POTATOYZ ~ The App that brings Digital to Real Life!

Electronics, tablets, phones etc. have become very popular in the last number of years. There are many different app companies that produce hundreds of apps for all age groups. Because of this, app companies need to come up with apps that are more interactive and more interesting to their subscribers. There are many apps out […]

2015 Play Collection Mice from Logitech! #Giveaway {CAN}

Perfect for the new school year, create a unique workspace and homework station with the Logitech Mouse Play Collection! Why use a boring black mouse when you can use one of the new, playful characters and colorful patterns on two of Logitech’s most popular mice, the Logitech Wireless Mouse M325c and Logitech Wireless Mouse M317c? This […]

Navigate PC to TV even in the dark with the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard #31DaysOfGifts #Giveaway {CAN}

For those that constantly stream content from the PC to the TV, the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830 ($99.99) is a perfect gift. It is designed to enhance your connected-TV experience. With the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard, you can wirelessly control your computer when it is connected to the TV, allowing you to […]

Jabra Move Wireless headphones #giveaway

Today we have a new movement towards everything wireless.  We have wifi internet, we have wireless mouses and keyboards and now the next logical set would be wireless headphones.  And with a name like Jabra, we know it will be good! To start with we are looking at Bluetooth 4.0 technology in the Jabra Move […]

WIN with the Logitech Holiday Scratcher! #Giveaway

Logitech launched a digital “holiday scratcher” contest this last week. The point of this contest is to give their customers and fans a fun way to try and win great Logitech products like a bemo, Logitech Keys-To-Go and more! To celebrate the holiday scratcher contest, 1 lucky Mommy Moment reader will WIN a bemo AND […]

Back in routine with the help of Best Buy Mobile [Giveaway]

For many of us, it is that time of year again where life has more structure.  Sleeping in has turned into life with an alarm clock, lunch time has gone from 12ish to 12 exactly and late nights with friends are now reserved for the weekend so we can all get to bed at a […]

Back to School with Logitech #Giveaway

School is very different now than it was when my parents were in school.  In fact, school is very different now from even when I was in school.  By the time kids are teenagers, many Back to School supply lists contain some sort of electronic.  Logitech has made this year’s back-school-shopping super easy with various […]

Reading for the Whole Family with the Kindle Fire

Summer time is quickly coming to an end.  And many children are anticipating heading back to school.  While some are looking forward to it, many are dreading it.  But we can still keep the educational fires burning with the Kindle Fire.  Our oldest daughter is a reader.  We often find her nose buried in an […]

Movie Night! Frozen & Delivery Man

Family time and marriage time are important. We have found that having a movie night is a great way to combine a bit of both. We watch a movie with the family, then put the kids to bed and then hubby and I settle in for a movie and some cuddles. On this movie night […]

Tips For Traveling Smart With Your Cell Phone [Samsung GALAXY S3 Mini $450 value #Giveaway]

Traveling smart is so important. Last night I drove home from my parents in yet another snowstorm. I was so glad that my husband and I had our cell phones along because that drive was scary! The Polar Vortex is not showing any signs of letting up – ugh! It does not surprise me that 1 […]