repayment mode!

  175. We are going to New York City.

  176. Elizabeth Nicholson says:

    Halifax NS

  177. Serena Debolt says:

    Taking the ferrry over to Vancouver Island for a look at all the spring flowers

  178. Sept 20th wedding, Sept 21st – Caribbean Island TBD!

  179. Victoria Ess says:

    We’re going to Vancouver!

  180. Carol Denny says:

    Florida next winter.

  181. Debbie W says:

    We’re going on a canoeing trip in Northern Ontario in July.

  182. Veronica S. says:


  183. My boys picked Washington DC as our next adventure for our summer vacation.

  184. Probably a smaller roadtrip. Maybe NY or Vermont. Have been wanting to go to Florida too.

  185. tracey byram says:

    I’ll be going to Stone Mountain State Park

  186. Danielle says:

    I’m going to San Jose to visit a friend.

  187. Surso S. says:

    somewhere in America to visit my wife’s family most likely Illinois

  188. no plans at the moment but hopefully |Disney World next winter

  189. If the snow ever goes away we plan on doing some camping around Ontario this summer.

  190. Cassie Fancy says:

    Ideally I would love to take my family to Nova Scotia , but I don’t see a vacation in our near future

  191. Yellowstone Park with our small kids

  192. We are planning a trip to Calgary

  193. I’m going to Charlotte, NC

  194. I need to go to the US for some shopping and a Trader Joes Run

  195. Hoping to go international like mexico. But may go West Edmonton next for a family trip

  196. we are planning to go to hershey park then ocean city in may

  197. Violet Smith says:

    We will only be going to either Grand Bend, Wasaga Beach, or Sauble Beach for a week or two this summer. I would love to be able to go back to Cuba, however with husband out of work, this is not doable.

  198. No specific plans yet but hopefully somewhere warm. Im sick of this cold winter weather!

  199. Valerie Crawford says:

    Toronto with my youngest in May, then New Brunswick with the family in August!

  200. Barbara W. says:

    No holiday plans here. Might make a day trip to Michigan to do some shopping at Whole Foods.

  201. We’ve never been on vacation so we are saving up for our 1st! We want to go to a resort in Algonquin Park!

  202. jane kramer says:

    um no where lol I have 3 kids and cant afford to go on a trip lol

  203. Christina D says:

    I’d want to go somewhere sunny, perhaps California.

  204. Catherine says:

    We just got back from Orlando and a Caribbean cruise, haven’t made any plans for next trip yet.

  205. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    Not far. Just the Pinery Provincial Park.

  206. Paris or London

  207. hoping to travel across canada this year

  208. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    My next trip will be to Penticton, BC.

  209. Going to Vancouver to visit Poppa!

  210. Nick Tefoglou says:

    I saving to go to Spain

  211. No plans on any trips. Maybe just in our area to check out waterfalls.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  212. Elizabeth R says:

    Going on a cruise to Bermuda in May.

  213. ryan hogan says:

    I am planning on going to South Korea

  214. I am going to Seattle next

  215. Viv Sluys says:

    We’re going to Whistler for our next get away.

  216. Wendy Arnot says:

    Not sure yet, but it will be a roadtrip within BC for sure!

  217. Debbie Jackson says:

    I would like to see Alaska but it is a dream only.

  218. Laura Crochetiere says:

    I am heading to Europe for a few weeks in June. :)

  219. ChristineB says:

    Rent a cottage in Ontario.

  220. road trip to Montreal

  221. We are planning our Disney Cruise for this fall/winter.

  222. to the cottage in the summer

  223. we’re going to Portland soon

  224. BobbiJo pentney says:

    Probably just for a staycation, Canadas wonderland.

  225. I would love to go to the west coast and do some sailing

  226. We are planning on traveling to Japan next.

  227. I am planning in the fall to get away for a few weeks

  228. Sandra H says:

    I plan on visiting Vancouver Island because I love being near the ocean!

  229. We are headed to California…cannot get here soon enough.

  230. Would love to getaway to Mount Whister resort area.

  231. maybe banff

  232. Realistically maybe Mount Whistler resort, B.C. But dreaming of going to Hawaii again one day…

  233. The eldest is graduating this year! We’re hoping to go visit friends and family in over in Hamilton with her, but I know she is wishing for a trip to NYC for her graduation present! Ha! We’ll see!

