Keep Reading Alive for your Kids! #books #giveaway

A lot of focus is pushed during the summer months on keeping kids actively reading.  But when school starts and kids are back into the routine of school and fall/winter activities, reading can sometimes fall to the wayside.  Many schools have a home-reading program where kids are required to read x amount of minutes throughout […]

Tips to help children have fun reading! (Kobo Glo HD prize pack – arv $250)

Even though it’s summer holidays, my girls enjoy spending time everyday curled up in a comfy spot reading. They enjoy reading both alone and and together and there is nothing they love more than having myself or their dad read a chapter or two in a classic book before bed. I do not consider my girls “bookworms”. […]

Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School #Giveaway {US Only}

The first day of school can bring on many emotions for children and parents alike.  Some kids have been waiting for months or years to head into the classroom, while other children feel like they could wait a few more months or years.  Parents often feel the same way, especially if it is their first […]

The Littlest Bunny ~ A book #giveaway for Easter!

As I’ve said before, we are book lovers in our house.  So it was no surprise that my kids loved the Easter book The Littlest Bunny in Canada, an Easter Adventure by Lily Jacobs and illustrated by Robert Dunn. It’s Easter morning, and the littlest bunny has a big secret: he’s actually the Easter Bunny! He […]

Kids Book Collection #31DaysofGifts #Giveaway {CAN}

My kids love to read and always look forward to receiving a new book during the Christmas season.  Of course, a book makes a great gift no matter what time of year it is.  This Christmas season, if you are looking for some great book ideas, we have 3 kids book ideas to share with […]

Why is There a Hippo in the Toilet? & other funny things Moms say! #Giveaway

“I am NOT a garbage can!” “No you may NOT run down the street naked!” “I am NOT a Kleenex!” “Get your hands out of my shirt!” If you’re a mom (or dad), I’m sure there are phrases you NEVER thought you would say. In fact, the funny things moms say is a topic often shared among […]

How do YOU survive winter? {Chicken Soup for the Soul #Giveaway}

Hockey, snow, cold temps, curling — these are just some of the wonderful things that happen during winter in Canada. O Canada The Wonders of Winter by Chicken Soup for the Soul brings you 101 stories about bad weather, good times and great sports!  While reading this book, you will be reminded why you love […]

Best Articles of 2013

Have you heard of Next Issue Canada? If you haven’t heard of it, you are missing out. I’m sharing my picks for 5 of the best articles of 2013. My husband actually became addicted to Next Issue Canada before I even knew what it was. 5 of my favorite articles from 2013 First, from the […]

A Gift for Sophie #31DaysOfGifts #Giveaway

The book A Gift for Sophie is a poetic story by Gilles Vigneault about friendship and old age.  The story takes place in a seaside setting and depicts a sense of continuity, the importance of remembering and the happiness a gift can bring.  A music CD of 9 songs accompanies the narration of this touching story about two […]

Add these Heather Hartt-Sussman books to your child’s stockings!! #31DaysOfGifts #Giveaway

Books are a hit as Christmas gifts with my kids. Heather Hartt-Sussman is a children’s author who’s collection of illustrative books teach valuable lessons through stories that children will relate to and enjoy.  You may remember that we reviewed 2 of Heather’s books earlier this year. She has come out with 2 new books: Noni is […]