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Healthy Frozen Mocha

June 20th is Ice Cream Soda/Milkshake day, and since my husband celebrated his birthday this week I decided to create a healthy frozen mocha just for him. This delicious healthy version of an ice cream drink contains no ice cream (gasp), but it tastes like a frozen mocha and the bonus is that it is actually a much healthier drink than many of the ice cream varieties.  I like to serve this healthy frozen mocha with ice cubes and some cacao nibs sprinkled on top.



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Healthy Ice Cream Mocha
Recipe type: Drinks
Serves: 1
This is a healthy version of a ice cream drink or frozen mocha, it has no refined sugar and looks absolutely delicious topped with Cacao nibs.
  • ½ tsp instant coffee
  • 1 tbsp hot water
  • 8 ice cubes
  • ½ cup coconut milk
  • ⅓ of a banana (not over ripe)
  • ¼ tsp almond butter
  • sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt
  • 1 tsp honey (optional)
  • cacao nibs (optional)
  1. Stir together the instant coffee and hot water and place in a blender (I use a vitamix).
  2. Add 5 ice cubes, coconut milk, banana, almond butter, honey and the Himalyan pink salt into the blender.
  3. Blend using the tamper tool until mixed well.
  4. Pour into a glass add 2-3 more ice cubes, a straw and sprinkle the top with cacao nibs.
  5. Enjoy.

If you have a love of chocolate you could add 1/2 a tsp of cocoa powder to the blender when you make this drink to make it a healthy frozen chocolate mocha.


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  1. HEIDI C. says:

    Thank you for this healthier version. I have been craving a frozen drink but hate all the sugar and calories most of them have.

  2. Jeff Skidmore says:

    This will be so good on all the hot summer days we have coming!!

  3. DARLENE W says:

    No sugar mochas, what a great idea. I like all kinds of cold drinks in the summer

  4. Nena Sinclair says:

    Now this is my idea of a great refreshing summertime drink!!

  5. Shannon Gnocato says:

    These sounds totally deliciously awesome! Will have to give these a try.

  6. Lynda Cook says:

    Thanks for sharing, I love my ice caps and what not, but being just diagnosed with diabetes, I can no longer drink them so anything like this drink I will totally make!!


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