  234. Japan!

  235. Our next trip will be to the Okanagen

  236. Lori Bazan says:

    We are driving up as a family to the Calgary Stampede and then to visit Banff!

  237. I plan on using it when I visit my sister

  238. Virginia Buck says:

    Might not be exotic but certainly is beautiful – Vancouver Island.

  239. Kimberley says:

    I am hoping to go to Newfoundland in the summer.

  240. Portugal here we come.

  241. Jessica P says:

    Planning to take a honeymoon in Spain!

  242. I am about to celebrate ten years with my best friend (boyfriend/husband)… we plan on going away to the East coast as neither of us has done the trip as of yet. I’m hoping to bike along the coast and meet the locals. Experience the outdoors and just take it all in! Road trips allow us to feel like we’re still dating each other and they never turn out exactly as planned which is the element of surprise that I simply LOVE! (And yes, sometimes hate!) hehe Thanks for the contest!

  243. My next trip is to the local library.

  244. My partner has family in British Columbia, so chances are we will visit the west sometime soon.

  245. mongupp (@mongupp) says:

    Jackson’s Point for church camp

  246. Casey Miller says:

    Sticking to the house, probably visit the Okanagan at Easter..

  247. Susan Burney says:

    We are having a “Staycation” this year over Spring Break, and I’ve got lots of things planned (including a day at Banff Cave and Basin hot springs), but this morning my husband proposed an “awaycation” – not a holiday, as it’s only one night, but we are now booked into ahotel near the Radium HotSprings. That makes 2 hotsprings over 1 Spring Break. Kinda a holiday!

  248. I am going south to Washington in late spring. The mountains are beautiful in the spring.

  249. I want to go to Disney World again. No date set yet but eventually

  250. Marlene V. (enelram) says:

    I would love to go to Peru but don’t think I can afford it so maybe Vegas!

  251. Karla Sceviour says:

    We plan on going on a vacation the summer,but not sure where yet.

  252. Trisha Y. says:

    We just came back from a weekend get away to Niagara Falls, ON at an indoor waterpark and I left my phone charger in the hotel room, booooooooo!

  253. Sunshine G says:

    Road trip to the Oregon Coast!

  254. Miriam Wilton says:

    las vegas to visit my father in law!

  255. Edith Rennes says:

    To Kelowna to visit my son

  256. I’m due to spend next Christmas in Florida with my family.

  257. I am planning to go to Newfoundland

  258. a short road trip to Niagara region for a wine tour with a bunch of girlfirends.

  259. I am saving everything for my dream of a trip/retirement to Spain

  260. i plan on going camping with my bf. not sure where yet.

  261. Leah Lucas says:

    We are planning to go to Niagara Falls in May, for my husbands and daughters birthday!

  262. Abdullah Khan says:

    Somewhere warm ! hopefully the bahamas

  263. Linda Kish says:

    My next trip is to Las Vegas.

  264. Melanie B says:

    Out to Banff or up to Edmonton

  265. laurie tilkin says:

    cruise to alaska

  266. Alaskan Cruise

  267. My family lives 3,000 miles away in California, and I haven’t seen them in 5 years. I think we’re overdue!

  268. Florida next week!

  269. Christina Ferguson says:

    My fiance and I are planning a trip to Tofino , British Columbia in the next couple of weeks. We are in need of a weekend getaway. :)

  270. I would love to travel around Europe as I am learning German, Italian and French

  271. Sarah Duehr says:

    I hope to go with my father and brother on one of their next camping trips — not sure which trip, or even where we’ll go, but I’m still looking forward to it!

  272. Šimon Slávik says:

    Next trip I will go on some mountains.

  273. Hawaii! I have friends there I haven’t seen in years.

  274. We’re going to Ontario next week. Hopefully the weather is good.

  275. Victoria K says:

    I plan to travel to up North Michigan for a cottage vacation

  276. melissa allen says:

    I cant afford it right now so we just go local places

  277. Going to Thailand with my bestie.

  278. Joleen Marie says:

    we go to disneyland twice a year and that is our vacation time. love disney!!!

  279. Headed to Albuquerque!

  280. We are headed down to Corpus Christi this summer and really excited!

  281. I plan to go to Florida!

  282. Sweta Sonulkar says:

    I am pregnant and due in September this year so may be we can plan for a short ride to beach nearby

  283. Erika R. says:

    Hopefully to the east coast to visit my grandparents and other family!

