Shopping with you is like…

Each weekend I get to feature a Carl’s Life Cartoon. This weekend’s cartoon is shopping. For all you women out there, how would your significant other finish this sentence? Shopping with you is like __________. My hubby said he could relate to this “Shopping with you” weekend cartoon.   Take a look at our Humor […]

Time Change Headache

With time change, often comes headaches, especially if you have little ones. It takes our internal clocks time to adjust to the new routine, and it often takes our kids a bit longer than we like for them to also adjust to the change. So, for all of you who have, or are changing back […]

Lack Of Sleep Cartoon

When I got the cartoon this week I could not help but think the timing was perfect – I have had a lack of sleep… Lack of sleep is no joke. This past month our 8 year old daughter has been having a hard time falling asleep at night. Having an over tired child is […]

The “Cleaning Fairy”

Ahhhh, Yes. That elusive “Cleaning Fairy”. Does she sneak into your house while the kids are at school or while they are snug in the beds at night? Cleaning Fairy       Take a look at our Humor board on Pinterest.   Cory Graham is married to his university sweetheart and father of two young children. […]

Genius Husband?

When Cory sent the Carl’s Life cartoon for this week – I burst out laughing – genius husband? The genius husband Although my hubby has never had cereal in a glass jar, he has had cereal from a mixing bowl many a time! What is the most creative way your man has ever eaten his […]

Saturday Pajamas Cartoon

  When I think of Saturday morning, coffee, comics and pajamas come to mind. My husband loves nothing better than to sit and read the the comics – it’s always the first thing he reads. (Yes, even online – he always reads his favorite comics before checking out the news). I’m thrilled to announce that […]

Are Your Kids Spoiled? ~ A Carl’s Life #Cartoon

Are YOUR Kids Spoiled?   Does Grandma Spoil Your Kids? When Grandma visits, does she bring treats? Do your kids know that there is a treat in Grandma’s bag for them? Both my mom and mother-in-law live close to us, but the kids know  that Grandma has treats in her cupboards just for them. Want to […]

Carl Saves His Wife ~ Cartoon

Carl Saves His Wife…. A Carl’s Life Cartoon Carl saves his wife in this cartoon.  Find out what she needs to be saved from: Is there a snack food that your husband has to save you from? Is it chocolate? Or chips? For me it is Sour Cream & Onion Pringles…..MMmmmmm Want to see more […]

Just ONE Drop ~ A Carl’s Life Cartoon

Just ONE Drop…. A Carl’s Life Cartoon about Kids and Soap   Do you use bar soap or liquid soap at your house? How do you control how much soap your little one uses? Is this what happens in YOUR bathroom? I know it does at our house. Soap, toothpaste and toilet paper. All things you […]

What Do YOU See When You Look at the Recycling Bin? A Carl’s Life #Cartoon

Recycling Bin What is the difference between what YOU see in the recycling bin and what your LITTLE ONE sees? This is SO true! My daughter is forever checking the garbage cans and recycling bag to see what we have thrown away.  She is convinced that anything we deem as “junk” can be used and […]