*NEW* Innovations from Playtex! #MomTrust #Giveaway {CAN}

New innovations from playtex

Earlier this month, I wrote about my journey from breast to bottle.  While most of the time the mother decides when to stop breastfeeding and start bottle feeding, there are times when babies decide all on their own.  Playtex bottles have been around for many years.  Because technology changes, and because Playtex wants to give […]

Help Kids Stay Healthy This Winter with Treehouse Vitamins #Giveaway {CAN}

Treehouse Vitamins

Winter in Manitoba is long and cold.  But this winter has taken the cake!  For most of December, January and February, we have had temperatures colder than -30 with windchills in the -40 to -50 range.  With such a cold harsh winter, it is harder for us to get out and play and stay active […]

Moms, Save Time with the Playtex SmartSteam 3-in-1 Microwave Sterilizer #MomTrust

Playtex SmartSteam Microwave Sterilizer

As Moms, there are 2 things that we could always use more of — sleep (which we will talk about later on this month) and time. How many of you wish you had a couple more hours in the day?  Extra time to catch up on dishes, laundry, sleep, TV or time to read that book you’ve […]

Bonding Time


There is something about watching my daughters play and interact that makes me smile. After the girls finish their evening routine they like to play together in their pajamas for a little while before going up to their bedrooms to sleep. One activity the girls enjoy is pretend play – they love Barbie and Mega […]

Sleepy Owl is Natural Skin Care for Your Baby #31DaysOfGifts #Giveaway {CAN}

sleepy owl baby balm

Sleepy Owl Pure Baby care is a Canadian line of locally made, fair-trade skincare products that use natural botanical remedies to cure common skin blunders for moms and newborns.  The collection uses Blue Chamomile, a rare essential oil with anti-inflammatory healing properties, to help with everything from restlessness to diaper rashes, colicky stomachs and early signs […]

Bathe Your Baby Easily with Blooming Bath #31DaysOfGifts #Giveaway

Blooming Bath

Coming home from the hospital with a little newborn baby (or not so little in my daughter’s case), I found one of the trickiest things was trying to bathe this little thing.  Often times I would sponge bathe them in the sink.  However, I was always a little worried I would drop them, and lying […]

Best Articles of 2013


Have you heard of Next Issue Canada? If you haven’t heard of it, you are missing out. I’m sharing my picks for 5 of the best articles of 2013. My husband actually became addicted to Next Issue Canada before I even knew what it was. 5 of my favorite articles from 2013 First, from the […]

Shaidee #31DaysOfGifts #Giveaway

Shaidee carrier

Have you ever tried washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, or grocery shopping without your hands?  That can be pretty tough.  Moms on-the-go know how much easier it is to get things done when their hands aren’t holding that bundle of joy.  So many moms use the benefits of a carrier.  Of course when we are […]

Dishwasher Solution with the Playtex SmartSpace Dishwasher Basket #MomTrust

Playtex SmartSpace Basket

Up until a few years ago, we had a tiny dishwasher.  It was about 1/2 the size of a regular one. With such a tiny dishwasher it was very evident that I would be washing a lot of dishes by hand — something that I am NOT fond of.  However, with the remodel of our kitchen, we […]

Daily Deals for Moms from zulily #31DaysOfGIfts #Giveaway


There have been many times when I have seen a zulily.com commercial or seen ads for their great deals.  Have you heard of zulily? zulily is the leading online daily deals site for moms, babies and kids. zulily connects over 10 million members with access to boutique and name brands at an exceptional value. zulily […]