  284. We’re hoping to go to Hawaii! So hubby can scuba dive and I can work at the primate sanctuary.

  285. niagara falls!

  286. Brandee H says:

    We are planning a weekend at Niagara Falls once it warms up.

  287. Chelsea V. says:

    I plan on getting away in Montreal :)

  288. I really want to take a real vacation not just a trip to visit family. I’m hoping to go to Japan… but that will take lots of saving!

  289. Kim Uussalu says:

    I plan on going somewhere hot, anywhere hot actually. Living in Canada has given me major winter blues this year and a vacation is well deserved for any of us Canadians!

  290. Right now I’m planning on going to nova scotia.

  291. I would like to go to Australia

  292. Seattle

  293. Kristine Ewald says:

    Would love to go to Dsneyland

  294. I’m trying to convince my husband to take a road trip to Vancouver in the early summer.

  295. Jessica Snow says:

    I plan on visiting my grandmother up in New York.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  296. Sherry K says:

    Don’t have any plans yet. Hope to go in the summer somewhere.

  297. Jayden H. says:

    We are planning on going to the black hills this summer! I am so excited!

  298. Alexandra says:

    I’m hoping to get up to Maine! Thanks for the giveaway!

  299. Jennifer Lo says:

    Disney world

  300. patricia says:

    no trips planned yet, but wanna take the 4 kids sumwhere nice this summer

  301. I’d love to go to Mexico. It’s where I want to go! It’s a dream! Maybe if get this phone unlocked and use it as an emergency phone to keep in touch with family :)

  302. I plan to go to Morocco for my next getaway!

  303. It will be great when I travel acrooss Canada on VIA

  304. We haven’t decided yet but are hoping to do a b and b somewhere warm.

  305. John Stuart says:

    Gulf Islands

  306. Disney World

  307. I’d love to go to cuba for our next vacation.

  308. SueSueper says:

    My next trip/getaway will be to visit my mom, last summer has been too long ago. :-)

  309. Samantha Hill says:

    I’m heading to California this summer

  310. Birdiebee says:

    I have no plans for a vacation or a trip at this time.

  311. Robyn B. says:

    We want to go to Cuba, but not sure when.

  312. Sarah Stickney says:

    anywhere near the equator

  313. Leigh-Ann Murphy says:

    We are going to Comic Con in San Diego next summer, so excited =)

  314. Brigitte says:

    Would love to travel to the sunny beaches of Cuba. This would be an awesome prize to win. Thanks for the chance.

  315. We have a weekend in San Antonio booked for May. The weather will be warm and we shall see no snow!

  316. Day or weekend trips to Ontario (Upper Canada Village, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Stratford)

  317. London, I hope

  318. Italy!

  319. Disneyland!

  320. would love to win

  321. nicolthepickle says:

    Hopefully Moncton…is that allowed? It’s not warm there yet.

  322. Hawaii

  323. We are going to old Quebec City this summer then another week in Vancouver & Alberta

  324. Tenerife!

  325. Nicole B says:

    we plan on going to bc

  326. Maryam sami says:

    Niagara falls

  327. most likely to edmonton, or the okanogan

  328. I would like to travel to Europe next year. But before that, I will have a visit in BC this summer perhaps.

  329. Angela Mitchell says:

    We want to go on a road trip his summer but we haven’t decided yet between the Oregon Coast, the Cascade Loop or South Dakota.

  330. We go to BC for summer break!

  331. On Thursday, I head on a three country, 5,000km, 4-day roadtrip from Mexico to Canada. In 4 weeks from now, I’m heading to Las Vegas (with a girlfriend) and this summer The Zoo is heading east to Newfoundland for 5 weeks. Did I mention The Zoo includes DH, myself, two kids, and two dogs. Unfortunately, we had to bury our 18-year old cat in Mexico this year :( Never a dull moment. And, we’re in desperate need of a phone.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  332. Elaine Jasvins says:

    I think it is going to be somewhere warm, probably last minute.

  333. Jeanette says:


  334. Sonny Partaub says:

    las vegas with my wife

  335. Well I plan on packing up the kiddos and going to Orlando Florida. Visit family and hit up some theme parks.

  336. Crystal Quibell says:

    Punta Cana in May!

  337. jessica s says:


  338. I am hoping to go to Saskatoon for easter to be with family thats going there from MB for a hockey tournament. This will be the 2nd annual trip to Saskatoon for easter

  339. Tenerife for our anniversary.

  340. Kayla Gilbert says:

    We’re travelling to Niagara Falls in about 3 weeks. It’s the only thing we could afford.

  341. Cindy Smith says:


  342. Our next trip is heading out to British Columbia with our son and his family. Our next getaway is being planned for our whole family and will be at Sandals Beaches Negril!

  343. Christina F says:

    My Brownie unit is going to the ontario provincial Rally at Canada’s wonderland this May. Lots of pictures will be taken!

  344. kristen johnson says:

    not planning on going anywheres right now

  345. Ronda Patrick says:

    Oh I plan to get out of here somewhere warm!!!! Just like you, I feel like this Winter will never end!!! Wait a minute, it was supposed to.. It’s Spring… As the snow is still falling outside…. :(

  346. Amie Gaudet says:

    We have quite a few travel plans for the next 12 months. We live in Ontario and are renting a gorgeous ocean front cottage in PEI for one week and spending another week Fly-In fishing in Northern Ontario. Later in the year we will be travelling to Hawaii

  347. Las Vegas with my hubby!

  348. We’re going to Rock Hill, SC next week for 3 days.

  349. Fiona Mullins says:

    Unfortunately I have no plans for a trip

  350. Debbie Cahoon says:

    Unfortunately I can’t afford to go anywhere so I have to stay home. The longest trip I’ll be taking is to the grocery store.

  351. Sweta Sonulkar says:

    Would love to go for babymoon near my house may be some resort with waterparks

  352. This phone is garbage. Don’t even bother.

  353. We are planning a long awaited trip to Hawaii.

  354. Sylvie McWilliams says:

    Living in the Maritimes- having a smart phone at all times could possibly mean life or death- especially when we get a big Nor’easter…

  355. Vegas to renew our vows.

  356. My sisters are going to Destin Florida I would love to go with them.

  357. Chris Wray says:

    las vegas

  358. cris baiker says:

    Definitely Australia!

  359. Florida! bye bye cold

  360. California!

  361. Our next BIG trip will be to Ottawa! So excited!

  362. michelle hebert says:

    id like to go to alberta to see my sister havent seen her in a few years miss her tons

  363. I want to go somewhere with beaches!

  364. Dianne Arsenault says:

    Shopping trip in New Hampshire

  365. sarah sar says:

    We are planning to travel to the UK this summer!

  366. Donna Durie says:

    I’d love to go to BC to visit my daughter

  367. Richard Corkum says:

    Were going to Calgary July 1/14

  368. shannon gowlett says:

    my next trip is to pei canada

  369. Andrea R says:

    I don’t have plans for a vacation at the moment. :(

  370. New York

  371. our net get-a-way is to some local wild hot springs

  372. Florida in November.

  373. Plans are to travel to Florida in November.

  374. BOSTON

  375. our next trip is to buffalo point Manitoba stay in cabins and golf.

  376. Florida

  377. Off to the zoo

  378. Jacquie Hess says:

    Vancouver Island.

  379. Love to WIN ! and loose my fliphone.

  380. Jill McDowell says:

    visit family in Saskatchewan

  381. Cuba! Hopefully…

  382. Perhaps Miami

  383. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    going to toronto for work

  384. My friend and I are thinking Panama next year… so I have a year to find a job and save… and brush up on my español…

  385. las vegas!!

  386. Beanybopp says:

    We would love to go to the beach…doesnt matter which one any beach would do at this point!

  387. montreal

  388. Tammy Dalley says:

    Just to the beach this summer with the kids

  389. William C. says:


  390. Caroline M. says:

    we are planning a trip to Montreal

  391. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    My next trip will be to England, Germany and maybe Denmark.

  392. Treasure island,california

  393. michelle b says:

    Next planned get away is Birdshill Park camping opening weekend! but then throughout the summer we will camp further away from Winnipeg (Love camping!)

  394. Casey Miller says:

    Vernon, BC to visit grandparents!

  395. Sophia M says:

    Not sure where, but somewhere warm and sunny.

  396. Rosa Cross says:

    Our next getaway is summer camping at Miramichi, but next year our warm destination could be Mexico.

  397. We are more than likely going to go to gramma & papa’s house! Fun times!

  398. I think we are going to try to do Seattle, Vancouver and Calgary this summer

  399. katy emanuel says:

    We are contemplating a trip out to Victoria, BC

  400. Erin McGrath says:

    Not going anywhere this year, saving for a trip to Florida.

  401. Patricia Lehoux says:

    I plan to go in Grande-Vallée, Gaspésie, QC to visit my family!

  402. Toronto!

  403. kRISTIN H says:

    we are going on our first disney trip- cannot wait, havent been on vacation in 4 years

  404. A quick trip to Naples Fl. In April then DisneyWorld in the fall!

  405. Visit

  406. Minnesota.

  407. Rachel Cartwright says:

    I am hoping to go to the UK – moderate weather, yes please!

  408. Evangeline says:

    Hopefully back to my home country ..its been 4 years :(

  409. miami

  410. Natalie D says:

    I hope to go on a road trip once we’ve settled in from our big Pennsylvania:), for some time away with the family, trying some local eateries and for some shopping.

  411. zahra premji says:

    My next trip is to the Bahamas

  412. I plan on going to Whistler, BC :)

  413. I plan on going out west to Alberta this summer.

  414. Allison Walker says:

    Iceland!! I can just taste the beauty and mystery :)

  415. I’m planning to take my daughter on a rail trip to the Grand Canyon. I’ve been there twice and it was the most humbling moments of my life. To stand at the precipice of something that is millions of years old, you truly realize how insignificant we all are in the grand scheme of things!

  416. i like the phone

  417. yeah, biz trip to nova scotia on sat. great reminders

  418. Kelly Colby says:

    Hopefully PEI this summer

  419. Linda Ching says:

    Victoria to visit the Parliament. I’ve never been and I’ve lived in BC for decades!

  420. shannon says:

    Me and my husband are planning a trip to wales next summer. We will be going to meet extended family that we have never met as well as see the sights! Very exciting!

  421. Lindsay Slothouber says:

    Our next trip will be somewhere down south to enjoy the beaches and the sun.

  422. hmmm Belleville – Ontario Water Buffalo Farm for awesome cheese and meat…Picton to the County Cider Company for awesome cider…

  423. Shellie Clark says:

    Vancouver to see a hockey game

  424. Debbie C says:

    Several countries in Europe.

  425. Staycation on PEI

  426. phyllis ruszkowski says:

    anywhere would be nice ,but probably just camping

  427. I will be heading to San Francisco for a friend’s wedding – I’ve wanted to go see that city for years now, so I’m pretty excited!

  428. Kyra Bennett-Richardson says:

    Hawaii, Oahu!

  429. Debie Valerio says:


  430. laura feist, mrs says:

    our cabin atthe lake

  431. Phillip Russell says:

    Holly Springs Missisippi

  432. shauna wyspianski says:

    I have no holiday plans in the future. In the summer though my children and i love to visit local attractions and visit nearest cities museums and beaches and farms for fun.

  433. Either Ottawa or Tobago.

    I know. TOTALLY different from each other.

  434. Robin Seeger says:

    Las Vegas is next

  435. Tammy Reynolds says:

    Toronto Ontario!

  436. Jennifer Fisher says:

    Waterton Alberta is our next vacation

  437. Mexico ! :)

  438. Taking a riverboat cruise down the Rhine

  439. win win win

  440. Colleen says:

    Aunt Phyllis’ cabin. Nice and remote. I’ll get to listen to the non human loons for a change.

  441. I am planning to go back to my home country to meet my parents and family aand show them my new born:)

  442. Somewhere warm – Cuba would be nice.

  443. I plan on being in North Carolina in May.

  444. Mohammed Abedeen says:

    Somewhere hot!!

  445. Anywhere there’s a beach and a warm-ish sea.

  446. Mexico or Hawaii

  447. Dorlaine Simmons says:

    I would love to win this smartphone. The cell phone I have right now has a lot of issues and I’m ready to throw it away.

  448. A Cranston says:

    Just a Stay-cation to our local park and beach :)

    PS it would be the same park where a 5 year old asked me the other day, “What is that?” I sheepishly replied “oh my cell phone” To which he replied, “In all my life I have NEVER see a phone like that!”

    Please help me hold my head up high with technology from this decade 😀 LOL!

  449. I’ll be going to North Carolina! :)

  450. We plan on discovering more our beautiful island of Newfoundlland with Galaxy!

  451. Tammy clouthier says:

    We will be visiting family in Calgary this summer as well as spending a week at a cottage in Ontario. Hopefully the weather will be a tad warmer :)

  452. Andrea Phillips says:

    Well, I don’t have a big plans for travelling yet. I know I’ll be taking my kids to Marine Land this summer so Niagra Falls :)

  453. Oregon!

  454. We plan to travel to Halifax!

  455. ChristinaE says:

    I went to the Dominican Rep just last fall so no trips planned for the near future. Hubby has vacation in May but we’ll be landscaping the back yard! :)

  456. were going to LA!

  457. S. Jackson says:

    I am going to Vancouver this summer for my niece’s wedding

  458. Justin Disher says:

    No vacation plans until I pay off my credit cards

  459. sharon boyle says:


  460. Linda Sharpe says:

    I would really be happy wining this I have always wanted one, but can’t afford it. My next trip would be Kingston to visit a MS Specialist.

  461. To Chicago for a family wedding

  462. To Chicago for a family wedding

  463. Bailey Eileen Parr says:

    Hopefully Toronto this summer

  464. Denise A. says:

    We are going to Myrtle Beach SC with friends and family

  465. Christy Martin says:

    I plan on going camping for 1-2 weeks along the shores of Lake Huron. Love the beaches and such a simple trip to make.

  466. al miyazaki says:

    Family wedding in summer months

  467. going on a medical mission to south america!

  468. Road trip: Montana, Washington state, Oregon.

  469. Heather A says:

    Our next rip will be a short shopping trip to Grand Forks or Fargo (weather permitting).

  470. Linda K. says:

    We want to go back to Florida.

  471. Heading to san fran later this month!

  472. Maegan delorme says:

    its not much but were doing a day of shopping in the states in a few weeks, we live next to the border/

  473. Adrianna says:

    Hoping to visit Alberta this fall :)

  474. photomanbc says:

    Will be driving to Vancouver Island.

  475. Kawartha Lakes – not far from our home, but a beautiful getaway just the same.

  476. Cynthia P says:

    If all goes well my next road trip will be to visit family – first to Tennessee, then Iowa, then Oregon.

  477. wobbles13 says:

    Myrtle beach

  478. No plans for a get away right now, but I’m dying for a trip out east! Cape Breton specifically!

  479. Virginia R says:

    I’m going with my mom to Barcelona, Spain and then we are taking a cruise (Transatlantic) to San Juan. We then will fly home.

  480. melina r says:

    We plan on going to San Diego in the summer.

  481. We plan to go to Toronto to visit family & friends.

  482. Ahmad N. says:

    We are hoping our next vacation will be to Hawaii.

  483. Tara Gauthier says:

    We are going to visit family. Made plans with our brother in law to surprise my hubby’s sister for her birthday (which is also our sons birthday) so aren’t telling him either. Here’s hoping we can pull off getting him up, and telling him just going for a drive for his bday!

  484. Angela SC says:

    Toronto for surgery 😛

  485. Janice Lynds says:

    Northern Manitoba to go fishing

  486. Carol A. says:

    New York City

  487. I have no plans although I’d love to go to Maine.

  488. Sherry Fraser says:

    I have a business trip to a convention at Niagara Falls coming up.

  489. christel says:

    I’d love to go someplace warm and tropical. Not sure that’s going to happen though :)

  490. Unfortunately, my next trip will probably be away from my family to go out west for work. Definitely not a pleasure trip more of a nessessity.

  491. Not tooooo far, but we’ll be heading off to Moncton soon for some fun :)

  492. jennifer capin says:

    Sault Sainte Marie Michigan Easter Weekend

  493. Donna Redmond-Cormier says:

    Not far but we plan on camping in Prince Edward Island this summer :)

  494. Caryn Coates says:

    We are hoping to get to Newfoundland this summer. Its been a long time since I have been home so Im looking forward to getting back there.

  495. somewhere south

  496. Laserbluechic says:

    I’d love to go on a cruise – I’ve never been on one!

  497. We are taking a short couples getaway to San Francisco soon. Then in May we’ll be taking a weekend away to Fargo with our girls for a dance competition. Looking very forward to both.

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